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Welcome to the Dragonslayers Society Website. I have run a weekly Dungeons and Dragons game since 1993. This site helps keep all of our players informed of what is happening and archives some of our history for us. We are always accumulating more of the game's evolving history as we continue to build this site.

One reason for this site is that we have a mixture of people who are around the table top as well as people logging in through the Internet to connect and play each week. We use a program called KloOge to run our weekly sessions.

I started playing role-playing games in 1979, and have not gone more than a month or so in the time since without gaming. I was able to set up a regular D&D game in 1993 that takes place in a campaign world I first started to create 10 years before in 1983. The current campaign started on May 14, 1993 (25-12-1232 TGR) and has met on a regular basis since. I set out to have a fun, consistent game that many people would enjoy. I continue to plan adventures over the long term; it always amuses my players to listen to me speculate about what I would like the see happening during the campaign "later this year" or in some distant future.

This area has several links to various parts of the website. There is the Introduction and Table of Contents of my house rules book. The section on Milestones will give a quick look at our history, and the Roll Call is a listing of every player as they have joined the game including attendance records for the many players over the years. Players go through a vetting process, in which they have to play with us for a length of time before they are voted on to see if they will be invited to join the group.

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Introduction to BOB's Rules
Player Roll Call
Once a Dragonslayer, Always a Dragonslayer

We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.