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Creative Spaces

3-d printer fail pictures

How supportive are you of small buisness? will you let them use the other computers in the building to send out email blasts? Write up proposals? Where do you draw the line in helping someone work on the computer? Would that change if you called it a creative space?

"do you really want people printing out kidneys in your library?"

Rasberry Pi - are you really going to have soldering going on in your library?

BCL: Digital Innovations at your Library is the BCL team overseeing the various projects. Lisa Manners is the head. At MN it will be the Dream Studio (acronym for ??)

Title: Creative Spaces - How do we handle this?

Course Description: This class will be a chance to discuss the concept of Creative Spaces, or Maker Spaces, in your library. Is this just a new fad? Do you need to jump onto this right now? What exactly is a Creative Space and how would I make it work at my library? What are the Pros and Cons that you will have to deal with? A chance to ask questions and get some ideas for how you can make this work for your library.

90 minutes

Class on teaching computers to youth

Learn how to design computer classes for children and young adults in this half-day workshop.

Register Deadline: 03/01/2012 03/08/2012 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. View Roster Email to a Colleague Presented by: Bob Anstett, Broward County Library

From first contact to dedicated classes this is a wide ranging discussion on understanding the how, what and why about teaching computer skills to the youth that are in your library. Participate in exploring what is important now, what will be next and what is sooo 60 minutes ago.

If you are working in a library you work with young people and you need the skills to be able to know what is important for them to know.

Participants will learn:

  • how to make an impact with your customers
  • tricks on making it seem you are ahead of the curve
  • how to work with younger people in a variety of situations and time frames
  • skills to help a teen who thinks they know what they are doing and a parent with a child who is desperate to finish a school project

3 hour class - Set up Chunks of info, each 20-40 minutes long

  • Chunk 1 - ~40 minutes

Start with Did you Know video

explain how these facts are part of their reality talk about how you need to teach what they will need to know about so they can learn more not to teach specific computer skills talk about how much has changed in that video from 2008 be relevant to their experience

  • Chunk ~20 minutes
    • social networking, why it is important how young, parent's permission
    • the rules about sharing have changed
    • tumbler - do you have one?
  • Chunk ~20 minutes
    • touch screen versus mouse and keyboard, microphones
    • computer versus device
  • Chunk ~40 minutes ?
    • customizing instead of bland, word, powerpoint
  • Chunk ~20 minutes
    • teach them where they are, when they need it