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Dragonslayer-Games / NotesOnAStory


Notes on a story - a place to write

  • Tales from the Small Kingdoms
  • Stories from the Small Kingdoms
  • Small Kingdom Stories - use for collections?
  • Stories of the Small Kingdoms
    • Organize into Novella formats
      • word counts of 17,500 and 40,000 aim for ~20,000
  • x-ray for kindle with character notes etc
    • multiple text files?

  • Intro - Gerard, Missus Willamina Mosskin, Gisella, Medero's wife/Gerard's mother
  • Scene 1 - Branwyn, Medero, Gerard, Korrin, Missus Willamina Mosskin, Lord Mosskin, Gisella, Captain Tikmok, Indigo, Widow Washburn, Miss Mosskin
  • scene 2 - Indigo, Tikmok, Treble the gyspy, treble the otter, koorin, branwyn, Widow Washburn, Sarengar, Foriso, Scarlett

  1. Branwyn story line
  2. Indigo story line
  3. Toybin story line
  4. Willamina Mosskin story line
  5. Foriso story line
  6. Lord Mosskin story line
  7. Red Cloak story line


Branwyn pointed her finger menacingly at the woman, "STOP I am NOT the chosen one" she said failing to keep her voice calm. "You need to go back to living your life and stop trying to help me."

He clenched his hand and it turned black almost glowing with ripples of energy flowing around the sphere of his fist.