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ChatLog - 2018 03 30 - A River Runs Through It- (Formatted)

JohnA has joined the game on Fri Mar 30 18:49:51 EDT 2018

JohnA is receiving the map knarr unpainted...

JohnA has received the map knarr unpainted.

[Master] Hello there

[JohnA] heyhey

[Master] ready for a weekend?

[JohnA] already started ready or not

[Master] any plans?

[JohnA] No, this was the first friday off in a while, kids need to be ready for school after 2 weeks off and Laura just got back from Vegas

[Master] so stay home and clean dishes and do laundry

[Master] quote to use you will like

[Master] All of us have to learn how to invent our lives, make them up, imagine them. We need to be taught these skills; we need guides to show us how. Without them, our lives get made up for us by other people.

[JohnA] nice

[JohnA] so I have been practicing

[Master] what?

[JohnA] making up lives

[JohnA] making up characters and seeing who they want to be

[Master] writing for writings sake

[Master] is that that artilce I just pulled the quote from is about

[Master] I put it out on my feeds

[JohnA] funny, I almost want to start a list of songs on line that I will share when the time is right

[Master] there you go you can do that

[Master] log into You Tube and add to a list

[Master] you can keep it private

[JohnA] not sure I want to be that organized

[Master] chuckles

mharm-15549 has joined the game on Fri Mar 30 19:00:02 EDT 2018

mharm-15549 is receiving the map knarr unpainted...

mharm-15549 has received the map knarr unpainted.

[JohnA] ok now I can strat (hey )

[mharm-15549] Hey All!

[JohnA] start

[mharm-15549] BRB gotta grab my glasses

[Master] that will help

[Master] unless you have the voice recognition turned on to read out that Klooge says

[Master] and that would be interesting to see how it trips over Ilero

[Master] I know TMO was using something to read back chat logs

[JohnA] Brother Fotopoulos targets [Miranda Paige]]. Distance: 57'01"

[JohnA] Brother Fotopoulos casts a spell against [Miranda Paige]]: Orison: I can create minor effects.

[JohnA] Brother Fotopoulos casts a spell against [Miranda Paige]]: Orison: I can create minor effects.

[JohnA] Brother Fotopoulos no longer targets [Miranda Paige]].

[Master] how many is that?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnA)] checking

[JohnA] 16 total

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Mar 30 19:02:57 EDT 2018

Lisa is receiving the map knarr unpainted...

Lisa has received the map knarr unpainted.

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) comes up from below deck visualy upset

Hoffman (JohnA)] (Hi Lisa)

[Master] [Miranda Paige]]'s Current Hit Points: adjusted to 22 (16) - Lightly Wounded

Hoffman (JohnA)] Women!

[Lisa] Hello! :)

[mharm-15549] Back

[mharm-15549] Hey Lisa!

MarioCS has joined the game on Fri Mar 30 19:04:47 EDT 2018

MarioCS is receiving the map knarr unpainted...

MarioCS has received the map knarr unpainted.

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnA) follow Hoffman a moment later

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] [QuiFon Ruminell]] moved 60'00".

[Master] Spring will be here, just late

[Master] Hello everyone

[MarioCS] Hello Hello!

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] [Hoffman]] moved 20'01".

[mharm-15549] Hey Mario!

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (Oh Hi Mario)

[MarioCS] (lol, hi!!)

[Lisa] Hi Mario!

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] Relax Hoffman, let her settle down for a sec

[Master] O iram Mario

[Master] hmmm

[Master] O I Ram Mario

Carissa has joined the game on Fri Mar 30 19:07:18 EDT 2018

Carissa is receiving the map knarr unpainted...

Carissa has received the map knarr unpainted.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (hello Carissa)

[mharm-15549] Hey Carissa!

[Lisa] Hi Carissa :)

[Carissa] Hi all!

[MarioCS] HI Carissa!

[MarioCS] whoever is targeting the Shi icon, can you remove? i owould like a screen shot pls

Spring has joined the game on Fri Mar 30 19:08:54 EDT 2018

Spring is receiving the map knarr unpainted...

Spring has received the map knarr unpainted.

[Carissa] Marisu

[MarioCS] Shi'Nynze moved 3'07".

[Lisa] Hi Spring!

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (oh yea LATE)

[Spring] hi hi

[MarioCS] Thank you!

[Spring] i made it

[MarioCS] Hi Spring!

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (Hi sping)

[Carissa] Hi Spring!

[Spring] hi Lisa! hi Mario! hi John! hi Carissa!

[Spring] i didn't think i was gonna make it. my computer couldn't handle a paswsword change

[Spring] just too much for it

[Spring] but my last password was based on my wedding anniversary and i'm single now, so it was time

[Master] I tend to change mine every few months out of paranoia

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (yea, maybe)

[mharm-15549] Gotta do what ya gotta do

[mharm-15549] Tell that computer whos boss

[Master] had a problem with Wells Fargo because my passwords were too long

[Spring] hi BOB

[mharm-15549] Really BOB?

[Master] grins

[Spring] LOL

[Master] yeap

[mharm-15549] that's wierd

[Lisa] passwords are bad

[MarioCS] lol, my PW is still a GF from 1995, only cuz the keying of the letters is so darn convenient

[Spring] civilians!

[MarioCS] and yes, Jo-Ann knows

[Master] they moved to a new password system they have to be 8 to 14 characters

[mharm-15549] You'd think a BANK would be okay with a complicated password

[mharm-15549] my lord

[Lisa] we should just give up

[mharm-15549] Oh

[Master] mine was 16

[mharm-15549] Lol

[Spring] tsk tsk

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (for a sec I thought you ment GIF)

[MarioCS] my Google is 15

[Spring] just counted. my new one is 11

[Carissa] Google is complicated and never changed but two step so...still not changing it.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (you know this goes public right?)

[Lisa] my password for FOIA Online is Ih8passwords

[Lisa] it is all public information

[mharm-15549] huh

[Master] and laughs at John,

[Spring] hehehe

[Master] Lisa is going to edit out anything

[Master] grins

[Master] but you all need to get a move on

[Master] You need to find a way to get all the way back home in the next 4 game sessions

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] ( i caught myself up, ready)

[Master] grins

[Spring] btw i'm cooking, but my living room and my kitchen are the same place, so i'm still here

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (wait for my surprize mutiny, we are not going home)

[MarioCS] lol

[MarioCS] tiny, id say

[Spring] love my house

[Carissa] Convinent, isn't it? Same set up here.

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) sits down and starts to row

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze casts a spell against : Speak with Animals: I can speak with animals for (2*6) 12 rounds.

[Carissa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] (grabbing a refill as you organize who does what)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) speaking quietly with the wolves

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) in the cargo hold

[MarioCS] Spring, werent you building a tiny house?

Lisa has left the game on Fri Mar 30 19:17:34 EDT 2018

[Carissa] You can buy a tiny house on Amazon for only 000 now!

[Spring] yes, and i'm living in it

[Carissa] ...sorry 5

[Spring] i had to move in ahead of schedule

[MarioCS] that is awesome

[Carissa] Like it?

[Carissa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Shi'Nynze modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Spring] love it, but it's inconvenient

[Spring] i don't have indoor plumbing yet

[Master] b

[Spring] or paneling

[Carissa] Indoor plumbing more important than paneling in my opinion.

[Spring] electric is via extension cord

[Spring] but it's warm and out of the rain. it'll do

[Carissa] It's the little things that matter.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] don't do this Hoffman,

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] breathe

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] you are under a spell, so it may be harder for you to relax

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] [Miranda Paige]] moved 58'05".

Hoffman (JohnA)] i'm breathing, just let me row

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Mar 30 19:22:57 EDT 2018

Lisa is receiving the map knarr unpainted...

Lisa has received the map knarr unpainted.

[Master] wb

Hoffman (JohnA)] (WB, your deams were your ticket out)

Hoffman (JohnA)] (r)

[Master] and so pushing along the river

[Master] throw out some rolls

Hoffman (JohnA)]

[Master] let us see what the fates allow

Hoffman (JohnA)] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=20] 20

[mharm-15549] I am back at the keyboard.

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] wow

[Carissa] Better than that last one. I think.

[Lisa] 20?

[Lisa] avalanche

[Master] keep on rolling

[Carissa] ...of puppies? I'll take it.

[Carissa] (d20) [1d20=18] 18

[Master] keep on

[Master] I will tell you when to stop

[Indigo (Lisa)] OK

[Carissa] (d20) [1d20=8] 8

[Indigo (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=4] 4

Hoffman (JohnA)] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=8] 8

[Indigo (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=7] 7

[Carissa] So evenly distributed.

[Carissa] (d20) [1d20=11] 11

[Indigo (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=1] 1

Hoffman (JohnA)] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=2] 2

[Master] ok

[Master] there we go

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] wow

[Carissa] Felt like a trap.

[Indigo (Lisa)] he didn't say stop for a long time

[Carissa] Exactly. A trap.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so we have rolled through 2 days?)

[Carissa] Or we just used up our good rollls.

Hoffman (JohnA)] (technicly he did not say stop)

[Master] Time of Day: 02:15 PM. Day 22 Ced ___ se, Bel {Mid Fall} 22nd, 1267 TGR.

[Master] yeap

[Indigo (Lisa)] ok = stop in bobspeak

[Master] in the afternoon on the 22nd

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] hey cool

[Master] as you are moving down the river

Hoffman (JohnA)] (can we catch up on spells and healing?)

[Master] you are starting to overtake a barge

[Master] OOps

[Master] yes to John

[Master] [Miranda Paige]]'s Current Hit Points: adjusted to 26 (4) - Unharmed

Hoffman (JohnA)] (and Illero?)

[Master] Indigo's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 48 (3) - Unharmed

[Carissa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Shi'Nynze modified: Notes - CHANGED.

TMO has joined the game on Fri Mar 30 19:29:11 EDT 2018

TMO is receiving the map knarr unpainted...

TMO has received the map knarr unpainted.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I wonder who's barge that is)

[Master] [Ilero]]'s Current Hit Points: adjusted to 47 (22) - Unharmed

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Hi TMO! )

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Hey TMO!

[Master] thank you Lisa

[TMO] (here I be!)

Spring has left the game on Fri Mar 30 19:30:01 EDT 2018

Hoffman (JohnA) (to GM only)] Character sheet for [Miranda Paige]] modified:

[TMO] (I will need to step out for a few minutes in a bit to go pick up dinner)

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] INDIGO!

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] /ME WAVIG

[Lord Branadarus (Master)]

[Carissa] (Hi TMO!)

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] /ME WAVING

Indigo (Lisa) looks around confusedly

Lord Branadarus (Master) waving

Hoffman (JohnA)] (Hi Me)

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] INDIGO

[Indigo (Lisa)] BRANADARUS???

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] What is all that shouting?

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] YES SHE IS HERE TOO

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] WAIT WAIT

[Indigo (Lisa)] I hope so

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] COME UP NEXT TO USE

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] US


QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] [QuiFon Ruminell]]: Omen Reading check: (d20) [1d20=20] 20 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnA) looks arround

[MarioCS] I am back at the keyboard.


[Kel (MarioCS)] (wow two 20's, so early)

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) stops

[Kel (MarioCS)] (lol, nice!)

Indigo (Lisa) points at barge

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (See? Trap. Using all the good rolls)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Look! Brandarus got a ship

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Bad rolls. Whichever)

Hoffman (JohnA)] So yea a barge, what is that 20 so far

[Lord Branadarus (Master)]

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] Spring will be back in Windows decided to update

[Indigo (Lisa)] DID YOU BUY A SHIP?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (That might take an hour)

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] So Indigo!

Hoffman (JohnA)] (or it might crash the pc, roll those odds)

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] Points to the Knarr

Branwyn (Lisa) walks over and waves happily

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] THis is the famous Admrial Indigo Bolger of the Drillian Navy

[Branwyn (Lisa)] HELLO INDIGO!

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] he is the person in charge of the Navy actually

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] this is a very good honor for all of you to meet such an important person

[TMO] (bbs - sorry I'll miss out on the reunion :( )

Hoffman (JohnA)] [Hoffman]]: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=6] 6 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!


[Lord Branadarus (Master)] Ambassador Branwyn is very good friends with the Admiral

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] OH


[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Not allowed TMO. Against the law)

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] Hello to the Knarr

Hoffman (JohnA)] (not quite)

[Indigo (Lisa)] WATER WINGS!

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Shouts "Hello M'Lord"

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] "Good to see you once More!"

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] This is the Exibition to the Mist, chartered by the Olin family

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] AMbassador Branwyn of Drillian is their tour guiude

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] guide

[Indigo (Lisa)] Tour guide??

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] and I am here as her man at arms

Indigo (Lisa) laughs

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Tour guide...?

Branwyn (Lisa) shrugs

[Jon the sailor (Master)] Hello there Admiral Indigo

[Kel (MarioCS)] Just a thought: DOnt eat the fish

[Jon the sailor (Master)] The Ambassador is making a very good guide

[Jon the sailor (Master)] She points out all the wonderfully dangerous flora and fauna

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh he looks familiar.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Really?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Same Jon?)

[Jon the sailor (Master)] (yes)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Hi Jon!

[Kel (MarioCS)] oh Hai Jon!

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) grins and waves

Hoffman (JohnA)] (waves)

[Jon the sailor (Master)] The family simply adores her blunt and honest opnions

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Tonight we are discussing the trouble with leeches

Indigo (Lisa) laughs again

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Nature's vampires.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Just don't push anyone overboard to show them

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Of course not!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But there are many things you need to know like that if you are to travel in swamp water

Hoffman (JohnA)] (giggliling at Carissa)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It was either that or give a lecture on sucession rights to the throne.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The guests voted for leeches

Hoffman (JohnA)] Which one?

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Drillian's Hoffman

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) shakes head, of course

[Jon the sailor (Master)] Ummm

[Jon the sailor (Master)] Ummmm

Jon the sailor (Master) pointing up

Hoffman (JohnA)] that is my line

[Jon the sailor (Master)] then grabbing at Tiberius

[Jon the sailor (Master)] What is that?

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) looks up

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

Lord Branadarus (Master) looking up and squints

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] Huh

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) looks up with everyone else

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] Well Lords and Ladies

Hoffman (JohnA)] [Hoffman]]: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hey! Where are you going anyway? Are you going to Portown?

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] it looks like Branwyn has done it again

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] I mean the AMbassador

[Indigo (Lisa)] What?

Lord Branadarus (Master) glances sheepishly at Branyn

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] The Ambassador has summoned part of The Mist here for you to see

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] Quite the feat

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) looks up with more excitement

[Lisa] Wha ...

Lord Branadarus (Master) points to a cloud that is descending towards the two ships

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] That's the Mist...?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Wha ...?

[Master (to GM only)] Cloud Giant #2 moved 2'03".

Indigo (Lisa) looks up finally

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Are you sure?

Hoffman (JohnA)] Anyone have protection from gas?

[Indigo (Lisa)] We're not in the Mist yet!

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] It separates out into two parts

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Oh hey! I know where your chair is, Mr. Giant)

[Master] it separates out into two parts

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] That looks...not like mist.

[Master] and one starts to descend even closer to the ships

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Zone of Sweet Air?)

Branwyn (Lisa) looks up worriedly

[Master] Cloud Giant #2 moved 14'05".

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Uh

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=16] 16 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Master] (TMO and SPring are really missing out)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no clue what this is - should be interesting)

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) strts to creep towards hold

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Not an actual cloud giant?)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) still standing near hold

[Branwyn (Lisa)] THAT IS NOT THE MIST!

[Master] Branwyn sees the giantess reach the water level

[Master] and stride across it towards the ships

[Master] she is holding out a scroll in her hand

Hoffman (JohnA)] (Oh Hi Cloud Giant)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] GREETINGS!

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) confused



Indigo (Lisa) looks back and forth between cloud and Branwyn

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) rubs her ears

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] So loud.

[Master] everyone make a save versus petrifications

[Master] exactly

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=15] 15 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Neith of Inholt: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=8] 8 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) keeps rubbing her ears

Hoffman (JohnA)] (below deck too?)

[Master] yes

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 - ROLL FAILED against 6!!

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Hugh D'Ambray: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=10] 10 - ROLL FAILED against 11!!

[Master] I will make the checks for the ships them selves

Hoffman (JohnA)] [Hoffman]]: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=6] 6 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Wolves?)

[Master] eeverything

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL FAILED against 11!!

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] okay, well both my guys are out

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] :)

Hoffman (JohnA)] Brother Fotopoulos: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=16] 16 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

Hoffman (JohnA)] [Miranda Paige]]: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=12] 12 - ROLL FAILED against 13!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Galad: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Ithil: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Anor: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=6] 6 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 - ROLL FAILED against 11!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh dear...

[Master] OK

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Howard Plum: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Master] Lord Branadarus: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=6] 6 - ROLL FAILED against 10!!

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] [QuiFon Ruminell]]: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=20] 20 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 13!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (So up to Qui, Foto, and Shi so far?)

[Master] Aunt Jennevive: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL FAILED against 7!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (A Team!)

[JohnA] I am back at the keyboard.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (all the priests)

[Master] Aunt Jennevive: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=6] 6 - ROLL FAILED against 10!!

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (Wu?)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (all the good priests)

[Master] Wu Sen Cho: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=10] 10 - ROLL FAILED against 17!!

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (WHO?)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (where's Michael?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha ouch)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Both my guys are out

[Master] Penelope: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 - ROLL FAILED against 17!!

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] sorry

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] they both failed

[Master] so Qui, Foto and Shi

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] ...

[Master] are still able to talk

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Um, HELLO THERE!

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) glances around hopelessly

[Cloud Giant #2 (Master)] HELLO

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] please whisper if you can

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] ER, HOW ARE YOU?

[Cloud Giant #2 (Master)] oh i CAN DO THAT

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh yes, please.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] I heard stories, never had the chnage to meet directly

[Cloud Giant #2 (Master)] Hello there

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Neither have I. You are a cloud giant, I am guessing?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] what is your name, or nickname?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] It is very nice to meet you.

[Cloud Giant #2 (Master)] Giantess

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Giantess, I am sorry.

[Cloud Giant #2 (Master)] Aitheria

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnA) looks at Shi, I could tell

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] A lovely name. I am Shi'Nynze.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] I'm Qui Fon

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Now that she is whispering can we move or are we uncounsioun bob?)

[Aitheria (Master)] I am here to have Branwyn sign this for me

[Aitheria (Master)] (nope you are out for (1d4) [1d4=3] 3 hours

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Wow.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Um, I think she's a bit...shocked.

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] LOL

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] LOL

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Ask if you can sign in her stead?)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] Do you need it back right away?

[Aitheria (Master)] can you unshock her?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (It's like a package from UPS)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Wait spell for removeparalysis work for this?)

[Aitheria (Master)] It is the deed to a castel

[Kel (MarioCS)] (lol Michael)

[Aitheria (Master)] castle

[Aitheria (Master)] (yes to Carissa)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh. Yes, that'll be important for her.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I think I might be able to. Um..if I can reach her...

[Aitheria (Master)] I need her to sign it over to me

[Kel (MarioCS)] (is Bran now Delta Dawn?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Can they hear all this?)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) glances at this distance between the ship and barge.

[Aitheria (Master)] (grins, everyone within a mile or two can hear this most likely)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha I meant also if paralyzed. Just checking)

[Aitheria (Master)] (but the pterified people no they cannot hear anything)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (range is touch?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ahh that's what I meant)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Finding spell still)

Spring has joined the game on Fri Mar 30 19:55:20 EDT 2018

Spring is receiving the map knarr unpainted...

Spring has received the map knarr unpainted.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Oh no, 10 yds all good)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze moved 77'02".

[Carissa] Shi'Nynze targets Branwyn. Distance: 29'01"

Guy has joined the game on Fri Mar 30 19:56:14 EDT 2018

Guy is receiving the map knarr unpainted...

Guy has received the map knarr unpainted.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze casts a spell against Branwyn: Remove Paralysis: (1d4) [1d4=1] 1 creatures in a 20' cube are cured of paralysis.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Guy!!!!!!)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (....well dang only her)

[Aitheria (Master)] and Hello GUy

[Spring] hi Guy!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Shi'Nynze modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Guy] (howdy all long time no see)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Hi person I've only heard about!)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (Oh Hi Guy)

[Aitheria (Master)] Now Shi can explain to Branwyn what is happening

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (No kidding! How are you?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Are you feeling okay, Branwyn?

Branwyn (Lisa) stretches uncomfortably

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Ms. Aitheria here has a deed to a castle she wants you to sign over to her.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes.

[Aitheria (Master)] (they will be right with you Guy, they are in the middle of an intense encounter)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Hi Guy

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Castle? I don't have a castle

[Aitheria (Master)] Yes you do

Branwyn (Lisa) looks up

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shrugs

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)]

[Kel (MarioCS)] (Guy, i hope your character can swim, or likes sititng on a skiff, cuz the boat is full!!

[Aitheria (Master)] You are the only one I can find that was there

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hello Mistress Aitheria

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Barge tourist!)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Which castle is this?

[Aitheria (Master)] (Mario of little faith that I cannot handle a quirk like a new player showin gup and shee Carissa believes in me)

[TMO] (back)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha)

[Aitheria (Master)] You where there and cleaned it out

[Aitheria (Master)] the broken one

[Guy] ((all depends on which character i use)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And this is why Jon is there?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Next guess from me)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I have cleaned out churches and keeps and temples.

[TMO] (can always borrow Shur)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Castle is getting away from me at the moment

[Kel (MarioCS)] (here's how I would do it: Skiff capacity: +1

[Aitheria (Master)] The Temple of Air and LIght said you were doing it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Maybe it was the sudden paralysis

[Guy] (id prefer to use Sarengar again)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (We did lose one cargo. Sigh...)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] OH!!!

[TMO] (he has a jetski, right?0

[Branwyn (Lisa)] THAT CASTLE!

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (ottor)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] Otter)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) listening with interest

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well, I don't see why not.

[Aitheria (Master)] I want to move it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It is a little lopsidedd, you know.

[Aitheria (Master)] it is drifting into the area of mine

[Aitheria (Master)] I was told I had to get you to sign, do a favor for you and you would give it to me

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am sorry for that. I hope it wasn't an inconvenience

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Oooh a favor?)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] Wait, it is unocupied?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] like available?

[Aitheria (Master)] it is not occupied by Kin

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And just...floating around?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] I know a guy

[Aitheria (Master)] (it is ironic that Qui is up for this encounter too)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (priest of Fate, hellloooo)

[Aitheria (Master)] LOL

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] You propably would want my guy there

[Aitheria (Master)] Where are you going in your little wooden cups?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] but we can maybe get it out of your way

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I would be happy to sign a deed to the castle. And perhaps you could help us ... get to our destination a bit faster?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] Not too fast!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] QuiFon, this castle is on a permanent slant

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] A fast tour.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] ok, so it is a fixer uper

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) laughs

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)]

Branwyn (Lisa) whispers "Are you going to tell this lovely giantess no?


QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] No, but I'm not Marquess Branwyn

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] Are you going to open that scroll?

[Master] Feed Back & Recollections I was inspired to run this adventure by two things. I had always wanted to run aerial adventures and I thought that a sky jacking/pirate attack would give it a bit more of an interesting twist than a traditional "introduce new monsters" adventure.

Branwyn (Lisa) looks around pointedly at all the paralyzed people

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The deed?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And return to said castle...what was it, 2020?)

mharm-15549 has left the game on Fri Mar 30 20:06:40 EDT 2018

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] Yes, I was not sure if that was going to be an issue for you

[TMO] (and it evens the playing field! NOBODY can swim if they go overboard!)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) goes around trying to make the paralyzed more comfortable

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (good point)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (or cast water walk)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't think so. I haven't had anything turn red in a while now.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (that's a mnor thing)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) tries to shift them all closer to the center of the ship

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Any objections?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Tiber ...

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnA) bows

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Would you like me to try to unparalyze him, too?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Ummm ... let me get a quill and some ink

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh no. I was just going to ask him to fetch my bag

Branwyn (Lisa) grins

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Ah. Of course.

mharm-15549 has joined the game on Fri Mar 30 20:08:36 EDT 2018

mharm-15549 is receiving the map knarr unpainted...

mharm-15549 has received the map knarr unpainted.

Branwyn (Lisa) goes to get her pack

[mharm-15549] k that was wrid but am back now

Branwyn (Lisa) comes back and lays the scroll against Branadarus' back and signs her name

[Aitheria (Master)] Where would you like me to take you and your friends

Branwyn (Lisa) hands the scroll up to the giantess

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] so what are your plans for the tilted castle?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] if you don't mind me asking?

[Aitheria (Master)] I need to move it somewhere

[Aitheria (Master)] it only moves for the owner

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] I have an idea

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So you do not want to have it?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] but it's not my place to ask

[Aitheria (Master)] I do not need it

[Aitheria (Master)] it is too small for the Kin

[Aitheria (Master)] (and poor Hugh who can actually speak Jotun is not awake)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Go ahead Qui

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] I mean, can you move it horizontaly too?

[Aitheria (Master)] Of course

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) looks at Qui curiously

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] we need more room for all these people

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (LOL!)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] maybe on the side of a hill we can make it straight?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (the farthest she can take us is to the closest place to dock? i.e., Portown or am I wrong?)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] or I have some people who might help us out

[Aitheria (Master)] (no hills like that near Jistille if that is what you are thinking)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Live in...a sideways castle?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) mutters, "Dwarves..."

[Aitheria (Master)] (grins, John can tell you about the time they asked a giant to take them home and he left the ship on dry land 200 miles from the river)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (he is a dwarf, maybe the closest mountain)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (we turned the boat into a bar)

[Aitheria (Master)] (and Qui can make an intiution check)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] [QuiFon Ruminell]]: INU check: (d20) [1d20=16] 16 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Aitheria (Master)] (so yes to LIsa you can have the ships put down anywhere but Portown allows the Knarr to keep on sailing later on )

[Aitheria (Master)] (and for Qui a airship sailing check

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] I am sure you can upright the castle, just so it is not an eye sore

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There are mountains in Carnak I believe

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (i don't have any stat info for that, wisdom?

[Aitheria (Master)] yes

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] [QuiFon Ruminell]]: KNO check: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL FAILED against 9!!

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] [QuiFon Ruminell]]: WIS check: (d20) [1d20=6] 6 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Aitheria (Master)] OK

[Master] So Qui can figure out that if it is a floating castle it must have the same type of lift that the airships have

[Master] so that means you could repair it with the right skills

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (it's sitting on a diamond mine?)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (that is what I thought)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (the fixing not the diamonds)

[Master] grins at Lisa, no it only needs gems to move

[Master] but too much metal and it breaks

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (a dimond eater)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she said it was moving :) )

[Master] as you saw when you were there

[Master] and yes you have a person who can move it for you

[Master] grins

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (oh oh raises hand)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (heh i know who it's not)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (just seems like a lot to ask)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] It is your now Aitheria

[Master] (yes to LIsa it is moving........ why I gave Qui a check)

[Master] But he failed

[Master] so you will have to puzzle it all out on your own

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (someone stole the castle)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)]

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (if it can't wander on its own or drift on the wind, yeah)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Qui, did you have any more questions?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] ( I want to go help the giant)

Branwyn (Lisa) looks around "Any one?"

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] Can I go?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shrugs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Go where?

[TMO] (I'm assuming I'm auto-paralyzed)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] to the castle

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (rolll a save?)

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at Qui in astonishment

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)]

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at Aitheria

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Not round behind so would think save, too)

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnA) looks at Hoffman

[Master] you can make those saves TMO

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] In the sky?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] I mean.. I want to

[TMO] [Marisu]]: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But ... what if you can't ... steer it?

[TMO] [Shurkural]]: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL FAILED against 11!!

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] I want us to, but I understand that is not gonna happen

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Oooh the diplomat saved. Nice)

[TMO] [Ilero]]: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=11] 11 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 11!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)]

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You could be stuck all by yourself in a floating slanty castle

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (i just assumed Kenna and Snee were paralyzed)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Time to find out ;) )

[Aitheria (Master)] sorry SPring make rolls

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And I thought she said only the owner could move it

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (should i roll them?)

[Aitheria (Master)] yes to Lisa

[Aitheria (Master)] Yes to SPring

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And sorry better version:

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnA) thinks

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] Kenna Westfoot: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 9!!

Marisu (TMO)] Did I hear right? A sky castle?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods, "A castle in the sky."

[Spring] Snezana: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [1d20=16] 16 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 9!!

[Spring] (wow)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Kinda boring movie, though)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] wish I had a map

Marisu (TMO)] I thought those were fairy tales.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (there's all the good rolls!)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] So did I...

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] if she could put it somewhere for us, at least we would know where it was at

[Aitheria (Master)] Guy I have a plan for you no worries

[Snezana (Spring)] i wanna go. i have to see that

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Right now?

[Guy] (thats what im afraid of)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (smart man)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I'd prefer to befriend a Griffon first before I fly anywhere...

[Aitheria (Master)]

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] I bet I can lower it

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) smiles

[Aitheria (Master)] Guy go read Tiberius' plan for adventure

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well...lower might be tolerable to see.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Floating is just so...high up there.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) glances warily at the sky

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] just pick a mountin or hill near by,

[Master] How can they breathe up there, all the air is down here?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] what about Skull church

[Master] yes that should be comforting to Shi, OH let's put the flying castle next to Skull Church, that is close to home

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That would be up to Mistress Aitheria

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] and you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I need to get home

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Dunno where Skull Church is)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I cannot help in this

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnA) lower head I know

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] It is your call

[Master] grins, just the idea of they have a Skull Church near home should be enough

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (you would think)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha true)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Is the church made of skulls?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Me? It is not my church and I am not the one you are beholden to

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You may have to deal with Tristan and Jennevive regarding the church

[mharm-15549] I am back at the keyboard.

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Well Tristan might not be too much of an issue TBH)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It is no concern to m. People must follow the path that will make them happy

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (More Jennevive)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] Just low enough we can fly to it, if need be

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Fly to it how?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] not looking to destroy it

[Carissa] Shi'Nynze no longer targets Branwyn.

Marisu (TMO)] (Strangely enough, Ilero also has an interest in that church)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (sweet)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (They might appreciate an extreme hero)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (what's mine say)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (speak now - this giantess is incredibly patient)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (lol)

Ilero (TMO)] What go on at Skull Church now?

Ilero (TMO)] Any idea?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (officially Jenn gave the church to Tristan)

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnA) looks at Ilero

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (after the Greek thing)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Might have a bone to pick?)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] Illero say what?

Ilero (TMO)] Hye need go back t'ere when have chance.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] I am not sure anyone here knows

Ilero (TMO)] (I am remembering right, Bob? That's where Tiera's tomb is?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Tristan was given guardianship of it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] After we removed the Greeks of Hades

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Si:

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] brb supper is done

[Spring] I am away from the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But Tristan went crusading so I am not sure what the true status of it now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He could be there or it could be abandoned

[Branwyn (Lisa)] or filled with something else

Ilero (TMO)] Hokay. It not important right now. But soon.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)]

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] if there were enough diamonds, the Queen might thank you Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I really don't know what to say Qui

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It is not my place

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] I understand.

Aitheria (Master) SIGHS

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] It was a pleasure to meet you Aitheria

[Master] What is teh favor you desire?

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnA) looks to Branwyn

[Ilero]] (TMO) looks curiously at the cloud giantess.

[Master] to sum up, only the owner of the castle can move it

[Master] the giant is here to become the owner so she can move it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Qui, if you want the castle moved as the favor, then ask.

Ilero (TMO)] It make sense.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Otherwise I am asking her to take us all to Portown

Ilero (TMO)] Also make sense.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] It is your favor

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] She wants to move it anyways. Is that still a favor?

Branwyn (Lisa) throws up her hands

[Master] and time for Branwyn to make the final decision and move forward

Ilero (TMO)] (lightning bolt)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Qui you don not get to place your mission and happiness on ME

[Branwyn (Lisa)] DECIDE

[Master] and there we go

[Master] Qui ?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) rubs ears again

Ilero (TMO)] (lightning bolt lightning bolt lightning bolt)

[Master] What is going to happen

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] Please take us to Porttown

[Guy] (i cast magic missile at the dark)

[Aitheria (Master)] holds out her hand for the scroll from Branwyn

Branwyn (Lisa) looks up at Aitheria and hands her the scroll

[Spring] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aitheria (Master)] Very well

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (LOL magic midssile)

[Aitheria (Master)] you may want to make sure you are all secure,

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] To the docks of Portown, yes?

[Aitheria (Master)] do you want both little cups there?

Ilero (TMO)] ... Al go beow deck

Ilero (TMO)] ffs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes please

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Wait Ilero

Ilero (TMO)] All go below deck!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Help tie these palayzed down!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Or carry them all below.

Branwyn (Lisa) moves pushes Tiberius to the hold

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (I'll or all. Sounds the same keys or not :P)

Ilero (TMO)] Below safest. No rope break or slip t'ere.

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnA) helps drag people to hold

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods and helps carry people down

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) helps

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lost my dice panel)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] Snezana moved 3'06".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze moved 14'02".

[Snezana (Spring)] /helps

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Not all can fit below, though, right?)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] [QuiFon Ruminell]] moved 3'02".

[Snezana (Spring)] (stacking lilke cord wood, i bet they can!)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] [Hoffman]] moved 65'11".

[Indigo (Lisa)] Branwyn: STR check: (d20) [1d20=19] 19 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (is there anyone moving on the barge to help her?)

[Master] everyone on the barge is out

[Master] except Branwyn

[Ilero]] (TMO) stacks Shur face to face lying on top of one of the (un)lucky paralyzed males.

Branwyn (Lisa) sighs

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (haha)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Do you have to be such a large man, my husband?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Dare you to move Jennevive the same)

Ilero (TMO)] (oooooo... I didn't realize she was one of them. Who are our men to pick from?)

Branwyn (Lisa) holds on to Tiberius preparing for the move

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (All of them)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Except Foto/Qui)

Ilero (TMO)] (even Kel?)

Ilero (TMO)] (thought elves were immune)

[Master] OK

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Yes, but Shi would fix that)

[Master] and then she goes down under the water

[Master] and comes up with the two ships on either side of her

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) holds on tight to some part of the ship

[Master] and then puts her arm arund each one and LIFTS

Ilero (TMO)] (lets bury Jenn in wolves)

[Master] and starts to fly up and out

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha fine with me)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) silently screaming

[Master] UP UP UP into the skies

[Marisu]] (TMO) shrieks and grabs onto a bench for life.

[Master] and then a couple of hours later everyone wakes up

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) NOT silently, screaming

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)]

[Guy] ((look up in teh sky its a bird))

[Ilero]] (TMO) grins and feels the wind whip by.

[Master (to GM only)] Sarengar moved 30'08".

[Master] Sarengar moved 3'09".

[Master] adn Guy there is your cue

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods.

Snezana (Spring) whooops in delight

[Master] and some of you are thrilled and some of you are terrified

[Master] and on the second day you all are about ready to pass out

[Master] and on the fourth day even Jilly is tired of the whooping

[Master] and on the fifth day

[Ilero]] (TMO) fishes for birds.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Days of this??)

[Master] the giantess sets you down on the river, more than 80 miles from where you started

[Master] you traveled almost 100 miles in 6 days

[Master] with zero encounters

[Master] other than a giant

[Master] grins

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (dude)

Ilero (TMO)]

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha no that's good. Maybe not as giant as I thought if it took 6 days ;) )

[Sarengar (Guy)] (and the giant wasnt trying to kill you)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thought she was just going to blow on us)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ooooh I want to be that guy, TMO!)

[Snezana (Spring)] (wow, an anti-encounter giant. must use her again)

[Sarengar (Guy)] (not gonna touch that one with a ten foot pole)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (nice TMO)

Ilero (TMO)] (thought you might)

[Master] Time of Day: 05:15 PM. Day 27 See ___ se, Bel {Mid Fall} 27th, 1267 TGR.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Never thought I'd miss the water.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sorry John - I just didn't want it to be one of those, I wanted to do this but Lisa wouldn't let me things)

[Snezana (Spring) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Snezana modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and I wouldn't have minded if you did it)

[Sarengar (Guy) (to Master only)] im going to try and sing a song lol

[Snezana (Spring) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Kenna Westfoot modified: Notes - CHANGED.

Ilero (TMO)] (I was good either way too)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (now can Guy tell us how he is doing?)

[Master] yes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] :)

[Master] in Portown just a short bit down river

[Snezana (Spring)] (how are you doing guy?)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnA)] (Qui is not goina go agaist Branwayn's wishes)

[Snezana (Spring)] (if i've ever played with you, it's in a missing chunk of memory)

[Master] Tiberius is calming and explaining to the tourists that yes they will have to pay extra for that special trip but it it totally worth it

[Sarengar (Guy)] (not bad )

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Singing check: (d20) [1d20=6] 6 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 7!!

[Master] Carissa this is Guy

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Hello!)

[Master] Mario did you ever play with Guy?

[Sarengar (Guy)] (faints)

[Master] I know Michael did not

[Master] Lisa, John and TMO did

[Master] not sure Spring ever did

[Sarengar (Guy)] (spring did for a little bit)

[Master] and yes now that I think of it no to Mario also

[Master] but in any case

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I"ve played a couple sessions with Guy

[Master] ahh

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] but not any long term stuff

[Master] nice

[Snezana (Spring)] (oops, sorry, missing chunk)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Good to see you again Guy

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] :)

[Master] OH OH back in the Residence

[Master] with the young halfling ambassador

[Sarengar (Guy)] (feels good to be back again)

[Master] yes to SPring and Michale then

[Master] and now everyone can talk in and out of character

[Master] as I dig up a map for Portown

[Kel (MarioCS)] I think i played w/ Guy, as Anton, at a birthday game

[Kel (MarioCS)] DOnt be surprised f you dont remember Anton. pretty unremarkable

[Spring] Guy are you going to be at the anniversary game?

[Master] actually not going to be bothered by that

[Master] going to bring up swamp maps in stead

[Sarengar (Guy)] (no clue if i get the new job then yes)

[JohnA] Tebhoundrin no longer follows Kel.

[MarioCS] Tebhoundrin follows Kel.

[TMO] Tebhoundrin no longer follows Kel.

[Guy] Tebhoundrin follows Kel.

[Lisa] Tebhoundrin no longer follows Kel.

[Carissa] Tebhoundrin follows Kel.

[mharm-15549] Tebhoundrin no longer follows Kel.

[Spring] Tebhoundrin follows Kel.

[Spring] fingers crossed

[Spring] I am back at the keyboard.

[Spring] dammit

Spring has left the game on Fri Mar 30 21:01:10 EDT 2018

[JohnA] of the river and u the swap

Carissa is receiving the map Base Map...

[JohnA] out

Carissa has received the map Base Map.

Lisa is receiving the map Base Map...

Lisa has received the map Base Map.

Spring has joined the game on Fri Mar 30 21:01:57 EDT 2018

Spring is receiving the map Base Map...

Spring has received the map Base Map.

mharm-15549 is receiving the map Base Map...

mharm-15549 has received the map Base Map.

[Spring] test

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] y

[Spring] good god

Guy is receiving the map Base Map...

Guy has received the map Base Map.

[Master] there is the overall Mist map

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] dope

Ilero (TMO)] is portown on it?

[Master] Portown is listed there which is where you are going to spend the night

[Master] near the Desperate Old Men adventure marker

[Kel (MarioCS)] Is the green blue represent the MIst?

[Master] sigh no

[Kel (MarioCS)] rofl

Ilero (TMO)] ah, got it

[Master] I am back to fininding more swamp maps

Ilero (TMO)] the lines represent the different thicknesses of the Mist

[Spring] hahahaha that question every time

[Kel (MarioCS)] heehee

Ilero (TMO)] gereen blue is swamp

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Spells - CHANGED: Chaos -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Feather Fall -- # Memorized: 0 (+1), CHANGED: Shocking Grasp -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Sleep -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Telekinesis -- # Memorized: 2 (0), CHANGED: Teleport -- # Memorized: 0 (+0),

[Spring] you should overlay a thin layer of gray scale on the mist area

[Spring] maybe, just a suggestion

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so we are officially in Drillian)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (If you want map editing, I know a guy)

[Master] and Portown

[Spring] wow that looks impoverished

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Looks...dystopian)

[Spring] hehe

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (john has pointer :) )

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thought it was me)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha wondered who it was)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] you know... it's downtown LA near the canals

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Lisa don't kill me

[Kel (MarioCS)] Ugh, this is Portown?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol - wish downtown looked like this)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] You'r right. This looks safer ;)

[Kel (MarioCS)] ah, so its Poortown?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I've seen...nicer than this.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (did you lose the old map?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] just missing an O

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods

[Master] the old map was just the Inn where you were staying

[Master] this shows the town overall crowded up against the water

[Master] this is where the last docks are for ships

[Master] barges and smaller boats from here on into the swamps

[Master] things that have very little draft

[Master] so yes impovershed becasue there is not a lot of traffic here

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] so things like canoos bob?

[Master] they have left the knarr tied up for a year

[Master] paying rent

[Master] yes to Michael

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Is it shallow enough you can stand in? Not that you'd want to

[Master] some times yes

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] So less chance drowning?

[Master] some times you just sink down into the mud

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Goodie

[Master] and die from quicksand

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Youre a right ole rain of sunshine bob

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Thanks for making me paranoid

[Master] grins ask TMO and LIsa they grew up here in teh swamps

[Spring] that's what he's for!

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((oh and then theres the weregators)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Branwyn!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And medusa sirens)

[Indigo (Lisa)] The Queen sent me a scroll!

[Indigo (Lisa)] It talks

Indigo (Lisa) look

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Okay, So Lisa and TMO in all seriousness, you guys know how bob can be crafty here. So if I do something stupid because i'm not familiar with this place, please let me know yeah?

Indigo (Lisa) pulls out the scroll and opens it

[Kel (MarioCS)] Michael, i thinkn the swamp will let you know...

[JohnA] what would be the fun in that

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (not much different than the woods except it is a swamp)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] lol

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (does scroll speak again?)

[Master] Yes

[Master] same as before

Branwyn (Lisa) listens

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Nifty spell)

[Master] yes it is the Missus

[Branwyn (Lisa)] A magic mouth spell! That's nice.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And just for you Indigo.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It sounds like there may be trouble.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (are we at the docks or at the inn?)

[Master] the docks of the inn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Marisu?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I suppose she is in hiding now that we are in Drillian

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Perhaps it is for the best

[Sarengar (Guy) (to Master only)] im not rerolling my singin success darnit

[Master (to Guy only)] you do not need to

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Shall we go in and get rooms?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I drink to that

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (did everyone leave or someting? :) )

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (i'm here :) )

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you Hugh. Good idea

[Master] was waiting to have people know who Sarengar is

[JohnA] I'm goona call it a night, see you all next week (I hope Guy)

[Kel (MarioCS)] I could use real food, too

[Kel (MarioCS)] oh Bai John

[Master] and have him continue his disussion with Branwyn

[JohnA] enjoy

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (goodnight John)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Should we all just take a 15 min break then?)

[JohnA] ttfn

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((i hope so to john have a good night))

[Master] hah

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (godnight john!)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Sorry only left for like a second)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Night John!)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] So, I assume we go to the Inn?

[Master] just want GUy to have a chance to get back into character

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] OH

[Master] yes you are at the Inn

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] My bad

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Anywhere off the water is good.

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] sorry Guy

[Sarengar (Guy) (to Master only)] i was going to have sarengar singing in the inn

[Snezana (Spring)] so ... who is this guy?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] As much as we can get off the water here.

Snezana (Spring) pointing at Sarengar

[Master (to Guy only)] yes that works

Branwyn (Lisa) turns around

[Snezana (Spring)] (snexana looks like a street rat someone dressed up in aa priest outfit

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Sarengar? Were you hiding on the barge?

[Snezana (Spring)] (and acts like one too)

[Sarengar (Guy)] maybe

[Indigo (Lisa)] SARENGAR! hello!

[Sarengar (Guy)] hello Indigo

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Who willingly hides on a barge?

Indigo (Lisa) looks at Snezana "This is our friend Sarengar!"

[Sarengar (Guy)] I do sometimes

[Snezana (Spring)] good i was hoping he was welcome. we've seen a lot of unwelcome lately

[Indigo (Lisa)] He left us after the adventure where we made Wilamina the Queen

[Indigo (Lisa)] And he got his ear chopped off

[Sarengar (Guy)] sorry Indigo i had some issues to take care of

Indigo (Lisa) looks down

[Snezana (Spring)] (is it still gone?)

JohnA has left the game on Fri Mar 30 21:20:59 EDT 2018

Branwyn (Lisa) sighs

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Ouch.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Sarengar, I am sorry about the opera. Tiberius told me about it

[Sarengar (Guy)] i still plan on doing it

[Sarengar (Guy)] it just will take a bit longer

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (I don't know too much about character but will try to help keep the convo going. Sorry but I'll do my best)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Please don't

Sarengar (Guy) grins at Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There are so many other operas and musicals

[Sarengar (Guy)] dont tell me you believe in the curse?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Of course I do!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No production has ever come to its conclusion without someone dying

[Master] (hugh doe not know anythgina bout him at all Michael so no worries)

Branwyn (Lisa) thinks for a moment

[Sarengar (Guy)] its just sheer coincidence

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But wait ...

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't know if anyone has every tried to perform it in the Mist

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Perhaps that could shield you?

Sarengar (Guy) thinks for a moment

[Sarengar (Guy)] you could be right I dont think it has been performed in the Mist

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at the others

Sarengar (Guy) decides to try singin a singl song from the opera

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) looks on with interest

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Sarengar is trying to put a production of The Opera Kholtar together

Ilero (TMO)] (sorry, had son/boy drama)

Ilero (TMO)] (unresolved. He must stay BORED now)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The play is cursed.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (The tragedy of it)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] A curse play?

[Snezana (Spring)] (oh the HORROR!)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Fires, lightning strikes, drow pirates

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) this should be good

Kel (MarioCS) rolls eyes

[Kel (MarioCS)] Drow?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) The curse or the singing?

[Snezana (Spring)] (the horror of being bored, not the play, although that too)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes, that was the last time

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) Yas and Yes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They tried to perform on a barge to not risk any of the theaters

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) A drow opera? Doubt they know how to sing

[Sarengar (Guy) (to Master only)] are you gonna make me reoll?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Instead the barge was attacked and everyone killed or drowned

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) they barely know how to act civilized

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods to both

[TMO] Drowned Drow?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And yet still you wish to perform it?

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master (to Guy only)] no the previous roll stands

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Drowned drow is drowl)

Ilero (TMO)] Drowned Drow?

[Indigo (Lisa)] I don't think the pirates drowned

[Indigo (Lisa)] Just the people doing the play and the audience

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well, not the good ones, I'd think.

[Sarengar (Guy) (to Master only)] well what happens when i sing a single song?

[Master (to Guy only)] you sing a song that is all

[Master (to Guy only)] you can roleplay it out

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Marisu? This will be the first people in Drillian we will be speaking with when we go to the inn. Do you want to be in disguise?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Until we know what is happening?

Sarengar (Guy) begins singing the opening song to the opera

[Master (to TMO only)] Ilero recognizes the song as not a Drow song (but it might be) but an old lullabye telling the tale of a winter child

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh! A song!

[Master (to TMO only)] from the Suomi faith

[Snezana (Spring)] wait, do you have to do that now?

Branwyn (Lisa) listens

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no one would know it since it never gets performed?)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] this is an inhabited area

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] should we not get out of town?

Marisu (TMO)] A disguise might be a good idea. Just in case.

[Ilero]] (TMO) chuckles.

[Kel (MarioCS)] Well, Kenna, itf the town burns down, the swamp water will put out the flames

Ilero (TMO)] You try put audience asleep, Sarengar?

Ilero (TMO)] T'at lullabye song. Sing put children to bed.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, but does that mean we'd have to jump in the water to escape the fire? I think I'd risk the fire.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No! That was lovely

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Better than many of the other sings I heard in Rivers Bend.

Sarengar (Guy) my voice in perfect form as people stop and listen

[Master] Carissa that is an Ilero ism right there

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

Ilero (TMO)] Hye not say bad. Hye say t'at lullabye for children.

Ilero (TMO)] Hye told t'at as small babe.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] that is rather nice

Ilero (TMO)] Hye not know it part great cursed opera here.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] and impressively done

Sarengar (Guy) i end the song with a bow to all

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Is part of the curse putting people to sleep? Maybe that is why.

[Ilero]] (TMO) grins. "Maybe 'splain my whole life... yah?"

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Not that it put me to sleep.

Branwyn (Lisa) claps

Ilero (TMO)] You sing better t'an hye remember nanny t'ough.

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) claps

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (brb)

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((actually what makes the song so good is the fact that my singing attempt is very low lol

Snezana (Spring) scans for danger

[Ilero]] (TMO) finds a place to sit down, and contemplates childhood memories that have been stirred up.

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((when it works it works damn good lol otherwise not so much))

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) Doesnt he look a bit lik eus? i mean, elfish?

[Treble (Master)] SQUEEEK SQUEEEE

[Master] Treble moved 24'08".

[Ithil (Master)] grrrrrrr

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Ithil? What is it?

[Master] Treble moved 23'03".

[Master] Treble moved 3'01".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) Hmm? Doesn't quite sing like one...

[Sarengar (Guy)] Treble there you are. Where have you been hiding

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) ya, ad he's a bit... well,...greenish tint? too much water?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Treble? What is a treble?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) Greenish? Wouldn't that be a sea elf?

[Sarengar (Guy)] Treble is my otter

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) holds back Ithil.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Ah, what a lovely otter. Er, maybe don't let him get near my wolves.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Small as it is...

[Kel (MarioCS)] well maybe he otter be leashed?

Kel (MarioCS) smiles at himself

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) hides a laugh

[Sarengar (Guy)] why would I leash her? shes not a pet shes my companion

[Master] wait till you see the otter nonsense of puns coming Guy

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Yesssss)

[Kel (MarioCS)] you otter tell us that, before we acted. I htought she was a river rat

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I'll be sure to tell the wolves not to eat her if she is your companion.

[Sarengar (Guy)] it would be safer for the wolves as well

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kel (MarioCS)] good luck, Shi. they atter teach her a lesson!

[Kel (MarioCS)] is Treble a he or she?

[Master (to Guy only)] you might guess that Shi is a ranger too if she has wolves as companions

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Why? Is she poisonous?

[Master] either otter

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Get otter here)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (one or the otter)

[Sarengar (Guy)] Treble is female yes

[Kel (MarioCS)] (oh, we have a slew of 'em)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Otter ridiculous)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (If you otter another pun...)

[Sarengar (Guy) (to Master only)] can i go were gator on them for thes puns lol

[Kel (MarioCS)] (to Sarenger) (E) have you been on the water long?

[Master] you all otter actaully explain who you all are

[Master] and Guy the (E) indicates Elven

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Guess that's not otter lien)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] *Line

[Kel (MarioCS)] ( the E in parentheses means we are speaking Elvish)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] So where are you from, Sarengar?

[Master] they have done very nice things with the chat logs and summaries and such

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=20] 20 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And the puns. Otter not forget that)

[Master] and music links

[Kel (MarioCS)] Where'd he go?!

[Sarengar (Guy)] right here

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Cue otter song...if there is such a one)

Ilero (TMO)] (and constant distractions by children)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (Blondie - One way or an otter)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

Ilero (TMO)] (it really doesn't otter:

[Kel (MarioCS)] ( I swear my dice panel is cursed. Damn opera!)

[Sarengar (Guy)] Im from Rivers Bend

[Master] (Pat Benatar - You otter run)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (What? This random song I found didn't come to mind?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (No clue what I just listened to)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh! Well that isn't far. Why did you sneak on the barge, then? You didn't want to stay home?

[Sarengar (Guy)] i like being on the water

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) Speak to him in Elf. See if he responds. I'm thinking...

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] You...enjoy it? I think I'm tired of the water.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] If anything, I miss the woods.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) Why speak to him? He can hear us welll enough./

[Kel (MarioCS)] (can we tell if the townfolk are wearing weapons?)

[Master] yes everyone seems to be walking around with a sword on

[Kel (MarioCS)] (do we see Salenger with a weapon?)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ill take the water over the woods every time. You do realize thatyou are being quite rude

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (makes sense)

Kel (MarioCS) looks around " who? He hasnt said a word"

[Snezana (Spring)] (this would definitelly be the sort of neighborhood you'd want to be armed in)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (do we see Salenger with a weapon?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Rude? For asking about you?

[Sarengar (Guy)] i dont know what you were saying but have a little consideration for others

Ilero (TMO)] (Carissa - you want meaningless songs, so meaningless they actually subtract meaning from enything around them?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shrugs, "Sorry. It's simply a habit. I know it annoys Jilly sometimes, too."

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) whispers (E) Told you.

Kel (MarioCS) shrugs

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (NOO Not this song!!)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Bah! They do that all the time.

[Kel (MarioCS)] (do we see Salenger with a weapon?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (I actually forgot it existed. Dang it, lol)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Think elves have to bond with each other in elfish or they get sick or something

[Kel (MarioCS)] (Yay, and its the LONG version!)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And yet can't stop laughing)

Kel (MarioCS) nods and smiles at Indigo

[Kel (MarioCS)] BOB!!!!

[Kel (MarioCS)] (do we see Salenger with a weapon?)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) smiles, "Thank you for understand, Indigo."

[Snezana (Spring)] (now i'm glad i'm too inept to copy/paste URLs from the chat)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Guy, does Salenger have a visible weapon?)

Indigo (Lisa) smiles at Shi

[Snezana (Spring)] (you've seen how i type, it takes a good ten minutes to capture the URL(

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Copy+V)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ugh sorry CTRL)

Ilero (TMO)] (and this was in my next up list:

[Master] I am leaving it up to Guy

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((yeah a cutlass, crossbow and a hook)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (new one to me)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (thanks!)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (wouldnt just simply looiking at him tell us that? no need to roll, right)

[Master] right

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sarengar is a captain too

[Snezana (Spring)] (i can do CTRL C and CTRL V pretty well. it's selecting the text that is really hard for me)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (CRTL+A)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Typing going downhill, sorry)

[Snezana (Spring)] then the browser tries to go to your name)

[Kel (MarioCS)] oh, do you have your own knarr?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Sometimes double clicking only highlights the link)

[Sarengar (Guy)] no I usually captain for others

[Kel (MarioCS)] so you've been to a great many places?

[Sarengar (Guy)] not until I traveled with Branwyn and Indigo

[Sarengar (Guy)] i mostly stayed on the water

[Master (to mharm-15549 only)] Hugh can speak up

[Master (to TMO only)] do not forget that Branwyn asked Marisu a question way back about how she wants to be going forward

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) (to Master only)] Not too sure what to talk about

[Ilero]] (TMO) stands back up and gives a short shake. "T'anks, Sarengar. Been while since hye t'ink back."

Ilero (TMO) (to Master only)] true, got a little distracted)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) (to Master only)] it's hard when I'm trying to fill in blanks

[Master (to mharm-15549 only)] as long as you are not quiet becuase they overwelm it

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) (to Master only)] Ah

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) (to Master only)] okay

[Master (to mharm-15549 only)] that is what I mean ask away to fill those in I bet others have those questions too

[Sarengar (Guy)] in fact thats how I first met them was by helping them with a dragon turtle problem they had

[Master] Cue Shi

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] A dragon turtle?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Lol

[Sarengar (Guy)] yes

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] What is a dragon turtle? Like a giant snapping turtle?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] We just had a run in with one of those

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) looks at Shi and quickly away

[Sarengar (Guy)] its a turtle thats about the size of a dragon

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Bastard turtle.

[Indigo (Lisa)] That wasn't a dragon turtle Hugh

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] That sounds...worse.

[Indigo (Lisa)] That was a snapping turtle

[Sarengar (Guy)] 'it was

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) shudders

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Pondscum.

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Well it was bad enough

[Indigo (Lisa)] Dragon turtles blow steam at you

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I'd hate to see what they are talking about

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) shivers slightly

[Indigo (Lisa)] Almost destroyed the ship

[Indigo (Lisa)] Foriso died

[Sarengar (Guy)] we saved a band of gypsies as well

[Kel (MarioCS)] Easy, Shi.

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) sivers

Indigo (Lisa) puts head down

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] *shivers

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) holds tongue

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) looks back to Branwyn

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] "Foriso?"

Sarengar (Guy) looks out onto the water for a moment remembering a certain night

[Indigo (Lisa)] Turtles are just bad I think

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Big turtles certainly are.

[Marisu]] (TMO) silently moves over beside Branwyn

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) nods

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Foriso was one of the original members of our Dragonslayer Company

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Ah

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It has been many years now

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Raises a brief toast, and then downs his ale

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Guy played Foriso)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Thx)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (oh yikes)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((not the first character ive had die since starting))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (jumped in in the blast of the turtle to save Marco's char)

Marisu (TMO)] (Anton is our only one I can think of offhand recently)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Thats' very noble of him

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Howard kinda)

Marisu (TMO)] (does it count if they come back?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Shoot, guys, something has popped up and I gotta go. I'm sorry but I will see you all next week. )

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Dunno!)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Work calls)

Marisu (TMO)] (cya)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Bye MIchael!)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((good night))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (goodnight Michael)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Love you all see ya next week. Sorry abou tthis

mharm-15549 has left the game on Fri Mar 30 22:08:25 EDT 2018

Marisu (TMO)] Marquessa, would you say Jilly and I are about the same size?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (toybin was trying to execute Foriso for murder anyway so ...)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but that was beside the point :) )

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (try him for murder rather, punishment not decided sorry)

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at Marisu "I think so."

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((toybox sucked lol))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You want to wear Jilly's clothes?

[Marisu]] (TMO) runs her hand through her hair. "And with my hair still short, do you think that will be enough of a disguise?"

Branwyn (Lisa) nods "Most likely"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You are far from your estate. Nost people probably won't recognize you"

[Sarengar (Guy)] if you want a disguise try dressing as a dock worker

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I mightn't introduce yourself until we know it's safe

[Sarengar (Guy)] or a sailor

[Marisu]] (TMO) looks at Sarengar curiously. "I'm not sure I could pass for either one"

[Indigo (Lisa)] The mage we met didn't recognize me!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Marisu should be safe

Marisu (TMO)] Her hand flutters nervously. "Umm... should I use a different name too?"

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((cant remember if sarengar had met marisu or not))

Marisu (TMO)] (I don't remember either - I think maybe yes)

Marisu (TMO)] (Was he with us when we started out to Dryads Lair?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he was at the Prince's ball in dryads lair)

[Master] (and Free Baseball. tied 1-1 going to the 10th )

Marisu (TMO)] (so yes, they've met)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((ok))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and the whole ship ride over actually)

Marisu (TMO)] (Skull Church was her first adventure I think - she rode in the front door just as the whole group was heading out)

[Master] yes

Marisu (TMO)] (the Hades priest stole her horse when he escaped)

Marisu (TMO)] (r.i.p. Zephyr)

[Sarengar (Guy)] you can pass for a sailor if anybody tries to talk to you just glare and spit on the ground in front of them then go back to what you were doing

[Marisu]] (TMO) giggles.

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs at the thought of Marisu spitting in public

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) smiles

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] you could pretend you do not understand the language

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] that is not unusual in sailors

Sarengar (Guy) tries to teach Marisu how to spit

[Marisu]] (TMO) looks thoughtful at Kenna's suggestion.

[Marisu]] (TMO) is hilariously bad at spitting.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Hmm, maybe just...glare, instead.

[Master] (Guy has no clue why Marisu is trying to disquise herself does he)

Marisu (TMO)] tccchhhhhhhhkkkkkkkk!

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) inches away

Branwyn (Lisa) cringes

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((nope not in the least))

Marisu (TMO)] (oh, nothing much. >_>)

Marisu (TMO)] <_<

Marisu (TMO)] (<_<)

Marisu (TMO)] (it doesn't like less than characters)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (No dollar signs and no less thans. So picky, kLoOge)

Marisu (TMO)] (ayup)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Are you ready to go in?

Marisu (TMO)] (to marisu?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (unless we want to hang out at the dock?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I hope they serve something other than fish.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] heavens yes

Marisu (TMO)] I don't have much choice. Better to get it over with, I suppose. I.. I think it would be better if I dressed like Jilly and just pretended to be another servant. I'll try to not talk too much.

[Sarengar (Guy)] well they might but it will be a lot more expensive than the seafood

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hugh and Hoffman can guard the knarr

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] We lost a day on the river. Food poisoning from bad fish. Might be worth the expense...

[Branwyn (Lisa)] This will be the first time since the Vilmar's that we shall get news

[Indigo (Lisa)] I have news. The Queen sent a mage to confiscate passing ships for the navy.

[Marisu]] (TMO) bites her lip nervously.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] She;s what?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yeah. Hugh wants to talk about that with you.

[Marisu]] (TMO) heads off to find Jilly.

[Sarengar (Guy)] shes a fool if she does

[Indigo (Lisa)] Jennevive stopped him though.

[Jilly (Master)] Hi Marisu

[Indigo (Lisa)] Maybe we didn't send her enough ships

[Jilly (Master)] are you excited to be back home

[Jilly (Master)] we are right in yoru families area right?

[Jilly (Master)] it will be good to see home again

[Jilly (Master)] even my brother

[Jilly (Master)] well I guess I should not admit that

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles slightly. "Honestly? I'm scared."

[Jilly (Master)] why are you scare? we are here?

[Jilly (Master)] Branwyn is here

[Jilly (Master)] we are all safe now

Marisu (TMO)] I wish I were as sure of that as you.

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((yay she doesnt know sarengar is there lol))

[Marisu]] (TMO) takes a deep breath.

Marisu (TMO)] Would you be willing to help me?

[Kel (MarioCS)] Hey Jilly, I wold love to sample som eof the local greenery. Think you could scare up some local twigs?

[Jilly (Master)] Of course

[Jilly (Master)] did you need some extra deserts?

[Jilly (Master)] I was going to make tarts tonight

[Jilly (Master)] I thought that after all the flying

[Jilly (Master)] that we might want something good and solid

[Jilly (Master)] so there is a pot pie

[Jilly (Master)] but then I thought

[Jilly (Master)] OH

[Jilly (Master)] we are home

[Jilly (Master)] so I should make something good

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Not fish? Oh that sounds delicious.

[Jilly (Master)] and tarts are easy

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) Better than twigs....

[Jilly (Master)] I even have some berries that Shi gave me

[Jilly (Master)] I put them in the tarts

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Wait, I what?

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) im afraid she will give Marisu away...

[Jilly (Master)] that makes them taste even better

Marisu (TMO)] May I borrow some of your clothes? I talked with the Marquessa, and we thought that maybe disguising me until we know the situation would be best. I thought I could be another servant for the group, working with you.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) Possibly...but how do you stop her?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (OOC - Is Marisu pirposely avoiding borrowing from Shur's wardrobe?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Calling her by name and all

[Jilly (Master)] the marquessaa?

[Jilly (Master)] OH

[Jilly (Master)] OH

[Jilly (Master)] Branwyn

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) send her for twigs!

[Jilly (Master)] I suppse we need to call her things now

[Jilly (Master)] what do you want us to call you?

[Jilly (Master)] Princess?

[Jilly (Master)] Or is it Countess?

Marisu (TMO)] (I don't envision Shur and Marisu being built all that alike, no. ;) )

[Jilly (Master)] what do you get called?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) That is only temporary. She'll still come back and call Marisu Marisu.

Kel (MarioCS) sighs, then shrugs

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] that is a good point

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] i had not tought. are you a princess now?

Marisu (TMO)] I need a new name too, I think. Would you please give me a name? One that will be easy for you to remember.

[Jilly (Master)] I think Countess

[Jilly (Master)] Marisu Countess

[Jilly (Master)] Counting Marisu

[Jilly (Master)] Marisu counts

Jilly (Master) giggles

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] What about Maith? Er, or is that too Elvish?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] oh sorry, i whought you meant Branwyn

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] she was a Marquessa, and maybe still is, but maybe now a princess too?

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles. "Something not very similar to my real name though. We don't want it to be obvious who I am."

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods at Kenna, "Princess of Cornelia, I believe."

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Sheera!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (bran and indigo are on the dock waiting for Marisu to disguise herself)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] that is rather ... daunting

[Jilly (Master)] The Missus is gogn to know who you are

[Jilly (Master)] that is easy

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I wish I could shoot as well as her...

Marisu (TMO)] Of course Branwyn will know me. Our whole group will. It's the others outside we want to hide me from.

[Jilly (Master)] ( Everyone but GUy knows what you are trying to do and why?)

[Jilly (Master)] the missus will know you

[Jilly (Master)] she remembers everyone

[Jilly (Master)] she remembered my big brother

[Jilly (Master)] when he dressed up in a soilders cap and sword

[Jilly (Master)] he tried to be in the guard

[Jilly (Master)] she di dnot let him at all

[Jilly (Master)] she made him come home and told Ma

[Marisu]] (TMO) nods slightly. "Perhaps. But we'll do the best we can. Do you have any ideas?"

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Marisu isn't trying to be in the guard. She just...wants to not be recognized. Simple enough if she blends in.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And has a new, temporary name.

[Sarengar (Guy) (to Master only)] can we hear jilly?

[Jilly (Master)] yes

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (i don't think either of my priests know but they realize this crew has history and just go with it)

[Jilly (Master)] (yes to Guy)

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles at Shi'Nynze. "Yes, exacty."

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (They talked about the civil war at dinner in Dryads so one or both your priests would possibly know)

[Sarengar (Guy)] Take a breath Jilly let them get a word in

[Jilly (Master)] Marisu knows how to talk

[Jilly (Master)] she can

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Hmm, what about Ara? It is a short and simple name.

[Jilly (Master)] and you need to eat more Sarengar

[Jilly (Master)] you look all thin

[Jilly (Master)] I thought the city was supposed to be good

[Jilly (Master)] did you have your horse friend feed you?

[Jilly (Master)] where is your dwarf friend?

[Marisu]] (TMO) looks at Jilly. "Jilly? How about Ara? Will that work?"

[Sarengar (Guy)] i havent been in the city lately

[Jilly (Master)] I thought he would like Qui

[Jilly (Master)] they both eat lots of rocks

Kel (MarioCS) rolls eyes

[Jilly (Master)] I like Ara

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I think Qui got food poisoning from a rock.

[Jilly (Master)] See

[Jilly (Master)] if you could only convince him that twigs were better

[Jilly (Master)] then he would not get sick

[Jilly (Master)] Kel never gets sick

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well, Kel got food poisoning, too...

Kel (MarioCS) gives Shi a " and you're instigating..." look

[Jilly (Master)] he always just goes and goes

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) grins

Marisu (TMO)] Good, thank you. May we go see about some clothes for me, so the group can stop waiting around for me?

[Jilly (Master)] he never stops talking

[Sarengar (Guy)] hey Jilly how about a nice fish stew for dinner

[Kel (MarioCS)] Twigs ARE better

[Jilly (Master)] Shi likes fish

[Kel (MarioCS)] fish? again?

[Jilly (Master)] she is always asking me if we are going to have fish again

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (LOL jilly complaining about someone who never stops talking!)

[Jilly (Master)] and see there is Kel

[Jilly (Master)] always talking

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] No, I didn't eat the fish because I am tired of fish.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) sighs, "Jilly, do you have some extra clothes, perhaps?"

[Marisu]] (TMO) puts a hand around Jilly's wrist and pulls her toward the stairs into the hold of the ship.

[Jilly (Master)] Of course

[Jilly (Master)] I will be right back Shi

[Jilly (Master)] I will get you some clothes

Sarengar (Guy) looks over at Indigo and Branwyn

[Jilly (Master)] Marisu will help me

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I...oh goodness.

Marisu (TMO)] Ara.

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) Please dont mention Teb

Jilly (Master) disapears

[Sarengar (Guy)] have you seen them lately?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) To who?

Marisu (TMO)] Remember Jilly, my name is Ara.

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]]: Persuasion check: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Master] nice

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I thought they were by the dock?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Seen who?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh good. I thought maybe you were tired of waiting and went to the inn.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I haven't seen anybody since I was stationed in Dryads Lair

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) Jily! never hear the end...

[Sarengar (Guy)] our gypsy friends

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) But I AM curious about the song you wrote about her. Er, I mean, Teb wrote about her.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I did see them soon after I arrived actually

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I presided over a gypsy trial

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] We passed some gypsies on the river.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Wisewoman Thyme was there

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And her son.

[Sarengar (Guy)] a son?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He is a fine looking boy, Sarengar.

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) a mere limerick. not impressive in the least

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They are doing very well and are safe

[Master] smiles at the surprise on Guy's face

[Marisu]] (TMO) gets dressed in plain and simple clothes, musses her hair slightly but leaves it uncovered, rubs a little sawdust strategically across her face, hands and arms, and slings a bag of supplies onto her back.

Sarengar (Guy) smiles softly

[Sarengar (Guy)] Im glad they are doing well

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They are very happy

Marisu (TMO)] Okay Jilly, please lead me to Branwyn and introduce your new assistant Ara to her.

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]]: Persuasion check: (d20) [1d20=3] 3 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]]: Acting check: (d20) [1d20=19] 19 - ROLL FAILED against 17!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) Jilly will still appreciate it.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They travel with a large caravan and take care of each other

Marisu (TMO)] (dammiit)

Branwyn (Lisa) puts a hand on Sarengar's shoulder "You did a very good thing"

[Master] For those that are not in the know Wise Woman Tyme the night before she became a Wise Women sleft with Sarengar

[Master] slept

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (How long ago/how old is the son?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (toddler I believe)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Just curious. Thanks)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (oho)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (think it was one of those - last chance before she takes the position of wise woman)

[Master] nods

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (was that night or never kind of thing)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (oh, so the chance may soon run out? /me looks at Shi)

[Master] that was when they thought Branwyn might marry a gypsy too

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((and now they cant see each other anymore as i recall))

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Only, what, 300+d100 years left. Tick tock!)

[Kel (MarioCS)] rofl

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Master] and someone should explain that to Sarengar

[Master] about who Tiberius is

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] (so Bran's just settled for a prince)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sarengar would have met Tiberius - just not know about the vampire mother thing)

[Master] this is true

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Tiberius Branadarus is a prince of Cornelia and married to Branwyn)

[Sarengar (Guy)] (( sao branwyn can honestly her mother in law sucks))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he does happen to have a vampire for a mom but we'll get to that later on)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (LOL)

[Kel (MarioCS)] wow! mic drop!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (HA!)

[Master] jus tremember that Tiberius does NOT know that

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we don't talk about it)

[Kel (MarioCS)] not yet...

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (cue Teb)

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] (s'ok, Sarengar doesn't know either)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Who Sarengar hasn't met yet)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((exactly))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no he has met Branadarus)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we just spent 3 weeks in Rivers Bend)

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] (right, but he doesn't know the mother is what I meant)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes)

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] (I just wasn't very clear)

[Master] and Sarengar has not met Teb

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oh the mother - I was confused sorry)

[Master] but here comes the meeting

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Yes sorry meant Teb)

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] (we're playing the Pronoun Game)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so many secret friends)

[Kel (MarioCS)] cue Jilly

[Master] and now you are all relaxing in teh bar after a masterful song

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] The singing is not bad here.

[Master] (going to the 12th inning)

[Kel (MarioCS)] true, i've heard worse

[Kel (MarioCS)] i've sung worse

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] nor the beer

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well...

[Kel (MarioCS)] yes, really hits the spot

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] did you know that beer helps a new mother produce milk sooner?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Glad I'm skipping having beer.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] very good for right after delivery

[Kel (MarioCS)] me too!

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) smiles

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] it will not make non-mothers produce milk

[Kel (MarioCS)] (sorry scratch that!, Kel is def having beer!

Shurkural (TMO)] Yep! I knew that. My cousin's had a few brats and that's what her excuse was.

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((i never drink beer))

[barkeep (Master)] You needed more beer?

[Kel (MarioCS)] Brats and beer would be delish!

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) laughs at Shur

Shurkural (TMO)] We never asked what her excuse was before she had kids.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yes please!

[Kel (MarioCS)] LOL

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] The thought of kids?

[Indigo (Lisa)] We could all do with more beer!

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shakes head, "No thank you."

Indigo (Lisa) looks toward the voice offering

[Snezana (Spring)] me me

[Shurkural]] (TMO) holds up her empty cup.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Disembodied. Do we trust it?)

[barkeep (Master)] I have to close up soon

[Sarengar (Guy)] (( its offering beer i say yes))

Shurkural (TMO)] (could just be his 'random Npc' character

[Kel (MarioCS)] (we know hwo it is!)

[Kel (MarioCS)] not Who, but who

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)(

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Are we staying here? Did you make arrangements Indigo?

[barkeep (Master)] (another that Guy has not met yet)

[Indigo (Lisa)] O thought you did

[Kel (MarioCS)] who?

[barkeep (Master)] OH Lord Indigo has the upper floor

[barkeep (Master)] Soon as the knarr came in

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And his crew?

[barkeep (Master)] I kicked the others out for you Lord

[Indigo (Lisa)] Wonderful!

barkeep (Master) nods

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sorry about that

[barkeep (Master)] I owe you for the scrags

Sarengar (Guy) looks at Indigo in surprise

[Indigo (Lisa)] I mean it is good we have rooms

[Sarengar (Guy)] A lord now Indigo?

[Indigo (Lisa)] That was nothing

Ilero (TMO)] Oh gods. Is t'is t'at place?

[barkeep (Master)] You saved my life and most of the towns

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Scrags are horrid things.

[Ilero]] (TMO) looks nervously out the door.

Indigo (Lisa) blushes

Ilero (TMO)] (my first combat with the group)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Was the least we could do

[barkeep (Master)] OH I have a scroll for you too

[barkeep (Master)] Let me get it

[Indigo (Lisa)] Another one?

barkeep (Master) goes up stairs

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ahh poor Ilero)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Maybe this one will speak, too?

[barkeep (Master)] comes back down a few minutes later

[Indigo (Lisa)] Why do people keep sending me scrolls?

[barkeep (Master)] hands Indigo a scroll with a red ribbon on it

Ilero (TMO)] Attack: Hand of Reaching:: is now ARMED.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Ummm ... thank you

Indigo (Lisa) looks at it

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Hmm, not sure but it does remind me I must send my own before we leave town.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] WAIT!

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at the innkeeper

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Who delivered this scroll?

[barkeep (Master)] a man in a red cloak

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at Jennevive

Branwyn (Lisa) sighs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] All right Indigo. It should be okay to open.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I cannot tell

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But be prepared for anything everyone

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] It has been a couple of years

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Well he did have to swear an oath

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] he cannot harm Indigo

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Tiberius, is Thorn at the ready?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It's not that. It's that damn book

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Guessing wolves are on ship? Just in case...)

Shurkural (TMO)] Oh, seriously? Hold on...

[Master] Attack: Thorn:: is now ARMED.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) scrabbles to draw her short sword.

Shurkural (TMO)] Attack: Short Sword:: is now ARMED.

[Kel (MarioCS)] well, Teb, here we go

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) gets up from table and backs away.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't think I can ever see a red ribbon again without flinching

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I thoguht we established that it was scrolls for you

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Attack: Ellidors Bow for Elves:: is now ARMED.

[Kel (MarioCS)] Attack: Teb, one handed:: is now ARMED.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master) (to MarioCS only)] and you need Teb to speak now please

Indigo (Lisa) takes out a dagger and slices the scroll open

Shurkural (TMO)] (bartender is now seriously spooked I bet)

[MarioCS] I am back at the keyboard.

[Tebhoundrin (MarioCS)] Oh, A teavern! how, well, uh, quaint?

Indigo (Lisa) stares at it for a second and then slowly unrolls it

[Aunt Jennevive (Master) (to Guy only)] and yes that is the sword speaking not Kel

Indigo (Lisa) waits

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) Quaint is one word for it.

[Tebhoundrin (MarioCS)] are we back home? It certainly doesnt look it

[barkeep #6 (Master)] I are we

Indigo (Lisa) shakes it a bit

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) No. Some town called Portown?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Nothing is coming out

[Master] the scroll opens with writing on the inside

Snezana (Spring) sighs

[Tebhoundrin (MarioCS)] it seems very humid. Have we gone far south again, Kel?

Branwyn (Lisa) breathes a sigh of relief

Shurkural (TMO)] (it can tell how fast it's rusting?)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) raises brow, (E) "Again?"

Sarengar (Guy) stares at the talking sword

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Sarengar has no clue why we were freaking out)

[Tebhoundrin (MarioCS)] (you know it feels what Kel feels)

[Sarengar (Guy)] Branywn i see you still keep interesting company

[Tebhoundrin (MarioCS)] oh, a new soldier. Hello, good sir. I am Tebhoundrin

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((i remember you were wanting to find a man in a red cloak but thats about it))

[Tebhoundrin (MarioCS)] Former Captain of the Divaekah Shadow Guard. Im sure you have heard of me

Indigo (Lisa) holds the scroll out in front of his face waiting for it to speak

[Master] nothing from the scroll

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) He's from Rivers Bend. I don't think he knows about Divaekah.

Indigo (Lisa) waits while the others are talking

[Master] (going to the 13th now, still 1-1 )

[Tebhoundrin (MarioCS)] We are legendary, known across the five lands

[Sarengar (Guy) (to Master only)] have i ever heard of them?

[Snezana (Spring)] indigo, someone told me that you perfer to hear letters. would you l ike me to read it? provided it's in common?

[Tebhoundrin (MarioCS)] ah, weapons of a seafarer. Well, maybe he does not know if us

[Master] yes Sarengar hears all this from the sword and no he has not heard anything about these elves

[Tebhoundrin (MarioCS)] but our reputation stretches over rivers and seas

[Master] everything they are talking about would have been in Sarengar's great grandfather's day

Shurkural (TMO)] (brb)

[TMO] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sarengar (Guy)] sorry never heard of you

Indigo (Lisa) moves the scroll around in little circles

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) You forget how the years pass, Teb.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) He is only human.

[Tebhoundrin (MarioCS)] ah, very well, sit, and you shall hear of our history. Back when the mighty oaks were just saplings, we elves traveled...

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((rofl))

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Kel...

[Kel (MarioCS)] OK, teb, we dont have time for all that

Indigo (Lisa) coughs

[Sarengar (Guy) (to Master only)] to the elves im human to the humans im an elf lol

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Sorry, Indigo.

Indigo (Lisa) softly "Ahem ... its Indigo"

Indigo (Lisa) waits

[Master (to Guy only)] exactly

[Master] and the scroll is silent

[MarioCS] I am back at the keyboard.

Indigo (Lisa) frowns

[Tebhoundrin (MarioCS)] but at least teh first 400 or so years, that will give him a good idea of..

Indigo (Lisa) tosses the scroll on the table

[Indigo (Lisa)] It's not magic

[Kel (MarioCS)] Teb, please no

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'm sorry Indigo.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Does it...say anything?

[Tebhoundrin (MarioCS)] Very well. But you did promise me I could speak. Remember when we were in the tree? After the scrags? we were..

[Sarengar (Guy)] sorry sword im not much interested in elven history

Branwyn (Lisa) takes the scroll and reads it aloud

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Attack: Ellidors Bow for Elves:: is NO LONGER ARMED.

[Kel (MarioCS)] OK, then Bye Teb!

[Kel (MarioCS)] Attack: Teb, one handed:: is NO LONGER ARMED.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) And you thought he might be an elf.

Kel (MarioCS) looks at Shi, then away quickly

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) Wait, what tree?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Tell Teb that I apologize for interrupting him

[Kel (MarioCS)] ( hey , i rolled a 20!!! lol)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) i was wrong. remember today, first time and all...

[Kel (MarioCS)] /ne smirks

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) frowns

[Kel (MarioCS)] oh, please, lady Bran. You know Teb just needs a pause, and he's non-stop. You did us all a favor

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E0 tree? what tree?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Possible relation to Jilly...

[Kel (MarioCS)] im sure, way back when

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shakes head, "Nevermind. I'll just ask Teb later."

[Branwyn (Master)] Indigo if you are ereading this then you have come back to Drillian as I predicted. Say hello to my wife and Branwyn for me. It burns my soul that we are on the same side in this war but rest assured that I will find a way to repay you for what you have done to me. My brother has bid me to offer you assistance if you request, so I hope I never see you again.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Anyone who would know we were coming and leave a scroll. It must be important

Branwyn (Lisa) grips the parchment tightly

Kel (MarioCS) frown at Shi, lips pursed

[Indigo (Lisa)] What did I do to HIM??

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Indigo (Lisa)] He's the one always doing stuff to us!

Shurkural (TMO)] (back for a few minutes, then story for kids, then back afgter that)

[Indigo (Lisa)] He tied me up in tentacles

[Indigo (Lisa)] Stole our wagon

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Tied you up in...tentacles?

[Indigo (Lisa)] He made you all diseased

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] He had to use his spells on you rather than on his intended target I presume

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] you made him waste his resources

Shurkural (TMO)] I only saw him once or twice.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yeah we were in Skull Church and he sent tentacles down on me from the balcony

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I do hope you killed some of his precious undead

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shudders

[Indigo (Lisa)] Of course we did. We always kill undead when we find them

[Indigo (Lisa)] That's what you're supposed to do

[Indigo (Lisa)] That's not my fault

[Kel (MarioCS)] The oly good undead is an dead, uh, undead

Kel (MarioCS) looks confused

Ilero (TMO)] Agree.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods

[Indigo (Lisa)] He's probably upset because we got Cowles' shield and not him maybe

[Ilero]] (TMO) rubs a hidden scar on his thigh.

Shurkural (TMO)] Yeah, we skunked him.

[Snezana (Spring)] (uhm him who?)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] That would be

[Snezana (Spring)] (i scrolled up but i can't find it)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Red aka Jennevive's husband)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We shall never ask or need his help

Shurkural (TMO)] (man in red cloak)

[Snezana (Spring)] (oh okay thanks)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I pray that he is right and we never see him again

Shurkural (TMO)] (story time, brb)

[TMO] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] and Carissa might recognize Cowles but not the shield

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Royal line?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes Chandler Cowles)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (no thats Crown Royal)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (river named after him)

[Master] the first Non-Drake King of Drillian

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ooooh duhh)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (was a big adventurer too I believe)

[Master] yes

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Charted the whole river. Think that counts as an adventurer :)( )

[Kel (MarioCS)] (Has marisu and Jilly returned?)

Branwyn (Lisa) crumples up the parchment

[Master] yes

[Kel (MarioCS)] (or is that how well Marisu is disguised that we dont knwo where she is?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I suppose this means we are officially home now

Kel (MarioCS) looks at Shi

[Master] smiles at Lisa, bows,

[Kel (MarioCS)] um, not reallly

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] She means for them.

[Kel (MarioCS)] ah, yes then

[Kel (MarioCS)] for them

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) rolls eyes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'm sorry Kel. Yes, us and the trouble we bring.

[Kel (MarioCS)] We wouldnt have it any other way

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That parchment threatening Indigo was from Jennevive's husband

[Kel (MarioCS)] troublle and all

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods, "I remember hearing about him."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you

[Master] (uff and onto the 14th )

[Kel (MarioCS)] from that parchment, he doesnt seem nice

[Kel (MarioCS)] wouldnt count on him as a friend

[Snezana (Spring)] no he doesn't

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Never and even if we are on as he says "on the same side" in the war, we cannot trust him

Kel (MarioCS) nods

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Jennevive, why are the threats only heading in Indigo's direction and not mine as well?

[Guy] sorry all but im sitting here yawning itss bedtime i think

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I can't imagine he has any affection for me either

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I would imagine because he never owned you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so glad to see you Guy!)

[Snezana (Spring)] me too, i've been doing the long stare for awhile now

[Guy] ill try to be back in next week but we will have to wait and see

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (see you next week Guy)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (hope so)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (grins, tell them you are under a spell)

[Snezana (Spring)] have a good night y'all!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and glad you are back too Spring!)

[Guy] nice meeting everyone

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Night and nice to meet you, Guy!)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Night Spring!)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Goodnight!)

[Snezana (Spring)] i am glad too! thanks!

Spring has left the game on Fri Mar 30 23:24:18 EDT 2018

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

Guy has left the game on Fri Mar 30 23:24:26 EDT 2018

Shurkural (TMO)] (are we all done for the night?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Bye Spring

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I am here

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Talking about Red)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Bye guy

[Indigo (Lisa)] Red Cloak never owned me!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Why would you say that?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] He bought you from the bugbears and sold you to the goblins ?

[Indigo (Lisa)] He stole me from my ship.

[Kel (MarioCS)] ohhh, not nice to bring up, Jenn

[Indigo (Lisa)] He didn't own me

[Indigo (Lisa)] he didn't. he didn't have the right

[Kel (MarioCS)] dont let her get you, Indigo, thats exactly what she's trying to do

Shurkural (TMO) (to GM only)] Character sheet for [Ilero]] modified: Weapons - CHANGED: Hand of Reaching -- Damage v SM: 1d8+1 (1d8), CHANGED: Hand of Reaching -- Damage v L: 1d8+1 (1d8),

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] So you can only threaten those you own?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, believed you owned?

Indigo (Lisa) folds his arms over his chest

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Those that escape or those that twart your plans

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] thwart

Ilero (TMO)] Good for goose, good for gander

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] He has no kind words for Branwyn that I have ever heard

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Ah, well, I can see why one would think that way.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] She took Indigo from him

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, the threatening. Not the lack of kind words for Branwyn.

Ilero (TMO)] (she gave him a sock?)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] and when he cursed her she turned that into a benefit

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Dobby is free!)

[Indigo (Lisa)] I wasn't his though!

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (wry grin, Lisa and Kaz were almost weeping over the little sock dolls in skull church, )

[Indigo (Lisa)] he took me from my captors and gave me to goblins

[Indigo (Lisa)] He didn't even know my name

Ilero (TMO)] If he not do t'at, you not meet Branwyn. Angry him by t'anking him for helping you.

[Indigo (Lisa)] I was just a stupid halfling he could get gold for

[Kel (MarioCS)] (su su sudio)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] There is never anything right about slavery.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) shakes her short hair around. "Not gonna get much argument from me."

[Indigo (Lisa)] Well I can't kill him since he didn't kill me, but i still would like to punch him and hurt him really bad

Shurkural (TMO)] (how long has it been since their hair was cut, btw? Not sure how much has grown back out by now)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (month or two)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (I completely forgot about that)

Shurkural (TMO)] ('kay, about what I was thinking)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (sorry, which hair cut?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (No! all that time training after we came back from keep adventure)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (form being kidnapped??)

Shurkural (TMO)] (the bugbears cut off the hair from their captives. nearly broke Marisu just by that alone)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Bugbears)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (they should have some good growth)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (OH that time TMO? wasnt there another time? if you mean the bugbears then yea a year )

[Kel (MarioCS)] thats been a game year

Shurkural (TMO)] (oh, then hair is all back now... I have failed at keepiong track)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Oh thought they cut off their hair at the other keep, too? Marisu wasn't with us then)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks at short hair references he's been making all night)

[Kel (MarioCS)] oh, w Scruffy.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Yah)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we went from the bugbear prisoner thing straight to the keep adventure to get the weapons back and chest of scrolls)

Shurkural (TMO)] (so Marisu's hair is long again.)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (ahh)

Shurkural (TMO)] (/me updates my mental checklist)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (an dcrazy going to the top of the 15th inning now )

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ridiculous)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (We were briefly bugbear prisoners at the keep, though)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (maybe they can ask people in the stadium if they want to come onto the field and try to score a run)

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] Are we ready, Jily? Remember my name now, okay? Just introduce me as your new assistant, Ara, and I'll take it from there.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (players are failing)

[Marisu]]/Ara (TMO) smiles at Jilly as if they're sharing a secret.

Jilly (Master) grins

[Jilly (Master)] Branwyn look who I found

[Jilly (Master)] Ara

[Jilly (Master)] Ara is here to help us

[Jilly (Master)] Ara is a lot of fun

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Sorry think they just took our armor and weapons, see no hair references)

[Marisu]]/Ara (TMO) has her hair roled up into a bun.

[Jilly (Master)] Ara is going to cook for us now

Branwyn (Lisa) looks over at Marisu

[Jilly (Master)] Ara is going to do lots of things fo ryou

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Ara. What a lovely name...

[Jilly (Master)] Ara is going to help with the cooking

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That is good news, Jilly

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] Oh, is this her? The Lady? Oo, it's a pleasure to meet you ma'am.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Nice to meet you Ara

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] OH. You didn't say there was elves, Jilly!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Welcome

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] whispers to Kel, Why are we calling Marisu Ara?

[Kel (MarioCS)] Ara, can you prepare dishes other than fish?

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] She looks like Marisu after sleeping outside for a night

[Marisu]]/Ara (TMO) curtsies. "Ma'am. Thank you ever so much for taking me on like this. It means ever so much."

[Kel (MarioCS)] /whispers back "marisu? where?

Kel (MarioCS) looks around

Branwyn (Lisa) digs an elbow into Branadarus' side

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Shhh

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] ouch

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) smiles at Ara. Just the two elves.

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] No Mister Elf, I'm not a cook at all. But I can fetch some sticks and twigs for you. You want leaves or no leaves with that?

Branwyn (Lisa) leans over and whispers in his ear "She's in disguise. We will talk later"

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] OH

Branwyn (Lisa) kisses him on the cheek

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] smiles warmly

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) grimces, "No twigs or leaves, please. Unless it's a salad."

[Jilly (Master)] OH NO Ara

[Jilly (Master)] no

[Jilly (Master)] Shi is right

[Kel (MarioCS)] Twigs/ My favorite. Whats good locally?

[Jilly (Master)] Kel has decided that a dwarven diet is best

[Jilly (Master)] he needs special rocks for breakfast

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] No twigs? Oh.

[Jilly (Master)] I know it is a pity there are so many good twigs here

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) chokes on her laughter

[Marisu]]/Ara (TMO) thinks. "I can find some rocks. There's river rock, and path gravel. And some forest stones.

[Jilly (Master)] but we can find rocks for him

Kel (MarioCS) smiles, winks at Ara

[Jilly (Master)] or maybe we can make some out of mud for him

[Kel (MarioCS)] ok, rocks are just as good

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] Oh, maybe drizzle the mud on the rocks as a topping?

[Jilly (Master)] See!

Jilly (Master) beaming

[Jilly (Master)] I told you that Ara was a good cook

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh she's good.

[Kel (MarioCS)] only the best cooks drizzle mud on rocks! Yum!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] But no rocks or twigs for me, please. I'm...on a diet?

[Kel (MarioCS)] oh, Shi. dont hold back now Eat with us!

[Jilly (Master)] Shi does not like fish

[Marisu]]/Ara (TMO) looks disappointed. "Oh. Yes ma'am, Missus Elf."

[Jilly (Master)] you will have to try to find something else for her

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] Jilly will help me keep it all straight, I'm sure.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shakes head, "No, it is, um, Solonor's month where use clerics...refrain from rocks and twigs."

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I am sorry. I'm sure normal food with suffice.

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) wow, using Solonor to deceive! you better pray extra long tonight

[Marisu]]/Ara (TMO) shifts the bag on her back. "We brought some of Jily's supplies from the boat, ma'ams and sirs. Where should I put them?"

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) laughs, (E) "If it means no rocks and twigs, it is a small price to pay."

[Ilero]] (TMO) closes his eyes and hides by taking another drink from his mug.

barkeep #6 (Master) comes back into the room

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Lord Indigo secured us some rooms.

[barkeep #6 (Master)] everything is all locked up

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) im not standing next to you in the next rain storm

[barkeep #6 (Master)] do not go out

[barkeep #6 (Master)] all the doors and windows are barred

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) Well, that would be Talos to worry about. And if Talos is about, we have much to worry about.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Has there been trouble?

[barkeep #6 (Master)] not in the last few days but better safe than sorry

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Are we locked inside?

[barkeep #6 (Master)] there still might be some of the Euastace pack out there

[Kel (MarioCS)] what is so dangerous it requirs us to be locked up?

[Kel (MarioCS)] Hwo is that?

[Kel (MarioCS)] ok, i know its not him

[barkeep #6 (Master)] there werewolves

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I thought most of the fighting was contained

[Kel (MarioCS)] werewolves? is it a full moon?

[Kel (MarioCS)] (dont know if Kel knows anything aboutthem ,s o he is going by old wives tales)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) Hope he doesn't mean the wolves.

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) oh...right! are they safe?

[Marisu]]/Ara (TMO) looks worried.

[Kel (MarioCS)] Ara, dont fret. We will protect you as well

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] Eustace pack?

[barkeep #6 (Master)] The pack has mostly been contained but with Lord Indigo here I want to make sure nothing happens

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] Why.. why Eustace pack?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) They are helping guard the ship tonight, though keeping to the hold. Still a bit subdued, poor things.

[Kel (MarioCS)] ah, yes, you know the local lore. Who is that?

[Kel (MarioCS)] ok, i know its not him

[barkeep #6 (Master)] the Euastace family estates are all around us

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] Oh, so just the pack that lives on Eustace lands then?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (They are on the queen's side though aren't they?)

[Marisu]]/Ara (TMO) smiles weakly.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I thought it was doeskin and bolpals rebelling)

[barkeep #6 (Master)] (nods that is what you have heard)

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] (her mind just leaped from what happened to her family maybe happening to another)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (guess I should just ask)

[Kel (MarioCS)] does anyone have a silver weapon? just in case one gets in

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] (and she *is* kinda sorta related to the Eustace family anyways)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But these are lands loyal to the Queen, are they not? Why would we worry?

Shurkural (TMO)] Yo! I gotcha covered, Ears.

[barkeep #6 (Master)] I am not worried about you

[Kel (MarioCS)] (rofl)

[barkeep #6 (Master)] but the beasts can be dangerous when the moon is out

[Kel (MarioCS)] you do? how so?

[barkeep #6 (Master)] and no one knows who they will be going after next

[Shurkural]] (TMO) pats her family sword.

[Kel (MarioCS)] ah, i see

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Is the moon out? Or when will it be?

[Kel (MarioCS)] i hope not

[barkeep #6 (Master)] wolves howl in the night

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well yes, I know that.

Kel (MarioCS) whispers " metoo, sometimes"

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) yes you do!

[barkeep #6 (Master)] rumor says that the Euastist family volunteered to be turned to help the queen

[Kel (MarioCS)] (ROFL!)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (scratch that)

[barkeep #6 (Master)] (someone correct the family names in post edit please :) )

Branwyn (Lisa) shocked "They what?"

Shurkural (TMO)] (methinks the barkeep has been partaking of his own product)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And when will the moon next be out?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That is rumor

[barkeep #6 (Master)] (it is the 27th.... )

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Has to be. The Queen would not allow such a thing

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (there are 2 moons so it could be a full moon all the time)

[barkeep #6 (Master)] hard to tell rumor lately

[Kel (MarioCS)] (arent there two moons, on diff cycles?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Shhh she's been holded up in a hold trying to ignore their flying days)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I can believe that.

[Marisu]]/Ara (TMO) steps nearer to the closest person to her.

[barkeep #6 (Master)] Everyone knows the Doeskins and the Bolpels are still fighting

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Really?

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] [Marisu]]/Ara: Acting check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Wait 2 days??)

[Marisu]]/Ara (TMO) doesn't finch.

Marisu/Ara (TMO)] *flinch

[barkeep #6 (Master)] last I heard the Mosskins were funding a mercenary army

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I had heard it was only the Bolpals at this time

[Kel (MarioCS)] i've never faced a werewolf. Which rumors are true? they only come out on full moon? they can only be harmed by silver? Can Teb do them harm?

[Kel (MarioCS)] DO you know anything about werewolves, Shur?

[barkeep #6 (Master)] the Queen has the north

Shurkural (TMO)] I think Teb'll hurt 'em. Magic works like silver.

Kel (MarioCS) relieved

Shurkural (TMO)] My sword got silvered and magicked at the same time though, so I ain't sure of that.

[barkeep #6 (Master)] the Vilmars are holding the south

[Kel (MarioCS)] thank you. i was worried i would need to take up another weapon

[Kel (MarioCS)] Teb wouldnt be too fond

[Kel (MarioCS)] ohh...

[barkeep #6 (Master)] the gronarks are fighting the Vilmars but not with the Bolpels

[barkeep #6 (Master)] and the Quelkin estates hired pirates to raid the Drake estates and more

Shurkural (TMO)] Not sure if elves can get sick from being bitten. Ever hear of an elf werewolf?

[barkeep #6 (Master)] the center of the Kingdom is a mess

[barkeep #6 (Master)] at least the north is safe

[barkeep #6 (Master)] I am glad you are here Lord Indigo

[Marisu]]/Ara (TMO) steps behind whoever is next to her so the barkeep can't see her and looks pleadingly at Branwyn.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] BUt the Drake and Uklo estates are in tact? Despite the pirates you mentioned?

[barkeep #6 (Master)] are you going to stay?

[Kel (MarioCS)] i have not. I can ask Teb

[barkeep #6 (Master)] the Vilmar and Drake estates have never wavered from the Queen

[Indigo (Lisa)] We're staying in Drilliam

[Kel (MarioCS)] what kind of sickness?

[barkeep #6 (Master)] the Ghostwood Drakes are on the Queen's side

[Indigo (Lisa)] We have to get to Jistille

[barkeep #6 (Master)] Pirate keep trying to come down the river to the south

[barkeep #6 (Master)] but the queen has stopped that

Aunt Jennevive (Master) glances at Branwyn

Aunt Jennevive (Master) glances at Indigo

[barkeep #6 (Master)] It will be a great day when the QUeen can show her daughter around

[Indigo (Lisa)] That mage was talking about the river to the south

[barkeep #6 (Master)] I have heard she is expecting again

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sending ships

[Indigo (Lisa)] Again?

Indigo (Lisa) counts on his fingers

[Indigo (Lisa)] That makes three?

[barkeep #6 (Master)] I think so

[Marisu]]/Ara (TMO) nods to herself.

[barkeep #6 (Master)] Sir Toybin is a lucky man

Branwyn (Lisa) chuckles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I suppose so

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Is he leading troops?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He was a knight after all

[barkeep #6 (Master)] I have heard he is guarding the Queen

[barkeep #6 (Master)] tirelessly

[barkeep #6 (Master)] he fought against a mage assassin

[barkeep #6 (Master)] that story was everywhere

Branwyn (Lisa) nods

Shurkural (TMO)] We been outta the Kingdoms for a while.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The Queen's Consort is highly skilled

[Shurkural]] (TMO) coughs and grins at Branwyn's comment.

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Toybin is a jerk

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] a good knight

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] but a jerk

[Indigo (Lisa)] He is! Sir Toybin defeated a hydra all by himself!

[Indigo (Lisa)] He's not a jerk. he is an honorable knight

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] If he was not my brother in law

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Indigo, how many people have you heard Toybin say good things about?

[Indigo (Lisa)] I don't understand why no one likes him

[Indigo (Lisa)] He says good things about me

Aunt Jennevive (Master) nods wisely

[Indigo (Lisa)] And he stopped calling Branwyn a witch after a while

Aunt Jennevive (Master) laughs lightly

[Master] did anyone else catch that Toybin is the QUeen's consort and Jenn's brother in law

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He is a good man.

[Master] and she is married to Red

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Yes)

[Master] which makes.....

Shurkural (TMO)] (we knew that)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Her an auntie!)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Just judgmental

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He doesn't often see things in shades of gray

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Er, for real Aunt Jenn now)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But perhaps war has changed him

[Master] but her husband is ..... and her brother in law is.....

Branwyn (Lisa) in a lower voice "And her for that matter"

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Red. Toybin)

Shurkural (TMO)] (red and Toybin are brothers, yes)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Related)

Shurkural (TMO)] (thought that was known to the group)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Feels like a madlib)

Shurkural (TMO)] (or maybe just to me. ;) )

[Master] (good I knew TMO knew that but hoped that Carissa and Mario had picked up on that)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Jenn told Shi back near Shadytown)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (i have no clue when i comes to family trees)

[Kel (MarioCS)] thans for explaining

Shurkural (TMO)] (it feels odd to know something others don't. I'm usually the one who can't keep things straight. :) )

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I suppose the mage assassin came from the Bolpels?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[barkeep #6 (Master)] I do not know

[barkeep #6 (Master)] I only heard about the battle

Shurkural (TMO)] (I am going to have to do a LOT of research for the politicking Marisu's return is going to kick up)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You can start a rumor that Indigo and i are back, will you?

[barkeep #6 (Master)] Consort Toybin grabbed him and carried him off the top of the tower

[barkeep #6 (Master)] but the mage did not get back up

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That's one way of doing things

[barkeep #6 (Master)] They left the Royal Estates after that

[barkeep #6 (Master)] and are living at the Queen's home now

[barkeep #6 (Master)] I have heard it is dangerous to go south

[barkeep #6 (Master)] I will be glad to tell everyone that Lord Indigo and Branwyn are back

Indigo (Lisa) smiles

Shurkural (TMO)] (no title for her?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Maybe some people will recognize us here

[Indigo (Lisa)] (oh no not here

[barkeep #6 (Master)] ( the 17th inning now we play as long as they do? )

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol)

Shurkural (TMO)] (lol)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Tempting, but it'll never end at this point)

[barkeep #6 (Master)] (we had a relief pitcher go 6 innings with 7 strike outs and leave the game with no decision)

[barkeep #6 (Master)] I am going to sleep behind the bar Lord Indigo

[barkeep #6 (Master)] you have the second floor all to your selves

[Indigo (Lisa)] You should come up with us. No need to sleep behind the bar.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Please

[barkeep #6 (Master)] I need to be here just in case

[barkeep #6 (Master)] Thank you Lord Indigo

[Indigo (Lisa)] Would you like me to keep watch with you?

[barkeep #6 (Master)] OH NO

[barkeep #6 (Master)] no you get your rest

[Indigo (Lisa)] All right. But wake us if you need us

[barkeep #6 (Master)] Just do not open any windows

[Indigo (Lisa)] We're home!

Indigo (Lisa) grins at Branwyn

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] As long as you don't harm any wolves carrying ribbons.

[Master] and you are all upstairs and can discuss in private

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles back at her old friend

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Discuss what? Too tired to think)

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] Shi?

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] are you wolves safe?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Yes?

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] maybe if they wore hats?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Hoffman and Hugh are keeping watch. They will help keep them safe.

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] so that people could tell them apart

[Marisu]]/Ara (TMO) wraps herself up tight in a cloak and curls up in a corner and sits watching everyone.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh! I did make them hats. I haven't put them on them yet. Just the ribbons.

[Kel (MarioCS)] absurd! you know wolves dont wear hats this late in theyear

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] They'll wear the hats I make them.

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] Earmuffs?

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) did you really make them hats?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] No no then they couldn't hear.

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] Didn't you do flowers once?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (E) Well...yes. I think Jennevive was joking when she suggested it, but...well,I liked the idea.

Kel (MarioCS) shakes head, rools eyes

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh no, those were the brownies. I pressed them, but they are not in a good shape to wear now.

[Kel (MarioCS)] now flowersm yes, they would do flowers

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] No, they tore them off that morning, remember?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] We will think of something. They're only holding on to the ribbons for now. I don't think they like those, either...

Ilero (TMO)] What plan from here? How long we stay, where go next?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I don't know, but I believe the next full moon is in two days.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] So...somewhere safe to hole up by then?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I think we should get to Jistille as fast as we can.

Ilero (TMO)] Is t'at were he say Queen is now?

[Master] 4 days by skiff to the last of the navigatble water

Ilero (TMO)] After she leave Royal Estates?

[Master] then overland 36 more miles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes

[Master] so 7 days or so of travel left

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And four days for second full moon if I remember right)

Ilero (TMO)] (we need another cloud giant)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Agreed)

Ilero (TMO)] (/me whistles one up)

[Master] Skiffs move at 12 miles per day the cloud giant only 15 miles per day

[Master] just no encounters

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Yeah but no encounters)

Ilero (TMO)] (but FLYING!)

[Master] hah

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Exactly - the encoutners thing, not the flying)

Ilero (TMO)] (FLYING!)

[Carissa] Think flying terrified half the crew

Ilero (TMO)] (you weren't here for one of Ilero's fond memories. Flight spell cast on him)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That tourist barge certainly got its money's worth

[Carissa] He should bug Miranda to cast fly on him again.

[Carissa] Anyways, sorry guys. Still need to pack for flight tomorrow. Have a good night!

[Master] have a great night

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Safe travels!

[Master] we can call it here

[Kel (MarioCS)] TMO, the old Ilero flip-top head is no longer!

Ilero (TMO)] (night)

Carissa has left the game on Sat Mar 31 00:28:50 EDT 2018

[Master] and pick up in the morning

[TMO] we shall call that one Pezhead

[Kel (MarioCS)] Bye all!

[Kel (MarioCS)] rofl!!

[Lisa] Goodnight

[TMO] g'nite!

MarioCS has left the game on Sat Mar 31 00:29:21 EDT 2018

[Lisa] Good luck with the game

[Lisa] no sleep for bob

[Master] thanks

[TMO] heh

Lisa has left the game on Sat Mar 31 00:29:40 EDT 2018

[TMO] If you're going to be up, any way you know of to set up the pummeling chart in Klooge so it's just a single roll?

[Master] no

[Master] and we just wone

[TMO] oh well

[Master] won


[Master] but John might

[Master] he did some charts

[Master] I will add XP and shut down

[TMO] well, there is also the +1/-1 modification that makes it more difficult

[Master] and when I have a clear head with think

[TMO] alright! g'nite sir! thanks for the game!

TMO has left the game on Sat Mar 31 00:31:25 EDT 2018

[Master] Pending XP award: 150.

[Master] Pending XP award: 250.

[Master] Pending XP award: 150.

[Master] Pending XP award: 150.

[Master] Pending XP award: 150.

[Master] Pending XP award: 250.

[Master] Pending XP award: 100.

[Master] Pending XP award: 250.

[Master] Pending XP award: 200.

[Master] Pending XP award: 150.

[Master] Pending XP award: 250.

[Master] Pending XP award: 150.

[Master] Pending XP award: 250.

[Master] Pending XP award: 250.

[Master] Pending XP award: 250.

[Master] Pending XP award: 150.

[Master] Pending XP award: 150.

[Master] Pending XP award: 300.

[Master] [Miranda Paige]] XP award: 150. Next level in 491.

[Master] Sarengar XP award: 300. Next level in 52558.

[Master] [QuiFon Ruminell]] XP award: 150. Next level in 24030.

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos XP award: 150. Next level in 17847.

[Master] Howard Plum XP award: 150. Next level in 410.

[Master] [Hoffman]] XP award: 300. Next level in 88270.

[Master] Neith of Inholt XP award: 150. Next level in 5389.

[Master] Hugh D'Ambray XP award: 300. Next level in 48364.

[Master] [Marisu]]/Ara XP award: 150. Next level in 5226.

[Master] [Shurkural]] XP award: 150. Next level in 7471.

[Master] [Ilero]] XP award: 300. Next level in 196167.

[Master] Snezana XP award: 150. Level-up!

[Master] Kenna Westfoot XP award: 300. Next level in 41915.

[Master] Shi'Nynze XP award: 300. Next level in 5124.

[Master] Kel XP award: 300. Next level in 34304.

[Master] Indigo XP award: 150. Next level in 775.

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 300. Next level in 265525.

[Master] XP award: 150. Next level in 491.

[Master] XP award: 250. Next level in 52558.

[Master] XP award: 150. Next level in 24030.

[Master] XP award: 150. Next level in 17847.

[Master] XP award: 150. Next level in 410.

[Master] XP award: 250. Next level in 88270.

[Master] XP award: 100. Next level in 5389.

[Master] XP award: 250. Next level in 48364.

[Master] XP award: 200. Next level in 5226.

[Master] XP award: 150. Next level in 7471.

[Master] XP award: 250. Next level in 196167.

[Master] XP award: 150. Level-up!

[Master] XP award: 250. Next level in 41915.

[Master] XP award: 250. Next level in 5124.

[Master] XP award: 250. Next level in 34304.

[Master] XP award: 150. Next level in 775.

[Master] XP award: 150. Next level in 0.

[Master] XP award: 300. Next level in 265525.

XP awarded