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Chat Log - 2019 07 05 - Third Time is Tradition (Formatted)

[Master] ==== Gaming session has been running for and 49 seconds ====

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master (to GM only)] Ankheg #5 moved 23'06".

MarioHome has joined the game on Fri Jul 05 18:11:02 EDT 2019

MarioHome is receiving the map Base Map...

MarioHome has received the map Base Map.

[MarioHome (to GM only)] Character sheet for Rhibosi modified: Non-Weapon Proficiencies - DELETED: Herbalism, Priest; Wizard, null, 2, $kn, -2.

[MarioHome] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] I have not heard anything from anyone that they will not be here tonight, only that Carissa might be late

[Master] please read the summary if you were not here last week, and the post I made in Player Communication and that Lisa made in the out of character section for Third Time is Tradition

[Master] LOTS of Out of Character adn In charcter talking tonight

[Master] I am going to stay as quiet as I can so that the players shape the conversation

[Master] going to order food

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

Ryan has joined the game on Fri Jul 05 19:03:16 EDT 2019

Ryan is receiving the map Base Map...

Ryan has received the map Base Map.

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Jul 05 19:07:36 EDT 2019

Lisa is receiving the map Base Map...

[Ryan] Hello!

Lisa has received the map Base Map.

[Lisa] Hello Ryan and Bob and Mario :)

Carissa has joined the game on Fri Jul 05 19:10:09 EDT 2019

Carissa is receiving the map Base Map...

Carissa has received the map Base Map.

[Lisa] Hi Carissa!

[Ryan] Hello!

[Lisa] Excellent IC posts Carissa!! Loved them :)

[Carissa] Hi all and thanks! :)

[Carissa] Trying to get back into writing.

[Carissa] And still trying to translate that last response...

[Lisa] lol!

[Lisa] And you missed an eventful session last Friday Ryan

[Carissa] Very eventful

[Lisa] To put it mildly ...

[Ryan] I saw. I am sorry about that.

[Lisa] Yeah I would have been happier just seeing Pete

[Lisa] we don't go up against high level caster very often

[Lisa] good but brutal example of why I have Branwyn scared more of casters than dragons

[Ryan] I can understand that.

[Lisa] my ally list was me brainstorming every NPC group in the area that we know of that could be of some use

[MarioHome] I am back at the keyboard.

[MarioHome] Hello Hello!

[Lisa] but I know that BOB won't let us have them all :)

[Lisa] Hi Mario!

[MarioHome] i'll be in and out, packing for Michigan, leave early tomorrow

[Lisa] Work or vacation?

[Carissa] Hi Mario!

[MarioHome] wedding of Jo-Ann's bestest bud since grade school

[Ryan] As an additional ally, suppose Skarphedin could go home in disgrace, having gotten all of his friends killed, and beg the dwarf elders for help

[Carissa] Eh, if just Jenn and Red, it could be fun.

[Ryan] Oh, cool, Mario

[Ryan] Safe travels :)

[Carissa] Enjoy! Better to go there now than winter.

[MarioHome] thanks, kinda out of my control, and thats ok

[MarioHome] totally! supposed to be nice now

[Lisa] love cats - moved the fan and now the two of them are totally freaking out - house changes - eek!

SpringyDew has joined the game on Fri Jul 05 19:21:02 EDT 2019

SpringyDew is receiving the map Base Map...

SpringyDew has received the map Base Map.

[Ryan] Hello!

[Lisa] do you get to do anything in Michigan other than the wedding?

[SpringyDew] hi hi, sorry to be late

[Lisa] Hi Spring!

[Carissa] Haha, doesn't take much. Mine sulks just for lightly trimming nails :)

[Carissa] Hi Spring!

[Lisa] You are early

[MarioHome] Hi Spring

[SpringyDew] how am i early? did we end daylight saving already?

[MarioHome] well, there was no shadow, so...

[Carissa] Anytime before 7:30 is early

[SpringyDew] hahaha

[Carissa] Er, PM

[Ryan] You still had almost two hours, Spring :)

[SpringyDew] Lisa do your cats care about fireworks?

[Lisa] they aren't thrilled but only jump at the super loud ones

[SpringyDew] mine don't even notice. kind of got lucky.

[Lisa] they were more unhappy with the earthquake

[Ryan] My dog NOPEs everytime she hears one. We have been on a walk a few times, and heard people lighting off fireworks. Every time, she just stops moving, then runs back to the house.

[SpringyDew] my fellow tenants shot a bunch off right in the barnyard. took me a while to even notice

[Carissa] That's right! Any damage from that?

[SpringyDew] poor doggie!

[Carissa] The earthquake/aftershocks?

[Lisa] sorry for that Ryan :(

[SpringyDew] :-( earthquake

[Lisa] No damage and actually very little at the center

[Lisa] we got lucky it struck in the middle of nowhere

[Carissa] Oh good. And definitely. Hope that

[Carissa] *that's the end of it

[Lisa] There was a small town nearby but I didn't hear that they got major destruction

[Lisa] we've had 3 or 4 in various places in the last few days so I'm hoping with this big one we're done for a while

[Carissa] Fingers crossed!

[SpringyDew] test

[SpringyDew] oh good

[SpringyDew] also good it's only 83 in here

[SpringyDew] it's been in the 92-95 range this time of day lately

[SpringyDew] i have to rotate my house tomorrow so it gets less PM sun on a long wall

[Ryan] Almost like we live in a deser :/

[SpringyDew] ha!

[SpringyDew] with the rain last month, i was doubting

[Ryan] 'deser'..... ugh....

[Lisa] It's nice you can do that!

[SpringyDew] that is definitely a perk

[SpringyDew] so i was thinnking of something on the way home. does magical healing prevent scarring?

[Lisa] I believe so

[Lisa] otherwise we would all look like frankenstein monsters, wouldn't we? :D

[SpringyDew] well, depends. if most of our injuries are internal or not

TMO has joined the game on Fri Jul 05 19:34:38 EDT 2019

TMO is receiving the map Base Map...

[SpringyDew] but Snee survived a fireball that others didnt. i wondered if that would do some things to her Chraisma

TMO has received the map Base Map.

[SpringyDew] then again

[Master] Sorry guys phone with Nyrma will be back in as soon as I can

[SpringyDew] we face a lot of claw,claw, bite

[SpringyDew] okie

[Lisa] Hi TMO!

[SpringyDew] so our people would be really stripey at best

[MarioHome] hey TMO

[SpringyDew] hi TMO

[Ryan] Hello!

[TMO] Heya! And I generally behave as if magical healing greatly reduces scarring, if not preventing it completely.

[TMO] The two exceptions I can think of offhand for my characters are Ilero's death puncture in the neck, and a hit Shur took that did more than 50hp in a single hit.

[Carissa] I know repair injury is specific to more major damage like a broken bone, so I'd think most scarring is taken care of with regular healing?

[SpringyDew] all of those points make sense to me

TMO is receiving the map Dragon Fen farmlands...

TMO has received the map Dragon Fen farmlands.

[Ryan] My thought is that spells that speed up the healing process, like Fast Healing, would leave scars as it is just accelerating the normal healing process that would leave scars.

[TMO] makes sense, but we don't use that - we use Cure Wounds and the like.

[Ryan] Right, and so other spells that heal don't rely on the body's natural healing wouldn't necessarily leave scars.

[SpringyDew] sounds legit to me

[Ryan] *that heal and don't rely on...

[TMO] I am away from the keyboard.

[Carissa] So...what's the plan?

[Carissa] Also who did Mario make??

SpringyDew is receiving the map Dragon Fen farmlands...

SpringyDew has received the map Dragon Fen farmlands.

[SpringyDew] i think we were taking as much of the corpses as possible back with us to see what could be done

[Carissa] Was Loosend still a potential need?

[Lisa] yes

[Lisa] unless there is a super high level priest with the capability to resurrect we have to go to loosend

[Lisa] not all of us - anyone that wants to

[SpringyDew] i hate splitting the party

[Lisa] loosend is safe

[Lisa] would just need to be worried about pickpockets and city dangers

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Carissa] Possibly just a time jump. Jenn can't? Or we don't want her to?

[Lisa] miranda is there now

[Lisa] no she can't

[Carissa] Oh, I thought she brought Howard back.

[Lisa] raise dead

[Lisa] that's the cheap way to g

[Lisa] go

[Carissa] Ahhh got it

[Lisa] can't raise dead people with diseases or in pieces

[Lisa] they'll come back that way which kinda defeats the purpose :)

[SpringyDew] because that would be gross anyway

[Carissa] So not like Beetlejuice, got it.

[Lisa] lol

[Ryan] Well, does anyone have needle and thread?

[MarioHome] if we leave the Mist, Branwyn will be vulnerable

[Carissa] Or duct tape? Or scarf? It could be like that story of the lady with the scar.

[Carissa] *f

[Lisa] could reincarnate - but then tiberius' soul would show up a week later as some random person

[Carissa] Haha was just reading that. Not even a person. Chance of beaver, badger, ect... or at least the elf version.

[Ryan] Skarphedin: "Must have been a worse person than I thought to be reincarnated as a gnome, Tiberius."

[Lisa] I would be hoping for person

[Carissa] Badger, bear, centaur... that's kind of like a person!

[Carissa] Or wolverine. But guessing that's the animal, not xmen

[SpringyDew] ha

[Ryan] I wouldn't mind having an angry Canadian on the team


[MarioHome (to GM only)] Character sheet for Rhibosi modified:

[Ryan] Oh, cool. They fell off my radar and I didn't realize that they had done a new batch

[TMO] they're back as of a couple of months ago. 4 new ones so far.

[SpringyDew] i guessed it when some preview contained a professor x who looked to be like 12

[TMO] Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg; Freddy Kreuger vs Wolverine; Guy Fawkes vs Che Guevara, Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King;

[SpringyDew] snoopy vs garfield?

[SpringyDew] or would it have to be marmaduke?

[Master] OK, back sorry everyone

[Master] readng eveyrthing

[Lisa] oh mario just saw that

[Lisa] I am not worried about her being vulnerable

[TMO] but, if Tiberius is resurrected outside the Mist, what will his mother do?

[MarioHome] hope she gets him a scarf

[MarioHome] too soon?

[Lisa] send a thank you note?

[Lisa] tiberius gave a hint that his sister is running the kingdom now

[Lisa] branwyn does not know that

[TMO] but would they know it was resurrection, or just 'still alive and not in the Mist'?

[MarioHome] it would have been cool if Black Cloak would have said " There can be ONLY ONE!"

[Lisa] but mother problem could be solved

[Lisa] made me think he is getting messages without anyone knowing

[Master] OK

[Master] yes Reincarnate will work and yes I have a list of creatures to come back as that are playable

[Master] or you can have the full gambit

[TMO] oo, watching a video on who would be King if Washington had been made King? We're going through a potential line with monarchs named King Bushrod I; King Spotswood I, and King Bushrod II.

[Master] and yes you do need to talk about the dangers of leavin the Mist

[Master] not only vampires are looking for Branwyn

[TMO] are we ticking off time back to estate, or doing the trip?

[Lisa] I really want assurances that branwyn's husband will come back human - think she'll stick with resurrect

[Ryan] Even a ginger?

[Ryan] Even if he comes back as a ginger?

[MarioHome] lol

[MarioHome] i used to know a guy who could put shoe polish in that hai, get it real black

[Lisa] lol

[MarioHome] hair*

[TMO] so you're saying she couldn't still love him even if he came back as an orc?

[MarioHome] maybe they are both Shreks

[SpringyDew] I am away from the keyboard.

[Carissa] I feel like he wouldn't mind. Whole new adventure, right? But no more arm wrestling.

[Carissa] He'd probably always win.

[TMO] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lisa] yes yes but we have the children to think about

[Carissa] lol

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[TMO] y'know, we have a solution to that problem - Branwyn knows the Polymorph Other spel. She just does for Tiberius what she did for Ilero

[SpringyDew] I am back at the keyboard.

[SpringyDew] sorry phone

[Lisa] yes but we don't know anyone with reincarnate either and it would take branwyn months to learn

[Lisa] it is on her spell wishlist

[TMO] Ancien maybe has hidden taents?

[Master] I did hear TMO's question but was letting the group decide

[Carissa] Maybe. I thought of adding him to Lisa's ally list. He knows things. But you got to be able to understand him.

[Master] I am tryin gto be quiet and let the players mold what happens this is the first really big change and high level consequences

[TMO] I have stuff for Ilero if we do it, but it's not really that important and I woudn't be upset if it didn't happen. I just had to plan ahead instead of going off the cuff.

[Ryan] So, I know that previous situations had led to the decision being made that if someone is absent from a session, their main isn't going to be placed in combat or other situations that could get them killed. For Skarphedin, and any of my mains, I want to put it out there that if I am not there, feel free to use my mains.

[Ryan] If they die, then I will roll with it, but I don't want the group to suffer because we are down players.

[Ryan] And I have some responsibilities that mean that I might, at the drop of a hat, have to change my plans and cancel being in a session. Like I said, I don't want that to cause the group trouble.

[TMO] honestly, I'm not sure if that's a door that should be opened.

[Lisa] Thank you for saying that but for me I don't want the responsibility

[TMO] but that's up to Bob primarily, and group consensus secondarily

[Lisa] AND even if you were in the way it went down I'm not sure it would have worked much differently

[Lisa] skarp could have died by fireball too

[Ryan] Well, I at least wanted to put it out there. For me, a character dying is just part of their story, and starting up a new character is just as interesting and engaging as playing a character that I have been working with for a while :)

[Carissa] Yeah, not much of a change. The general rule is even with permission, no one but that person can play their PC. And probably for the best. We've worked around it in the past.

[Ryan] Alright, sorry. Didn't mean to open a can of worms.

[TMO] no worries

[Carissa] Nope you're good! Thanks for the thought/offer :)

[Lisa] Speaking for me, going through that whole night I didn't think if ryan was here it would have been different dramatically

[Lisa] casters still came through the back

[Carissa] Agreed. As you said, just another fireball victim.

[TMO] I did screw it up by not running. it just never occurred to me. Actually, what I should have done was put them up on the second floor.

[Lisa] and my casters antagonized instead of backing off

[Lisa] lots of things went wrong

[TMO] hard to say if that was wrong or right. Either way could have worked or been disastrous

[TMO] one thing I do know is that I will never play a fortune teller. :)

[Lisa] lol

[SpringyDew] I am away from the keyboard.

[SpringyDew] I am back at the keyboard.

[SpringyDew] sorry about that

[Carissa] I think, for me at least, I need reminders of our goal. I was all for clearing the place out... somehow....

[SpringyDew] a quick phone call turned into a planning meeting for the trip

[Lisa] and as players we are used to doing that rather than scouting missions

[Lisa] we go get things, take care of problems usually

[Carissa] Yup

[Lisa] we don't usually go look around

[Lisa] it was going against our natures :)

[TMO] :)

[Lisa] so ...

[TMO] a seer, a female seer!

[Lisa] In the Mist!!

[Lisa] Yes!

[SpringyDew] (ray, a drop of golen sun!)

[TMO] wanna go visit Thistle's gramma?

[Lisa] Did we ask the gnomes about the goblins or if they speak goblin?

[Carissa] I think Thistle can do seering things to a degree if needed

[Ryan] I first read that as drop of golem sun

[Lisa] lol

[Ryan] I'm like, someone made a sun into an AI? That's awesome

[Carissa] Anything can happen!

[Carissa] No we haven't gotten to gnomes yet

[SpringyDew] sun golem should totally be a thing

[Lisa] I agree

[Lisa] there's that

[Lisa] then you come home and queen and party should still be at the manor

[Lisa] so we can discuss the trip, be home, talk to those people

[Lisa] BOB - is Jistille on the way to Loosend?

[Lisa] and if Tiberius is dead can we put him in the room scroll for travelling?

[Lisa] for when he comes back

[Lisa] home will be a big thing I think - not only the manor but Ilero and Shur and the guild

[Lisa] if BOB ever comes back - do we want to do this in chunks instead of trying to plan the whole next few weeks at once?

[Carissa] Probably smarter

[Carissa] Step at a time

[Lisa] that's what I was thinking too

[Lisa] home has so many things to it

[Lisa] mario's character too

[Lisa] Shi coming back???

[Carissa] Confused, but yes.

[Lisa] good!

[Carissa] I mean, I can't retire her. I don't have enough XP for crossbreeding mage if I do ;)

[TMO] lol

[Lisa] crossbreeding?

[Ryan] Mage eugenics programs...?

[Carissa] The mage specialty that crossbreeds/magically mixes creatures. That one's stuck on me since BOB mentioned its existences however long ago.

[MarioHome] so officially, I have decided to relinquish control of Kel to BOB

[MarioHome] and Teb, too, i supppose

[Lisa] wow

[Carissa] Awww...

[MarioHome] my hopes are that he gets to go to Arvanaith whenre he belongs

[TMO] so the answer to the question "What kind of mind would create an Owlbear?" *points to Carissa*

[MarioHome] but i'm totally cool if BOB decides for Kel to watch Valoris Wood so Shi can be free to roam

[SpringyDew] hehehehe

[Carissa] Yes to TMO! But thinking Owlwolverine now...or Owlbadger.

[Carissa] I've got until whenever to decide that one.

[Ryan] OwlHoneyBadger, please?

[Carissa] That's the one!

[Carissa] So eventful night of: break news to Brawyn, new character/Kel may or may not stay, and you know, the group still returning in one piece.

[Ryan] If you use them to wipe Skull Church out of existence, Skarphedin will probably be a peersonal manservant to your family until he dies.

[Carissa] Sadly, that will be character whenever Shi dies, which, after all this, not hoping for soon.

[TMO] not a clue what I'd make after Ilero.

[Master] smiles

[Carissa] So...not druid from blackwater?

[Master] Jistilles is not on the way to Looseend but it is only a couple of hours out of th eway

[Master] yes you can put bodies in the scroll of shelter for safe keeping

[TMO] probably not from Blackwater. I'm not carrying the accent onto another character

[Lisa] so could combine the trips either coming or going

[Master] has anyone looked up how long someone can be dead before resurection?

[Lisa] also - wanted to bring the bones to Kenna for analysis

[Lisa] think its weeks per level of the priest

[Master] chuckles I know I was making sure the group knew what the new max time line would be

[Lisa] remember thinking I didn't have to worry - will look up

[Carissa] Looking now

[Master] and yes to Ryan being very gallant but no to other players playing PCs

[Master] henchmen if the player previously says yes

[Master] Followers if permitted

[Master] which does bring up the idea fo TMO an his followers in the guild

[Master] and who should play them,

[Master] how dangerous they should be

[Master] etc

[Lisa] 10 years/lvl of priest

[Lisa] I could put him in the closet for decades

[Master] so you can go a long time with a headless horseman

[Carissa] The creature can have been dead up tn 10 years per level of the casting priest. Thus, a 19th-level priest can resurrect the hones of a creature dead up to 190 years

[Master] the kids would remember what he looks like too

[Lisa] lol

[Carissa] Skeletons in the closet?

[Lisa] reincarnate has a 1 week window

[Lisa] raise dead is 1 day per priest level

[Lisa] so since spring is off to Thailand if we could take the bones and Ilero's book tonight that would be nice

[Lisa] or just make it something we do when we can

[TMO] ok

[Lisa] kenna has Anatomy nwp so I was thinking she could say what kinds of bones they were and maybe something about the blood? I don't know about that

[Carissa] Worth seeing

[Carissa] Or someone could be going to show her while others go bring Tiberius to Branwyn

[Master] I did not see yet wether you wanted to click off being in Dragon Fen or have an encounter

[Lisa] did we want to stop at gnomes on the way back?

[Lisa] see if they know anything now that we know what questions to ask now

[Carissa] Is that an option? Sounds like a trap... why do we want anther encounter unless it's a good one?

[SpringyDew] wouldn't we be too distressed? i think we would be

[TMO] it makes a bit of sense, but so does rushing home.

[SpringyDew] and kenna would definitely like to look at the bones

[Carissa] I'm fine with either or

[Lisa] I'm fine either way - gnome village isn't far

[Lisa] we can go back when things are calmer

[Lisa] this is more me sitting on this for a week thinking of the 5 directions info could come from etc

[Lisa] need to get my head more IC

[Master] 3.6 miles from Travlers way

[Master] so that is a click to the Manor house I am hearing

[Lisa] going to get a drink - will be back shortly

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] TMO how about your followers

[TMO] IC Ilero isn't much help, but we are pretty distressed, so we're probably going to want to head to safety first rather than stop and ask questions.

[TMO] what about them? They're dead, except Onald.

[Master] the idea of people playin gthem

[Master] how they should treat them

[TMO] oh! Yes, I'm fine with that

[Master] new guidelines?

[TMO] if someone wants to adopt one for a PC even, that's fine.

[TMO] Yes, my guild members are available for play even if I'm not here.

[TMO] if that's what you're asking

[Carissa] Well considering three under my care died... any thing different on how to play them?

[TMO] don't die?

[TMO] :)

[TMO] but at level 1 & 2, they're pretty flimsy.

[Carissa] lol

[TMO] at this point I'm not sick of making new ones.

[TMO] just a thought, I'm not sure what will happen to the Guild if Ilero should die, as he almost did. I suspect it would disband.

[Carissa] I thought he had a second in charge?

[TMO] yes, but they're here because of Ilero, not him.

[TMO] he's not an 11th level thief.

[Carissa] Welll...;et

[Carissa] *let's not find out yet?

[TMO] :)

[TMO] I'm with him until he dies, but I'm not sure how much longer that will be.

[Carissa] If they get a good thing going, a really sense of "community" I'd think they'd want to try to keep it together. That said, er, it s avery small one right now.

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[TMO] yup

Lisa is receiving the map Dragon Fen farmlands...

Lisa has received the map Dragon Fen farmlands.

[TMO] also, Carissa, easier to build a community that bonds if the individual parts of it don't keep dying. :P heehee

[SpringyDew] heh

[Carissa] Shhhh details...

[TMO] just teasing ;)

[SpringyDew] maybe they shouldn't go on adventures anymore until they get some points

[Ryan] brb

[TMO] no adventures, no points

[Ryan] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lisa] catch 22

[SpringyDew] maybe certain kinds

[SpringyDew] i dunno.

[SpringyDew] but your comment is definitely a "haha only serious" point

[TMO] but I did screw up by putting them by the door. Definitely should have been on the upper level. They could hide there and try to snipe with their miniscule to-hit chances.

[Lisa] they could have hid behind the branwyn statue

[Lisa] :)

[Carissa] Live and learn. Or, er, die and learn.

[SpringyDew] heh

[TMO] I was afraid it would come across like that Spring, but was hoping the heehee would nullify that. I'm not chuffed over the losses.

[TMO] but I gots to tease her over it anyways.

[Carissa] ;P

[TMO] I watch too many British YouTubers. 'chuffed' is brit-speak

[SpringyDew] heh

[SpringyDew] i tend to forget what exactly it means because in Canada it means the exact opposite of what it means in the UK

[SpringyDew] from context, it must be "pleased" in the UK

[SpringyDew] and therefore "displeased" in Canada

[TMO] well, I could be using it wrong. I understood it to mean 'I'm not upset over it'

[TMO] "I'm not chuffed" = "I'm not upset"

[Ryan] I am back at the keyboard.

[Ryan] I am away from the keyboard.

[Ryan] I am back at the keyboard.

[SpringyDew] oh, ok then chuffed = pleased in Canada

[SpringyDew] heh

[TMO] make up your mind!

[Ryan] :)

[SpringyDew] it's the opposite of whatever it is in the UK

[SpringyDew] i got the context wrong :-)


[TMO] just for fun

[TMO] he's good background music for me

[TMO] and he's got a bigger playlist than Jonathan Young. I've already heard of all of his multiple times.

[SpringyDew] well awright

[TMO] not a huge fan of screech, but it doesn't bother me, and I like his playing and videos

[SpringyDew] my bandwidth is teh suck

[TMO] so, what are we going to do? check off time, or start the trip home?

[TMO] or plan some more?

[Carissa] Start?

[TMO] my music choices are probably not an appropriate use of time

[Carissa] off time, I mean. If an option. No reason for gnomes now.

[Lisa] agree

[MarioHome] lets go gnome

[Lisa] :)

[Ryan] haha

[SpringyDew] i was gonna post as an example of what i've been listening to

[SpringyDew] but this is the first time i'm seeing the video and it's kind of ruining it for me

[TMO] getting a Hips Don't Lie vibe from the video

[TMO] not sure why

[SpringyDew] i haven't seen it, so beats me :-)

[TMO] been years since I have

[SpringyDew] i'm just pretty tired of hyper sexualized stereotypes

[MarioHome] I am away from the keyboard.

[SpringyDew] i bet the videos to all my zmba favorites are in the same vein too LOL

[SpringyDew] *zumba

[TMO] very possible. :)

[SpringyDew] man, you get every kind with zumba

[SpringyDew] lot of latin america, but some west african and middle eastern too

[Lisa] so are we gonna start?

[Lisa] we're 2.5 hrs in now

[SpringyDew] i agree about clicking off time

[SpringyDew] and not vissiting gnomes

[TMO] I think we're all scared to start. :)

[TMO] no one wants to be the one to break the news

[Carissa] Well I have no one to RP so... not me! :D

[TMO] I do have one question though - are the survivors healed before we get back, or arriving still walking wounded?

[TMO] you can have Onald

[TMO] Michael isn't here

[Carissa] No no, I don't want a short straw.

[TMO] and that will let me focus on Ilero

[Carissa] All right, but Onald can just be quietly there/

[TMO] your call. Or you can grab a different Guild who met us just outside the Estate and rode along?

[TMO] but still wouldn't have much to contribute other than presence

[Carissa] Nah, no point at the moment.

[Carissa] Main ones can break the news.

Ilero (TMO)] (Is Bob here to start us or answer my Q above? Or is he still afk?)

[MarioHome] I am back at the keyboard.

[SpringyDew] \_(?)_/

[Lisa] just rang the red phone on bob's computer

[Lisa] hopefully will be annoying enough for him to come back

Ilero (TMO)] (Lisa - it would *probably* be easier for you if Howard and Johan aren't the ones to deliiver the news. That way you don't have to carry the heavy RP load on both sides of the discussion)

[Lisa] thank you - I was hoping for that too

Ilero (TMO)] (but you're more than welcome to contribute as much as you want from them of course)

[SpringyDew] Snee should

[SpringyDew] she was right in the middle of it

[Lisa] I will - just hard to have a serious conversation with all the character changes etc

Ilero (TMO)] (yah)

Ilero (TMO)] (Ilero can bear the brunt of it if you want. I've been going over how to handle him if we ticked off the time so far)

Ilero (TMO)] (I do want to know if he's still walking wounded when we get there though, just so I know how he has to act)

Ilero (TMO)] (big difference between hale Ilero and crippled. ;) )

[SpringyDew] i forgot how long it took us to get there

[SpringyDew] two days?

Ilero (TMO)] (something like that)

[SpringyDew] and i think it's middle of the night right now, right?

Ilero (TMO)] (yes, we were looking for a campsite)

Ilero (TMO)] (but if we click off time we skip all that)

[SpringyDew] right, i'm thinking if we are clicking, then it's safe to blow all my spelsl on healing

[SpringyDew] *spells

[Lisa] sure

Ilero (TMO)] (I know Ilero isn't eligible for healing for a bit yet)

Ilero (TMO)] (but not sure how long)

[Lisa] and mara

[MarioHome] Mara doesnt need healing

[MarioHome] ;0P

[SpringyDew] can do healing

[SpringyDew] but yeah, being eligible for healing is another thing

[MarioHome] i think its safe to say we spent at least on enight in the wild, so Ilero should be healed up

[Lisa] called bob - he is not home

[SpringyDew] that is worrisome

[Lisa] he had to go on a battery run

Ilero (TMO)] (well then, shall we rp a bit of the trip to fill time?

[Lisa] he'll be back in a few

[SpringyDew] a song called "Hips Don't Lie" just came on the zumba channel

Ilero (TMO)] (or we can discuss music some more. :D)

[SpringyDew] so i guess it's not a movie then

Ilero (TMO)] (is it by Shakira?)

[MarioHome] I am back at the keyboard.

[SpringyDew] hahaha

[SpringyDew] yeah

Ilero (TMO)] (that's the song then)

[Carissa] Go for it

Ilero (TMO)] (campsite, or riding in the wagon?)

[Carissa] Riding...?

[Ryan] Do you have some sort of riding pony or riding dog for Skarphedin?

Ilero (TMO)] (I don't think so)

[Ryan] (Wagon, then?)

[Master] and ack

[Master] back

Ilero (TMO)] (we were just going to go on without you. :P )

[SpringyDew] hope everything is ok

[Master] very good

[Master] now it is

[Master] I di dnot mean to be that quiet

[Ryan] (I mean, logically, TMO, that is the correct choice.)

[Master] but when your wireless keyboard runs out of batteries

[SpringyDew] aha

[Master] I quick jumped to Walgreens

Ilero (TMO)] (lol)

[Master] back and fresh batteries

[MarioHome] I am back at the keyboard.

[Mara (MarioHome)] take the batteries from the remote

[Master] I have not even opened the wine yet tonght

[Master] DOH!!!!

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] LOL

[Master] ok

[Mara (MarioHome)] (said the ominous voice)

[Mara (MarioHome)] ( can you pls bring Mara back?)

[SpringyDew] yeah remotes are just battery storage capsules

[Ilero]] (TMO) stretches out in the back of the wagon, wincing as he pulls some of the burns. "Hye not suppose we gots any wine? Lots of wine?"

Ilero (TMO)] (or time warp - not sure why I just continued on with that now that Bob's back? brains are weird, yo)

[Master] ok so putting everyone at the Manor House

[Master (to GM only)] Mara moved 11'07".

[Master (to GM only)] Skarphedin moved 12'02".

[Master (to GM only)] [Hoffman]] moved 8'03".

[Master (to GM only)] Wu Sen Cho moved 12'04".

[Master] the only dead person I put there is TIberius

[Master] the rest are left behind?

TMO is receiving the map New Manor...

TMO has received the map New Manor.

SpringyDew is receiving the map New Manor...

Lisa is receiving the map New Manor...

SpringyDew has received the map New Manor.

Lisa has received the map New Manor.

Ilero (TMO)] (nothing left of the other two you said. not sure where Siffress' body wound up - I wasn't online that night)

Ryan is receiving the map New Manor...

Ryan has received the map New Manor.

[MarioHome] Tebhoundrin no longer follows Kel.

[Carissa] Tebhoundrin follows Kel.

[Master] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 8'09".

[Master] Rhibosi moved 12'00".

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] ( i would expect we bring back the more or less intact bodies

[Master] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 11'11".

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (not the ashes)

MarioHome is receiving the map New Manor...

MarioHome has received the map New Manor.

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (the ashes probably scattered on location)

Ilero (TMO)] (no bodies to reanimate at least)

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (small mercies)

[Carissa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (skarp looks paralyzed)

Ilero (TMO)] (there are two Skarps)

[Master] grins

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Someone poured water on me)

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (surely we didn't bring the phony one)

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Next thing, someone will be feeding me after midnight)

[Master] there we go

Ilero (TMO)] (I'm all out of rocks)

Snezana (SpringyDew) drags her sorry ass inside

Ilero (TMO)] (Bob - did healing happen on the trip home, or is Ilero still walking wounded?)

Ryan trudges inside, head down and not making eye-contact with anyone.

Ilero (TMO)] (for pure sympathy, him still being badly wounded might help the story. ;) )

[Ryan] (I can't talk to him)

[Ryan] (Talk as him)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we brought back the wrong skarp)

[Ryan] (Well, this will be interesting)

Ilero (TMO)] (will give Bran an excuse to fireball us)

[Ryan] (Somewhere back in Skull Church, Skarphedin calls out plaintively for his friends, sobbing quietly into his beard.)

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (another excuse)

Ilero (TMO)] (lol)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Johan the Apprentice moved 12'05".

[Master] fixed Ryan

[Ryan] I am back at the keyboard.

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (you've been nuetered?)

[Master] grins

[Master] and Carissa when she returns has Shi there too

[Master] and Kel and Rhi

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Gotta keep that stray dwarf population down somehow, Spring)

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (ha!)

Snezana (SpringyDew) doing a poor job trying to keep her face brave

Skarphedin (Ryan) trudges inside, head down and refusing to make eye-contact with anyone.

[Mara (MarioHome)] Well, it's good to be home

Snezana (SpringyDew) goes straight to Branwyn

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] Skarphedin moved 21'09".

Branwyn (Lisa) talking to Jilly about plans for the Queen

[Ilero]] (TMO) limps in, looking around to see who else is in the room.

Snezana (SpringyDew) places her hand on Branwyn's arm

Snezana (SpringyDew) looks her straight in the eyes, face full of pain

Ilero (TMO)] (I'm assuming partially healed, since we wouldn't have wanted to burn all spells in a realistic trip home)

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles as she turns "Oh you are back!"

[Master] Kel's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 73 (3) - Unharmed

[Master] Tebhoundrin: No adjustments made.

[Master] Rhibosi: No adjustments made.

[Master] Shi'Nynze: No adjustments made.

[Master] Onaldkelrad Trueblood's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 26 (3) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] Howard Plum's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 18 (1) - Unharmed

[Master] Johan the Apprentice: No adjustments made.

[Master] Lord Tiberius's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -2 (3) - Dying

[Master] Snezana's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 27 (3) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] [Ilero]]'s Current Hit Points: adjusted to 4 (3) - Massively Wounded

[Master] Mara's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 32 (3) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] [Hoffman]]'s Current Hit Points: adjusted to 55 (3) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] Skarphedin's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 47 (3) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] Mercy: No adjustments made.

[Master] Asamo: No adjustments made.

[Master (to GM only)] Penelope: No adjustments made.

[Master] Indigo: No adjustments made.

[Master] [Shurkural]]: No adjustments made.

[Master] Thistle: No adjustments made.

[Master] Treble: No adjustments made.

[Master] Branwyn: No adjustments made.

[Master (to GM only)] Steward Nevin: No adjustments made.

[Master] Dahlia: No adjustments made.

[Master] Demitrius: No adjustments made.

[Master] Jilly: No adjustments made.

[Master] To get map of Manor 1st floor: No adjustments made.

[Master] Wu Sen Cho's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 18 (3) - Unharmed

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at Snee "What's wrong?"

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (the cupid shuffle is not the right soundrack for this)

[Ilero]] (TMO) moves to stand ahead of the rest of the group, but behind Snezana.

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] he's ... he's dead. he was killed

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Who's dead?

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] many were killed, but your man is dead

Branwyn (Lisa) looks around

[Master (to MarioHome only)] Kel is there too

Skarphedin (Ryan) groans in dismay, covering ihs face with his hands.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] My ...

Snezana (SpringyDew) completely loses composure

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Tiberius! Where is he?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Where is he?

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] we brought his body back, it's just out there

[MarioHome] I am back at the keyboard.

Ilero (TMO)] Hit went bad. We set ambush for one person to ask questions. T'ree and hellhound came from ot'er direction.

[Kel (MarioHome)] no, it can't be

Branwyn (Lisa) pushes past her and runs to the entrance

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 19'05".

Kel (MarioHome) shakes his head

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at the body and gasps

[Ilero]] (TMO) snarls and turns to follow Branwyn.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No no no no no no

[Branwyn (Lisa)] My love! NO!

Branwyn (Lisa) knees buckle and she crumples to the floor

[Ilero]] (TMO) stands beside her and leans against the wagon and waits.

Branwyn (Lisa) sobs "No! Tiberius ...."

Snezana (SpringyDew) kneels where Branwyn left her, head bowed

Ilero (TMO)] (Carissa can do Shur if she wants to, I suppose.)

Snezana (SpringyDew) sobs

[Master (to Carissa only)] Shi is there just coming back from Ancien

[Kel (MarioHome)] /whispers " so much pain here..."

[Master (to Carissa only)] stumbling upon this

Ilero (TMO)] Hye very sorry, Bran. He hit us wit' Fireball, took out most of us wit' one shot. We wasn't ready for t'at.

Kel (MarioHome) head in hands

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I can't ... I can't see him like this. How?

[Carissa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Carissa (to Master only)] Thanks. Had to get my mom some wine. All good now!

Branwyn (Lisa) picks herself up and turns away so she doesn't have to see him like that

Skarphedin (Ryan) looks up briefly. "I'm so... very sorry..."

Ilero (TMO)] Whoever he is, he knows who you is. Called you a bitch. And somet'ing else, but not hear clearly what. Hye was almost gone too.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Jilly! The children! Keep them upstairs/. Do not bring them down

Jilly (Master) crying nodding

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) slows as she nears, quietly, "What happened...?"

Jilly (Master) runs up to the living quarters

[Master] Dahlia moved 40'01".

[Master] Demitrius moved 36'08".

[Ilero]] (TMO) turns back and hollers after Jilly "WINE too! We needs lots of wine! Or somet'ing stronger."

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] a girl was killed by accident

[Master] Treble moved 10'05".

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] her father was powerful and quick

Branwyn (Lisa) walks back in the main hall

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] and vengeful

[Steward Nevin (Master)] /nm I will handle that Master Ilero

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs. "Well, not really accident. She attack us. But we not expect her or her hellhound."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 15'00".

Steward Nevin (Master) leaves

Ilero (TMO)] We go inside, sit down. No need crying outside where everyone watching.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] What are you talking about? Fireballs and hellhounds! That doesn't explain how my husband was ...

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Like that!

[Ilero]] (TMO) turns and starts limping inside.

Branwyn (Lisa) puts her face in her hands

[Master] Steward for the Tieran Guild moved 1'09".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Start at the beginning. I don't understand what you are saying

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (somebody with more of a heart should put an arm around her and walk her inside, i think)

[Steward for the Tieran Guild (Master)] Nevin, We have a group of adventurers to see

Steward for the Tieran Guild (Master) pauses at the totally devestated looks

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (snee knows somebody should, but she ain't made that way)

Steward Nevin (Master) brings back several pitchers of wine and a bottle with a wax seal under his arm

Snezana (SpringyDew) rises from her knees and follows Ilero wherever he is going to sit down

[Steward Nevin (Master)] two serving girls start passing out cups and filling them

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (imagine a very large dining table in there)

[Steward Nevin (Master)] Nevin takes a small gold chalice and the wax stoppered bottle to Branwyn

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) quietly slips inside after them

[Ilero]] (TMO) looks back and sees that Branwyn isn't following him, so he turns back and ushers her through with a hand on her ebow and over to a chair.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (er... a few lines earlier)

Steward Nevin (Master) looks and ushers out all the servants after wine is poured and pitchers refilled

Ilero (TMO)] (no, you don't want to know where an ebow is )

[Steward Nevin (Master)] Quietly, Master Indigo?

[Steward Nevin (Master)] I will be waiting

[Steward Nevin (Master)] for what ever

[Master] Steward for the Tieran Guild moved 39'09".

Steward Nevin (Master) drags the other steward out of the room

[Ilero]] (TMO) drops heavily into a chair, wincing again.

Indigo (Lisa) dumbstruck just nods

Indigo (Lisa) looks at Nevin after thinking "Sheets. He needs to be covered"

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] so, the Skull Church is there. infested with undeads. well provisioned and getting more so

[Steward Nevin (Master)] (and holy cow Windows wanted to restart just now, crazy night)

Steward Nevin (Master) nods

[Ilero]] (TMO) grabs his cup and drains the whole thing in one swift draught.

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] we spent a lot of time finding that out hand having our asses handed to us

[Steward Nevin (Master)] I will take care of it Master Indigo

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (*and)

[Ilero]] (TMO) holds out his cup for a refill.

[Master] Just the group now in the room

[Master] Nevin a quiet ghost on the edge

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] some people were doing repairs, we got word of someone who was making all these arrnagements

Branwyn (Lisa) wipes the tears from her face and pours herself and Ilero drinks

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] so we set an ambush

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] Skarphedin moved 10'08".

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] we didn't have a physical description of who we were waiting for

[Ilero]] (TMO) drains this cup of wine too.

[Master (to MarioHome only)] and yes I did check and set the alarm for 5 am for you will be there by 6

Branwyn (Lisa) listening to Snee

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] in walks this girl with a hellhound who sniffed out one of our people, and the fighting started

[Kel (MarioHome) (to Master only)] ours is set for 5 as well!

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] she could have been the one

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] your man slew her

Ilero (TMO)] Hif not'ing else, Tib knew how to swing t'at sword of his.

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] and in walks her father full of rage and fireballs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He killed a girl?

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] rather a grown one

Ilero (TMO)] She was mage.

Ilero (TMO)] And had hellhound. And didn't stop when hye said 'Please'.

[Kel (MarioHome)] (lol)

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] a lot of our people died

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] ilero was a breath away

Ilero (TMO)] Oh yes...

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] i was only half dead

[Ilero]] (TMO) sets down his cup and clumsily peels the gauntlet off his right hand and tosses it onto the table.

Ilero (TMO)] She also destroy t'at.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Your Hand?

[Ilero]] (TMO) nods. "So she not just some 'little girl'. She was very dangerous little girl. Hye not really to sorry, not many ot'er options in situation.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You didn't say that before

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] definitely a person of power and wrath

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs. "Hit just a t'ing. Tib slightly bit more important."

Ilero (TMO)] Besides, hye not even right handed.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Keep going. What foolish thing did Tiberius do? Did he attack this other mage?

[Snezana (SpringyDew) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Snezana modified:

Ilero (TMO)] Hye not too sure here. Next t'ing was big light and fire and burning.

[Snezana (SpringyDew) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Snezana modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] same

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] ilero and i were in the group that were on fire

Ilero (TMO)] And Tib and Michel and Guiote.

Ilero (TMO)] T'ey die immediately hye t'ink.

[Ilero]] (TMO) leans over and grabs the wine bottle and refills his cup.

Ilero (TMO)] "Cups too small..." he mutters to himself.

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] i stepped out of time as well

Branwyn (Lisa) slams her cup on the table

Snezana (SpringyDew) jumps

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And NO ONE can tell me why my husband has lost his head???

[Ilero]] (TMO) looks up, with one eyebrow raised.

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] i believe the girl's father did that

Skarphedin (Ryan) blinks in surpise.

Penelope (Master) wraps her arms around Indigo in a tight hug

Ilero (TMO)] Hye saw, hye t'ink, girl's fat'er, do it, while we was down.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (everyone chickens out?)

Howard Plum (Lisa) steps up

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (i frankly never read the notes, so i just have my confused memory)

Howard Plum (Lisa) walks over to her and then drops to his knees

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] It was my fault. It was all my fault.

Ilero (TMO)] He say somet'ing unkind bout you, t'en do it, t'en tell us to leave.

[Kel (MarioHome)] (cuz he was married to branwyn)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (someone has to tell her - guess it will be me to me)

Jilly (Master) sneaks halfway down the stairs to listen quietly

Ilero (TMO)] (not actually chickening out for me, but trying to do it from what Ilero would have actually seen)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Johan and I were casting on him after the fireball to keep him from casting

Ilero (TMO)] (a lot of it happened while he was practically dead)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (yes fine but all of yo0u kind of have to know that is the big question and everyone who was not dead at the time saw it)

[Ilero]] (TMO) nods. "Yes! Hye remember now! T'ey still fighting!"

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] But our spells weren't taking him down. There was no one but the two of us fighting him ...

[Wu Sen Cho (Master)] Howard is not to blame, Johan is not to blame,

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] The mage in the Black Cloak

Wu Sen Cho (Master) nods he is the one to blame

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] He told us to drop our weapons and to get on the floor or he would kill us all

Ilero (TMO)] He t'en do it and send us away

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (whoops, that's me then. )

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] I ... I ... didn't know what to do.

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (oh i remember dropping all the weapons)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] I dropped the khopesh ...

Ilero (TMO)] Tib wasn't conscious t'en hye t'ink. He not able to fight back or even move much.

Ilero (TMO)] So he not feel no pain.

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] But I didn't get on the ground. I thought he would kill us anyway ..

[Branwyn (Lisa)] LET HIM FINISH!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Go on Howard

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs and drains haf of his third cup.

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] He knew you. Like they said, he had called you a bitch. So he knew you and probably Tiberius.

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Johan cast again on him after I dropped the khopesh so ...

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] so that's when he picked it up and ...

Howard Plum (Lisa) drops his head in his hands

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Took his head.

Snezana (SpringyDew) gasps

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] i remember

[Ilero]] (TMO) motions for Shur to come over.

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] My weapon.

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] he said something like "give this to her"

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] I'm sorry so so sorry

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] He called you Branwyn the Lost

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Told us to leave and never come back

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Ilero was unconscious. Michel and Guiote dead

[Ilero]] (TMO) puts his arm around Shur's waist beside him and rests his hand on her rear.

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] I didn't know what to do

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks down at him and his burns with concern.

Snezana (SpringyDew) shaking her head to agree with howard

Branwyn (Lisa) sits crying silently

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Who is he? Did he proclaim who he was?

[Ilero]] (TMO) checks with the others to see if they heard anything he didn't.

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] i didn't hear him say

[Ilero]] (TMO) shakes his head in agreement.

[Wu Sen Cho (Master)] Howard has his ring

[Wu Sen Cho (Master)] Perhaps that can give a clue?

[Ilero]] (TMO) visibly thinks that connection over, then nods now that it makes sense.

Howard Plum (Lisa) looks down and covers his hand "I forgot"

Ilero (TMO)] Could be Pete's, hye suppose, but a bit rich for underling.

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] It's evil ... and magic

[Wu Sen Cho (Master)] Countess your people all strove valiantly

[Wu Sen Cho (Master)] many fell, were rescued and fell again

[Ilero]] (TMO) slouches back and takes another drink while absently running his hand up and down Shur's leg.

Branwyn (Lisa) looks up at Wu Sen "Yes"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I do not blame. But I had to know. Everything.

[Wu Sen Cho (Master)] There is more

[Wu Sen Cho (Master)] but that is for Mara to tell

[Wu Sen Cho (Master)] for Skarp to tell

Branwyn (Lisa) sinks back in her chair "More?"

[Wu Sen Cho (Master)] two days in the church and catecombs before the fateful meeting at the door

Branwyn (Lisa) pours another drink

[Ilero]] (TMO) raises his cup up. "When we scout, we really really scout!" He chuckles and finishes off his drinnk.

[Mara (MarioHome)] the church was clean, quite clean

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Skarp, did you find evidence of your comrades there?

[Mara (MarioHome)] repairs everywhere, as if they were preparing to use it again

Branwyn (Lisa) scowls at Ilero

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] Aye, I believe I did.

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] There was blood on the altar, and bones in their fires. I believe both belonged to my friends.

Skarphedin (Ryan) waves a hand helplessly.

[Mara (MarioHome)] and boxes, and crates, all items used to raise the dead!

[Mara (MarioHome)] i wouldnt touch tem, so filthy

[Mara (MarioHome)] and beneath, oh wow

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at Skarp with sympathy "I am sorry. I know we were looking for some hope. Are you sure?"

[Mara (MarioHome)] the satacombs, also clean, i may add, but filled with undead filth

[Ilero]] (TMO) reaches for the wine bottle to refill his cup.

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] Sure enough that I would not risk the lives of... any more of my friends to verify.

[Mara (MarioHome)] like ghouls and ghasts ( and other silent H bad guys)

Ilero (TMO)] (zhombies)

[Mara (MarioHome)] thank goodness for the power of Belinos, we repelled most of them, but they were so powerful

[Mara (MarioHome)] did we mention the goblin army?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You fought a goblin army?

[Mara (MarioHome)] no not fought, encountered, they were beating drums and making for war

[Master] (I have fought my way thorugh perils untold)

[Mara (MarioHome)] and a griffon nest perched on the roof

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The griffon that took Shi?

Mara (MarioHome) looks at Shi

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) listens slightly more carefully

[Mara (MarioHome)] oh hai Shi

[Mara (MarioHome)] it could have been

[Mara (MarioHome)] it took one of our horses

Ilero (TMO)] Didn't we kill t'at griffon?

[Mara (MarioHome)] but the one who took Shi was killed...

[Ilero]] (TMO) nods and takes another drinnk.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so the one that took mara escaped?)

[Mara (MarioHome)] this one looked to be trained to guard the church

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (to nest on the church roof, yes)

Ilero (TMO)] Gots to wear blue, t'ey said.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (or...assuming it's thesame)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So being there and seeing everything you have, what do you think this means when put together?

[Mara (MarioHome)] i think it means we are not welcomed

Ilero (TMO)] Needs a few more sacrifices, hye t'ink.

[Mara (MarioHome)] Skull Chirch is a place...of EVIL

Branwyn (Lisa) pours another drink

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] It doesn't make a lot of sense really

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] The mage in the Black Cloak is powerful. I could tell.

[Ilero]] (TMO) is visibly trying to put a thought together.

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] But he is setting up the church like he is expecting a congregation

Ilero (TMO)] (Bob - does Ilero have a chance to figure out a Suomi religion thing on his own?)

[Master] only the very basics

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] The caverns to the goblin area were walled off like he wanted to keep them away but not drive them away entirely

[Master] from a layperson point of view

Ilero (TMO)] (would the cult of Kipytutto regard her as a traitor or 'Lost' for curing her plague?)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (ehhh - they've been adoring her for years after her cure)

[Master] Lisa has it

[Master] very doubtful

[Master] But very good insight

Ilero (TMO)] (okay, wasn't sure - I was trying to fit 'the Lost' into the scenario, and the plague was before his time with the group)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (I thought it was referring to tiberius - he won?)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (so she lost?)

Ilero (TMO)] (doesn't fit to me as a title)

Ilero (TMO)] (that would tend to be Branwyn the Loser)

Ilero (TMO)] (imho)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (we'll just have to ask him next time :) )

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Lost because she hasn't accepted Kiptutto as her goddess?)

Ilero (TMO)] (we have a few questions we can ask, eventually, after the initial torture)

Ilero (TMO)] (and the secondary torture)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (this was a mage not a priest)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (If we napalm, there won't be time for questions)

Ilero (TMO)] (and maybe even the tertiary torture)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Mages can't be religious?:) )

Ilero (TMO)] (but definitely before the quaternary torture)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (I don't know any except dual class miranda types)

Ilero (TMO)] (they can be religious without being spellcasting priests. I bet mages can even stand up and preach)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (lol - bob has never shown me one)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (that would be annoying - put that on your to do list bob)

[Master] HAH

Ilero (TMO)] (should that be my next PC then? ;) )

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (intriguing)

Ilero (TMO)] (Hail Belinos! *fireball*

[Master] Greeks have that in the church hierarchy

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] But as Mara said, there were supplies to raise an inordinate amount of undead

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] So Black Cloak, as I am calling him since he did not tell us who he was, must be working with some priests

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Take that ring off Howard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Give it to me.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Never put on an evil item!

[Ilero]] (TMO) takes another drink.

Howard Plum (Lisa) takes it off and hands it to her

Skarphedin (Ryan) squints and takes a closer look.

Ilero (TMO)] (just checking before I RP something - we got a dagger from there too, right?)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] I forgot I was wearing it

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (yes)

Branwyn (Lisa) turns it around in her hand

[Ilero]] (TMO) sets his cup down and reaches down into the pack by his side and pulls out the dagger, but holds onto it while Branwyn looks over the ring.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Oh forgot the dagger)

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at the room "Obviously we had no idea the situation at the Church was so serious."

Ilero (TMO)] (I actually don't remember finding it. lol. I was distracted rping Ilero I think.)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am sorry you had to find out this way and without me there.

Snezana (SpringyDew) blows nose into a handkerchief

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You are used to having me on your side and not against you. This Black Cloak sounds like he may be somewhat of a match for me.

[Ilero]] (TMO) slides the dagger across the tabletop to Branwyn. "Know you like t'ese. Not from His collection hye t'ink. Was down in t'e," he jerks his head slightly, as if trying to pop his neck, " in t'e crypts."

Branwyn (Lisa) shakes her head "No, I have enough daggers. It is magic? Someone who doesn't have a magic weapon should take it."

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs. "Not a clue what it does."

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] It is magic.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We shall have to think on how best to deal with this. But I cannot do it today.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I ... I need my husband.

[Ilero]] (TMO) leans forward and slides the wine bottle toward her. "Today for remembering."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The children are so very young. They will forget him.

[Ilero]] (TMO) chuckles.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I need him. I can't do all of this without him.

Branwyn (Lisa) chokes back another sob

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Nevin!

Ilero (TMO)] No one in t'eir right mind ever forget t'at man after t'ey meet him just once.

[Master] Steward Nevin moved 1'08".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Please get Indigo, Howard and Indigo and together please ...

[Steward Nevin (Master)] yes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Please prepare Tiberius ...

Steward Nevin (Master) nods

[Branwyn (Lisa)] the body for travel. I'm going to Loosend

Steward Nevin (Master) looks at Kenna

[Steward Nevin (Master)] We shoudl move him to

Steward Nevin (Master) looks back at Branwyn

[Steward Nevin (Master)] I you are you certain?

[Kel (MarioHome)] please. let me have the honor

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes! I need him back

Kel (MarioHome) moves to lift Tiberius

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] (oh is kenna there?! she wasn't earlier)

[Kel (MarioHome)] He was my friend

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And if I have to make a deal with the Archbishop himself I will do it!

Kel (MarioHome) sobs quietly

[Ilero]] (TMO) swirls the wine in his cup and watches the ripples.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you Kel. He loved you very much

[Kel (MarioHome)] as I did him

[Master (to TMO only)] Ilero would remember there was a greek priest previosly in skull church,

Kel (MarioHome) manages a weak smile

[Kel (MarioHome)] i gave him gruff, and he returned it three-fold

Ilero (TMO) (to Master only)] Father Wilthorn?

Branwyn (Lisa) gives him a small smile

[Kel (MarioHome)] but no one more loyal to his family and friends

[Master (to TMO only)] no he is kayugan and in charge of Brawnyn's church in Jistille

[Ilero]] (TMO) grunts. "Anot'er t'ing to look into, hye suppose. T'ere used to be Greek priest in t'at church. Hye forgot until Bran mention Loosend."

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] He was a good man.

Howard Plum (Lisa) goes in the chests and carefully takes the wrapped up bones to Skarp

Skarphedin (Ryan) stiffens, staring at the bones

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] I took care of these for you. Maybe Miss Kenna can help you to be sure.

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] And we can give them proper rites.

[Ilero]] (TMO) reaches out and snags the dagger back and stows it back into the pack on the floor.

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] I.... thank you.

Skarphedin (Ryan) takes the bones, staring down at them.

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Your friends did not deserve to be left in that place.

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] i am sure she'll be interested in helping

[Skarphedin (Ryan)], no, they didn't.

[Kel (MarioHome)] Kenna Westfoot moved 1'04".

[SpringyDew] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (was she supposed to have been there the whole time?)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (do we RP her coming in?)

[Kel (MarioHome)] (i think she was, but she's soooo tiny)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (literally she was on another map, but i mean game-wise)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (i didn't RP her because i thought she wasn't there)

Shurkural (TMO)] (then just say she wasn't, until now if you want)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] helping do what?

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] identify some bones

Skarphedin (Ryan) quietly. "They didn't deserve to die the way that they did.... but they died all the same."

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] as much as possible

[Snezana (SpringyDew)] Skarp thinks they might be his missing friends

Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew) nodding

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] i can look into that

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] i am so sorry if so, Skarphjedrin

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] this has to be so hard for you

Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew) looking at Branwyn

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] but especially you

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] Jilly told me

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] on the stairs

Branwyn (Lisa) nods "Thank you Kenna"

[Shurkural]] (TMO) jumps slightly and looks surprised as Ilero gooses her

Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew) sits down

[Ilero]] (TMO) grimaces and raises his cup. "Might as well. To remembering t'e friends t'at have gone before us."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (earthquake - big one)

Ilero (TMO)] (you ok?)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] orly?!?!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (still going)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] :-O

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (all done)

Ilero (TMO)] (how sturdy is your table?)

[Master] no damage?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lots of rocking - no damage to me - have to give it a few mintutes to figure out where it was)

[Master] good

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (damn)

Ilero (TMO)] (get many in your area?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (haven't had any big ones like these in years and years)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (4.8 in Searles about 10 mins ago. Maybe another there?)

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (yeesh)

Ilero (TMO)] (I lived in SoCal for 11 years as a kid and only had 1 that I can remember. May have had small ones that I wouldn't remember though)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no this was 2 min ago)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (anyway - keep going)

Ilero (TMO)] (7.1 11 mi from Ridgecrest)

Ilero (TMO)] (@10:19 central)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that would be the one)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (all is well - just keep playing)

Ilero (TMO)] (apparently the third one today?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (first one I felt)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Still looking 6.9 Ridgecrest?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (today)

Ilero (TMO)] (the others were around 5.0-5.4)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (3:19 UTC)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Says 7-6 3:19 UTC)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)]

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Which is more or less now)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (For their actual page)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] it's now 27 after the hour

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (and less than 1 km depth; you'd definitely feel that)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Yep that's the one with aftershock nearby of 4.7)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] another fun one

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Be safe!)

[Master] OK

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Thanks - Ridgecrest is over 100 miles away so it's bad there but just rocks me)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Good because they're getting a series of noticable quakes right now...nerve wrecking)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but let's go back to kenna and skarp)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (i got the feeling the actual examining the bones thing would be later)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Yup)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (since we are all having A Moment right now)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Not an anatomy roll?)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (wouldn't we do that kind of thing back in the church?)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (feels a bit unprofessional, but sure, we can do that ...)

[Master] yes to Carissa and yes to Spring

[Master] back in the church Kenna would do that

[Master] or the hospital

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (kk)

Ilero (TMO)] (CSI DragonFen)

[Master] but you can make the roll now because you will not be in

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (well yeah, the hospital that's in the church)

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (I figured that we would put them on the table next to the ale because.... dwarves.... but a hospital works too)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (hahaha)

Ilero (TMO)] (Dwarves are weird)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (oh i can make the roll. sorry i missed that line)

[Master] grins

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] Kenna Westfoot: Anatomy check: (d20) [1d20=12] 12 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Master] and also for Mario not being here next week

[Master] anything from Mara?

[Kel (MarioHome)] (nothing to add)

Ilero (TMO)] (are we wrapping up?)

[Master] so next week Ryan, TMO, Lisa, Carissa will push things forward

[Master] it seems so TMO

[Kel (MarioHome)] (i'm out, gotta rise early)

[Kel (MarioHome)] (bye all, see ya in two weeks!)

Ilero (TMO)] (k - I'm not planning on continuing the Ilero personality thing onward from here, as an fyi)

Ilero (TMO)] (bye Mario!)

MarioHome has left the game on Fri Jul 05 23:39:16 EDT 2019

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (See ya!)

[Lisa] Have a great trip

[Lisa] oopss

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Bye!)

[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (bye!)

Ilero (TMO)] (it was never intended to be permanent. actually carried it forward longer than originally planned. :) He'll be back to normal next week, I figure)

[Master] there are things to post and wrap up

[Lisa] he was unconscious and so probably didn't feel it anyway?

[Lisa] the comforting words of Ilero

[Carissa] lol

[TMO] Actually, the comforting works of Aelan.


[TMO] *woirds

[TMO] *words

[TMO] *birds

[TMO] *turds

[Lisa] ok

[Lisa] ...

[SpringyDew] heh

[Carissa] not questioning it

[TMO] total soap opera device.

[TMO] not in any way a realistic reaction to stress.

[TMO] He was Seosur in the Church

[Lisa] and Ilero didn't share his troubles yet

[TMO] slightly less important. :)

[Lisa] not really

[Lisa] pain spread around hitting everyone

[TMO] well, as far as Aelan is concerned it is. There might have been some unflattering phrases slung around if it came up tonight.

[Lisa] it is ilero's to share

[Lisa] didn't think my characters would just blurt it out

[TMO] I almost did just blurt it out, but I was also trying to figure out at the same time what he actually knew.

[TMO] and doing it as a different character at the same time, so I was slow.

[TMO] sorry about that

[SpringyDew] sorry i fell down on the job and didn't read the chat

[Lisa] it's ok

[Lisa] I was taking it as branwyn knowing nothing - seeing missing head but hearing fireball and dog

[Lisa] wasn't connecting

[SpringyDew] course

[TMO] No, perfect reaction.

[TMO] snapping at Ilero was hilarious

[Lisa] :)

[Master] Time of Day: 10:27 AM. Day 23 Be ___ se, Kye {Late Winter} 23rd, 348 SKR.

[Lisa] wasn't blaming anyone - and was never planning on it - just had to know

[Lisa] hope it didn't come out like she was

[Lisa] if anything she was ready to blame tiberius for being an idiot getting himself killed

[Master] it did come out like Howard was going to take all the blame

[Master] which is why Wu spoke up

[Lisa] well he does blame himself

[Lisa] branwyn didn't - he does

[TMO] s'fine. I was trying not to monopolize rp again, but still showing bits here and there. If he had done nothing it'd be about the same thing as normal Ilero.

[Lisa] so queen is still at the house?

[Master] yes

[SpringyDew] alright i am out

[Lisa] ok - I'm going to call it a night and find Simba

[TMO] take care

[Master] good luck everyone

[SpringyDew] have a lovely night, hope there's no more quakes tonight

[Lisa] Have a fantastic Thailand trip!!

[Master] have a safe trip Spring

[Carissa] Have fun!

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (k, night all)

[TMO] have fun!

[SpringyDew] will do me best!

[Carissa] Night all!

SpringyDew has left the game on Fri Jul 05 23:52:12 EDT 2019

Lisa has left the game on Fri Jul 05 23:52:15 EDT 2019

Carissa has left the game on Fri Jul 05 23:52:16 EDT 2019

Ryan has left the game on Fri Jul 05 23:52:21 EDT 2019

[TMO] that was interesting, but not smething I want to do often.

[Master] yeap

[TMO] two nights of it actually might have been too much. *shrug* might've been better to have just been last week. :)

[Master] chuckles

[Master] next week fewer people so more opportunities

[Master] I am off I have to be up at 5

[TMO] ciao

TMO has left the game on Fri Jul 05 23:55:18 EDT 2019

XP not awarded