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Chat Log - 2020 06 26 - Third Time is Tradition (Formatted)

[Master] ==== Gaming session has been running for 3 days, 8 hours, 16 minutes and 20 seconds ====

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

Lara has joined the game on Fri Jun 26 17:30:42 EDT 2020

Lara is receiving the map Catacombs section 3...

Lara has received the map Catacombs section 3.

[Lara] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Hello

[Master] almost ready to go, we will wait for a few people to be in but that give you a chance to debate how to move forward

[Master] refilling wine and will be right back

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

Mike has joined the game on Fri Jun 26 18:39:40 EDT 2020

Mike is receiving the map Catacombs section 3...

Mike has received the map Catacombs section 3.

[Master] Hello there

[Lara] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lara] hi BOB!!

[Lara] hi Mike!!

[Master] How was your week Lara?

[Lara] thanks fo asking! it went really well; had a big win at work---anther new process is going well

[Master] cool what was your win?

[Lara] but my stupid roof isn't done yet! argh!

[Lara] i revamped the process for tuition reimbursement. the guidelines are the same. i held 5 one-hour webinars (one each day) introducing the new process

[Master] nice

[Master] are we storing anything yet for content on demand with the trainings like that?

[Lara] the participants love it and 17 have already completed their Declaration forms---YAY!

[Lara] great question. and a touchy one.

[Master] grins

[Master] ETS is not happy

[Mike] hey you two

[Lara] hi Mike!!

[Master] How are you doing Mike? when is the move out date?

[Lara] nooooooo they are NOT. lol.

[Master] and Lara if you know anyone who is looking for a place to rent

[Master] Mike has a room for rent

[Mike] on or before the 22nd. i'm hoping earlier. he was calling uhaul this afternoon when i got home

[Master] good

[Lara] Mike, you're local? I thought you were in another state.

[Lara] you're hoping earlier? lol doesn't sound it was a good fit

[Mike] so i gotta say i found a great show for dnd inspiration. This guy is using lidar to find ancient cities

[Mike] he suuuucks

[Lara] wait---is a roomate situation or you're renting out a house

[Mike] i'm local to bob in florida. so i guess it depends on your location

[Master] I follow the archeoloist who taught him that

[Lara] what show??

[Master] She has some great books

[Mike] cool.

[Master] she is the pinoneer in doing it from satelite too

[Lara] yes, i'm local to BOB as well. we both work for the same place.

[Master] Mike is in Deerfield

[Mike] the first two shows were just him finding new details of known sites, but the third episode had him discovering a whole new spot.

[Lara] ah! again, is this a roommate situation or a renting a house situation?

[Mike] i need a roommate

[Lara] ah...i'll keep my ears open

[Lara] what's the TV show?

[Lara] also, is Charles Witherbane Black Cloak?

[Master] the fourth

[Master] yes

[Lara] i dont have access to the ancestry thing so i am a little lost

[Mike] lost cities

[Master] Black Cloak is not on there

[Mike] fun to see the different city designs.

[Master] because I do not want to reveal too much about people until you have encountered them, or families etc.

[Master] so i have my own notes

Michael-14198 has joined the game on Fri Jun 26 18:55:32 EDT 2020

Michael-14198 is receiving the map Catacombs section 3...

Michael-14198 has received the map Catacombs section 3.

[Mike] i've already got a great dnd adventure idea from one. lol

[Lara] ah. i was reading the chat from 20190816.

[Master] yes

[Master] that is how long this trip to Skull Church has been going on

[Lara] @Mike---do tell!

[Master] and is it something for a Guest DM spot?

[Lara] @BOB i didn't get to read the whole thing but Old Man Miller talks about Charles Witherbane's dad and the Quelcons

Michael-14198 has left the game on Fri Jun 26 18:57:03 EDT 2020

[Master] nods to Lara

[Lara] FOUR Charles Witherbanes?

[Master] he comes from a long line of Witherbanes

Michael-14198 has joined the game on Fri Jun 26 18:57:34 EDT 2020

Michael-14198 is receiving the map Catacombs section 3...

Michael-14198 has received the map Catacombs section 3.

[Master] Just how many Hellos do you need to get Michael?

[Lara] laughs to BOB

[Mike] what if i guest dm? can't give away the things!

[Michael-14198] Sorry. No idea what is going on

[Michael-14198] Klooge is going even slower for me then normal and i'm on a deidcated network

[Michael-14198] Typing is a joke

[Master] and you expect things to be different because?

[Master] grins

[Michael-14198] LOL. No one is doing netflix, xbox, ps4, switch, streaming youtube, etc

[Michael-14198] Just me

[Mike] lol. the mandalorian behind the scenes is as long as the series itself

[Michael-14198] Might try diff computer

[Lara] hi Michael!!

[Master] when is the last time you updated Java ?

[Michael-14198] Oh and hi everyone. I apologize for my mishaps

[Master] HAH

[Michael-14198] The last time I updated Java, it wouldn't even let me connect

[Michael-14198] I'm afr4aid to do it again

[Master] ok

JohnA has joined the game on Fri Jun 26 19:00:49 EDT 2020

JohnA is receiving the map Catacombs section 3...

JohnA has received the map Catacombs section 3.

[Michael-14198] Bob, i love you so much, i reset a special computer just so I could play this game

[Michael-14198] lol

[Master] warm smile

[Master] and Hello John

[Master] was not sure you would be in

[Lara] laughs @ Michael

[Master] or if you would need a release

[Lara] hi John!!

[JohnA] hello all curent and futher players

[JohnA] Not much I can do about it now, lots of time to make adjustments

[Master] yes

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Jun 26 19:01:42 EDT 2020

Lisa is receiving the map Catacombs section 3...

Lisa has received the map Catacombs section 3.

[JohnA] it is a good excuse, hmmmm

[Michael-14198] Hi John, everything ok?

[JohnA] well not everything, that is a lot to ask for

[Michael-14198] Something I can helpw ith from a distance?

[Lara] frowns

[JohnA] just do your part to make the wolrd a better place, is that too much to ask?

[Master] smiles

[Michael-14198] Sometimes???...It's hard. LOL

[JohnA] I know

[Michael-14198] Someone screamed at me for being white while I cleaned up some medical waste the other day. Baffled the hell out of me

[Lara] sends good vibes to the Universe

[Michael-14198] lol

[Lara] oh jeez, Michael!

[Michael-14198] Anyhoo. What's up everyone. Are we ready to take down Black Cloak and end his eternal menace once and for all?

[Michael-14198] And perhaps go the way of Helms Deep and blow up this cesspool?

[Master] very doubtful that will help

[Lara] can we just get out of the damn catacombs?

[Mike] no. black lives, matter, dude.

[Michael-14198] What? I didn't say otherwise

[Master] tonight I hope you get all the way to the secret lair

[Master] and then next week we have the big showdown

[Michael-14198] Oh jeeze bob

[Michael-14198] We said that like, three times ago

[Michael-14198] :)

[Master] This is true

[Mike] we need to help black cloak find a job that pays him what he is worth.

[Master] I can always hope

[Master] LOL

[Lara] i guess i'm trying to figure out what we are supposed to do with Harry

[Master] LOL

[Master] right now yes

[Michael-14198] oh I get it sorry Mike

[Michael-14198] THat's on me for not getting the joke

[Mike] we cna't brutalize him as the law of the land like we are just because of the color of his cloak

[Michael-14198] Well, technically Lisa is the police in this

[JohnA] nice

Carissa has joined the game on Fri Jun 26 19:06:16 EDT 2020

Carissa is receiving the map Catacombs section 3...

Carissa has received the map Catacombs section 3.

[Lara] brb

[Lara] I am away from the keyboard.

[Mike] no whitesplaining the blame away! we are all at fault.

[Michael-14198] Sigh. The world just keeps getting worse and worse. At the rate of the fires, disease, locusts, i'm plannign on buying sheeps blood to paint over my door this december cause I'm the firstborn of my family.

Spring has joined the game on Fri Jun 26 19:07:37 EDT 2020

Spring is receiving the map Catacombs section 3...

Spring has received the map Catacombs section 3.

[Lisa] Hi Carissa and Spring! :)

[Spring] hi!

[Carissa] Hi all!

[JohnA] it is more like the cha cha, one step forward and two steps back

[Michael-14198] Hi Carissa and Spring!

[JohnA] hello and hello

[Michael-14198] that's the cha cha?

[Carissa] Lack of sleep again. If things go over my head this Friday, too, apologies.

[Michael-14198] Time to do a quick youtube

[JohnA] is it Friday?

[Master] Michael Carissa needs those sheep first

[Michael-14198] (And bob, TMO is late tonight yes?)

[Master] to count to sleep

[Lisa] yes

[Lisa] Taco night

[Master] Yes to TMO being late, not for another hour or two

[Carissa] Umm, well.... I don't normally deal with living ones. Are dead okay?

[Michael-14198] LOL. She can be sleepless on night so I don't get sacrificed.

[Michael-14198] *one

[JohnA] "taco tuesday, but on a Friday!"

[Michael-14198] Come on, we've got to be at the Seven Plagues of Egypt at this ponit

[Master] if Carissa likes counting dead sheep who I am to say otherwise

[Michael-14198] LOL!

[Carissa] TMO is having Taco Tuesday Friday. Am jealous.

[Carissa] lol

[Michael-14198] Quote of the night right there

[Master] Carissa already dealt with the Murder Hornets

[Michael-14198] Both bob and TMO's Taco night

[Michael-14198] Really?

[Carissa] Nah they haven't asked for help. Yet. But it's a possibility.

[JohnA] and thank you for that Carissa

[Spring] hehehe

[Michael-14198] Carissa, did you take a picture?

[Lara] I am back at the keyboard.

[JohnA] oh, that is why they are still a problem, I understand

[Michael-14198] Are they really invasive and killing the bees? I can't seem to find a good academic article to explain in simple terms

[Lara] hi Carissa!!

[Lara] hi Spring!!

[Lara] hi Lisa!!

TMO has joined the game on Fri Jun 26 19:11:00 EDT 2020

TMO is receiving the map Catacombs section 3...

[Lisa] Hi Lara! :)

TMO has received the map Catacombs section 3.

[Lisa] No tacos for TMO

[TMO] change in plans

[Master] WOW that was a fast two hours

[Lisa] Hi TMO!

[Michael-14198] Did Taco night end early?

[Carissa] Yes they're invasive. Yes this species can kill European Honey Bees (Japanese Honeybees have a good defense against them - cook them alive). No I'm not too worried about them. More concerned about other pests. These we have a chance at eradcating soon.

[TMO] grandpa had a headache

[JohnA] Taco Maker Overlord?

[Mike] the because science guy something hill has his own channel and talks about the murder hornets

[Michael-14198] (Thanks Carissa. Any danger to introducing Japanese Honeybees to America's? Also sorry for going off topic, i've really be trying to learn more about those little bastards)

[Carissa] Don't tacos cure headaches? Or is that hangovers?

[Michael-14198] Uh, both Carissa?

[Michael-14198] Also if you been doing the Mary Jane, or so i've been told

[TMO] not having loud grandkids underfoot doesn't exacerbate headaches. :)

[Michael-14198] You have grandkids? You aren' that old

[Master] LOL

[Carissa] (Absolutely. Trying to eradicate invasives with invasives doesn't help, and japaneses only kill out of defense - they don't actively hunt down the hornets BUT we have pheremones and traps that works and we're narrowing down where they are - we have good tools to use without introducing more things)

[Master] quote

[Lisa] his father has grandkids ....

[Michael-14198] lol

[TMO] oh, I'm definitely old enough for grandkids. just afaik I don't have any

[Master] we can check TMO's Ancestry to verify that

[Michael-14198] (Thanks Carissa. CUrious about them. I'll see if I can't dig up some more stuff)

[TMO] I'm 50

[Michael-14198] Bull

[Michael-14198] No way in hell you are 50

[Michael-14198] I saw you in person

[TMO] I was born less than 2 weeks before the moon landing

[Carissa] (Anytime! PPQ and Washington's Ag Department are the main ones going after them right now and might be a place to start)

[JohnA] still third oldest at best

[Lisa] you just didn't start having kids early enough

[Lara] proof that playing DnD keeps you young

[Michael-14198] You're like...36 tops

[TMO] I didn't get married until almost 32

[Michael-14198] ...

[TMO] in 2001

[Michael-14198] I'm not really sure how to respond

[JohnA] To Much Overtime?

[Michael-14198] You have got to be the best looking fifty year old I have literally ever seen

[Master] at one time at the table we had someone who was 16 playing and someone who was over 50 both playing at the same time

[Michael-14198] You look like you could punch through a brick wall

[Master] sigh

[Master] thanks a lot Michael

[Master] ;)

[TMO] I'm weak, but not quite that strong. I'm mostly just big

[Michael-14198] LOL

[Michael-14198] Sorry bob

[TMO] I'm *not* weak

[Spring] hehehe

[Michael-14198] Please don't kill my character tonight...

[Michael-14198] lol

[Master] BUT to refocus

[Master] LOL

[Lara] laughs

[JohnA] no promises

[Master] You ahve Harry

[TMO] the grey is starting to come more into my beard

[Master] standing there

[Michael-14198] (Ah yes. Good ole trap harry)

[Master] I will give you 14 mintues to debate what to do

[Lara] so, what are we doing about Harry?

[Michael-14198] (That's an odd number)_

[Carissa] I heard kill him....

[Michael-14198] (Nevermind)

[Mike] wait, are we talking bob's age? he's ancient.

[Lisa] there is still the thing on the ceiling in the next alcove past the slimes?

[Master] chuclkes

[JohnA] maybe take him upstars to talk to him in safty?

[Master] no to Lisa

[Spring] i'm over 50 as well

[Mike] he was the old guy when i first met him and that was 20 years ago

[Michael-14198] (I was falling aswleep hard last week. The slimes are gone right?)

[Master] no

[Master] there are 10 of them left

[Lara] there are more slimes, right?

[Michael-14198] (Then we gotta deal with them first)

[Lisa] for all intents and purposes yes

[Michael-14198] (Harry is low priority right now)

[Master] but they are all extra tiny

[Master] and hiding

[Michael-14198] Sigh

[Lara] wasn't Branwyn the only one who successfully killed them?

[Michael-14198] (Yes)

[Lisa] see any tiny slimes please announce their presence

[Michael-14198] (She burned them)

[Mike] btw bob, at this point i've known you longer than i haven't

[Master] nice Mike

[Michael-14198] (My concern, is that they can eat through armor and weapions. Bob, when they are this small, are we allowed to know how fast they will degrade our equipment?)

[Lara] i'm trying to picture BOB twenty years ago...weird

[JohnA] I can say the same thing, no big deal

[JohnA] Uncle Fotopoulos: Fire-building check: (d20) [1d20=14] 14 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Lisa] lol John

[Michael-14198] (Bob looks like the wise librarian i've always pictured in my head. When I first saw him at his house, my first thought was. "Wow! That's a smart librarian looking dude|"

[Lisa] can we agree that it would be nice for Talwin to give Hoffman the super healing potion?

[Michael-14198] Yes

[Spring] i agree

[Michael-14198] (Let me get into Character and i'll pass it over)

[Lara] so when Branwyns burned them, there was no residual poison smoke?

[Master] LOL at John

[Mike] slimes should be dealt with at a distance. going toe to toe with them was totally the wrong move

[Lara] (ands yes, i mean poisonous, note venomous)

[Master] Nice Michael

[Mike] they are easily outrun and stupid. just walk backward and shoot arrows or magic

[Lisa] Foto was the burner and no smoke issues

[Lisa] fire came and went

[Lara] got it

[Michael-14198] I am back at the keyboard.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] wow. took too long to find my character. one sec

[Master] all still Oout of Character Michael

[Master] then into Character to deal with im

[Master] him

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Ah, sorry.)

[TMO (to Michael-14198 only)] and.... Thanks for the compliments! When I was younger, I usually looked older than I was. Now I've reversed. :) But the grey is starting to creep in more. It was there in Florida, just not obvious unless you were really close. You can see it now)

[Master] at 730

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Just worried about hoffman)

[JohnA] I was thinking my one spell might still be going but I am sure not long enough to find ten

[TMO] (The Hoff can heal by jogging up and down the beach)

[Lisa] I normally agree Mike but is hard when they totally block the narrow passage we have to go through

[Talwin (Michael-14198) (to TMO only)] dude, you could have really told me 35 and I would have bought it. You should be proud haha)

[Lara] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lara] are the puddings still all on the ceilings in crevices?

[Lisa] yes

[Lara] or did they fall to the floor?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (So. What should we do about good ole harry. We can rush up to him, but there might be traps, goulds, and other nasties.)

[JohnA] well if we are talking Hoffman, I heard he was most naked but I never heard anything about losing his axes?

[Lisa] they went slinking away

[Master] He did not use his axes on the pudding

[Lisa] no Harry needs to come to us

[Spring] i remember his axes took damage

[Master] just the club

[Lara] since the puddings are smaller, do they have a shorter reach?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Then, is he bound in any way?)

[Spring] oh, i am thinking of something else

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Or is he just kind of hanging out over there)

[Lisa] he lost a point on his club

[Master] yes to Lisa

[JohnA] ok, so Hoffman won't be useless, just easier to hit

[Lisa] yes Lara they are tiny little splotches now

[Master] harry is walking slowly towards you from where he was up on top of the closed coffin

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Also, kind of worried about the puddings coming back to gether now)

[JohnA] that make it worth healing him sooner than later

[Lara] also, does it matter that the ghouls aren't dead yet?

[Lara] they are still dying...

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (So, while he approaches, should we all cast obs on him to see how sketchy he looks?)

[Lara] yes to Talwin/Michael

[Lisa] oh Tiberius will take care of that when he walks by

[JohnA] that only matters if the creature regenerates

[Spring] usually dying things are no longer a threat

[JohnA] @Lara

[Master] When we pick up that is only 1 minute after the puddings scurried away

[Lisa] anything in the red/blue icon stage are unconscious

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Thanks bob)

[Lisa] they can't hurt us

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (That helps)

[Lara] To John: thanks

[Master] When they all disapeared Harry said Thank you and asked who you were

[Master] and we stopped

[JohnA] ::fade to black::

[Master] 5 minutes

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Well, so far, Guilty until proven innocent...amirite?)

[Lisa] cue Thistle - We're asking the questions here!

[Carissa] Exactly!

[Lara] um. lest i remind you that Emerald got socked?

[Carissa] She'll be happy to question anyone you want.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (So I suggest we all cast obs, treat suspciciously, and see how good his story is. If it sucks, we gut him)

[Lisa] He needs to come here so we aren't yelling at him

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Yeah, but she was literally being dragged into a fiery death. I think this is a bit different considering the evil creatures just left this dude alone)

[Master] he is 30 feet away

[Carissa] Toss a rock at him to knock him out.

[Lara] (@michael true)

[Lisa] yes and how far are the people at the end of the line?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Don't let spring do it. She threw an axe and hit Talwin in the head. lol)

[Lisa] Emerald is 55 vft away

[JohnA] and before we use potion, if we are going into talk talk mode, Foto can heal at the same time

[Carissa] So she's good at head shots! Just... don't be in her way!

[Lisa] don't you want to see how much the potion does before you burn spells?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (So, because we have three min. All cast obs, Talwin gives Hoff Potion, who will take point with this dude?)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (We go from there)

[Carissa] (All who have obs, you mean :) )

[Spring] hehehe

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Sorry. Yes)

[Lara] Emerald has obs but is far away. move up?

[JohnA] debating burn spells - burn potion, we get more spells

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (if she has time, sure)

[Spring] i nominate lanek

[Spring] he's the expendable one eh? and has obs

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (use the potion. this isn't Skyrim where you hoard inventory :) )

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[JohnA] smiles

[Carissa] (You're right. I hoard inventory in ALL games)

[JohnA] you mean not Fallout 4

[Carissa] (No discrimination)

[Spring] snee is expendable as well but actually has a motive for being hre

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Hoffman is massively wounded - might as well be walking wounded)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] lol

[Mike] no, in skyrim you get potions by the dozen. here you get them rarely

[Lara] one minute

[Carissa] (And you can't alchemy a billion in two seconds)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] So, one min. Who is taking poin?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (You can in Morrowind)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (do you want Brer to do it?

[Master] 1

[JohnA] but Emerald can't make potions with her spell? or can?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I want Harry's reaction to Branwyn - will likely tell us who he is)

[Carissa] (Someone magic resistent is probably a good start)

[JohnA] Yes to TMO

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (If you're up for it sure. Otherwsie wait until Talwin gives potion and can speak)

[Spring] lanek and a paladin?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no evil oozed out of him)

[Lara] no, no potions if potions are magical

[Carissa] (Branwyn, someone able to pull her away if needed, whoever else)

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Thank you again

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Who are you?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 8'04".

[Master] Harry in cloak moved 7'04".

[Master] Harry in cloak moved 9'11".

[Emerald (Lara)] Emerald moved 11'11".

Branwyn (Lisa) steps over the ghouls

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] excuse me

Harry in cloak (Master) holding his silver basket in front of hi

[Harry in cloak (Master)] him

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] Uncle Fotopoulos moved 2'04".

[Talwin (Michael-14198) (to Mike only)] You do have a point :) I just keep seeing random potions that have been on Lisa's party pack page for like 4 years now. LOL)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Do you recognize me?

Brer Necholas (TMO) follows close behind Branwyn

[Harry in cloak (Master)] No

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] [Hoffman]] moved 7'04".

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] Uncle Fotopoulos moved 2'10".

Thistle (Carissa) sneaking closer to the front

[Harry in cloak (Master)] am I supposed to?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 1'05".

[Thistle (Carissa)] Thistle moved 4'00".

Brer Necholas (TMO) holds his shield ready to put it in front of her

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (if burnt pudding is gone can you de-map them?)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Wow. Someone who DIESN"T know Bran. The world is surely ending)

[Master] Black Pudding #2 moved 29'10".

[Master] Black Pudding moved 14'08".

[Thistle (Carissa)] (by looks atl east)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no this is good)

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Are you bringing dinner?

[Harry in cloak (Master)] I have been stuck here for ever

[Branwyn (Lisa)] What is in your hands?

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (that is what we forgot)

[Harry in cloak (Master)] the dinner basket

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Who are you?

[Harry in cloak (Master)] How did you get here without the basket?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We killed everything in the corridor

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (...)

[Emerald (Lara)] Emerald moved 5'02".

Harry in cloak (Master) blinks

[Harry in cloak (Master)] What?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Come here Harry

[Harry in cloak (Master)] How?

Talwin (Michael-14198) Passes Hoffman a Healing Potion.

[Master] Harry in cloak moved 5'06".

Brer Necholas (TMO) tries to step between Bran and Harry

[Emerald (Lara)] wonders if Harry was a prisoner too

[Branwyn (Lisa)] What is in the Master's chamber?

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) wearyly Thank you

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "Here. Drink this. You've seen better days my friend. Stop playing such a damn fine hero)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 3'02".

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas moved 9'07".

Branwyn (Lisa) moves so not block the corridor

Hoffman (JohnA)] i will try

[Harry in cloak (Master)]

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You feed him. What is at the bottom of the stairs?

[Thistle (Carissa)] (best song)

[Harry in cloak (Master)] I do not know what is in the chamber

[Harry in cloak (Master)] we bring breakfast and dinner to the door

[Harry in cloak (Master)] we knock

[Thistle (Carissa)] (oh! and this one was for you Emerald before I forget again:

[Harry in cloak (Master)] he opens and brings it inside

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] What do you feed it?

[Harry in cloak (Master)] then he gives us the basket back

[Harry in cloak (Master)] and we can get through the guardians back upstairs

Hoffman (JohnA)] (We?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Is there a special knock?

[Harry in cloak (Master)] no

[Harry in cloak (Master)] I just say, I am here with Dinner

[Harry in cloak (Master)] and he comes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We will take the basket from you now

[Harry in cloak (Master)] sometimes he takes a bit

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And you may go

[Harry in cloak (Master)] NO

[Harry in cloak (Master)] I needd it

[Mike] I am back at the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No you do not

[Harry in cloak (Master)] I need it to get past the guardians

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I told you

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Who are you

[Emerald (Lara) (to Carissa only)] (nice one!)

Harry in cloak (Master) holding it back now

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Did I hear dinner?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We have killed everything in these catacombs leading to the church

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Who are all you people you do not look like the people working on the church

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Hopefully.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Your path is safe

[Thistle (Carissa)] Dinner? I'm hungry. What's for dinner?

[Harry in cloak (Master)] OH Cathedral I am sorry

[Thistle (Carissa)] Isn't it a shrine?

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Pete gets made calling it a church

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Wow. Got big plans for expansion if they are turning it into a Cathedral)

[Harry in cloak (Master)] and

[Harry in cloak (Master)] but I do not know you so I cannot believe you that there are no guardians to get past

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Harry, would you do me a simple favor?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (We could just kill you.)

[Thistle (Carissa)] Umm, what if we're the guardians?

[Thistle (Carissa)] (not that she can probably be heard)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo moved 8'06".

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (And, if this is the case. Why on god's green earth was he hollarign for a rescue so damn bad? )

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Somethings off here)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (I think I know what's going on, but not certain)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (The silver platter, may have stayed the ghouls. Take it and we got a way in?)

Harry in cloak (Master) hesitating

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he's just a church goon - his basket is like a blue shirt for the griffin)

[Harry in cloak (Master)] I think I need to be worried now

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Yes, but something kept the ghouls from attackig him. Maybe it was the magic dinner basket?)

[Master] Harry in cloak moved 5'00".

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (So can we tackle him now?)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] If you're innocent, you're safe with us.

[Thistle (Carissa)] (I thought that kept the ghouls away, but the pudding kept him on the coffin)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (He's going to make a run for it)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If you run to him I will use my magic to return you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] to me

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And it will hurt

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Do not run

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We are setting you free

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (That was to Harry right?)

[Thistle (Carissa)] Grandma once told me she was gonna swat my behind if I kept running away from her, so I just ran faster...

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Pete will be waiting for you outside the church this evening

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (LOL Did it ever work?)

Harry in cloak (Master) swallows hard

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We have spoken to Pete

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] I promise, if you're innocent, I will protect you.

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Persuasion check: (d20) [1d20=15] 15 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 19!!

[Thistle (Carissa)] (Eh, you know how it goes)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If you look at the church alcoves you will see my statue there

[Thistle (Carissa) (to GM only)] Thistle: Fortune Telling check: (d20) [1d20=10] 10 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 13!!

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Yeah, but it's all busted up)

Harry in cloak (Master) stares closer at Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I belong here Harry. You do not

Harry in cloak (Master) eyes grow large

Harry in cloak (Master) falls to his knees

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There we go

Harry in cloak (Master) praying

Talwin (Michael-14198) Rolls eyes

[Thistle (Carissa)] These religious types....

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Please grant me safety

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Please give me the strength to live and endure like you have Lady

Talwin (Michael-14198) Shares a smile with Thistle, and nods

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Please let me see the blessings

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You will. Leave the basket and run to the church

Brer Necholas (TMO) kneels in front of Harry. "May I pray with you?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You will be safe

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "I ran and never stopped. That's how I ended up here. But I wasn't spanked."

Branwyn (Lisa) waits

Talwin (Michael-14198) Whispers loudly so Bran can hear "Hey Lady Bran, do you want us to offer supplication too?"

Harry in cloak (Master) nods slowly

Talwin (Michael-14198) Sniggers

[Thistle (Carissa)] Well she hasn't spanked me since! Um, finally.

Harry in cloak (Master) eyes widen at Talwin's sacrelege

[Emerald (Lara)]

Hoffman (JohnA) (to GM only)] Character sheet for [Hoffman]] modified: Equipment - DELETED: Leather, 5 gp, 15 lbs., AC 8 . DELETED: Club +2, null, null, null. DELETED: ring for Miranda, null, null, null. Consumable Magic Items - DELETED: Potion of Levitation, I can levitate for {4+1d4} turns, +0, 1.

Talwin (Michael-14198) Tries to contain laughter

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Who is this demon who taunts you?

Talwin (Michael-14198) (The absurdity of all of this is clearly breaking through Talwin's composure)

Snezana (Spring) shifts uncomfortably

[Thistle (Carissa)] (Thought it was going to be:

Talwin (Michael-14198) (He tries unsuccesfully to hold back a snort, before regaining a serious mask)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He protects. Don't worry about him. Pray with the good Brer

Harry in cloak (Master) nods, closing hie eyes

Brer Necholas (TMO) leads Harry in a fairly generic Suomi prayer, including Branwyn in the supplications.

Talwin (Michael-14198) Stretches and becomes serious again. Attempting to peer into the gloom and casually inspect Harry

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Talwin: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=20] 20 - ROLL FAILED against 11!!

[Harry in cloak (Master) (to Michael-14198 only)] Talwin sees a holy glow about Brer and Harry as they pray and meld

Hoffman (JohnA)] (I will need to confirm if Extra Healing is the same thing as super healing)

[Master] Time of Day: 10:38 AM. Day 10 Fin ___ de, Din {Mid Spring} 10th, 349 SKR.

Branwyn (Lisa) while they are praying digs in her pouch for some silver

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Harry, it is time.

Talwin (Michael-14198) mutters under his breath. "Figures."

[Harry in cloak (Master)] (no to John will roll that in a moment)

Harry in cloak (Master) stands up

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There is another thing you can do for me.

[Harry in cloak (Master)] eyes shining with tears of happiness

Brer Necholas (TMO) stands up as well.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The black slime we saved you from? It destroyed my friend's clothes.

Talwin (Michael-14198) Slightly elbows Hoffman. "Do you see the glow about Brer and Harry? Their faith does have power. We should be careful."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We will need your cloak as well as the basket

[Harry in cloak (Master)] The guardians disturbed the coffin it was kept in

Thistle (Carissa) snickers, "He almost as naked as Emerald was now."

[Harry in cloak (Master)] it escaped

Emerald (Lara) hmph. no one has been as naked as i was.

Branwyn (Lisa) makes a mental note

Talwin (Michael-14198) Nods at Thistle. And i'm out of cloaks to donate

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "Smiles at Emerald"

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "It was more exciting when it was Emerald."

Branwyn (Lisa) holds her hand out

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Some silver for your trouble

Thistle (Carissa) elbows Phyn

Talwin (Michael-14198) "Shut up Phyn"

Harry in cloak (Master) shrugs out of his cloak

Talwin (Michael-14198) Rolls eyes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I will help those that help us

Harry in cloak (Master) hands over the cloak

[Harry in cloak (Master)] I cannot take that from you

[Thistle (Carissa)] Oooh more exciting for Talwin, too, it sounds like.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you kind Harry

Thistle (Carissa) stiffles another laugh

[Harry in cloak (Master)] that would not be right

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Hey, stuffy, she gets to hit me, not you. Do it again I'll shiv you in your sleep."

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (He does realize the Black cloak would like nothing more then to put Brans head on a pike right? Perhaps turn the failthful into Minions?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You make keep it as a keepsake from me. I am travelling and don't have much to give

[Thistle (Carissa)] (Hmm it's becoming a REM night with Harry:

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Was Phyn taling to me?)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] (yes)

Emerald (Lara) (for once)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Oh, no you were talking to Thistle. I didn't touch you.)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Right?)

[Harry in cloak (Master)] I cannot believe this is happening

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo! Can you escort Harry here to the edge of the catacombs? Run fast and come back to us

Thistle (Carissa) cough, "Yep. That was Talwin who elbowed you. So unkind of him."

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] (oh, misread. my chat is janky)

Talwin (Michael-14198) Glares at Thistle

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sure!

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Ihave heard the Master talking of how he wanted to bring you here

[Indigo (Lisa)] You can run Harry?

[Thistle (Carissa)] (it's fine, she'll let him take the blame)

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Can I be there when you go visit him>

Talwin (Michael-14198) Mutters under his breath. "The next one who pisses me off is going to find themselves in the damn moat!"

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] ::pulls out a dagger and tests its edge::

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No I have come to see him and we need to meet in private

Talwin (Michael-14198) Pulls out Sword. "Oh look Phyn? Mine is bigger then yours?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There is much to say at long last

Emerald (Lara) rolls her eyes "Men always comparing themselves"

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "You keep telling yourself that makes you safe."

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (I love the stupid pissing contest in the back while Bran attempts to have a serious diplomatic discussion)

[Thistle (Carissa)] Right?? Why does sword size matter?

Talwin (Michael-14198) Snorts

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he gave up the basket too?)

Talwin (Michael-14198) Winks at Thistle. Come on gals. Its also how you use it.

[Harry in cloak (Master)] (not yet)

[Thistle (Carissa)] Right! You can slit a throat just as easy with a dagger!

Emerald (Lara) "Talwin, she is a young lady!)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Well, I was threatening him with bodily harm while he used his sword as a metaphor for his dick. Usually those kind of people are overcompensating."

Branwyn (Lisa) folds the cloak over her arm

Talwin (Michael-14198) Side eyes Emerald. "Careful with that assumption. She's more dangerous then most people i've met."

Thistle (Carissa) opens mouth, closes it, let's it register, "Oooohhhhhh. Um, but why?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And the basket to Brer please?

Talwin (Michael-14198) Rolls eyes.

Brer Necholas (TMO) holds out his hand

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He has brought his own gifts for the Master

Harry in cloak (Master) clutches it

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I'm not having this conversation with you. Ask Phyn

[Harry in cloak (Master)] I need it to get back

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Why does he want to compare sizes with me? No clue. Maybe he likes it that way?"

Talwin (Michael-14198) Turns back to check over Hoffman

[Thistle (Carissa)] Maybe I should just ask Shur later....

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You will be safe

[Harry in cloak (Master)] and then they will need it to bring dinner back

[Harry in cloak (Master)] they must be waiting for me

Brer Necholas (TMO) nods.

[Thistle (Carissa)] Wait but then wouldn't he be happy to see Hoffman naked?

[Harry in cloak (Master)] it seems very long

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "But even if I liked guys, h e wouldn't havea chance."

Emerald (Lara) "Thistle, I will explain as soon as we can get out of these nasty catacombs."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] After the Master sees me, dinner will be the last thing on his mind. Pete know all about this and has made arrangements

[Thistle (Carissa)] Oh! Yeah! You're a lady like Shur! You probably know stuff, too!

Talwin (Michael-14198) Looks up at Phyn startled. "You don't? Oh, I just assumed..."

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "I bet he is. Emerald, we've been down here for days. We're never leaving."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He will be happy to see you

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "You know. WIth the wandering fingers adn the like"

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) wonders how he got into this conversation

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (LOL)

[Harry in cloak (Master)] I am

Harry in cloak (Master) swallows

Emerald (Lara) smiles "Well, yes, I do know what they are referring to. Who is Shur?"

[Harry in cloak (Master)] I have to surrender to the Lady's blessings

Brer Necholas (TMO) smiles gently at Harry from under his hood

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "I Shur don't know."

Harry in cloak (Master) takes deep shuddering breath

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Is anyone else concerned that Bran has achieved Diety level of Devotion?)

Branwyn (Lisa) lays a hand on Harry's arm

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (So. Wish 2.0 Anyone?)

[Thistle (Carissa)] Shur is Ilero's lady! She told me I was old enough to know things after Shi refused because Shi is an elf and gets confsued about things. Didja know Shi said I had to be at least 50 before we had "the talk"??

[Branwyn (Lisa)] May you be forever blessed

Brer Necholas (TMO) twitches silghtly

Harry in cloak (Master) autmatic jerk then holds still

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Thank you my lady

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Thank you

Harry in cloak (Master) hands over the basket

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Thank you

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] ::snickers at Thistle::

[Harry in cloak (Master)] THank you

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Thank you

Hoffman (JohnA)] (Branwayn is Saint, so not too much of stretch)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Walk with Indigo. Quickly now! Go in peace

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Please stand still for just a moment, Harry. I want to Look at something.

Emerald (Lara) sighs "Which 'talk' are you referring to?"

[Thistle (Carissa)] OH! Like Phyn! He probably thinks I'm "too young?" How old are you Phyn? 100? 200? 500??

[Snezana (Spring)] (snee is definitely concerned)

Hoffman (JohnA)] (she needed a new title)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (or not)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Sorry, Branwyn. Just a brief minute.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Of course

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Does the faith of many influence cosmi events in your world bob? Because it will influence how Talwin roleplays this)

Brer Necholas (TMO) looks at Harry for a minute

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Detect Evil Intent: By focusing for an entire round, I can detect evil intent or actions in a location or group up to 60' away and 10' wide.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Like so much faith generates power?)

[Emerald (Lara)] Emerald moved 1'09".

[Thistle (Carissa)] Oh you know like grandma's talk about the moon cycle but Shur was a lot more blunt and about guys and girls and things.

[Harry in cloak (Master)] (100% gods get their power from believers)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "I'm n- nearly 160."

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Oh wow. OK. That realyl influences how Tlawin will roleplay this)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "But all your humans are too young if you go by age. Half elves ned to come from somewhere."

[Thistle (Carissa)] Ypu

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Holy smokes. This is like A pivotal point in the Gaming Scene Everyone. This is critical to remember. Carissa, save this conversation)

[Harry in cloak (Master) (to TMO only)] no evil at all,

[Thistle (Carissa)] 160?? Wow you're old! I think? Shi is only, um, 120 something or another? Wait, is 160 old?

[Brer Necholas (TMO) (to Master only)] but I can detect him now?

Emerald (Lara) "Ah, the moon cycle, right. What else did Shur tell you about guys and girls and things? You said she was blunt."

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Not really."

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "I'm totally an adult of course."

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Sorry. I've saved it. I don't remember if you were still doing the archives.)

[Harry in cloak (Master) (to TMO only)] you physically see him, but you do not detect him with your power

[Brer Necholas (TMO) (to Master only)] before it was as if he wasn't even there

[Thistle (Carissa)] That guys can be jerks. Be safe when we do the naked dance. Girls can be fun, too, if that's what I like. And don't get pregnant.

[Harry in cloak (Master) (to TMO only)] same

[Thistle (Carissa)] (Bob saves all chats, it's there :) )

[Brer Necholas (TMO) (to Master only)] is that normal for non-evil intent?

[Thistle (Carissa)] (but I can add a note in the summary, too)

[Harry in cloak (Master) (to TMO only)] no

[Brer Necholas (TMO) (to Master only)] ok, so he's still weird

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Sorry. It's just Talwin noticed something with his obs, that may signal catastrophic problems if this continues course)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "You like girls, too?" ::looks between Thistle and Emerald::

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Harry, are you wearing any special clothes or amulets?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Talwin will need to Roleplay with Bran ASAP)

Thistle (Carissa) frowns, "AND she said I can shank pervs like Finny if I want to."

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Only the dinner basket

Harry in cloak (Master) holds it up

[Thistle (Carissa)] Er, not sure she said shank, but that's what I interpreted it as!

[Brer Necholas (TMO) (to Master only)] I wanted to Detect while he wasn't holding it

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "I'm not a perv. I'm... enthusiastically supportive of women's sexual empowerment."

[Master] Time of Day: 10:53 AM. Day 10 Fin ___ de, Din {Mid Spring} 10th, 349 SKR.

Hoffman (JohnA)] (basket = free pass)

[Harry in cloak (Master)] He is still clutching it

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (sorry, I thought you said he set it down)

[Harry in cloak (Master)] at war with his orders versus his visitation

[Snezana (Spring)] (i thought harry handed it over)

[Thistle (Carissa)] Uh huh. I dunno what that looks like in elf society, but it sure comes across as pervy in human society.

[Harry in cloak (Master)] (he handed over his cloak)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (I thought it was the basket)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (then Branwyn felt him up and things broke down)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "It's confusing. I'll explain it to you later."

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (never mind my whole thing here then. I'm wanting to do this *after* the basket.)

[Snezana (Spring)] (oh just the cloak)

Emerald (Lara) "Grandma is right, Thistle. Although we need to be careful when 'shanking' people."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thought he was ok with giving basket to brer and almost did)

Thistle (Carissa) frowns, "Okay, but not alone with you. Or alone with only you and Emerald. At least have Talwin there, too. So you can compare swoards again."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so we just need to conclude this)

[Thistle (Carissa)] Oh! No Grandma didn't tell me that. Shur told me that. Grandma probably would mumble something about fate and blah blah blah. I dunno.

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Harry, may I please have the basket as well?

[Thistle (Carissa)] The mystics, destiny, things of that sort.

Harry in cloak (Master) hesitiates, swallows, looking at Branwyn

Branwyn (Lisa) nods

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Brer has an offering to make

Harry in cloak (Master) hands over the silver basket to Brer

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Oh, you're totally right, Emerald. If you aren't careful you get turned by a rib. Or don't kill them and then they wake up suuuuuper mad." Shanking is an art."

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Thank you. One moment while I look at the situation please. Just hold still.

Emerald (Lara) sighs again, "Yes Thistle, let our conversations just be us girls."

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Detect Evil Intent: By focusing for an entire round, I can detect evil intent or actions in a location or group up to 60' away and 10' wide.

Harry in cloak (Master) takes a deep breath

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "I'm not explaining how to use his sword to him. If he hasn't figured it out by now he's hopeless."

[Harry in cloak (Master) (to TMO only)] yes he looks like a normal person now

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Can we like have someone escort him to the front chamber. this guy is clearly terrified)

Thistle (Carissa) laughs loudly

[Harry in cloak (Master)] I am ready Sir Indigo

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Thanks, Harry. That was perfect.

[Harry in cloak (Master)] Will we be walking?

[Harry in cloak (Master)] or do you fly too?

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "You humans are always calling us elves girly, you know..." ::waggles his eyebrows::

[Thistle (Carissa)] Well Kel is pretty for an elf, but he doesn't like being called pretty. He said it wasn't manly enough? I dunno.

Emerald (Lara) smiles "Phyn, believe me---you are in no way girly."

[Thistle (Carissa)] But you're pretty for an elf, too, Phyn!

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Who else flies?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Fly? No I don't fly, but we shouold hurry.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Come on Harry! Follow me!

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "The one time I want to be... ugh. Branwyn damnit."

Harry in cloak (Master) looking at Indigo

[Thistle (Carissa)] I'm not sure elves can be ungly...

Indigo (Lisa) starts at a jog

Harry in cloak (Master) hurries after Indigo

Indigo (Lisa) calls back "So who do you know that can fly?"

Talwin (Michael-14198) As Harry passes, Talwin makes his way to Bran

Indigo (Lisa) grins

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "Do you have a quick moment"

[Master] Indigo and Harry disapear around the corner

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "And I do mean quick?"

[Thistle (Carissa)] (lol that showed up in chat odd)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so while that is going on we can take last looks at naked Hoffman?)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (Why did Indigo disappear from the list?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (because Indigo is off map likely)

[Master] and yes it will take at least 15 minutes for Indigo to get there to the altar and back

[Thistle (Carissa)] (no it shows as ???? which doesn't happen even off map)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Get a good look, girls. There he goes! The naked warrior in all his glory!"

[Master] Time of Day: 11:08 AM. Day 10 Fin ___ de, Din {Mid Spring} 10th, 349 SKR.

[Master] and you are there with each other

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So how is Hoffman?

Talwin (Michael-14198) I've adminstered the Potion. Hopefully it's working through his system now

Branwyn (Lisa) turns to Brer "Thank you for your help"

Brer Necholas (TMO) hands the basket to Branwyn. "This protects you from detection. That's how it let them get past the ghouls.

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) drinks potion

[Master] (3d8+8) [3d8=3,5,5] 21

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that's super healing??)

[Master] [Hoffman]]'s Current Hit Points: adjusted to 32 (21) - Heavily Wounded

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that's like normal healing)

Hoffman (JohnA) (to GM only)] Character sheet for [Hoffman]] modified: Consumable Magic Items - DELETED: Potion of Extra-healing, , , .

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Wow. He did tank some damage)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (three orisons worth)

[Master] (normal healing is 1d8, this gives you an automatic full 8 plus 3d8 more)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Guess who gets to stay safe for the rest of the truip...)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (sorry up to three orisons worth I meanT)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Hoffman gets to stay alive everyone. OK?)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] :)

[Emerald (Lara)] Hoffman, are you up for walking?

[Thistle (Carissa)] ((and spells are kept right now for later at least)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Of course. The effect the basket caused was what worried me. Fortunately he was just a normal person, not an undead hiding behind it.

[Emerald (Lara)] Emerald moved 3'07".

Hoffman (JohnA)] Certianly

Emerald (Lara) smiles

Talwin (Michael-14198) Tries to engage both Brer and Bran at the same time, but is willing to let is stand if they choose to ignore

Branwyn (Lisa) hands back the cloak for Hoffman

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 3'09".

[Emerald (Lara)] "Phyn, would you get up here already?

[Master] Lord Tiberius targets Ghoul #24. Distance: 1'08"

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Oh my god, Thistle! The nakey lady and nakey man anre getting along. Maybe they'll make nakey babies!"

[Master] Lord Tiberius: Damage v SM: Thorn: ((1d8)+3+2) [1d8=3] 8 [MODIFIED (+2)] added to: Ghoul #24

[Master] Lord Tiberius: Damage v SM: Thorn: ((1d8)+3+2) [1d8=5] 10 [MODIFIED (+2)] added to: Ghoul #24

[Master] Lord Tiberius: Damage v SM: Thorn: ((1d8)+3+2) [1d8=3] 8 [MODIFIED (+2)] added to: Ghoul #24

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (totally didn't hear Talwin say anything. ;) )

[Master] Ghoul #24's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -27 (-26) - Dead

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 9'09".

[Master] Lord Tiberius targets Ghoul #23. Distance: 1'06"

Hoffman (JohnA)] Thank you Branwyn, I shall try and keep this clean

[Thistle (Carissa)] Ahh! You're getting ghoul guts everywhere!

[Master] Lord Tiberius: Damage v SM: Thorn: ((1d8)+3+2) [1d8=2] 7 [MODIFIED (+2)] added to: Ghoul #23

[Master] Lord Tiberius: Damage v SM: Thorn: ((1d8)+3+2) [1d8=4] 9 [MODIFIED (+2)] added to: Ghoul #23

[Master] Ghoul #23's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -17 (-16) - Dead

[Thistle (Carissa)] Nah, Hoffman has a different lady for that.

[Master] Lord Tiberius targets Ghoul #25. Distance: 0'10"

Hoffman (JohnA) (to GM only)] Character sheet for [Hoffman]] modified:

[Master] Lord Tiberius: Damage v SM: Thorn: ((1d8)+3+2) [1d8=3] 8 [MODIFIED (+2)] added to: Ghoul #25

[Master] Lord Tiberius: Damage v SM: Thorn: ((1d8)+3+2) [1d8=1] 6 [MODIFIED (+2)] added to: Ghoul #25

Emerald (Lara) gives Phyn the stink eye "didn't you just tell us you were an adult?"

[Master] Lord Tiberius: Damage v SM: Thorn: ((1d8)+3+2) [1d8=7] 12 [MODIFIED (+2)] added to: Ghoul #25

[Master] Ghoul #25's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -32 (-26) - Dead

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (He kind of started to speak with Bran, but then I'd hoped that 'body' language would include Brer since ou were right next to her. Sorry. It's too complicated in the game to get all that out. Sigh. )

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 2'06".

Hoffman (JohnA)] oh no

[Master] Are you ok?

[Emerald (Lara)] oh my! where are all the ghouls coming from!

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) seaches what is left of his clothes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we need to regroup anyway - let's get the ghouls off the map and we can circle up)

[Thistle (Carissa)] They're the dead...dead ones? The redead ones?

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Are you ok?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Not Redeads! They don't even belong in Ocarina of Time!!!)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'm fine thank you.

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) sighs

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 7'07".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We need to tell everyone what we just learned

[Emerald (Lara)] What Hoffman?

[Emerald (Lara)] Is something missing?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Come back darling!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Don't run off

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 1'07".

Hoffman (JohnA)] a couple things, not realy important now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 16'05".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Lord Tiberius moved 16'07".

Emerald (Lara) (is it just me or are we going backwards?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (just to catch up)

Hoffman (JohnA)] Are we waiting for Indigo, or starting to head out?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (talwin wants to talk and we need to explain where slime came from, baskets , etc.)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas moved 9'05".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] How are you feeling?

[Emerald (Lara)] Oh! I don't know the dogs name...? Can someone call him?

Thistle (Carissa) whistles, "Griff! Come on, boy!"

Emerald (Lara) "Thanks Thistle"

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) deep breath

[Thistle (Carissa)] Griff (dog) moved 9'00".

Brer Necholas (TMO) whistles.

Hoffman (JohnA)] me? I'm ok

[Thistle (Carissa)] (move him for you!)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] With that cloak you'll look like a proper pilgrim

[Master] Howard Plum moved 20'09".

[Master] Sundown moved 25'07".

Hoffman (JohnA)] I'm not much for a disguise

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) lowes hood

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Hoods make useful camouflage.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Brer, do you want to explain what happened with Harry or did you hear it all?

Brer Necholas (TMO) touches the low front end of his hood.

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at the group

Brer Necholas (TMO) nods. "I can.'

Hoffman (JohnA)] He delievers food, got it

[Snezana (Spring)] (btw starving)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Snezana (Spring)] (ordered chinese during the birds and bees talk)

[Master] quote

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] lol

[Snezana (Spring)] (i already know about the nakey dance)

Brer Necholas (TMO) points at the basket. "That basked is the key to get through the guardians safely. They couldn't see him at all. He was just stuck down here and couldn't get out, probably because we locked the trap door last night.

[Emerald (Lara)] (i don't think we even got to the birds and the bees. it was all daggers and swords."

Hoffman (JohnA)] I htought it might be the black pudding, didn't pete say there was a leak?

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] The pudding was inside a container and got loose by accident. The basket probably also spared him from it, but just by chance.

Hoffman (JohnA)] oh

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I thought he said it was in one of the coffins

[Thistle (Carissa)] (for swords and daggers:

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And the ghouls jostled it open

[Lara] I am away from the keyboard.

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Coffin/container. Possibly.

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] I figure it was there on purpose though, since this guy seems to like oozes.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Another reason to be careful with the coffins until later

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And hoping we would be opening them

[Lara] I am back at the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There is a door there now, which is interesting. It used to just be stairs going into an open chamber

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Talwin, did you have something to say?

Hoffman (JohnA)] who's turn is it to take lead? They should get the basket

Talwin (Michael-14198) Looks troubled. Just realyl quickly.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] More time to speak on it later

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I think you might find your way to Sainthood really soon

Talwin (Michael-14198) Looks troubled

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You think I will be killed?

Talwin (Michael-14198) Shakes head

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] No a living saint

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] or more

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Think about it

Talwin (Michael-14198) Looks dead serious

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Bran. While that man prayed to you, he started to glow!

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Your legend is spreading so far, how long do you think it will take?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I think Necholas would stop any more of that

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Point emphatically upwards

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] You have aStatue to you

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] And

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Even if it's a sick joke to Black Cloak

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If the man was glowing it was far more likely it was Necholas' influence than mine

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] These people don't think it is

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "All Hail the mighty and wise Branwyn, our goddess of purity."

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Cults tend to spread

Talwin (Michael-14198) Rolls eyes

Talwin (Michael-14198) I'm just saying

[Snezana (Spring)] (Our Lady of the Tree)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I'm not wise in the relisoiu aspects

[Thistle (Carissa)] You care about purity now, Phyn?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And so I am kind to them. I do not hurt their feelings but I do not ask for it either

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] but you never know if someone else's ideas of you, might start changing how you might act

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Well, gods are rarely loose."

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] you know

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] in the magical hoodoo religious sense

Talwin (Michael-14198) Sighs

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Nevermind

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And I have no doubt that when Hoffman takes over that statue will be one of the first things to go

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] "Hoodoo"?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Let's just get this over with

Thistle (Carissa) scratches head, "Who do you follow, Finy?"

Talwin (Michael-14198) Snorts

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] They will just build another

[Master] (remind me of the babe)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Did you see that man's devotion? You were a goddess to him

Hoffman (JohnA)] (what babe?)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Don't worry, Branwyn, I'll save it and put it in a new church."

[Thistle (Carissa)] (the babe with the power)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (the babe with the power)

Hoffman (JohnA)] (smiles)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "We'll make a god out of you."

[Thistle (Carissa)] (jinx owe me a coke)

Branwyn (Lisa) sighs

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (/me pours a coke over my keyboard

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "I'm totally following Branwyn now."

[Thistle (Carissa)] (eh close enough:

Hoffman (JohnA)] (hee hee)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (BRB, door)


[Branwyn (Lisa)] Let's give Indigo a few more minutes and then move along

[Master] HAH

[Thistle (Carissa)] (I applaud your song choice ;) )

[Thistle (Carissa)] (also jinx YOU also owe me a coke)

[Master (to GM only)] Indigo moved 44'11".

[Master] Sundown targets Indigo. Distance: 9'10"

[Emerald (Lara)] (WOW! you guys have known each other for WAY too long. LOL)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hey! It's just me!

Sundown (Master) points his polearm at Indigo

[Sundown (Master)] HALT

[Sundown (Master)] Who are you?

[Indigo (Lisa)] It's me!!

[Thistle (Carissa)] (I haven't know Bob longer than I haven't known him so this is worrisome)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo!

[Sundown (Master)] How do we know ?

[Thistle (Carissa)] What's up, Sundown?

[Sundown (Master)] You could be Harry who killed Indigo and now is pretending to be him

[Thistle (Carissa)] OH! Ask him, hmm... what's his favorite food?

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Sundown, I can attest that is Sir Indigo


[Sundown (Master)] How can you tell?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Jilly's scones!

[Indigo (Lisa)] And pudding

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Sun.. You can tell if you Look at him.

[Sundown (Master)] PUDSDING

[Indigo (Lisa)] And ummm turkey!

Thistle (Carissa) grins, "I guess I don't have to ask his favorite chef, either!"

Sundown (Master) aims closer

[Thistle (Carissa)] HEY! No! Bad Sundown! Bad!

[Thistle (Carissa) (to GM only)] Thistle: Animal Noise check: (d20) [1d20=11] 11 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 11!!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yeah she makes the kind with the raisins in it

[Thistle (Carissa)] Thistle: Animal Noise check: (d20) [1d20=14] 14 - ROLL FAILED against 11!!

Thistle (Carissa) tries to make the growling sound to used to displine the wolves - fails

[Master (to GM only)] Harry in cloak moved 11'00".

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Master Sundown, really

[Thistle (Carissa)] She does! I've had them!

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] That is Indigo

[Thistle (Carissa)] Ughhh

[Thistle (Carissa)] BRER!

Sundown (Master) looks at Howard

[Thistle (Carissa)] Tell Sundown to cut it out!

[Sundown (Master)] How can you be so sure

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Branwyn! Indigo is here

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Would anyone really notcie if Sundown disapeared into a dark ravine?)

[Thistle (Carissa)] Oh! Griff! Go smell him!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yeah! I'm here

Brer Necholas (TMO) sighs.

Indigo (Lisa) walks forward

[Thistle (Carissa)] (Yeah - the ravine would light up with sunshine)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 2'02".

[Thistle (Carissa)] (and judgement)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas moved 11'09".

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Your right. That's not fair to the Ravine)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "IS that guy slow or something? We should push him down some stairs."

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Sundown. Look at him. Look at his spirit. What do you see?

[Thistle (Carissa)] (lol)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Put your weapon down. I don't have mine out

[Sundown (Master)] Brother, I cannot do what you do

[Thistle (Carissa)] (the hoodoo)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (That youdo)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (I didn't think it was level-based)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (he has too much judgement clouding his vision)

[Sundown (Master)] (bingo)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] In that case, if everyone will let me through, I'll verify if it's Indigo or not.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (That's the problem with Zealots)

Indigo (Lisa) takes another couple of steps

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 1'02".

[Thistle (Carissa)] I mean that's great and all, but maybe tell Sundown to stop?

[Thistle (Carissa)] What are we gonna do if you're NOT here?

[Emerald (Lara)]

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (If he takes a wing at Indigo, Talwin will def. Attack)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (he likes wings too!)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] lol

[Sundown (Master)] (HAH)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] *Swing

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 12'01".

[Thistle (Carissa)] (I expected your answer to either be Jilly's cooking or all food so... no surprise for wings ;) )

[Indigo (Lisa)] It's just me

[Thistle (Carissa)] Would it hurt you to believe him?

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Detect Evil Intent: By focusing for an entire round, I can detect evil intent or actions in a location or group up to 60' away and 10' wide.

[Thistle (Carissa)] He DOES know good cooking.

[Sundown (Master)] (yes it is Indigo)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (sorry, entire family started talking to me and asking questions all at same time)

[Snezana (Spring)] all of those answers were correct

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (They must have lots of Evil Intent then TMO)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] ;)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Thanks, Sundown, for your vigilance. But that Is Indigo.

[Snezana (Spring)] can we proceed?

[Thistle (Carissa)] And how do you know WE weren't switched out while we slept?

Sundown (Master) relaxes

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sheesh!

[Sundown (Master)] I would know if you were polite to kill you

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Well, to be honest, he wasn't wrong.

[Spring] I am away from the keyboard.

Thistle (Carissa) laughs

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hey! I am polite

Sundown (Master) nods, and bows to Indigo

[Sundown (Master)] Thank you for understanding

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] You could have been an illusioned enemy come to attack us when our backs were turned.

[Thistle (Carissa)] Do you guys always live so... paranoid?

Sundown (Master) looks at Thistle

[Thistle (Carissa)] How can you enjoy life if you're ALWAYS paranoid?

[Sundown (Master)] I trust my Brother implicitly

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Those in our line of work who don't... die.

[Thistle (Carissa)] Welp glad I'm not in your line of work. Boring.

[Sundown (Master)] The Undead need to be hunted down and killed

[Spring] I am back at the keyboard.

Emerald (Lara) "Thitsle, they had Talwin punch me to knock me out."

[Thistle (Carissa)] Well yeah, and elves agree with that, but even they can enjoy life.

[Snezana (Spring)] (oh thank god my food is here)

[Sundown (Master)] It is more dangerous than you understand

[Snezana (Spring)] (i was about to weep)

Indigo (Lisa) wonders how many people he's killed by mistake

Indigo (Lisa) shakes his head

[Thistle (Carissa)] Is it? Or do I understand sometimes there's more to life?

Emerald (Lara) (good one indigo)

Talwin (Michael-14198) Grumbles "While this conversation is certainly an excerise in philosophy, I do believe we need to plan our next move?"

[Sundown (Master)] We hunt the undead so you do not need to live in fear

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so Indigo will take the back since he's already there)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol to Sundown)

[Master] Time of Day: 11:23 AM. Day 10 Fin ___ de, Din {Mid Spring} 10th, 349 SKR.

Thistle (Carissa) shakes head, "But you're causing fear in others wrongly - like Indigo."

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] You enjoy the life you do at least in some part because of us.

[Thistle (Carissa)] Pffft, yeah. We already talked about this?

Talwin (Michael-14198) sighs quietly before turning to Branwny

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "Shall we advance?"

[Thistle (Carissa)] I woulda been happy OUT of Ghostwood.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "Rest?"

[Snezana (Spring)] i find it amazing that we have got this far and the big cloak still doesn't know we are here

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "Bring dinner?" [Brer Necholas (TMO)] Yes. But if you want to attack us, we're allowed to defend ourselves.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "I do think it would be darkly humourous to put a severed ghoul leg on the platter and serve it too him, if I do say so myself."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'm not so sure he doesn't

Thistle (Carissa) scratches head, "I mean, I WAS thinking about socking Sundown, but I wasn't gonna try to kill him."

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] That probably isn't a good idea.

[Snezana (Spring)] letting us take his caterer is kind of strange

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Anyways...

[Snezana (Spring)] but i guess it could be a ploy

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "For the love of God Montressor, can we please do our deed and move out from this Catacomb"

Brer Necholas (TMO) turns and starts moving back to the front.

Thistle (Carissa) rolls eyes, "Whatever. Boring. Go do your undead dead thing."

[Sundown (Master)] I am

[Emerald (Lara)]

[Sundown (Master)] I am guarding Indigo and the back

[Thistle (Carissa)] Not you. YOU need to learn to stop being a jerk.

Indigo (Lisa) sighs

Sundown (Master) looks at Indigo, I believe you

[Sundown (Master)] you are Indigo

Brer Necholas (TMO) mutters quietly to himself. " .. pot .. "

[Lisa] Branwyn targets Branwyn. Distance: 0'00"

Thistle (Carissa) mutters, "Finally."

[Snezana (Spring)] can we have the moral development session another time?

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas moved 13'11".

[Snezana (Spring)] this is kind of serious

[Sundown (Master)] but if something happens to you Countess Branwyn will be even more mad at me then if something happened to her husband

Talwin (Michael-14198) mustters, "Bout to seal up some sundown in one of these walls"

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (one big HAPPY family!)

[Thistle (Carissa)] And you care because... you want her to like you or you think she'll kiill you on the spot?

Thistle (Carissa) grin

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Let us get to the front and continue

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas moved 10'05".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 5'01".

Hoffman (JohnA)] [Hoffman]] moved 3'08".

Hoffman (JohnA)] Uncle Fotopoulos moved 3'07".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo moved 4'06".

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "That's goddess Branwyn."

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 2'02".

[Thistle (Carissa)] No. It's Branwyn the Bright.

Talwin (Michael-14198) Despite his loathing of Phyn, can't resist a sly smile at the comment

Brer Necholas (TMO) hums quietly to himself

Hoffman (JohnA)] It's just plain Branwyn

Branwyn (Lisa) whispers to Tiberius "let the paladin make moves on the undead first. We can clean up after"

[Sundown (Master)] Countess Branwyn Branadarus The Mysterious

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I do believe the official Title is long and complicated but is simply Branwny the Mysterious

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] Branwyn the Bright, goddess of plain."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you Hoffman!

[Sundown (Master)] She has other titles also, that is the short one

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] followed by about three hundred other honorofics from various lands and kindgoms

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (Brawny the Mystery)

[Lanek (Spring)] walk and talk people. or plan. but lets make some progress

Hoffman (JohnA)] (anyone watch Spaceballs?)

[Thistle (Carissa)] A lady with a unicorn called her Branwyn the Bright. I'm not about to call a lady with a unicorn wrong.

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Before we start, just to make sure nohting's trying to sneak up on us...

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I do love Lanek)

Brer Necholas (TMO) looks down the hallway

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Detect Evil Intent: By focusing for an entire round, I can detect evil intent or actions in a location or group up to 60' away and 10' wide.

Talwin (Michael-14198) Hesistates before acknowledging Thistle. "Youre...Not wrong there Thistle."

[Thistle (Carissa)] (he is very fun)

[Lanek (Spring)] shall we do some kinda surprise tactic with the basket and somebody in disguise as a fulunie?

[Master] Emerald, Lanek, Branwyn, [Hoffman]], Uncle Fotopoulos, Thistle, Howard Plum, Lord Tiberius, Griff (dog), Indigo, Phyn Thesis, Brer Necholas, Talwin, Sundown and Snezana moved 25'01".

[Lanek (Spring)] *flunkie

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Well, unicorn ladies are a bit peculiar."

Hoffman (JohnA)] [Hoffman]]: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=20] 20 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Thistle (Carissa)] You mean cool? Man, who doesn't want a unicorn?

[Emerald (Lara) (to Master only)] can i do a obs check?

Branwyn (Lisa) looks up at the ceiling

[Master] This is where the black puddings where

[Master] were

[Emerald (Lara)] Emerald: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=15] 15 - ROLL FAILED against 10!!

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "They tend to love the horse more than their own kind. It's kind of an obsession. Never met one who wans't at least a little loony."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Emerald (Lara) (to Master only)] whoops

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (if anyone here *hasn't* seen Spaceballs, I'mma thwack you)

[Master] You ahve the three closed coffins next to you

Hoffman (JohnA)] (oh not not Werepudding!)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (ducks)

[Master] Lisa tell him how many movies I watch

[Thistle (Carissa)] (been years but seen it not thwacking necessary here)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] love spaceballs John :)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (you gonna make me thwack you?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (not many)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "And I'm pretty sure they are all frustrated as well."

[Master] I did watch Labrynth last night

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I've been thwacked before)

[Thistle (Carissa)] Because people keep wanting to pet their unicorn?

[Lanek (Spring)] (i love spaceballs)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "No, because they're all virgins."

[Master] the three closed coffins

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Although, if you want an accurate representation of our Governmetn as of Today, go watch the Governer in Blazing Saddles...

[Master] then the space with two closed and one open

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Pretty on point

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but no slime on ceiling?)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] I suggest we leave the coffins alone.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Talwin: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=8] 8 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 11!!

[Master] right now nothing on the ceiling

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Careful moving past the coffins

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (any of them look like they've been cracked open?)

Thistle (Carissa) shrugs, "Yeah but they have a unicorn."

[Master] the one directly in front of you is open

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (in their dreams)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (ah, ok)

Talwin (Michael-14198) Points at the coffin. That must be where our ooze originated from

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (did my Detect Evil show anything?)

[Master] no

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Perhaps we should not touch the remaining coffins

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Well they share one trait with their unicorn."

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Yes, good idea.

Hoffman (JohnA)] agreeded, from the beginning, but agreed

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Did my obs return any value of the non imaginary kind?)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] I'm ready to move on if everyone else is.

[Master] no to Michael

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Thanks)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] yes

Talwin (Michael-14198) Nods

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) nods

Brer Necholas (TMO) moves forward

[Lanek (Spring)] (which among us has a body build most like Harry's?)

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 8'03".

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 8'05".

Talwin (Michael-14198) Points at Phyn

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Him

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 8'07".

[Thistle (Carissa)] But he's not hairy?

[Master] Branwyn moved 5'07".

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (oh sorry Spring. Thought you said that outloud)

[Master] SLAM

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (grrr)

[Lanek (Spring)] (actually now that i think about it, maybe lanek should have said that out loud

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (cuz brer has the basket?)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (thought it was too so works if it was, lol)

Talwin (Michael-14198) Grumbles irriatibly

Brer Necholas (TMO) looks around.

[Master] Branwyn can make a dex check

[Lanek (Spring)] what just slammed

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: DEX check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (A dex check? Wow. Havent' seen those often)

[Master] Branwyn ducks backwards

[Lanek (Spring)] (oh i think i see what just slammed)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Ahhhh!!

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Usually it's TMO falling off a pillar ;) )

[Lisa] Branwyn no longer targets Branwyn.

Hoffman (JohnA)] this is new

[Master] before the passageway suddenly STOPS

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Sorry TMO.)

[Thistle (Carissa)] Ummm what happened?

Hoffman (JohnA)] Uncle Fotopoulos moved 12'01".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Alertness check: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 19!!

[Master (to Lisa only)] it looks like a wall

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Talwin: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=2] 2 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 11!!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] A wall just dropped? It must be magic

[Master (to Michael-14198 only)] it looks like a wall

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] ( :P)

Hoffman (JohnA)] Uncle Fotopoulos: Detect Unsafe Wall, Ceiling & Floor check: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] An illusion perhaps

[Thistle (Carissa)] Er, did the others get walled off?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I don't know Lady Bran. It looks like a pretty solid wall. But you never know I suppose

[Master (to JohnA only)] this is a large block trap, it is very stable now

Branwyn (Lisa) concentrates "I don't believe a wall appeared out of nowhere"

[Thistle (Carissa)] Don't ask Sundown. He'll think it's a fake wall.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Quick, someone get me some scooby snacks and a retractable walls sconce! Pronto)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (is there a roll for that?)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] clearly it fell, as in a trap

[Master] save versus Magic for Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (i guess only if it is an illusion)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Magical Spell save: (d20) [1d20=16] 16 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 8!!

Brer Necholas (TMO) readies his sword and looks around.

[Master] She sees this is a large stone block

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Uh, Lady Bran. I could have to agree with that point. I don't believe a wall appeared out of nowhere"

Talwin (Michael-14198) Quietly whispers

Branwyn (Lisa) shakes her head

[JohnA] I am back at the keyboard.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "As oppeosed to ..."

[Lanek (Spring)] phyn, you better get up there and look

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No I think it is real stone

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] maybe a thief can see into resetting it?

[Thistle (Carissa)] Can you push it?

[Lanek (Spring)] i would, but i'm still er injured

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] Uncle Fotopoulos moved 12'06".

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Think we can lift it?

Branwyn (Lisa) steps out of the way

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 3'08".

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I can try BNrer

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Move, Move, MOVE! Your pardon, most Holy Branwyn."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I hope Tiberius is all right

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] If I have a lever I can move the world

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (you're on the wrong side of the block to hear me)

[Thistle (Carissa)] Oh! Finny can do things!

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Mike you play that character so damn well)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] I'm fresh out of levers.

[Thistle (Carissa)] Except pick, help retrieve lost items.

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] ::looks over the wall, checking first for seams::

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Oh, except my crowbar.

[Lanek (Spring)] can it, runt

[Master (to Mike only)] Phyn can see this is a drop trap a large stone that drops and is supposed to crush people

[Lanek (Spring)] (that last for thistle)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (brer has a basket)

Thistle (Carissa) sticks her tongue out at Lanek

[Master (to Mike only)] he can guess that Brer and Tiberius are dead under it

Talwin (Michael-14198) "What's the scoop Phyn? Anything?"

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (Bran has the basket)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (missed that)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "It is an illusion! Sundown, simply charge forward with faith and ye shal be okay."

Thistle (Carissa) giggles

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Headfirst."

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Hmm.. Odd that nothing's coming after us while we're separated.

Talwin (Michael-14198) Without restain, Aboslutely loses his shit and burst out laughing

Talwin (Michael-14198) Weezing

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "It's just a drop. If our goddess wasn't so divine she'd be a pancake."

[Thistle (Carissa)] I bet Indigo likes pancakes, too!

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] ::looks for any sign of a reset mechanism::

[Snezana (Spring)] not human ones

Talwin (Michael-14198) Gestures to Phyn. I just can't kill him. He's so goddamn entertiaining Bran. Hell, i'll have to keep a spare packet of silver on me just to keep him around

Brer Necholas (TMO) sheathes his sword. "Shall we give it a try?"

Talwin (Michael-14198) Bends down to look at the bottom. "Phyn, any grips on the bottom to lift by any chance?"

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "Or too heavy do you think. Tiberious and I could give it a try...?"

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Oh for the love of Branwyn, give a guy some space. Let me check for a reset."

[Master] Tiberius was only a step or three in front of Branwyn

[Master] When the block fell

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (So. Is he a pancake?)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (And I just dind't notice?)

[Master] How would you know?

Hoffman (JohnA)] (at this point, we do not know)

[Snezana (Spring)] (it looks like he's on the other side but we won't know until we get there)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Well, Bran didn't cry out in panic and pain, so I thought he was just with us)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (can we even hear them on th eother side?)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] by the rest squish coating everyone

[Master] you do not hear anything

[Thistle (Carissa)] (so Brer is either talking to himself or Tiberius :) )

Talwin (Michael-14198) Everybody, shut up

Hoffman (JohnA)] (they must be dead if they are not making sound)

Talwin (Michael-14198) Knocks on the wall three times

[Master] over the thunder of a block falling

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] bob, any reset mechanism?

[Master] make that roll

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] Phyn Thesis: Find/remove traps check:(d100) [1d100=15] 15 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 95!!

[Master (to Mike only)] there is a closed coffin nearby where any reset would be hidden if your best guess

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Damn, it's convenient having a Phyn around. Even if he's a total sly cooper)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "So, uh... I think Sundown should check in that coffin."

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Sigh)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Then again)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Seriously, this time. If there's a mechanism it's in that."

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "But coffins seem to be bad luck down here.

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] ::looks the coffin over::

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] Phyn Thesis: Find/remove traps check:(d100) [1d100=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 95!!

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] So, might be a protected lever then Pyhn?

[Master (to Mike only)] no traps on the lid of the coffin

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Might be an ooze inside

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "I don't THINK there's any traps on it. Maybe in it, but not on it."

[Thistle (Carissa)] Which coffin?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Bran, do you have any close range fireballs for an ooze in one contained place?

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] Phyn Thesis moved 2'04".

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] I can have a torch ready?

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (yeah, fireball)

[Thistle (Carissa)] Isn't that called a torch?

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "The one our holy rump rests upon."

Talwin (Michael-14198) Shuffles uncomofortably

Talwin (Michael-14198) I suppose a torch will do

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Just

Talwin (Michael-14198) Looks to hoffman

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Perhaps I should get out of the way

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Wanted to play it safe

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 2'10".

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] Uncle Fotopoulos: Fire-building check: (d20) [1d20=2] 2 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Ima laugh if there really is nothing inside)

[Thistle (Carissa)] Well you heard the man, er, elf! Go look inside, Sundown!

[Master] Wight #20's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 52 (62) - Unharmed

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (the open one , really? that far form the door?)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Tiberius, shall we try lifting?

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "I'll stand as far over here as I can, someone else open that."

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] oh boy...

[Thistle (Carissa)] (Uhhh what's unharmed??)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (really? you did that so we can see?)

[Master] yeap

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Bob you son of a gun. It's a goddamned Wight

[Thistle (Carissa)] (so we can alll back away slowly....)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I said Fireball the shit out of it ;()

[Thistle (Carissa)] (the coffin by Sundown?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but IC we don't know so it just sucks)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] Uncle Fotopoulos moved 6'03".

[Master] Reinforcing so you expect the worst

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] pardone me

[Thistle (Carissa)] (true but you can get get your attacks planned and ready)

Thistle (Carissa) moves out of Foto's way

[Thistle (Carissa)] Thistle moved 1'10".

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] Uncle Fotopoulos moved 3'06".

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (We can use commons sense that the previous one had ooze in it though. Thus, we can all backup and have fire ready. i thinknthat's fair)

[Master] if you all back up then who would open it?

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] Got a torch

[Master] Time of Day: 11:38 AM. Day 10 Fin ___ de, Din {Mid Spring} 10th, 349 SKR.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Telekenesis?)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (it is mostly open already)

[Snezana (Spring)] (somebody already put together a torch)

[Snezana (Spring)] (oh that was got, not get)

[Master] the Coffin has not been touched yet

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Also, for players who may not know. Don't touch the damn thing. Level drain is the effing worst punishment that bob can give you. I would reather die actually. Less progress lost in my oopinion)

[Master] Phyn checked for traps

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Someone get a beefy type up here and get out of th eway

Talwin (Michael-14198) Nods

[Master] You should set your selves where you want to be, etc.

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] ::looks at Talwin:: "You open it."

[Emerald (Lara)] Emerald moved 1'02".

[Snezana (Spring)] (checks to make sure not a beefy type)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I'll do it. But, seriuosly, if it'z an oooze, I dont' wantt o be touching the damn thing.

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas moved 10'06".

Talwin (Michael-14198) Checks the coffin

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (HA!)

Griff (dog) (Master) whines not smelling Brer any more

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] How is the lid operated bob?

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (funny TMO)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] Phyn Thesis moved 9'10".

[Master] Talwin moved 3'08".

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 6'08".

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (awwwww)

[Snezana (Spring)] Snezana moved 3'07".

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Move move move move"

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] [Hoffman]] moved 9'02".

[Snezana (Spring)] Lanek moved 2'08".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 4'03".

Talwin (Michael-14198) Shut up Phyn, I'm thinking

[Thistle (Carissa)] (okay sorry but WHICH coffin? Do I keep missing it?)

[Griff (dog) (Master)] the coffin lid opens UP and away from you towards the wall

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] STOOP

[Griff (dog) (Master)] Talwin is standing in front of the coffin in question

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (there seems to be some question on which coffin it is)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (that's my dog)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] STOP

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Stop

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] STop

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Sto[

[Snezana (Spring)] (stoppig)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Don't think, just open. It's not that complicated! Lift and push!"

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Stop

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Now

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I dind not approach bob

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I din nothing other then ask how the lid operated

[Master] You said you wanted to see how it opens

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I had a different plan on how to open the thing

[Master] the only way to do that is to walk up and look

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I looked at it

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Phyn examined it

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I was trying to ask, but he wouldn't shut up

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I had to wait for him to finish

[Lisa] hey hey

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] Griff (dog) moved 6'11".

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] Uncle Fotopoulos moved 14'07".

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] [Hoffman]] moved 10'11".

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I'm all for the dramatic, but I actually had a plan

[Lisa] nothing has happened

[Lisa] deep breaths

[Master] brb getting water as you discuss

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] No, something did happen. Bob opened the dman coffin

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lisa] no he didn't

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] With a goddmaned Wight in it

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] he described how it opened

[Lisa] yes

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Sigh

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Sorry. I read that as, Talwin approaches and the coffin opens

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I was so goddamned pissed

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] literally seeing red

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I fucking hate level drain

[Lisa] then step away from the stone box

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Not taht Talwin would know a wight was in there

[Lisa] you don't have to open it

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (No. That's the game. I just want to be prepared)

[Lisa] no one likes level drains :)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (and the wight could be to throw us off - might not be one)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (I don't mind taking the hit, but I'd like to maximize my chances. I think that's fiar)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (set up a water bucket trap over the coffin, except with holy water)

[Lisa] it could be in the coffin on Brer side

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (See, my original plan, was that this might be a Stone box. Which uuslaly just has a lid that I assumed you could literally push off to the side. If that was the case, I was going to use a pole or something to push the lid off

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] or both

[Lisa] with how the coffin opens I don't think telekinesis will work

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (But bob said it opens upward)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (This is a stone coffin or a wood coffin?)

[Lisa] yes so someone will have to risk opening it

[Lisa] stone

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (How the hell, is the lid swingin up then?)

[Lisa] I know level drain chances suck

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Nevermind. Semantics)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] it's hinged

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Give me the platter first

[Lisa] (maybe it is wood - everything else is stone)

[Lisa] I really thought Brer had it

[Lisa] did he give it to Branwyn?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Well, I guess I should ask bob then. Again, just trying to max chances)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (he did hand it to you, but you never said you took it. So maybe it's just hanging in space)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (he picked your pocket and sliped it in Brawyn pocket)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (So, def. ask bob. I don't want to risk a simple solution)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (you are thinking of a DIFFERENT character. :P )

[Lisa] ok - if you handed it to her then she wouldn't have dropped it

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Otherwsie, if noone can think of anything, I'll pop it open.)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (oh, right right right)

[Lisa] then that is good

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Although, I still think if it's wood, we should just light it up like the fourth of July)

[Lisa] holding basket would be good

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (So. My steps. One, Hold Basket. Two, ask bob if it's wood. Then light it on fire. Then three, if the two options before are a no go for whatever reason, then I take the risk

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Is this fair?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Am I missing anything?

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (operating on different time scales, and possible ignorant of violent death happening, but Brer and Tib are psyching themselves up to try and lift and/or push the stone.)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (torch)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Normally not this anal guys, but seriusly, this is a big deal for me.

[Snezana (Spring)] (we can safely have the fire and breathe and stuff?)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Talwin did consider it, but Pyhn never answered if there was grips at the bottom)

[Lisa] you don't have to if you don't want to

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (hoffman got your back, in case Brawyn attacks you)

[Lisa] Indigo is strong and I don't mind having him do it

[Lisa] lol John

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (I'm assuming that thick stone is virtually sound proof, so we can't talk with you)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (what?)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (besides, always possible we're being murdered right this second, but nobody knows)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Lisa, it's the game. I can't get upset at the rules. I just think that if there's ever a chance taht all of us working together mightr think of an alternative for a critical decision, then I would like to hear it. I promise I'm not mad or anything. It's just one of the few times it's realyl important to me that everyone is paying attention)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (And contributing to figuring out a solution to a potentially miserable gaming session)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (You know?)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (I can help!)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (Bob said we couldn't hear on the other side, but you weren't shouting so maybe if you shout)

[Griff (dog) (TMO)] Woof.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (You are on teh other side of a wall Brr :) )

[Lisa] yes just letting you know you don't have to if you don't want to. It's okay to say no.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Picture Indiana Jones, and I'm terrified, walking up to the Ark of the Covenenat

Griff (dog) (TMO) scratches his side with his hind leg.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] lol

[Lisa] i think holding the basket as you open it would be a good thing

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Sigh. is houldn't have made sucha big deal of this. It's fine

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Def to holidng the basket if possible though

[Lisa] Foto is near with a torch and Branwyn and Hoffman near by

[Lisa] I would also see if you can say you push it up from the side

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] hm.Maybe should have sword ready to swing just in case. Do you think bob allows for that?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Like, if I'm expecting it, I can just swing down?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Without even waiting

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] A suprise attack?

[Lisa] dont stand directly in front of the middle of the coffin

[Griff (dog) (TMO)] (I think you don't have enough hands)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I could stand at the feet section

[Griff (dog) (TMO)] (lift lid, hold basket, swing sword)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Can it grip me with it's toes??? :)

[Lisa] yeah no sword

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Yes. To the Dog. He makes a good Point)

[Griff (dog) (TMO)] (What are you, a European swallow?)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Nah, African)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (you want Hoffman to open and you swing? Sword magical?)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Ah shit. No.)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Sonnofaibthch_)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (GRRRRRRRRRRRR)

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Just be ready to blow so much firepower at it, it doestn' even get to strech from it's long nap. :) )

[Lisa] you know the wight is in the half open coffin on the brer side

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Ok. Bob, please read :) )

[Master] I did

[Lisa] the jack in the coffin is on our side

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] OK

[Lisa] boing!

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] So. Platter

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Gimme

[Master] basket

[Snezana (Spring)] (basket?)

[Master] to carry things in

[Lisa] is it a platter or a basket with a handle?

[Griff (dog) (TMO)] (/me plays The Monkey Chased The Weasel)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Thank you bob. Sorry. I keep pictureing a tea tray platter or something. Maybe Black Cloak is british iwth a Moriarty Accent?)

Talwin (Michael-14198) Takes Basket

[Master] Charley with an accent?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] With free hand, carefully, and methodacly (No, Sherlock Holmes Moriarty)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Appraoches the coffin

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Careful to stand out of the line of fire of teammates

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] moves to where the feet section should be

[Carissa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Talwin moved 1'06".

Talwin (Michael-14198) Carefully bends down, ready to heave with a mighty thrust and quickly back up

[Griff (dog) (TMO)] (I've just about finished reading Holmes to JTom as his bedtime stories)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Ok Bob. I don't know how much the stone lid weights. Musc?)

[Master] yeap

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Talwin: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=8] 8 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Griff (dog) (TMO)] (good roll)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] OK. Now what save do I need to roll

[Master] read him the Six Napoleons then read him the story arc Elementary

[Master] No save

[Griff (dog) (TMO)] (we just finished Six Napoleons last week)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I like Hounds of the Baskervilles

[Griff (dog) (TMO)] woof

[Master] the stone lid slides up

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] ;)

[Master] and inside is a body wrapped in linen

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] mummy rot!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (ohhh brer's gonna be mad!)

[Snezana (Spring)] what is it then?

[Snezana (Spring)] i notice you failed to explode

Talwin (Michael-14198) Calls out. Thee's a body in here

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (LOL)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "Can we incinerate it?"

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] brer can kiss my smooth elf ass

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "I dont' wantt o go anywhere near it"

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] "Not in this place"

Talwin (Michael-14198) Backs up a few steps

[Master] you are already a foot away from it

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] can we have thief look for level first?

[Master] SLAM the lid of the coffin comes down

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] A few more steps then

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I thought you said there might be a catch for the wall in there?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Oh sorry bob

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Someone poke it with a stick to make sure it's dead."

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I misunderstood the coffin

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Does it not swing all the way over?

[Master] you lifted it up

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Or do I need to hold it?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] OK. Sorrty. Can we go back?

[Master] when you let go and backed away it fell back closed

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] That was my mistake

[Master] you can open it again if you want

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I misunderstood

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] OK

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Talwin: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=3] 3 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Master] creeek

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Talwin: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=12] 12 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (it will be something else every time you open it)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Talwin: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=14] 14 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Talwin: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=3] 3 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Talwin: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=18] 18 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] [Hoffman]] moved 4'06".

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Talwin: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] uh

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] what the hell

[Master] there is a body wrapped in linen inside

[Snezana (Spring)] (whew)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] want me to check for level

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] sorry

[Griff (dog) (TMO)] (Talwin has just flung the lid through the roof)

Hoffman (JohnA)] want me to check for lever

Talwin (Michael-14198) No Hoffman

Talwin (Michael-14198) Phyn, get over here and see fi you notice anything perculiar

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Check for traps

Hoffman (JohnA)] [Hoffman]] moved 3'06".

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Please

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Talwin: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=20] 20 - ROLL FAILED against 11!!

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Poke it."

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] While he's doing that

[Sundown (Master)] To Indigo, Isn't this where everyone thinks you are a thief?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] You poke it you asshole. Look to see if there's traps /me Talwin growls

[Indigo (Lisa)] No. Everyone knows I'm not.

[Indigo (Lisa)] I've been thinking.

Lanek (Spring) rolls eyes

[Sundown (Master)] I know you are not

[Lanek (Spring)] Lanek moved 10'03".

Talwin (Michael-14198) Sighs

[Indigo (Lisa)] We should have a secret move so you know it's me

[Lanek (Spring)] shall i check for traps? or levers?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Like ...

[Sundown (Master)] That would be good

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "You're a thouroughly unpleasant person."

Indigo (Lisa) does a few dance steps and waves his arms in a circle

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Both please. But don't get too close pplease)

Hoffman (JohnA)] ask Tal

[Indigo (Lisa)] Nobody but me would do that

[Sundown (Master)] I do not think I can do that

[Sundown (Master)] but yes that is very convincing

[Indigo (Lisa)] You could do something else

[Lanek (Spring)] Lanek: Find/remove traps check:(d100) [1d100=16] 16 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 70!!

Talwin (Michael-14198) Anything Lanek?

[Sundown (Master)] What if I said "You can pass, come along now"

[Indigo (Lisa)] Nah! That's what your supposed to say!

[Sundown (Master) (to Spring only)] Lanek sees there is a lever in the coffin, one of the corpse's hand is wrapped around it

[Lanek (Spring)] found the lever. youre not gonna like it

[Lanek (Spring)] the stiff is gripping it

Talwin (Michael-14198) Growls

Talwin (Michael-14198) Tie some rope in a loop toss it over the lever, and I'll slam the lid down

Hoffman (JohnA)] Shalll I?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] We'll pull the rope after the lid is closed

[Lanek (Spring)] Lanek moved 9'00".

Hoffman (JohnA)] I don't think that will work, as tight as this top is

[Lanek (Spring)] (getting out of the way so you can do shenanigans)

Talwin (Michael-14198) Wedge a small stone then

Hoffman (JohnA)] [Hoffman]] moved 2'09".

[Indigo (Lisa)] Wnat's yor favorite food?

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) pulls lever

Talwin (Michael-14198) I want the ghoulie to have to spend some time dealing with the lid then us

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] or not

[Sundown (Master)] Bisquets with honey

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yum!

[Indigo (Lisa)] I should have said that too

[Sundown (Master)] I got stung so many times when I was a kid

[Indigo (Lisa)] But you could say that

[Sundown (Master)] trying to get more honey

[Indigo (Lisa)] Ouch

[Sundown (Master)] Yeah

[Sundown (Master)] but it was worth it

Sundown (Master) grins

Indigo (Lisa) grins

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yup

Sundown (Master) nods to Indigo

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Am I good, or am I good? Told you there was a lever."

[Master] If you just have Indigo talk with everyone

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we'd all be happy campers?)

Hoffman (JohnA)] (we would all be much hungrier)

[Emerald (Lara)] /mr nods at Phyn

[Indigo (Lisa)] (that too)

Emerald (Lara) nods at phyn

Talwin (Michael-14198) Does Talwin get time to slam the lid closed?

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) pulls lever again

[Master] sorry John did not see that the first time

[Master] Hoffman pulls the lever and the stone block slowly grindes back upward

[Snezana (Spring)] hooray!

Hoffman (JohnA)] (and no pancakes?)

[Master] NOW let us see if TIberius was fast enough to avoid getting smushed

[Master] Brer was not

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Good work!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (eek!)

Talwin (Michael-14198) While that's happenidng, Slam the lid closed

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) helps Talwain set lid down quietly

[Master] or Griff would have smelled him underneith the rock

[Griff (dog) (TMO)] (Brer wasn't fast enough?)

[Snezana (Spring)] \(brer was not fast enough?)

[Snezana (Spring)] (or brer was not smashed?)

Hoffman (JohnA)] (for a sec that read like Brer was not fast enough not to get smushed)

[Master] Lord Tiberius: BAL check: (d20) [1d20=10] 10 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 10!!

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (And if it is, doesn't he get a save like Bran?)

[Master] so they both are standing on the other side of the rock

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] if anyone had gotten squashed there would realistically have been a spray of blood and gore.

[Master] if Brer had been smashed

Hoffman (JohnA)] Oh Hai, so glad your not dead

[Master] Griff would have smelled the remains

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Thank you for that Mike ) lol

[Griff (dog) (TMO)] Hmm... Me too.

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "I saved the holy consort! And the ppriest who would defile her holiness."

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Hmm... Me too.

Hoffman (JohnA)] NOW, can we disablle the trap, please

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That would be a good idea

[Master] crickets

Hoffman (JohnA)] oh Phyn?

[Lanek (Spring)] Lanek moved 9'02".

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] ::sighs:: "I hate this place. Pardon me, Emerald. MOVE< MOVE MOVE."

[Lanek (Spring)] Lanek: Find/remove traps check:(d100) [1d100=98] 98 - ROLL FAILED against 70!!

[Emerald (Lara)] Emerald moved 2'03".

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Oh, or the old man can try."

[Lanek (Spring)] (a sound effect is a bad thing, right?)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Hey I may need to leave in about half hour.)

[Master] Lanek can make a balance check

Hoffman (JohnA)] (i'm ready to leave now, just want to finsih this)

[Lanek (Spring)] Lanek: BAL check: (d20) [1d20=20] 20 - ROLL FAILED against 18!!

Hoffman (JohnA)] (ouch)

[Lanek (Spring)] (le sigh)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oh no)

[Master] save versus breath weapon

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (can someone try to catch him?)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (making that Guild was the BEST thing ever!!! :P )

[Lanek (Spring)] Lanek: Breath Weapon save: (d20) [1d20=14] 14 - ROLL FAILED against 16!!

[JohnA] [Hoffman]] targets Lanek. Distance: 0'01"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (hoffman and Branwyn are right there)

[Lanek (Spring)] (you knew that was coming right?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I didn't)

Hoffman (JohnA)] [Hoffman]]: Attack: unarmed: ((12-(d20+1))-1) [1d20=2] 8 [MODIFIED (-1)]. MISSES Lanek (AC FINAL: 3).

[Lisa] Branwyn targets Lanek. Distance: 0'03"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Attack: Plain Old Dagger: (17-(d20+0)) [1d20=6] 11. MISSES Lanek (AC FINAL: 3).

Hoffman (JohnA)] [Hoffman]]: Attack: unarmed: ((12-(d20+1))-1) [1d20=14] -4 [MODIFIED (-1)]. HITS Lanek (AC FINAL: 3)!!!

[Master] Lanek takes (6d6) [6d6=1,5,6,4,4,1] 21 points of damage as the stone SLAMS down onto his leg

[Master] Lanek's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 7 (-21) - Massively Wounded

[Branwyn (Lisa)] LANEK!

Lanek (Spring) yells

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Talwin open that coffin and pull that lever!

[Master] His leg is now pinned under the block

Hoffman (JohnA)] Uncle Fotopoulos moved 5'09".

[JohnA] Uncle Fotopoulos targets Lanek. Distance: 0'06"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] NOW!

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (*and* Branwyn tried to stab him in the back)

Hoffman (JohnA)] Uncle Fotopoulos: Healing check: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL FAILED against 15!!

[Master] you understand a healing check takes a full round

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Talwin!


[Master] Michael?

Hoffman (JohnA)] oh, I did not see the pined part

[Carissa] I am back at the keyboard.


[Talwin (Michael-14198)] One secnod

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Klooge is fucking me over

Talwin (Michael-14198) Heaves Coffin

Lanek (Spring) breathing like crazy

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) helps

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Talwin: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=14] 14 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Master] open

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) pulls lever

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Pull him back please!

[Master] Lanek moved 2'11".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh Lanek!

Lanek (Spring) yells a lot more

[Master] Spring can flip a coin right or left leg

[Master] is useless now

[Lanek (Spring)] A flip of the ol' kLoOge.Coin results in: Tails

[Lanek (Spring)] left then

Brer Necholas (TMO) watches to see if anyone or thing is coming due to the noise.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (is he right legged?)

[Master] laughs

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Stay here, Tiberius. Don't try to go back, we'll set off the trap again.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (aren't you guys seeing the door opening and closing?)

[Lanek (Spring)] i dunno, but heads comes before tails and BOB said right before he said left

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] I can barely get chat to coorporate and rolling is hard

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (yes we are, and we hear Lanek screaming. :) )

Hoffman (JohnA)] Talwin, keep that top open

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Yep

[Emerald (Lara) (to Master only)] is there anything i can help with?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (is his leg snapped? as in repair injury can get it in one piece again?)

[Emerald (Lara)] Is there anything I can help with>

[Master] No clue Lara

[Lanek (Spring)] (sophie did not like the scream)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (is that Lanek screaming like a girl again?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (or just injured?)

[Master] leg is ruined

[Thistle (Carissa)] (Spell repair wouldn't work?)

Lanek (Spring) trying to regulat breathing

[Master] crushed, mangled, not goign to walk on it again without magic

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so repair injury)

[Lanek (Spring)] yer ... gonna ... hafta .... leave me

Hoffman (JohnA)] (got it, think itis woth doing now)

[Master] discuss pros and cons

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (either now or we carry him back to the church)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (So, is this corpse continuiouosly dropping blocks on us? Can someone set the bastard on fire if that's what's cuasing it to continuously fall?

[Lisa] we can't leave him here

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (no reason to wait, unless we are all going to wait)

[Lisa] phyn hasn't tried to disable the trap

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (We can't leave him alone up int eh churche either)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (we might need more than one)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] (no, it's a trap. he faild his roll)

[Spring] (snee cannot cast repair injury)

[Spring] (she's outta L3)

[Lisa] ok

[Master] Phyn did not try to disarm the trap

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (OK. So all magic users, look up and see if you have repair insjury?)

[Master] that was Lanek

[Lisa] foto or nothing

[Emerald (Lara)] (i do not)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (no magic user has)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Maybe I should create another magic users just for healing and everything else can go in the crapper)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (only priests and only Foto if he still has 3rd available)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (mages typically don't have heaing)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (role separation)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (So. Should we let Foto sleep so Lanek can walk again?)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Knock him out until then?)

[Lisa] Branwyn no longer targets Lanek.

[Master] It is 1138 in the morning

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Not really sure of our options here)

[Master] you will not get spells back until tomorrow morning

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Do the Nap Spell Foto)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (You will get your spells back)

[Master] you already went one night

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (kill him and ressurect him)

[Master] LOL

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (I have 3 available,)

[Lisa] if foto cannot do it I think we should carry him back to the bed in the office

[Spring] (while looking for Snee's spells, i accidentally googled snee. was not disappointed. "snee in British English. (sni?) verb (transitive) obsolete. to cut or thrust with a knife, esp when fighting."

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] (Imari isn't here to do that. lol)

[Lisa] if he can then I think he shoud do it now

[Lisa] wait!

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] Uncle Fotopoulos casts a spell against Lanek: Repair Injury: You're healed (-1d10-1) [1d10=7] -8 points.

[Lisa] potion chest?

[Lisa] nobody waits :)

[Uncle Fotopoulos (JohnA)] (can't roll and read at same time, sorry)

[Lisa] I know

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (We all do it. No worries0

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] )

[Lisa] just popped in my head

[Lisa] did roll fix?

[Master] Lanek's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 15 (8) - Heavily Wounded

[Master] and Lanek's leg is back to whole

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (OK. Someone disable that trap please)

[Spring] oh my GODS that HURT almost as much as the STONE

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (OK Spring. OK :) )

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (lol)

Spring breathing

[Spring] LOL

[Spring] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lanek (Spring)] oh my GODS that HURT almost as much as the STONE

Lanek (Spring) breathing

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Here, come off to the side and rest.

[Lanek (Spring)] gimme a minute an i'll see if i can stand on it

Talwin (Michael-14198) You

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Let's let Phyn disable this one

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Points to Pyhn

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Disable this please

[Lanek (Spring)] thank you for the heal, man

[JohnA] [Hoffman]] no longer targets Lanek.

[Master] Time of Day: 11:53 AM. Day 10 Fin ___ de, Din {Mid Spring} 10th, 349 SKR.

[Master] Time of Day: 12:08 PM. Day 10 Fin ___ de, Din {Mid Spring} 10th, 349 SKR.

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (we got your back bro :) )

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "God, do you ever shut up? Sure thing, Branwyn. Maybe everyone should get out of the way."

[Hoffman]] (JohnA) ready to pull lever

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 0'11".

[Thistle (Carissa)] (

[Lanek (Spring)] Lanek moved 2'07".

Lanek (Spring) skooches back on his ass

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Is branwny going to slap his ass down for talking to her like that?)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] Phyn Thesis moved 13'10".

Branwyn (Lisa) puts her arm around Lanek to steady him

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] (that was to you and let lisa play branwyn as she will)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] Phyn Thesis: Find/remove traps check:(d100) [1d100=89] 89 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 95!!

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (??? Sorry dude. Thought that was aimed at her)

[Master] click

[Master] click

[Master] and the stone stays up

Hoffman (JohnA)] whew

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "There. It'll stay in place."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you Phyn

Talwin (Michael-14198) Sighs and lets the lid drop

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] "Sure thing. It's what I do."

Lanek (Spring) carefully tries to get up

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (15 min warning)

[Master] You are about to round the corner and head down the final stretch

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yipee!)

[Emerald (Lara)] Emerald moved 6'02".

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] Phyn Thesis moved 7'09".

[JohnA] Uncle Fotopoulos no longer targets Lanek.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Are you both all right on the other side?

[JohnA] [Hoffman]] moved 1'04".

Branwyn (Lisa) calls

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (what's the situation for us Bob? Everything as quiet as it's seemed?)

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Sure

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Good!

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] I think so.

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Waiting to open these coffins

Lanek (Spring) teeters along

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] you ready for us?

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (please dont)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No we aren't opening the coffins

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Agreed.

[JohnA] Yes, please lets move

[Lanek (Spring)] yes, let's

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That was how the black slime got loose

Griff (dog) (TMO) sniffs.

[Spring] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lanek (Spring)] i gotta shake out the pins and needles

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 2'02".

[JohnA] [Hoffman]] moved 5'04".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 4'05".

[Master] Branwyn moved 2'07".

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 5'11".

[Emerald (Lara)] (new map?)

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 6'10".

[Master] [Hoffman]] moved 6'05".

[Master] Branwyn moved 3'04".

[Master] Talwin moved 0'11".

[JohnA] Branwyn, did you get basket back?

[Master] Phyn Thesis moved 2'01".

Talwin (Michael-14198) Passes over Basket

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (good point)

Talwin (Michael-14198) Thank you

[Master] Howard Plum moved 1'05".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you Talwin. For your help

Branwyn (Lisa) takes basket

Talwin (Michael-14198) Thank you for the Basket

Talwin (Michael-14198) Smiles

Talwin (Michael-14198) Looks around

Talwin (Michael-14198) Let's see what we've got here

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Coffins and more coffins

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] One moment, I'll see if anything looks dangerous.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=3] 3 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Detect Evil Intent: By focusing for an entire round, I can detect evil intent or actions in a location or group up to 60' away and 10' wide.

[Master (to TMO only)] Brer can sense something lurking

[JohnA] [Hoffman]]: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=18] 18 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

Brer Necholas (TMO) holds up a hand in caution.

[Master (to Lisa only)] Branwyn can sense something waiting, lurking ready to leap

Branwyn (Lisa) holds out basket

Branwyn (Lisa) whispers "something is about to jump out"

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Hmm.. interesting idea.

Brer Necholas (TMO) takes the offered basket.

Branwyn (Lisa) nods

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] I've never gotten to do the sneaky stuff before.

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles

[Master] Branwyn is corrupting him

Brer Necholas (TMO) advances carefully, looking all around.

Branwyn (Lisa) thinks - good luck with that in that clanky armor

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (a mage that attacks with daggers, and now a paladin in plate armor trying to move silently

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (That's the way it plays out)

[Lara] I am away from the keyboard.

[JohnA] (don't forget the fighter in a cloak)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] lol

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 5'11".

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 2'09".

[JohnA] [Hoffman]] moved 2'00".

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 3'09".

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 5'09".

[Master] [Hoffman]] moved 5'03".

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (srry for update. 5 min)

[Master] Branwyn moved 3'09".

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Alertness check: (d20) [1d20=2] 2 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 19!!

[Master] Wight #20 targets Lord Tiberius. Distance: 2'03"

[Master] Wight #20: Attack: Claw: (15-(d20+0)) [1d20=4] 11. MISSES Lord Tiberius (AC FINAL: 10).

[Master] Wight #20: Attack: Claw: (15-(d20+0)) [1d20=7] 8. HITS Lord Tiberius (AC FINAL: 10)!!!

[Master] Wight #20: Attack: Bite: (15-(d20+0)) [1d20=9] 6. HITS Lord Tiberius (AC FINAL: 10)!!!

[Master] Wight #20: Damage v SM: Bite: (1d6) [1d6=1] 1 added to: Lord Tiberius

[Master] Wight #20: Damage v SM: Claw: (1d3) [1d3=2] 2 added to: Lord Tiberius

[Master] Lord Tiberius's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 34 (-3) - Moderately Wounded

[Master] Combat has begun!

[Master] ROUND: 0

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Tiberius!

[JohnA] [Hoffman]]: Initiative: (d10+10+-2) [1d10=7] 15

[Master] Lord Tiberius: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=8] 18

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Initiative: (d10+10+-2) [1d10=3] 11

[JohnA] Uncle Fotopoulos: Initiative: ((d10+10+-1)-10) [1d10=9] 8 [MODIFIED (-10)]

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Initiative: (d10+10+0) [1d10=4] 14

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Talwin: Initiative: (d10+10+0) [1d10=8] 18

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Howard Plum: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=8] 18

[Thistle (Carissa)] Thistle: Initiative: (d10+10+-2) [1d10=1] 9

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Initiative: ((d10+10+-2)-10) [1d10=3] 1 [MODIFIED (-10)]

[Master] ROUND: 1

[Lanek (Spring)] Lanek: Initiative: (d10+10+-2) [1d10=3] 11

[Master] INIT: 1 GOING: Indigo

[Lanek (Spring)] Snezana: Initiative: (d10+10+0) [1d10=10] 20

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (holds)

[Master] INIT: 8 GOING: Uncle Fotopoulos

[Lara] I am back at the keyboard.

[JohnA] Uncle Fotopoulos moved 11'05".

[Master] INIT: 9 GOING: Thistle

[Master] INIT: 11 GOING: Lanek

[Master] INIT: 11 GOING: Branwyn

[Master] Lanek can hold

[Master] same as Thistle

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (can she see what's happening?)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (she is holding)

[Master] Yes Branwyn can see that something is attacking Tiberius but Hoffman is filling most of the passageway

[Branwyn (Lisa)] /moves forward a bit to see what is happening

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (I have to punch in. Bob message me if it goes completely sideways and i'll see if I can't boot it up

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 2'00".

[Master] INIT: 14 GOING: Brer Necholas

[Master] Go Michael

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Goodnight Michael)

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] Bye all. Message me if it goes sideways

[Master] right now the Wight is ignoring Brer like he is not there

Michael-14198 has left the game on Fri Jun 26 22:30:18 EDT 2020

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (can I combine two actions? Toss the basket to Tiberius and try to turn the wight?)

[Master] no

[Master] Turning is a full round action

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (drop the basket and turn?)

[Master] You can do that

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (I don't want to try to turn and have it ignore me)

[Lanek (Spring)] (bye michael!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that would suck)

[Emerald (Lara)] bye Michael!!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (all the priestly energy just floating on by)

Brer Necholas (TMO) drops the basket, hopefully where Tiberius can grab it, then presents his sword to the wight. "Begone!"

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Turn Undead: Turn Roll= (1d20) [1d20=19] 19

  1. Turned= (2d6) [2d6=5,6] 11
  2. Extra*= (2d4) [2d4=1,1] 2
    D : Skeleton or 1HD
    D : Zombie
    T : Ghoul or 2HD
    T : Shadow or 3-4HD
    4 : Wight or 5HD
    7 : Ghast
    10 : Wraith or 6HD
    13 : Mummy or 7HD
    16 : Spectre or 8HD
    19 : Vampire or 9HD
    20 : Ghost or 10HD 

[JohnA] nice

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (solid turn roll - 11 wights easily fleeing)

Wight #20 (Master) wimpers and retreats back into the coffin pulling the lid shut

[Master (to GM only)] Wight #20 moved 1'08".

[Lanek (Spring)] (the whimper is a nice touch)

[JohnA] (play pass the basket or just ass by the Palidin?)

[JohnA] *pass

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (could he have had a free shot holding the basket and whacking at it?)

[Master] would have been a surprise round

[Master] so yes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (does basket have handle you can slip on wrist and still use hands)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (something to remember - didn't want to risk it though)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no I get it - just curious)

[Master] but holding the shield and the basket means no free hand

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (forgot the shield thing)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Is tiberius okay?)

[Master] He took 2 level drains

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (ouch!)

[Lanek (Spring)] :-(

[JohnA] so pass the basket?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (just whoever has the basket has to really lead)

[JohnA] wonder if we put the basket on coffin?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we need to give them some room to do what they need to with that free shot

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we still have hallway to get down)

[JohnA] no to get by this we have to pass the basket or Palin has to stay to keep turned

[JohnA] Brer

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (the coffin was open before and now it's shut - thought we were good)

[JohnA] is there a time on the turn?

[JohnA] if he can close it, he can open it?

[Master] yes to John

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Can we piton it shut?

[Master] Do you have any more? you used 6 by my count so far

[Master] THistle did not bring any ;)

Brer Necholas (TMO) checks his Bag of Many Pitons

[Thistle (Carissa)] (:P)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (too big to cantrip?)

[Master] nope

[Master] you can

[Mike] I am away from the keyboard.

[Thistle (Carissa)] (didn't he get it back when they went down the trap door?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (ok - you can ask her)

[JohnA] maybe we add weight to top

[Thistle (Carissa)] (a weight on the wight)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[JohnA] exactlym wight not

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (talwin can sit on it since he's one round behind)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (carissa has a point about the pitons - he would have taken them probably)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (apparently I failed to actually purchase pitons when making him, although that's a standard for me, so we'll say I had 6 and have run out)

[Master] so Thistle?

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (I have the hammer to go with them, but no pitons)

[Master] Do you have somethign ou want to show Brer?

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (i have wooden stakes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (naturally)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (I have a small tent I can put up over the coffin)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (emerald can cantrip them)

[Emerald (Lara)] YEs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she knows what they look like)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (whoops sorry walked away but go ahead and cantrip)

[Master] Combat has finished.

Emerald (Lara) (tell em what to do)

[Brer Necholas (TMO) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Brer Necholas modified:

[Master] you make a Cantrip check

[Master] is on your proficiency tab

[JohnA] my kingdom for a piton

[Emerald (Lara)] Emerald: Cantrip Proficiency check: (d20) [1d20=3] 3 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[Master] there you go

[Master] and Emerald has a nice clean new iron Piton in her hand

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (nice!)

Emerald (Lara) (i have no idea what just happened)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (you made things appear out of thin air)

[JohnA] imaging how fun it will be when you do

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (if it's small and you can picture it you can make it)

[Emerald (Lara)] (ah! thanks Lisa/Branwyn)

[JohnA] but now I really must go, must make it to bed

[JohnA] wish me luck

[Emerald (Lara)] (to John, yes. lol)

[Emerald (Lara)] gnite John!!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Goodnight John!!)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (my daughter just came up with one of her random questions: What's the least common but most horrible way to die? O_o )

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (hmmm ...)

[JohnA] ::waves::

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (I refused to answer)

[Emerald (Lara)] lol

JohnA has left the game on Fri Jun 26 22:47:35 EDT 2020

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (that's not a question a 9 year old needs to hear)

[Master] Choking on the last acorn in the world

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (not a question Dad wants to hear from his 9 year old)

[Mike] I am back at the keyboard.

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] my vote is black hole

[Master] but do you really die?

[Thistle (Carissa)] (depending how your county is doing, COVID?)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] as theoretically you'd experience it forever

[Master] that is not un-common at all

[Thistle (Carissa)] (that's why we go county level)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (I just had an enemy flayed alive a month or so ago)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that's not good)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (in a game, fyi. :P )

[Master] I am thinking dying of the acorn because you die and you just also eliminated the last of a species from the planet

[Thistle (Carissa)] (oooh eaten by fire ants)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (first question is why are you eating an acorn raw?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (ehhh someone would cut it out of you)

Emerald (Lara) (are we still IC? lol)

[Master] LOL

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (if you choked on it you were not masticating properly)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (second question is what type of acorn?)

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] you would make good fertilizer for it since if you choke it's not getting to your stomach acid

[Master] fine black hole wins

[Thistle (Carissa)] (third question is just...why)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (ok save us Lara - have Emerald deliver the Piton to Brer)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] [Hoffman]] moved 7'02".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Uncle Fotopoulos moved 3'05".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Talwin moved 4'11".

Brer Necholas (TMO) hammers the lid of the coffin shut.

[Master] Emerald moved 8'01".

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (sry, jumped the gun)

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 2'04".

[Lanek (Spring)] (oh bob i'm going thorugh my mementos and just encountered my crystal paperwight and my dragon ink pen)

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] I do feel a little weak

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 4'01".

Branwyn (Lisa) runs her hand through his hair

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] (very nice Spring, I have those paperweights here on the desk

[Emerald (Lara)] Emerald moved 8'09".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You don't look good. What happened? I couldn't see

Emerald (Lara) hands Piton to Brer

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] I was walking and then suddenly something leaped out and clawed me

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Thanks.

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] then Brer saved me

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] forced it back in

Brer Necholas (TMO) takes the piton from her and pulls out his hammer.

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] but I do not feel good

[Branwyn (Lisa)] What was it?

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] black, like that thing we saw when we first came down

Brer Necholas (TMO) hammers the lid of the coffin shut.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] A wight? Like what you pulled Indigo from?

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Yes

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] I thought those only lived in bogs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh Tiberius

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You will feel weaker from that attack for a long time

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Well when we get back home to the church they can fix me up

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Or Foto can

Branwyn (Lisa) brushes his cheek with her finger tip "I'm so so sorry"

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] He did a great job with Lanek

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It's not the same.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You need to be especially careful now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Please

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] We must be getting close though

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] right?

Branwyn (Lisa) turns to Brer "Is that thing secured?"

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] There are a lot more empty spaces now

Branwyn (Lisa) sighs "yes we are"

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] like they did not have enough people to put down here

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Or do you think they took them away?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They may have been the undead we have been fighting today. I don't know

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Or ... they could be ahead. I just don't know any more

Lord Tiberius (Master) shrugs

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] we will kill them

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Wights are difficult to make.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So hopefully there won't be many more of them

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] I hope those words are divinely inspired.

Brer Necholas (TMO) picks the basket back up.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Necholas, if you will lead with the basket, can Tiberius hold your shield so you have a free hand?

Brer Necholas (TMO) nods. "Of course."

TMO has edited Brer Necholas's effects.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Tiberius, you need to give space between Brer and his investigation

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] I can watch from the back

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] help out Sundown

[Lara] gnite folks!

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] make sure those things do ot come back

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] (Night)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (gnite!

[Lara] have a great weekend and be safe!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Goodnight Lara!)

[Lanek (Spring)] (gnite Lara!)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Good then send Indigo up please

Branwyn (Lisa) kisses Tiberius

Lord Tiberius (Master) kisses

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] I will wait here for him

Lara has left the game on Fri Jun 26 23:01:40 EDT 2020

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo! Please come up!

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 11'04".

[Master] Emerald moved 11'01".

[Master] Talwin moved 21'01".

Brer Necholas (TMO) checks the next coffin to make sure it's sealed.

[Master] [Hoffman]] moved 11'03".

[Indigo (Lisa)] See you Sundown!

[Master] Uncle Fotopoulos moved 6'02".

Indigo (Lisa) jogs up front

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 19'05".

[Master] Thistle moved 4'02".

[Master] Phyn Thesis moved 5'04".

[Master] Lanek moved 8'05".

[Master] Howard Plum moved 3'03".

[Master] Snezana moved 2'11".

[Master] Griff (dog) moved 11'09".

[Master] Sundown moved 6'04".

[Master] Indigo moved 9'00".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hold the shield for Brer please Indigo

[Master] Branwyn moved 5'02".

[Master] Griff (dog) moved 7'10".

[Master] Thistle moved 5'08".

[Master] Phyn Thesis moved 4'07".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 3'08".

[Master] Lanek moved 5'03".

[Master] Howard Plum moved 4'09".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo moved 1'10".

[Master] Snezana moved 6'03".

[Master] Sundown moved 7'03".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (want him to clear the alcoves before we enter please)

[Master] Time of Day: 12:24 PM. Day 10 Fin ___ de, Din {Mid Spring} 10th, 349 SKR.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he can tell us we can come up)

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 12'03".

Brer Necholas (TMO) looks everywhere

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no more level drains if we can help it)

[Master] Indigo moved 11'08".

[Master] Branwyn moved 9'11".

[Master] Thistle moved 12'00".

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Alertness check: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 19!!

[Master] Griff (dog) moved 10'11".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 1'09".

[Master] Phyn Thesis moved 13'02".

[Master] Lanek moved 11'06".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Howard Plum moved 10'07".

[Master] Snezana moved 10'00".

[Master] Sundown moved 6'04".

[Master] Brer does not sense any danger ahead

Brer Necholas (TMO) does the limbo

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (j/k)

[Master] This section seems eriely quiet

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] feeling pretty tired. sorry guys.

[Phyn Thesis (Mike)] have a good night and good week.

Brer Necholas (TMO) chekcs his journal for 'eerie quiet' to see what the potential causes are)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Goodnight Mike! )

[Master] Indigo moved 2'07".

[Master] Branwyn moved 2'00".

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (thanks for coming!)

[Master] Thistle moved 4'08".

[Master] Griff (dog) moved 4'10".

[Master] Phyn Thesis moved 9'09".

[Master] Lanek moved 8'03".

[Master] Howard Plum moved 10'06".

Mike has left the game on Fri Jun 26 23:06:02 EDT 2020

[Master] Snezana moved 11'10".

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 6'09".

[Master] Sundown moved 7'06".

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (are we ready to go on?)

[Master] Brer Necholas, Griff (dog), Indigo, Lanek, Branwyn, Sundown, Snezana, Thistle, Howard Plum and Lord Tiberius moved 11'02".

[Master] Griff (dog), Indigo, Lanek, Brer Necholas, Branwyn, Sundown, Snezana, Thistle, Howard Plum and Lord Tiberius moved 14'08".

[Master] Time of Day: 12:39 PM. Day 10 Fin ___ de, Din {Mid Spring} 10th, 349 SKR.

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] I'm definitely not used to doing this with a parade behind me.

[Master] Indigo, Griff (dog), Lanek, Brer Necholas, Branwyn, Sundown, Snezana, Thistle, Howard Plum and Lord Tiberius moved 23'06".

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Alertness check: (d20) [1d20=20] 20 - ROLL FAILED against 19!!

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (all is perfectly clear!)

[Master] Branwyn, Griff (dog), Indigo, Lanek, Brer Necholas, Sundown, Snezana, Thistle, Howard Plum and Lord Tiberius moved 30'06".

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 6'05".

[Master] Indigo moved 7'00".

[Master] Branwyn moved 6'03".

[Master] Thistle moved 5'00".

[Master] Griff (dog) moved 5'11".

[Master] Howard Plum moved 9'07".

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (how many 90 degree turns does this place HAVE??)

[Master] Lanek moved 5'07".

[Master] Snezana moved 6'07".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you can ask Bran if she sees anything - she's trusting you right now and probably wouldn't check at this point)

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 9'01".

[Master] Sundown moved 8'04".

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (aren't we back where we started yet?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 2'06".

Brer Necholas (TMO) looks down the new hallway

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Howard Plum moved 2'04".

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Brer Necholas: Detect Evil Intent: By focusing for an entire round, I can detect evil intent or actions in a location or group up to 60' away and 10' wide.

[Master (to TMO only)] brer can sense the two open coffins were heavily evil but seem empty now?

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Hmmm...

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Something wicked *was* in these two coffins just ahead, but isn't there now.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Wonderful

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Their odor still hangs in the air.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Ghasts maybe?

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] but I don't know if they're waiting further on, or if we've already met them.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=2] 2 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (name that undead scent)

[Master] Branwyn does not spot anything

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she was smelling)

[Master] It smells older than a Ghoul

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Well... let me do this roguish thing again.

[Master] More papery

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Don't think it was simple as a ghoul

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (ugh)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Smells papery?

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Damn

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Mummies

Branwyn (Lisa) shakes her head

[Indigo (Lisa)] I've never seen a mummy

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Luckily, they're rare.

[Indigo (Lisa)] This place has every kind of undead there is

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] We need torches.

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] They don't like fire.

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Not that it'll stop them, but it could hurt them.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Does anyone have them? I can light them

[Brer Necholas (TMO) (to Master only)] am I remembering that right?

[Master (to TMO only)] yes from your recolections of legends you have never seen a mummy before

Branwyn (Lisa) calls back for torches as we think there may be mummies ahead

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (crickets again)

[Lanek (Spring)] (woo hoo! i found my circular gallifreyan notebook!)

[Griff (dog) (TMO)] woof

[Master] man did Thistle bring anything?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (LOL)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sundown?)

[Lanek (Spring)] (not any good for torches tho)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (sticks? she probably brought sticks)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he's a torch and pitchfork kinda guy)

[Master] sorry then no torches

Brer Necholas (TMO) hands Branwyn a flask of oil

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] and a torch

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Should I light it now?

[Master] and that is a quote too for you Carissa

[Master] between Thisle and Sundown

[Thistle (Carissa)] (hopefully I'll know which one when I read this later)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (ahh)

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 2'09".

[Master] Indigo moved 3'07".

[Master] Branwyn moved 4'04".

[Master] Howard Plum moved 6'04".

[Master] Thistle moved 3'04".

[Master] Griff (dog) moved 4'03".

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] probably best to have them ready.

[Master] Lanek moved 5'08".

[Master] Snezana moved 5'08".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we used to carry tons of torches and then we got continual light and we're too good for torches)

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 4'10".

[Master] Sundown moved 5'00".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo moved 2'03".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 1'06".

[Master] laughs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Howard Plum moved 3'08".

Brer Necholas (TMO) moves forward.

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 7'07".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 3'06".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo moved 4'10".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 4'05".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Howard Plum moved 3'10".

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 5'09".

[Master] Indigo moved 3'03".

[Master] Branwyn moved 4'00".

[Master] Howard Plum moved 4'04".

[Master] Lanek moved 10'06".

[Master] Griff (dog) moved 5'09".

[Master] Thistle moved 5'08".

[Master] Snezana moved 8'06".

Brer Necholas (TMO) keeps a very close eye out for lurking mummies

[Master] Lord Tiberius moved 7'02".

[Master] Sundown moved 6'08".

[Master] Brer Necholas moved 6'00".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 9'11".

[Master] Howard Plum, Indigo and Branwyn moved 9'11".

[Master] Lanek moved 10'04".

Brer Necholas (TMO) checks the closed coffin to make sure it's sealed

[Master] Thistle moved 3'04".

[Master] Griff (dog) moved 2'10".

[Master] Nods

[Master] dead end here

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (dead end or undead end?)

[Master] LOL

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (are we calling it here for the night?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (door?)

[Master] there is no door

[Master] Just a wall

[Thistle (Carissa)] (secret door? where's an elf when you need one)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (a round behind)

[Thistle (Carissa)] (or a spell)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] This is new

[Thistle (Carissa)] (or we're going to have to open coffins because it's a coffin to get in there)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There was no wall here before

[Master] Knowledge check for Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So perhaps similar to the last wall we encountered

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: KNO check: (d20) [1d20=6] 6 [MODIFIED (+1+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Master (to Lisa only)] there was a secret door and chamber that someone had to discover to go farther the timeyou were here with Tristan

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to Master only)] did not remember that!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Wait ...

[Master] Falls over in shock

Branwyn (Lisa) pictures in her head

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There was a secret door when we were here before

[Lanek (Spring)] (hahhaha)

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] Hmmm... Do you remember where?

Brer Necholas (TMO) looks around.

[Master] and THIS is where we call it a night

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (good)

[Master] Once you find that door

[Master] and then open it

[Master] will be a quick round by round thing most likely

[Carissa] A Black Cloak comes flying at us

[Carissa] *as

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (again, I do feel bad for sort of monopolizing the game by leading, but it makes the most sense)

[Lisa] (totally makes sense)

[Master] pretty sure they had fun with all the convo in the back of the group

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (am glad of that)

[Lisa] we are so beat up right now I'm not sure how to arrange ourselves next week

[Lisa] branwyn is now married to an 8th level fighter

Lisa cries

[Master] lol

[Brer Necholas (TMO)] (totally grounds for a divorce in most countries)

[Lanek (Spring)] (hahaha)

[Lisa] what I do remember is the small/medium room that led to a big staircase down

[Master] Indigo XP award: 100. Next level in 53238.

[Master] Sundown XP award: 100. Next level in 0.

[Master] Lanek XP award: 100. Next level in 0.

[Master] Snezana XP award: 100. Next level in 3190.

[Master] Howard Plum XP award: 100. Next level in 27645.

[Master] Uncle Fotopoulos XP award: 100. Next level in 3138.

[Master] Phyn Thesis XP award: 200. Next level in 0.

[Master] Thistle XP award: 100. Next level in 8646.

[Master] Emerald XP award: 200. Next level in 0.

[Master] Talwin XP award: 200. Next level in 90390.

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 200. Next level in 163684.

[Master] [Hoffman]] XP award: 200. Next level in 153038.

[Master] Lord Tiberius XP award: 100. Next level in 74807.

[Master] Brer Necholas XP award: 200. Next level in 73882.

[Lisa] into the huge chamber with a fountainin

[TMO] and Bob... if I wanted to play a 7th level Paladin, I would have MADE a 7th level paladin!

[Lisa] cuz Ilero went sneaking down the staircase by himself

[Lisa] LOL

[TMO] I don't remember this at all, tbh

[Master] Indigo XP award: 150. Next level in 53088.

[Master] Sundown XP award: 150. Next level in 0.

[Master] Lanek XP award: 150. Next level in 0.

[Master] Snezana XP award: 100. Next level in 3090.

[Master] Howard Plum XP award: 100. Next level in 27545.

[Master] Uncle Fotopoulos XP award: 150. Next level in 2988.

[Master] Phyn Thesis XP award: 200. Next level in 0.

[Master] Thistle XP award: 150. Next level in 8496.

[Master] Emerald XP award: 200. Next level in 0.

[Master] Talwin XP award: 200. Next level in 90190.

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 200. Next level in 163484.

[Master] [Hoffman]] XP award: 200. Next level in 152838.

[Master] Lord Tiberius XP award: 150. Next level in 74657.

[Master] Brer Necholas XP award: 200. Next level in 73682.

[Lisa] branwyn waited her usual 2 seconds and followed

[Master] Ilero Tristan and Branwyn last time

[Lisa] and Hoffman

[Spring] okay have a good night!

[Master] Indigo was off on the quest for the King's Shield

[Master] Night Spring

[Lisa] Goodnight Spring!

Spring has left the game on Fri Jun 26 23:33:07 EDT 2020

[TMO] good night everyone

[TMO] thanks for the game

[Carissa] Night all

[Lisa] Goodnight!

Carissa has left the game on Fri Jun 26 23:33:23 EDT 2020

[Master] and I did laugh TMO

Lisa has left the game on Fri Jun 26 23:33:35 EDT 2020

[TMO] at which in particular?

[Master] 7th level

[TMO] sigh

[TMO] robbing me of my hard-earned rewards

[TMO] that is, imho, one of the most broken mechanics in this version of the game. I could see a temporary loss to simulate energy drain, or stat loss, etc.

[TMO] but permanently draining away of knowledge and experience

[TMO] hi! you can't cast that level spell again!

[TMO] you've forgotten the words

[TMO] etc. :)

[Master] it is definately something to balance out level increases in player characters

[Master] without just increasing levels of monsters

[Master] it is the recovery that is harder to justify

[TMO] except that at this level it's thousands and thousands of xp. weeks, months, possibly even years of work on your character. Gone.

[Master] nods

[TMO] granted, I don't have that kind of time invested in Brer

[TMO] eh, it is what it is.

[Master] but it does make people fear undead

[TMO] besides, he's most likely not going to stay with the group much past this particular adventure, unless they really decide they like him. ;)

[Master] I think they do

[Master] it is more do you want to stick around

[Master] clearing out undead here in the Wastes

[TMO] I'm not sure I agree with that. It makes them want to avoid them. Which could just mean avoiding that particular adventure completey.

[TMO] hmm..

[Master] grins another Heroes versus Adventurers debate as well

[TMO] (to quote Brer)

[Master] Going to save this, shut down restart etc.

[TMO] his mission isn't killing all undead, although that's definitely a worthy task. He's focused on vampires. Vampire Lords to be specific. Wonder where we can find some of those?

[TMO] yepyep! Gotta go meself. nite!

[Master] have a great time

[Master] stay safe

[TMO] you too

TMO has left the game on Fri Jun 26 23:42:00 EDT 2020

XP awarded