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Twenty-fifth Anniversary Game - Session Summary

  • These are being typed and updated as we play. Ignore the mistakes. Thanks!

Session: 20180601

  • Rolling negatives does work! But first real roll to start us off? To the oldest player. Roll high, John! 11 high enough? Apparently not. Who is in skiff 6?
    1. Carissa didn't update a skiff or something? Shhh! I can hear you.
    2. Giant frogs? If you have four legs, you're out of luck...
    3. Frogs carrying off Eddie and Galad, Hoffman killing the one taking Eddie, Snee attacking one, two now fighting over her, Galad biting the one carrying him, the frog biting him back, Hoffman kills one frog, winner gets Snee who is now being carried into the water, Miranda freezes two of the three, giant frog still carrying away Galad, Anor runs to save him, fails, Shi cast calm, frog doesn't run, Galad is dropped, Miranda saves him!
  • Now rolls for the next encounter? Mario? None, good! Lisa? None, good! Sean? None? Let's keep it going. Spring's turn and..... damn. Skiff 7? Again?
    1. Aligator (alligator or aligator?) turns the skiff over, Wu falls in, Shi and Anor follow (splash), Miranda makes it, Shi clings to skiff, Anor bites Aligator, Miranda gets to land and hit by the tail and backs up, Shi tries to grab onto Anor, Kel and Hoffman come help, aligator dead.
    2. See you later, aligator! After awhile, crocodile! (But really, it's an aligator. Alligator?)
  • BOB says OK! Take a shot! (Mario isn't in the room? Okay you can ignore it - this time).
    1. Mario says that doesn't count? Beg to differ. In the summary. Summary is truth.
  • ...but really next encounter? Why did John roll again??
    1. Side conversations: how Ilero really sounds, is it She or Shy?, why nobody sounds like we imagined them sounding like? Those small (important?) details.
    2. Back to the encounter: hill in the swamp? Do swamps have hills?
    3. And although he types it, TMO is required to say Ilero's lines out loud.
    4. And back again to encounter: they might be giants (hill giants, not the band)? Mud huts? Monk village? Yeah, probably a monk village. We think. Nope sorry Hill Fort. Um, there really was a hill? Or a fort that wishes it was on a hill? Maybe it's really just a Mound Fort.
    5. No, sorry. Mud huts, monastery, and hill fort? Got it.
  • Hugh takes Ilero and the two of them enter the quiet, spooky village all by themselves. Good idea? If only they'd asked Branwyn (who would tell you no, definitely not).
    1. The rest on the skiffs confer as the other two leave. No, Hugh did NOT take the baby with him.
    2. What awaits them? More skeletons. Of course BUT we learn from the last battle. See how they're not attacking? So if we don't attack, and they don't attack - retreat! Er, or not?
    3. Sidenote: EVERYONE loves the puns. Really. Promise.
  • So bullywugs appear as they try to retreat. Now Hugh and Ilero are being attacked. Don't worry! The party is only....hundreds of feet away! What to do?
    1. Shoot the arrow of healing? If only we had such a thing.
    2. Running towards the mess to save them, killing some, it's past midnight. Keep going? Vote to go the end of Round 2.
    3. Ilero gets bullywug piled (aka 8 on top of him so make a save verus breath at -16 because that's....well shit). No, he doesn't make it. Surprise?
    4. We try to save him. I think. I don't know. It's past midnight. Going to leave it here and pick up tomorrow. Night!

Quotes of the Night:

[Master] so you are ready for the day?
[Guy] nope i ran away from all the kidney stealing lol

Miranda Paige (JohnAA)] (keep Mercy away from ilero when she is learning to talk)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] "What is it?"
[Leatherus (Sean Conner)] A gender neutral pronoun.
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (That explains a lot)

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Well, folks. Save us if we turn into porcipinces due to the arrows sticking out of us
[Lisa] (A porcupine, lobster hybrid?)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] (Safe for TMO is miles)
Ilero (TMO)] (safe FOR TMO, or safe FROM TMO?)

[Leatherus (Sean Conner)] If they're programmed, maybe we can exploit them.
[Indigo (Lisa)] Undead don't just happen. I wonder if this is vampires or a necromancer like Red Cloak.
[Kel (MarioCS)] (who has the Programmer proficiency?)

(Paraphrased) Quotes of the Night:

[Mario] If Mara has to be lawful, then she'll be lawful.
[Spring] If I had to play a lawful character, I don't know about that.

[???] I don't remember Leatherus
[[Lisa] He has a BIG sword.

[Guy] oh and lets not forget about being covered in metal chips
[[Mario] Oh yeah, the glitterdust.
[Carissa] No he means his real life job
[Mario] Meshing real life and fantasy life!

[Spring] I need to change Kenna's icon because she has the wrong face.
[BOB] Oh I thought you said long-sleeves.

[TMO] I think the save is for not being swallowed.
[Lisa] Hey wait, Indigo never got a save versus swallowed!

[BOB] Only Hoffman, Snee, and the dogs need to roll initiaive.
[TMO] Type it in the (chat) box!!

[Michael] Right BOB?
[Carissa] You have to type it for him to answer you.
[Mario] BOB can't hear you. He's wearing the earmuffs of deafening +2

[Michael] Something bad always happens when we approach some kind of structure.
[John] You don't know bad until the structure attacks you.

[Robert] So I can run 360?
[Carissa] That just leaves you in a circle.
[Lisa] And you don't have directional sense...

Session: 20180602

  • John gets Carissa another monitor. He wins for today! Don't bother trying to beat him. That's an unbeatable feat. Maybe.
  • So we return to Round 3 of the skeleton, bullywug, giant skeleton battle. Oh and what's that? A mysterious black-clad priestess blows a horn and more appear. Only slightly suspicious.
    1. Fighting, fighting, fighting... arguments on if it's too early for puns (humerus puns - get it? humerus? the bone? bah never too early), more fighting...
    2. Reminders to put things in chat. We're doing good so far! (And the person telling people to type in chat - me - is definitely being good about it. Definitely).
    3. Kenna and her amazing mallet hits things, Tiberius gets thrown by giant skeleton, Shi with Anor and Penelope decide to go rogue chase after the suspicious priestess, Aeiria turns undead, arrival of Rob and Calvin and their characters (Jonargh and Dominic), gathering more to head to the buildings, Jon the naked sailor benefits from being naked (bullywugs miss - wait, sorry, next one hit), giant skeletons throw Johan (who was already massively wounded), Branwyn puts two of the bullwugs asleep around Ilero (who is still held down but not being hurt - yet), and more fighting.
    4. Maybe sensing a change in battle, bullywugs start attacking Ilero, Tiberius gets thrown again, Miranda gets thrown and nearly dies, Johan is still dying, Penelope lassos a skeleton to be a hostage, Shi prepares to run into a horde of skeletons, Ilero finally gets to attack some of the bullywugs, Shur gets tossed by another giant skeleton, fighting fighting, killing of the sleeping bullywugs, running running, Anastacia joins the "tossed by giant skeletons" club, more fighting and running, yes things are dying (it's just a huge map), other skeletons running into the cluster of buildings still, cluster of buildings soon entered by Shi, Anor, Penelope, and Mara, and eventually everything is killed!
    5. Okay, let's take the wounded to the skiffs and....wait, where's half the party?
  • Penelope, Shi, Anor, and Mara find themselves in the cluster of buildings while the others try to figure out where they went. They find the priestess in the church, but leave Mara outside. Is the priestess nice? Of course not.
    1. Shi is invisible to undead so the skeletons ignore her, but not the priestess who stops Shi from casting against her and tries to curse her. Penelope and Anor keep getting attacked, Anor is commanded to FETCH by the priestess, Shi keeps chanting, priestess curses Shi to silence until she stands in a strong beam of sunlight, Penelope runs to stab priestess, and more of the party catches up!
    2. Ilero and Hoffman run to front of the church, Shi frantically waves to them before shooting the priestess, tries to tell them what's going on (with limited success), and they attack. She finally dies.... but a swipe from her scythe poisons Hoffman. Thankfully, Shi knows he's poisoned. Double thankfully, Ilero can read lips! But Shi is still cursed ("Shi is cursed to be silent until she stands under a beam of pure sunlight).
    3. Lesson of the afternoon: don't talk to spellcasters, cast first, don't pull an Ilero.
  • While they try to help Hoffman, Kel opens ones of the chests. What comes out? Centipedes. Because it's Kel. What else do you think is going to come out??
    1. Meanwhile, the other skeletons are killed, the altar is searched, Dominic claims the black ram cloth that Branwyn picked up. It's his. Yes, he has such a cloth. Now.
    2. Ilero is given a pair of platinum dice the priestess had on her because he landed final blow (Shi thinks they should go to Penelope who helped her chase the priestess down) while Jonargh takes the mace that was on the priestess.
    3. Yay massive EXP for the fight!
  • We find out it's likely a priestess of Hades based on the cloths (a purple one was for the archbishop in the Greek church while the actual symbol has been torn out and bloodied while the white close is for a Cardinal of Hades).
    1. Before we get to building searching, Brother Foto does successfully remove the curse from Shi.
    2. Searching the smallest building we find a stack of 139 priestly scrolls. What kind? Greek kind.
    3. Second building? Looks like barracks. Yes, more skeletons! And two chests! One holds a soupy, mucky mess that is probably a dead body while the other holds a pile of short swords. Kel eventually looks into the mucky mess and finds a short sword, but was it worth it?
    4. Third building is MORE skeletons, rotting food, tinder, and iron pockers. Oh and abandoned pig pens in back.
  • After all that fun, Hugh decides to burn the beheaded body of the priestess. Good plan? Yes! Except the bull headed man does NOT like that idea, appears out of nowhere, and pins Hugh against a wall almost killing him. Almost.
    1. It's a relatively fast fight, Hugh doesn't die, and we continue to burn the body.
    2. Branwyn searches the minotaur and finds: a jar of oil and a scroll of protection from Genies.
  • So....what next? It's only the afternoon. And we're a bit beat up. Some of us sleep early, watches are set for those able to fight still, healing is used up, ect. ect.
    1. But before we do watch, we do finally open the room scroll and toss everything in including the 139 Priest Scrolls (Greek) found in the library in the cluster of buildings (as well as the scythe and cloths).
    2. First watch with Hoffman, Leatherus, and Branwyn (Marisu is alone in the church before Eddie joins her). They talk a little and that is that.
    3. Second watch with Kel, Ilero, and Hugh. Kel and Ilero have a bone dry conversation, end up finding Marisu in the church and convince her and Eddie to go to the barracks for sleep, talk about leaving Mercy at the wedding as an offering, and end it with Ilero and Kel racing on the roofs?
    4. Third watch? Indigo, Aeiria, and Shur with Hugh deciding to stay up longer. They talk about seizing fish, praying to fish, and whatever else you do with fish? I don't know. Too many priests? Also too much fish. But what's that?
  • A giant boar! Is it Fluffy? Is he nice? What's the boar doing right now? Drunkenly walking through the cluster of buildings. We leave it alone, and he leaves them alone.
  • Nothing from boar, but we do finally open the crypt to find.... dirt, bones, and nice Greek clothing. Boring! But we've avoided patrols and Bolpel Estates is right down that real road. Is it a smooth road? Questionable, but we'll find out!
    1. time! Night all and hope you had fun!

Quotes of the Night:

[JohnAA] (Beth, you may be able to turn next round)
[Elizabeth-51008] Am I facing the wrong direction?

[Carissa] (Jon might be naked, but he's good!)
[Spring] (this might be why he's good)
[Jon the sailor (Robert)] please ladies.. don't stare

Miranda Paige (JohnAA)] (that is old hat)
Miranda Paige (JohnAA)] (none of our priest wear Habits)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (it was getting to be too routine)

Mara the Blessed (MarioCS) turns to the crew" HELP!!!"
[Mara the Blessed (MarioCS)] Hurry Im in danger!!
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Mara broke a nail)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) Anor! Where's Shi??
[JohnAA] You have been fetched
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (You've got male)

[Spring] (how many lowe's would rob lowe rob if rob lowe could rob lowe's?)

[Miranda Paige]] (JohnAA)] (is the fire lit?)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (John is on fire)
Miranda Paige (JohnAA)] (ouch)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Sorry didn't mean to burn you)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Pun was just too hot to handle)
[Aeiria (Elizabeth-51008)] (burn baby burn, lol)

John's Version
[Miranda Paige]] (JohnAA)] (is the fire lit?)
[Miranda Paige]] (JohnAA)] (or is it just OK?)
Then John explains to those without teenager that 'Lit' is the new cool
If you have to explain, you've lost your audience

[Dominic (Calvin)] If we stick the priestess' head onto a poker, we have a puppet
[Aeiria (Elizabeth-51008)] She's just a figurehead, then.
[Dominic (Calvin)] The bull would make a MUCH better puppet

Branwyn (Lisa) searches bull headed man
[Dominic (Calvin)] (there are bull headed men all around you)

Ilero (TMO)] (and then a minotaur shits him)
Ilero (TMO)] *hits
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Bullshit?)

Aeiria (Elizabeth-51008) stretches and mutters "Ye gods and little fishes! I spent way too much time in Admin."
[Indigo (Lisa)] Fishes?
Shurkural (TMO)] You pray to fishes?
[Leatherus (Sean Conner)] Carpe Diem
[Leatherus (Sean Conner)] Seize the Fish!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We are short on healing at the moment, but that doesn't mean we need to recruit an army of healers
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] I would like an army of Jilly's

[JohnAA] You have been fetched
[Kel (MarioCS)] (E) Stay here boy
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (You've got male)
[Kel (MarioCS)] (huh?! That explains...)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (not much, actually)

[Kel (MarioCS)] observes chest
(Master)] wooden chest
[Kel (MarioCS)] not Mara's

(Paraphrased) Quotes of the Night:

[Lisa] I didn't realize I'd be jumping into a dog pile.
[Carissa] A frog pile (bullywugs).

[???] Jon got missed?
[Mario] See? Being naked helps!

[Spring] (Snee missed) See! Useless in a fight.
[John] You're taking hits. That's what matters!

[Carissa] Penelope lassoed a skeleton to take with us.
[John] You mean she has a skeleton key?

[BOB] KLoOge was messing up because Carissa was controlling a character.
[TMO] What's it called? Carissa controls it all?

[Michael] Where did Hugh go?
[Calvin] Yeah, where are Hugh.

[Lisa] Stupid doesn't get you out of combat!

Mario's younger brother Robert "my mom took one look at him and said 'we can do better'

Weekend Takeaways

  1. Frontline fighters don't all have thick armor and swords. Sometimes they have magic and pointy daggers.
  2. There is no such thing as a bad pun, but some puns are better said out loud.
  3. You are not pronouncing character names correctly, but don't worry, neither is anyone else.

From Nyrma:

Hi Guys, It was nice meeting everyone of you and having you in our home. I know Bob cherishes your friendship and holds you all very close to his heart. I hope we could continue to develop a friendship that will grow with the years. I hope next time I see you I will have more time to spend with each one of you. Maybe I will create a crazy character. Trust me you to not know crazy :P :P :P Until then... Big Hug Nyrma