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A-ling Shan

This mountain range in Oriental Lands divides the lower lands of the Raurin Desert from the high terrain of the Katakoro Plateau. An extension of the Yehimal, the A-Ling Shan has a number of notable glaciers (Shigatse Glacier and the Glacier of the Dragon).

Most of the mountain range is unsettled and unexplored. The only known pass is the yarlhang La at the north end of the range, where the Old Caravan Road passes through on its way to Kushk. The Jumpa River Gorge on the western side has no known crossing points below the pass and so the only way into the A-Ling Shan is through the eastern valleys. Hidden on the southern slopes of the A-Ling Shan, this old fortress exists where none should be—across the impassable Jumpa Chasm on the cliffs of the untracked Yehimal - the tiger's nest.

As part of the Yehimal, the A-Ling Shan is a jumbled maze of high, frozen peaks. Best known of these is the Mahamsaratsu Shan on the eastern side. The mountains range from 17,000 to 24,000 feet in height. Glaciers reach almost to the edges of the range. At the foot of these are sometimes lakes formed by melting water trapped behind dikes of earth. These present a constant risk of flash flood to the people who dwell below.

Although small in relation to the rest of the Yehimal; the A-Ling Shan is noted for its fearsome monsters which raid the surrounding lands for food. Yeti and dragons are rumored to make their homes on the cold slopes of this land.