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A River Runs Through It

From 28-5-1267 TGR {28-5-345 SKR} to ???

This Era started the same as Diplomatic Entanglements with the characters packing up their belongings and sailing off. This time it was to leave Dryads Lair to head for home. Sailing the Narva River north first to visit Cornelia before the group headed back home to Drillian and Jistille Estates.

Discussion Threads

Character Quotes

[Dockmaster (Master)] you have seen a dragon ?
[Indigo (Lisa)] We did little more than that
[Miranda Paige]] (JohnA) examines holes in clothes
[Kel (Mario Laptop)] /whispers Should we show him the head?
[Indigo (Lisa)] His head is over there
Indigo (Lisa) points
[Indigo (Lisa)] We were going to move it down to the hold
Dockmaster (Master) whoa
[Dockmaster (Master)] I thought that was a carving
[Indigo (Lisa)] Takes up a lot of deck space
Patsy It's only a model.
Arthur Shhh!

[Kel (Mario Laptop)] see why we are called Dragon Slayers?
[Kel (Mario Laptop)] of Water Wings?
[Dockmaster (Master)] water dragons?
[Miranda Paige]] (JohnA) whispers see Dragon Slayers on Dragon Wings sounds bad as .. well tough

Ilero (TMO)] Yah, but usually only hye in danger from my stupidity.
Branwyn (Lisa) laughs loudly
[Branwyn (Lisa)] You didn't see me bounding across the field waving Shi's wand?
[Branwyn (Lisa)] You don't get the stupidity award every day Ilero

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Approach politely with a nod to both Brandarus and Branwyn
[Master] grins they are both Branadarus now

Ilero (TMO3)] ... Hye stay at Jistille wit' Branwyn and ot'er Dragonslayers. Not been t'ere long time.
[Tore Henrick (Lisa)] Tore.
Ilero (TMO3)] ... Ilero ...
[Tore Henrick (Lisa)] What are the otters like where you come from??

Feed Back & Recollections

This was a single story Era for the characters to have a chance to visit places before ending up back home in Drillian.

A - Leg A
B - Leg B
C - Leg C

To help keep track of the NPC's being encountered on the journey:

Branwyn{A,-B}Tiberius Branadarus{A,-B}Tore Henrick{B}Queen Cinna{A}???
{Howard Plum}CWu Sen Cho   
{Johan}CSam Hightower{A}   
Hugh D'AmbrayIthil   
Neith of InholtJilly   
Kenna WestfootPenelope   
Keldorldrin TekenlylFete{B,C}   
Shi'Nynze Zaurahel    
Miranda Paige    

Chat Logs

Leg A

Sep 01 17Sep 15 17BOB's Birthday GameSep 29 17Oct 06 17Oct 20 17Oct 27 17Nov 03 17Branwyn and Tiberius Wedding

Leg B

Nov 10 17Nov 17 17Nov 24 17Dec 01 17Dec 08 17Dec 15 17???