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I have a cool story plot involving a beautiful human female who was killed and turned into a flameskull by and evil necromancer centuries ago. He bound her to guard his treasure while he was away getting supplies to turn him into a lich. Well he never returned and his keep crumbled over the years. The treasure that Abigail was guarding was in a chamber deep in the bowels of his keep. During the earthquake that heralded the birth of Thorkoth Grimstone a huge hole opened up in the room and all the treasure fell down and was consumed in a lava flow. Abigail now freed from her duties, escaped through the passage ways below the underground room. For years she wanders the underdark watching creatures and one day decades after her release she sees Thorkoth in a battle against several grimlocks. Fascinated by his insane battle rager combat she makes the mistake of introducing herself while he is in his chaotic state. He immediately attacks her and "destroys" her. When she reforms later, she goes off looking for this imbecile, only to find him moping miles away. When she approaches him disguised as her "living" self, he of course is initially supsicious, but apparently upset about something. As she speaks with him she inquires about why he is so forlorn. Eventually he tells her about his "curse/blessing". She then upon further questioning realizes he has no recollection of "killing" her. She decides then to follow and observe him. Eventually she reveals her true nature to him, and rather then attack her he realizes that they are unusual friends. so for the past several years the 2 of them have been traveling together in the underdark.