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For years I have always liked to play characters with pets. Almarin Sunspray, Motubo, Ailea Morakenn, Mobuto just to name a few. When I saw the monster flameskull in a magazine I thought what a neat pet this would make. But to have a chance to make it acceptable it would have to have a pretty damn good story if I hoped to get it past Bob the "no you can't do that DM". Of course I may not have the OK on having Abigail either as I haven't asked his permission...(PLEASE BOB, PLEASE)!!! Anyway Abigail if she went around like a floating flaming skull all the time probably wouldn't be allowed free reign in Morten or any other city for that matter. So to get around this I decided to give her the "Improved Illusion" spell ability. Under the insistence of [Thorkoth Grimstone]] she always disguises herself in what she appeared as when she was alive, which is an aubourn haired beautiful human female. She is very enamored with Thorkoth Grimstone and finds him "interesting". She doesn't interfere in his battles and just watches everything he does. She is very loyal, but it is rare that she would take any action at all to help him. She just floats around observing what he does. They have become very close friends and actually keep each other company as he travels through the underdark. On a rare occasion she will get bored and seek out trouble. So far it has always been in a controlled situation such as a bar. In her guise as a human female she will flirt with guys and get them all hot and bothered. As they try and be "frisky" with her she will then set up a situation in which Thorkoth has to come and "save her honor". Depending on the amount of alcohol he has consumed he is either able to talk his way out of it or fight his way out of it. In Morten at the bar they hang out in people generally know her so well and the devastating damage that Thorkoth can do that no fights have been fought over her in a long time. Still "a girls got to have her fun" as she puts it.