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Abu Dhabi

Abu's Library


Played by Fritz Lemoine

He was found wounded and unconscious in the Mist of Drillian. His caravan was in carnage and no one else was found around although many people are assumed there given the size of the caravan. He was approximately "teenage" for elves compared to human. He was found and taken in by the gypsies that freely come and go within the Mist. What happened to the others in his caravan are uknown. He has never fully regained his memories but it was obvious he had some training and skill in martial weapons and magic. soon it was reallized that he had a great deal of talent in music as well and that is when his bardic training under the gypsies began. He has spent several decades traveling with them from the far east of the Great Mountains peaks to deep into the mists of Drillian. He has always had a connection to nature and this is potentially part of his heritage or his life with the gypsies. As his bardic training increased his magic ability also seemed above that of a normal bard which accounts for his advanced casting ability compared to other bards. He continued to work with martial weapons and as a gypsy his thief skills only increased as well. His nature though always seemed NOT as kind as other elves. The gypsies noticed this and cultivated it. After awhile as his Non-good side continued to show itself they trained him in the art of potions and especially poisons. Then they introduced him to another aspect of their side business. Assasination. He has gained in noteriety as his nom de guerre "The Dark Mist". Only the gypsies know he is both a bard and an assasin and they are generrally the contact to get him a contract.