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Adventures in the Wastes

These adventures took place in the Craniate Wastes and Dragon Fen during other adventures. They include small encounters with local people, occasionally one of the main party members, and other less organized adventures.

Very often the characters involved in this stories are temporary for a player to play for only the one story arc. The goal is to develop the population of The Wastes while providing the Players with some alternatives to the primary story arcs.

The timeline for these adventures is often unknown, but they are Home Stories that take place in the Craniate Wastes.

Valoris Wood Adventures
Rescue Rangers - Once they're involved, somehow whatever's wrong gets solved.

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Swamp Monsters
Stoppin' at the log where catfish bite

Birthday Game 2020 - 2020 09 12

Time Out
Like sands through the hour glass so are....

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It's Not Fair!

You say that so often, I wonder what your basis for comparison is?

Feed Back & Recollections

It is very nice to be able to weave the story back to places and people that the players know and have them explore some of the changes that happen around them in the world. I like being able to work new threads into the past.

When we started playing extra games in the Spring of 2020 on Wednesday nights I tried to do something a bit lighter and different. That evolved into a side campaign that became Adventures in the Wastes. A place to do story arcs that are slightly out of sync with the main group of characters but involve their actions and their impact on the community around them.

Most of them are lighthearted stories with a twist.