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Ailea was an orphan girl of 14 that was adopted by Reign Tandem? when they were traveling in Nubia. She was kicked out of her village because they were scared of the "evil spirits" that seemed to appear around her. In actuality it was because of the current shaman of her village at that time was jealous of her growing power. He had her banished and the Dragonslayers found her wandering in the jungle. Reign being an abused orphan himself immediately took a shining to her and vowed to protected her. He took her as his ward, and after a few months she came to love and look upon him as a true father.

A lot of the customs from her own native country she continued to practice much to the embarrassment of certain Dragonslayers. For example she had no qualms or misgivings about nudity and often walked around topless or even less clothed in public. Her "chambermaid" was the zombified remains of her brother. She was constantly accompanied by a giant dire wolf, and huge lion that she spoke openly with as if they could understand her every word (in fact they could communicate not only with her but in the common tongue). Another practice that some found strange was her combat style. She didn't use conventional weapons. She actually fought using a type of "martial arts" developed from observations of the animals and the teachings of the different beings she would communicate with. So strong was her power that her hands were literally magic weapons unto themselves.

The most disconcerting thing about her though was her connection to the "spirit realm" and undead. Not only was she able to control and command the natural forces of the spirit realm, but she was also able to do the same thing to the world of the undead. For her there was no difference between the two as is classically separated by the more "civilized" sages of the world. An unusual power that was only available for the most gifted of Shamans was the ability to absorb "spirits/souls" around her and temporarily let them speak or act with her body. Many sane and powerful people would run away screaming when they would witness this act. It is difficult for anyone to see this beautiful, sensuous young woman begin to dance erotically and sing in an enchanting exotic voice as ghosts fly around her lithe naked body. Few could stand fearless as the ambient temperature drops close to freezing and their breaths turn to frost as it leaves their lips and then she suddenly stops and begins speaking with the voice of a 300 yo dead male warrior.

Meleager the Lion was a native of her village in Kapirimtiya, that had known her and loved her. He had gone looking for her shortly after she was banished only to find out that she had been traveling with the Dragonslayers. He never stopped loving her and searching for her. When she returned to a local village after her adventures with that group they renewed their relationship. When Meleager's leader killed Ailea for her previous ties to the Dragonslayers it would end up directly affecting the Dragonslayers in the adventure Trade Wars.