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Alia Valebat

From 25-10-342 SKR to 25-12-343 SKR

This Era was a collection of stories that were spread out over a wider area and were not as interconnected as the previous Blood Trail Era. Most of them started from the Jistille Estates and centered around places in Drillian. At the end of this Era the group was caught up in Diplomatic Entanglements.

To help keep track of the NPC's being encountered:

Corporal Antero HortswaffSergent Snowfoot HecklineLibellula Saturata
Kholnor SlickskinValoris Onod AncienMan in Red Cloak
Arahael MosskinPractumnarishkillMaumee Auglaize
Skycaptain Jack HarknessCaptain Lukincha 
BewickCornell Floyfisk 
Father IlgenWitch Kulgarth 
Professor WatsonPrince Tapio 
Wisewoman ThymeSneewittchen 
Anastasia Eustice  
Missus Mosskin  
Toybin of Castlyn  



  • Swamp monsters v. Human populations (Drillian and Carnak)
  • Vampire Lords/Undead v. Human populations (Drillian in particular)
  • unknown enemy who brought in Libellula Saturata to attack Dragonslayers
  • man in red cloak who was selling slaves to the goblins & created Scarecrow & was in Skull Church
  • weres who captured gnome and sold as slave to goblins
  • Training - ongoing


Feed Back & Recollections

I tried to create interesting adventures that focused on each character and use that premise to build a cohesive set of stories.

I started with She Said Yes! as a play on words and as a way to introduce a new environment for the characters. When they returned from that adventure I knew I wanted to work the stories around what the Players wanted for their characters. I started with training in Say it with Flowers to give a nice long story arc that there would undoubtedly be multiple things to start other stories off of. I then introduced the Athenĉum story to highlight a couple of the characters interactions with the new Queen.

Those interactions during Athenĉum lead to the Long live the King story arc for Indigo. To help make that adventure more special I separated out some of the characters and sent then on a separate adventure called The Enemy of my Enemy. That story dealt with Tristan Elaire where we explored some of the religious background in the campaign.

Character Quotes

[Ilero (TMO)] Is a demned if you do, demned if you don't. Can argue good and bad both sides, and no way tell which is right.
[Miranda (Christina)] It is so hard -- salvation and damnation on the same coin.
[Barnabas Stone (Guy)] so ye are willing tae condemd an entire city fer yer pride?
[Ilero (TMO)] Your accent hard to understand sometimes.