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Almarin Sunspray

Excerpts from the Journal of Almarin Sunspray

It has been in many long years in the lives of mortal men since I parted ways with my old comrades in arms. Yet as it is for my kind, it seems like just yesterday. I have spent much of the last few years voyaging over the oceans and seas making the waters around my island home safe from marauding pirates. Since I am equally at home above the water as below my skills are even more of an asset, and usually resulting in a swift and easy victory. Despite the many adventures and individuals I have met, none have been as close to me as the Band of the Nine Fingers.

Who could imagine someone of my royal blood and noble personage associating with commoners, let alone halfling thieves, half-human... correct that half-elf clerics, deformed sex starved minstrels, smelly dwarves and even smellier human rangers. Not only did I associate with them, but to this day I consider them my closest friends and truest allies. Since I left them I must say my life has been dull and boring. After all it was the individuals that helped me capture and outfit this beautiful boat- the Sea Spray.

Sometimes, I remember it as if it were the tale of another individual. Especially when I consider how I first met them that cold winter day when I answered an ad for warriors to help them defend against a suspected hobgoblin invasion. I laugh now to think that although I was the hireling they looked to me to help them secure their defenses. I had my doubts at that time not only in the ineptness of their planning, but also their fighting skills when I noticed that all of them had a missing pinky finger. Little did my immature self know at that time that these brave individuals would one day become as important to me as my own family and people. Yea though I have grown in the force of my arms, the might of my magic, and wield the great sword Shakazule-always will the strength and influence of their love and friendship be the greatest power I possess.

Almarin Sunspray, third in line to the Royal Crown, Celestial Dragonknight, Capt. of the Sea Spray, bearer of the sacred sword Shakazule, and former member of the Band of the Nine Fingers