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Note: This kit is taken from the book Skills and Powers.

Another Amazon kit is available from the Complete Fighter's Handbook.
Another Amazon Priestess kit is available from the Complete Priest's Handbook.
Another Amazon Sorceress kit is available from the Complete Wizard's Handbook.

In Amazon cultures, the women are the leaders, rulers, generals, and warriors, while the men are the cooks, cleaners, homemakers, and simple laborers—if not the outright slaves or property of the women. Such matriarchal societies may be large or small, savage or friendly. Amazon women can be seen as brusque, rude, haughty, or domineering by those from male-dominated cultures. The Amazons of legend were fierce combatants and famous riders and breeders of magnificent horses. As such, many Amazons prefer light armor, weapons, and equipment.

Social ranks: Amazon women can come from any economic background. Roll 2d6 to determine the rank of an Amazon female. Males are considered lower class.
2d6 roll Social rank
2 Lower class
3–5 Lower middle class
6–10 Upper middle class
11–12 Upper class

Requirements: Female characters of any demihuman or humanoid race can choose this kit.

Weapon proficiencies: Amazons can choose from: battle axe, bow (any), club, dagger, hand or throwing axe, javelin, knife, lance, spear, staff, sword (any). Men are allowed only one initial weapon proficiency, and it must be from the above list.

Recommended nonweapon proficiencies: Riding (land-based), rope use, engineering, navigation, endurance, animal training, animal handling, armorer, bowyer/fletcher, hunting, running, set snares, survival, tracking.

Equipment: Amazons can begin with only the following types of armor: shield, leather, padded, studded leather, scale mail, hide, banded mail, or bronze plate mail. Better armor can be had once a character has ventured to other cities.

Recommended traits: Allure, animal empathy, keen senses, obscure knowledge.

Benefits: Amazons are fierce, eager competitors. Many male opponents underestimate them. As a result, in any melee combat where an Amazon is fighting a male opponent, the Amazon gains a +2 bonus to her first attack and damage roll.Thereafter combat is run normally.

Hindrances: Amazons suffer a –2 reaction roll penalty from NPCs of male-dominated societies. Over time, this penalty should be reduced or eliminated if the NPCs become accustomed to the strong-willed ways of the Amazon.

Wealth: Amazons begin the game with the amount of money appropriate to their classes