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Anterias Stonecutter

Anterias is a half dwarf, half gold dragon. His father, the great dragon Empyrinaphisan lairs in the lower caverns of a large mountain that the Stonecutter? clan lives in. Anteriasí mother, Helga Stonecutter? was the dwarven woman in charge of being the liaison to the dragon. She showed enough qualities to interest the dragon, and eventually the dragon took her as a mate to create a child for the dragonís purposes.

Unfortunately, Anteriasí mother, not a young dwarf anymore, died in childbirth. Empyrinaphisan didnít want his child to merely grow as a special dwarf to live and work in the mines of the mountain, and so he took the child, even before it would be named to an old friend, the High Priest Evernon. Empyrin knew that this goodly cleric was no stranger to odd children, and also knew that his child would be taught the ways of good and sent into the world to further its causes.

Evernon took in the strange child at the dragonís request. He then named him Anterias, a regular elven name, but kept his motherís surname. He was then raised as a son. A short, bearded, elven son. When he came of age, he was introduced to a mentor to train with. Daggar Fishbone is an old dwarf, an accomplished adventurer, and a respected warrior. Finglasí father convinced him to come and train Anterias in ways befitting of a dwarf. While he could be trained by the elven warriors, the elder priest knew that the dwarves would be able to train him to be more effective in combat with his short height.

The old veteran took Anterias under his wing, quickly finding a spot in his heart for this odd dwarven child. Daggar began training Anterias in the most dwarfish combat style, that of the dwarven defender?. While Anterias took to this style of fighting with an eager heart, there seemed nothing that Daggar could do to convince Anterias to set aside the elven long sword in favor of a good, proper axe.

Anterias trained with Daggar for many years, learning the defensive postures of his race. When he completed his training, Anterias was brought before his adoptive father. The priest watched as Anterias sparred his mentor, smiling and nodding to himself all the while. When done with the display of his new prowess, Anterias was somewhat surprised to find himself being sent out from home again. It was decided that Anterias was not meant to stay in one place, either mountain or forest. His was a birth destined to go out and defend all those of goodly persuasion. Thus, Anterias was being sent out to follow his adoptive brother he had never met, the oft spoken of Finglas. It seemed the younger priest had found a temporary home with a group of adventurers called the Dragon Slayers, and Anterias was being sent there to defend the noble archer.

And, though he would never admit to it, Finglasí father was dying to see the look upon his sonís face when told his newest charge was a dwarf.