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Anton (Last Name unknown) is a Male Human Fighter, about 24 years old, 5í 10íí, 200 lbs, with a toned muscular build. He has naturally light brown hair and brown eyes.

As a child, Anton was the squire of the true son of the earl. He served him for almost two years as a squire (almost 16 years old), after five years as a page. One day, in the stables, the son, who was only 14 years old, trying to show off for some visiting noble friends of another land, challenged Anton to a friendly sparring match with wooden weapons. Anton was cautious, not wanting to defeat the son, but also didnít want to be made a fool of. The son came all out, and Anton dodged the first few jabs easily. The son was relentless, and knocked Anton back against his friends, who quickly kicked him until he fell, then the son then started to beat Anton. All the sonís noble friends laughed at Anton. It infuriated him to be beaten unfairly, and Anton fought back. Three blows later, the son was on the ground with a broken arm, and bleeding from the nose. The entire entourage was stunned. When he realized what he had done, he dropped the weapon and fled for safety.

A few hours later, Lord Teron had raided his parentsí home, suspecting Anton returned to his family. Knowing he had to protect his son, Anton's father told Lord Teron he secretly had his son shipped to Dryads Liar on a wagon. Lord Teron promptly had the father killed. Anton got word of this, and his guilt turn to rage against Lord Teron. He vowed to seek revenge.

(He did visit his mother after a year, and she gave him his fatherís dagger, which he treasures more than life itself. It is not a fancy dagger by any means, but its sentimental value cannot be measured.)

He cut his hair and colored it with lampblack (or whatever a poor soul would use to color hair) to change his appearance enough to remain in the rural parts of Mylwood. He wandered the farmlands, surviving from scraps he would steal, or beg for, and slept in the fields of tall crops undetected.

After just over three months (just before winter) he eventually found the heart of a lonely farmer, who caught Anton stealing his vegetables. He "hired' him for farm work, to work off his crime. He was allowed to sleep in the loft of the barn, where Anton eventually made quite comfortable accommodations with the few scraps he managed to gather. His time spent on the farm taught him animal lore, hunting, trapping, weather predicting, and agriculture. Anton spent his evenings playing a damaged lute, and gazing at the sky. Of all the farmhands, Anton was never bested in wrestling. (Secretly, the farmer knew who Anton was, as the news spread through town like wildfire. He felt pity for the boy and the demise of his father. He is the one who renamed Anton as Calvin Hilldale)

Anton continued his training, with wooden sticks as a sword, and kept up his skills. The farmer saw Anton training himself, and that's when Anton confessed to who he really was. The farmer spoke about revenge and how it was a consumer of life, both the victim and the revenger. Anton explained he swore an oath to his father's soul. The farmer, who was not a fan of the Lord Teron, agreed to train him. (The farmer was an ex-militia for the city, exiled from the Legion for refusing to kill an unarmed man.) He trained Anton every evening in the basics of combat, especially in the use of swords, pikes, and daggers.

Anton planned for the day he would exact revenge on Lord Teron. He knew from rumors throughout the countryside of Lord Teronís evil affiliation with Loki. He saved every coin he could scrounge, waiting for the right moment. Lord Teronís visit to Dryadís Lair, coupled with Lord Haskinís illness, seemed like a chance to kill Lord Teron away from home, when he would never be suspected. He used the few coins he saved to purchase the only two potions he could afford, Sleeping and Alignment Change, along with a set of decent noble clothes, and set off to Dryadís Lair, just a few days before the arrival of Lord Teron.

Anton then put his skeleton plan into effect. Disguised as Lord Haskinís son, for who he was a squire so many years ago, he would manage to infiltrate the Ball Lord Teron was attending, and slip the Potion of Alignment Change into his drink. Once he changed from evil, Lord Teron would no longer have the backing of his deity, and would be much easier to kill, either that same evening, or in the near future.

Once in Dryadís Lair, with no money to spare, Anton slept in stables and barns, and managed to find enough scraps to keep his stomach sated. Street gossip led him to of Lady Branwynís group, and their invitation to the ball. Anton managed to gain the Ďtrustí of Branwyn, and was invited to the ball. The morning of the ball, Anton used the Potion of Sleeping on the Ambassador of Mylwood, as she would definitely know he was not Lord Haskinís son. With some luck, and gallant ducking and dodging of questions, Anton used his second potion, mixed in the cup of Lord Teron. A few moments later, while in the presence of the King, Lord Teron fell dead. No one was more surprised than Anton. Was the potion truly poison? Did he just murder Lord Teron? A thorough investigation by Branwynís team uncovered that when Lord Teronís alignment changed from Chaotic Evil, his deity Loki did smite him.

With his plan concluded, albeit in a most peculiar manner, Anton was liberated. He had no reason to return to Mylwood, and confessed his plan to Branwyn. Although he had no idea he would instantly kill Lord Teron, Anton was still ultimately responsible for his untimely death. Branwyn, after much persuasion from her team, decided to allow Anton a new life as a Dragon Slayer.

Anton had a hard time converting his very meager life as a stable boy and farmer to one of luxury and affluence. He feels very uncomfortable when waited on or attended to, and has nothing but the utmost respect for the team. He has vowed to repay Branwyn for her generosity with his life if necessary.


Anton served his new family well. His dedication to the protection of the others made Anton fill with pride, and gave him a sense of belonging he never had.

Alas, Anton's loyalty was his weakness (that, and having horrible abilities scores). On Day 7 Mid ___ de, Man {Early Spring} 7th, 1266 TGR., as Anton put himself in the rampaging path of countless skeletons and canines, he succumbed to the fiends while defending all those he loved.

Rest In Peace, Anton, May you never have to endure shoe polish on your head again.