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Aphrodite - Greek - Priests - Gods

The beautiful Aphrodite was created from a mixture of sea foam and the blood of Uranus. She is the goddess of beauty and love. As befits the goddess her position, she was an enthusiastic companion of the male gods. She was also married to Hephaestus, but this did not stop her from consorting with Ares, Poseidon, Dionysus, and others. Aphrodite can charm any male, either god or mortal, and can generate any strong emotion (such as love, hate, anger, sorrow, etc.) in any intelligent being. Although she can assume any form (all of them beautiful), in her true form she is a woman of astonishing beauty.

Role-playing Notes:

Aphrodite is extremely vain. There is a 10% chance she will overhear any unfavorable comparison of her beauty. In such cases, she will avenge herself by making the transgressor fall in love with a statue, turning him into a shell, or having bees sting his eyes. Omens from Aphrodite are often associated with the sea.

Gods Information

Alignment: CG
Worshiper's Alignment: Any
Area of Control: Love and Beauty
Symbol: seashell

Avatar Information

Aphrodite's avatar is a scantily clad woman of incredible beauty. She can call upon the illusion and enchantment/charm schools for her magic. (Wizard 15, Bard 10)

Str 15 Dex 18 Con 18
Int 18 Wis 18 Cha 20
MV 15 SZ 5' MR 30%
AC 0 HD 15 HP 120
#AT 1 THAC0 5 Dmg 1d4 + (dagger)

Special Att/Def: Aphrodite's avatar carries a dagger that causes anyone struck by it to save versus spells or be instantly charmed. In addition, upon first seeing the avatar, all men must save versus paralyzation or find themselves unable to attack her ever. Finally, Aphrodite's avatar can cause 1d10 points of damage (and a great deal of physical pain) to anybody trying to harm her simply by waving her hand.

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Standard plus Charisma 16+
Alignment: any Non-Evil
Turning: Nil
Armor: Any
Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Net, Staff

Major: All, Charm, Creation, Guardian, Healing
Minor: none

5th Charm Person (opposite sex only) 10th - Charisma increases to 18 15th Arouse feelings of love (as the enamoring effects of a philter of love) in any intelligent being

Duties of the Priesthood

Every ten days, her priests must release white doves, and every new moon they must throw objects of art and beautiful jewelry into the sea. They must also do what they can to aid anyone who is in trouble because of a forbidden love.