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Apr 14 06 - Spider Lady Dungeon

[DM] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Apr 14 17:03:26 EDT 2006 ====

[DM] This is up and running for everyone, I will be home and let you know when I am back

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

Lorie has joined the game on Fri Apr 14 17:21:37 EDT 2006

Lorie is receiving the map New Thedd Section A...

Lorie has received the map New Thedd Section A.

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 48'07".

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] Nothing there

[DM] empty hallway

[DM] you have observation?

[Lorie] Alertness

[DM] nope

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 1'08".

[Lorie] okies

[Lorie] I use my sword to poke as I walk in lieu of a thief

[DM] ok

[DM] will give you a dex check for pits that way

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: DEX check: (d20) [10] 10. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (13) [13] 13!!!

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 56'08".

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 4'04".

[Lorie] Okay ... I guess SW

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 14'10".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 9'01".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 25'00".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 31'11".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 11'00".

[DM] locked door there to the north

[Lorie] really a dead end?

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 2'06".

[Lorie] I can open locked doors with my strength

[Lorie] right?

[DM] grins

[DM] yes

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Open Doors check: (d20) [18] 18. PROBABLY FAILS against (16) [16] 16

[DM] or are you goign to just map for now?

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Open Doors check: (d20) [6] 6. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (16) [16] 16!!!

[DM] and take notes?

[Lorie] Yeah...just map for now and take notes where necessary.

[DM] ok

[DM] so locked maybe trapped door

[Lorie] Umm... yeah, should have listened at the door before opening

[Lorie] one sec

[DM] sure

[Lorie] grrr... my pen got stolen from the puter desk

[Lorie] one more minute

[Lorie] okay... at least unlocked

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 52'02".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 35'01".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 26'06".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 4'00".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 8'08".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 38'00".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 32'02".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 39'01".

[DM] there you to

[DM] new map

[DM] or old map as the case may be

Lorie is receiving the map New Thedd Section B...

Lorie has received the map New Thedd Section B.

[Lorie] we've been here

[DM] nods

[Lorie] no prob....

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 32'01".

[DM] back to the map you just left

Lorie is receiving the map New Thedd Section A...

Lorie has received the map New Thedd Section A.

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 68'00".

[Lorie] is there any way around the T's ???

[DM] those are the large pit traps

[DM] with spikes in teh bottom

[Lorie] so that's a no

[Lorie] hmmm

[Lorie] okay

[Lorie] :: thinking about a way around ::

[DM] the last NW hallway

[DM] the collumns to the south

[DM] and the stone curtain door way

[DM] are the things on this map

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 72'06".

[Lorie] reveal?

[DM] that doorway leads to the circular room on the other map

[DM] with the talking door

[DM] Juniper is there for ease of switchign back and forth

[Lorie] hmm... okay so I'm stuck

[DM] you can click on her to open it up

Lorie is receiving the map New Thedd Section B...

Lorie has received the map New Thedd Section B.

[DM] not stuck

[DM] you still have those other two hallways to (nw and south)

[Lorie] I want the door to let me through where he is

Lorie is receiving the map New Thedd Section A...

Lorie has received the map New Thedd Section A.

[DM] you want to talk to him?

[Lorie] :: nods ::

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 86'07".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 83'04".

Lorie is receiving the map New Thedd Section B...

Lorie has received the map New Thedd Section B.

[rats #4] I am back at the keyboard.

[rats #4] chatting as rats for lack of a door icon on the map

[rats #4] How can I help you?

[Lorie] I know you are lonely and in need of a chat, but I really need to get on the other side of your door. The directions you provided were valuable, but now I'm all alone

[rats #4] to the other side of what door?

[rats #4] you just came through there?

[Lorie] your doo

[Lorie] err door

[Lorie] I didn't walk on that side

[rats #4] well you went through door # one

[rats #4] where you just came

[rats #4] then door number two

[Lorie] yes...

[rats #4] where you went through to the rat temple

[Lorie] so there is door #3 that we haven't visited

[rats #4] and door number three

[rats #4] you went out and onto the dry lake bed

[Lorie] I didn't see the rat temple

[rats #4] to the north?

[Lorie] Hmmm... my friend has died.

[Lorie] :: sighs ::

[rats #4] the pile of bones

[rats #4] the hordes of rats

[rats #4] it is always sad to loose a friend

[rats #4] was he a good person?

[Lorie] yes...very good

[Lorie] pile of bones...that's a temple... how sad

[rats #4] then perhaps he will come back

[rats #4] actually farther north with the rugs, the stone cimera etc

[Lorie] BRB... time for bed with Alyssa

[rats #4] the chest in the trapazodial room is the one that had the drow paperwork

[rats #4] ok

[rats #4] will be ehre

[Lorie] Need to sit with her for a few minutes she's scare

[rats #4] here

[Lorie] scared

[rats #4] go

[rats #4] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lorie] okay... I'm back when you're ready to coninue

[Lorie] err continue

[rats #4] I am back at the keyboard.

[rats #4] ready when you are

[Lorie] Okay... OOC... how much of the north did we explore? All of it?

[rats #4] all that you found yes

[rats #4] all the doors you found, all the hallwyas, balconies, etc.

[rats #4] they are all on the map for you now

[Lorie] Okay... looking up a spell

x[rats #4] Juniper moved 3'03".

[Lorie] Back to where the Pits are

x[rats #4] Juniper moved 1'04".

[Lorie] can I cast Air Walk and explore on the other side of them/

x[rats #4] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 62'11".

[Lorie] It will last 2 hours and 2 turns

[Lorie] PHB 221

[rats #4] nods, getting a map ready for you

[Lorie] great...I'll do the one to the west first

x[rats #4] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 10'02".

[rats #4] and there you go on the new map

Lorie is receiving the map Thed Scan 1...

Lorie has received the map Thed Scan 1.

x[rats #4] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 75'05".

[rats #4] there you go

[rats #4] that is the end of the hallway

[Lorie] Okay... is it a door or entryway on the other side (near the pile of rocks)

[rats #4] with a river that has obviously change course

[rats #4] to the south there is an opening

[Lorie] :: does snoopy dance :: YES! Natural WATER!

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 7'06".

[rats #4] where the water flows down

[rats #4] as you test

[rats #4] it is fairly deep

[rats #4] over 6 feet

[Lorie] Hmmm... well with the Air walk I can go over it

[Lorie] :D

[rats #4] you can walk over it and to the south

[Lorie] It's not like I'm wading in with Air Walk up

[rats #4] hallway to the west

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 24'08".

[rats #4] the way west is bloced by teh rock fall

x[rats #4] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 44'03".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 9'11".

[rats #4] that si the west I was talking baout

[Lorie] okies... I press onward

x[rats #4] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 6'05".

x[rats #4] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 17'07".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 4'08".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 19'01".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 24'10".

[rats #4] that was a locked door

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 42'00".

[rats #4] and the name of this map will change when I cut out some other parts to make it load faster

[Lorie] Yup... I made a note

[rats #4] that took a bit of time that I was not expecting

[rats #4] no mroe to reveal from where you are

x[rats #4] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 19'09".

xLorie is now controlling Kylia Wolfslayer

[Lorie] I can't move Kylia

[Lorie] there is some funky cross over her

x[rats #4] No Name moved 31'09".

[rats #4] you have a pointer up

x[rats #4] No Name targets Kylia Wolfslayer. Distance: 32'01"

[Lorie] how do I get rid of it?

[Lorie] I had no clue how it go there

[rats #4] I htink P?

[Lorie] err got there

x[rats #4] No Name no longer targets Kylia Wolfslayer. Distance: 32'01"

x[rats #4] No Name targets Kylia Wolfslayer. Distance: 32'01"

[rats #4] well one bennie, nyrma made steak tonight

[rats #4] Combat has begun!

[rats #4] ROUND: 0

[rats #4] oh and that is a wraith in front of you

[Lorie] Umm... Steak for the Catholic???

[Lorie] Wow

[Lorie] still can't get rid of this silly pointer thing

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Initiative:(d10(+10-+0)) [10(10-0)] 20

x[rats #4] No Name: Initiative:(d10(+10+)) [8(10+] -1

[Lorie] Suggestions?

[Lorie] I can't move without it

x[rats #4] No Name: Initiative:(d10+10) [4+10] 14

[rats #4] I will look in in teh klooge folder for my list of shortcuts

[rats #4] click on the map

[rats #4] the hit P

[rats #4] what happens?

[Lorie] I think it worked

[Lorie] :)

[Lorie] Thanks

[rats #4] ok,

[rats #4] so I do not leave the room I am in

x[rats #4] No Name moved 14'10".

[DM] INIT: 14 GOING: No Name

[DM] INIT: 20 GOING: Kylia Wolfslayer

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Chant: "Pray, bless, rinse, and repeat"

[DM] I assume turning?

[Lorie] I'm going to chant this round for myself and take this opportunity to remind you of my Protection from Evil

[rats #4] ROUND: 1

[Lorie] Turn next round if he makes it

[DM] INIT: 14 GOING: No Name

[No Name] I am back at the keyboard.

[No Name] he stays there

[Lorie] Okay... I turn then

[Lorie] I turn on a 4

[DM] INIT: 20 GOING: Kylia Wolfslayer

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d20) [13] 13

[No Name] ROUND: 2

[DM] INIT: 14 GOING: No Name

[DM] INIT: 20 GOING: Kylia Wolfslayer

[Lorie] So he's turned?

[DM] he kind of is on a leash right now

x[DM] No Name moved 43'06".

[Lorie] damn... but he's where I want to go

[DM] back in the corner by that door

[DM] not able to move, etc

[Lorie] Okay... I want to check out that door at least

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 56'03".

[DM] then he will try to attack you

[DM] as you get that close

[Lorie] but I don't want to break the turn

[Lorie] I stay 11 feet away

[Lorie] 10 breaks the turn ;)

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 10'05".

[DM] so you can hang back

[No Name] ROUND: 3

[No Name] and see it is a doorway there

[DM] INIT: 14 GOING: No Name

[DM] INIT: 20 GOING: Kylia Wolfslayer

[DM] he whimpers in agony

[DM] gnashes his teeth

[DM] clawing at the air

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer targets No Name. Distance: 14'10"

[DM] wanting to rend your flesh

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Flame Strike: "Hold still, this will only hurt until the burns heal! (6d8) [(4+4+4+4+1+7)] 24"Range: 60 yds. Area of Effect: 5 ft. radius x 30 ft. column added to No Name

x[DM (to GM only)] No Name's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 19 (-24) - Heavily Wounded

[No Name] ROUND: 4

[DM] INIT: 14 GOING: No Name

x[DM] No Name moved 11'08".

x[DM] No Name: Attack #1: Claw: (15-(d20+0)) [15-(18+0)] -3. PROBABLY HITS Kylia Wolfslayer (AC FINAL: -3)!!!

x[DM] No Name: Attack #1: Claw: (15-(d20+0)) [15-(4+0)] 11. Probably MISSES Kylia Wolfslayer (AC FINAL: -3)

x[DM] No Name: Damage v SM: Claw: (1d6) [1] 1 added to Kylia Wolfslayer

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 74 (-1) - Lightly Wounded

[Lorie] my turn or still looking at something?

[DM] and of course one level

[DM] INIT: 20 GOING: Kylia Wolfslayer

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Attack #1: Faithful Balance: (9-(d20+6)) [9-(6+6)] -3. PROBABLY HITS No Name (AC FINAL: 4)!!!

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Damage v SM: Faithful Balance: (d10+11) [2+11] 13 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED] added to No Name

x[DM (to GM only)] No Name's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 6 (-13) - Massively Wounded

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d12) [11] 11

[Lorie] That's a knockdown

[DM] ok

[No Name] ROUND: 5

[DM] INIT: 14 GOING: No Name

x[DM] No Name: Attack #1: Claw: (15-(d20+0)) [15-(19+0)] -4. PROBABLY HITS Kylia Wolfslayer (AC FINAL: -3)!!!

x[DM] No Name: Attack #1: Claw: (15-(d20+0)) [15-(7+0)] 8. Probably MISSES Kylia Wolfslayer (AC FINAL: -3)

[Lorie] how is he attacking me lying down?

[DM] so start fo the round, he stands up

[Lorie] he didn't make a save

[DM] then does his attacks

[DM] you knocked him down

[Lorie] Umm... I get to move since I didn't take my full movement

[DM] but he goes first in the round

[DM] sure

[DM] you can sorry

[Lorie] Normally it wouldn't be a big deal but since I'm alone and ouching from the level I turn and head out to the river for RoadHaven

[DM] nope

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 43'01".

[DM] you splash into the river

[Lorie] ????

[DM] and the gem does not work

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 21'11".

[DM] blocked from going out

x[DM] No Name moved 14'02".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 61'01".

[DM] Combat has finished.

[Lorie] Okay... so I swim

[DM] ok

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 42'02".

[DM] not a problem

[DM] does air walk actualy stop?

[Lorie] I'm reading and I'm not sure

[DM] ok will check

[Lorie] there is a verbal and somatic component

[Lorie] but I could be holidng the gem as I do the somatic

[DM] yes it works

[DM] you are air walking for that duration

[DM] you actually could not stop it if it was cast upon you by someone else

[Lorie] :: nods :: Okay so I want to go back to RoadHaven

[Lorie] rest.

[DM] you can not

[DM] you try the gem

[DM] and nothign happens

[DM] no blinking

[Lorie] I can walk back out of here

[DM] no nothing

[Lorie] :: nods :: I got that

[DM] you can

[Lorie] I can still walk

[Lorie] and damnit ... marco just logged on

[Lorie] :(

[DM] nods, saw that

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 22'07".

[DM] there you go back to that map now

[Lorie] Marco logging in...he wants to go back and fireball Mr. Wraith

[DM] gbrins

[DM] grings

[Lorie] Paul is aloso logging in

[Lorie] [20:32] LordBibo: tell bob I fireball it

[DM] ok, will put you back there then

[Lorie] from Trillian less you doubt :)

Client has joined the game on Fri Apr 14 20:33:56 EDT 2006

x[No Name] Juniper moved 1'07".

[No Name] will let him load

[Lorie] That's Paul

x[No Name] No Name moved 13'00".

[No Name] really>

[No Name] cool

Paul is receiving the map Thed Scan 1...

Paul has received the map Thed Scan 1.

[No Name] PAUL!!!!

[No Name] how are you sir

[No Name] and we think that Marco is logging in too?

[Lorie] hold on...loading map

[Lorie] Marco is en route

[No Name] ok

[Paul] hey bob...I want to cast spell of kill off the dragonslayers...

[Lorie] :: smack ::

[No Name] and Lorie I put a Temp Mod of -1 level, but did not adjust your saves, or thac0 etc

[Lorie] Will do later

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 8'01".

[No Name] and welcome aboard Sir

[No Name] you make it another year

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 15'06".

[No Name] is a great streak you have going

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 43'08".

[No Name] you can play Juniper Paul

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 11'11".

x[No Name] Juniper moved 20'01".

[Lorie] Showing him how to do that

[Paul] but I want to play the monster!

x[Lorie] Alastair moved 52'11".

[No Name] grins

x[Paul] Juniper moved 45'11".

x[Lorie] Alastair moved 21'05".

x[Lorie] Alastair moved 12'09".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 21'00".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 17'01".

x[No Name] No Name moved 4'08".

x[Lorie] Alastair moved 13'03".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 22'05".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 16'07".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 15'05".

[Lorie] I'll let Marco put him wherever... just getting us in range

[Lorie] explaining to Paul how you move the map and whatnot

[No Name] nods

[No Name] go ahead and roll some dice etdc

[No Name] no worries

[Lorie] he's reviewing Juniper's character sheet

x[Paul] Juniper moved 2'07".

[Lorie] Marco is updating Java now

[No Name] ok

[Lorie] it's slow going

[Lorie] Paul wants to know why he cant' see any monster details

[Lorie] Mr. No Name

[No Name] I can immagine

[Paul] How about them marlins....better than the buccos..

[No Name] well tonight we were loosing 2 0 in the top of the first last I looked

[No Name] but will go check again while I have a moment

[No Name] we are doing ok

[No Name] half our games we could have won

[Paul] why doesnt the monster have a name?

[No Name] or should have won

[No Name] so overall

[No Name] because I did nto add it I can do that now

[Wraith] I typically leave them as no name unti the combat starts

[Paul] not description of what it is...a name...Charley...Stinky guy from the grocery store..etc

[Lorie] That guy was stinky

[Lorie] don't get me started again

[Lorie] the BO was amazing

[Wraith] ouch

x[Paul] Juniper moved 1'07".

[Lorie] Marco is trying to push his computer along... but it's being stubborn

[Lorie] Paul is afraid to touch anything Bob...tell him it's okay

[Wraith] nods

[Wraith] did you want to do the fireball before he comes?

[Wraith] knowing he will be here soon?

[Lorie] I can do the fireball instead of him

[Wraith] is up to you

[Wraith] no pressure from me

[Lorie] Asking him

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 14'03".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer targets Wraith. Distance: 16'08"

x[Paul] Juniper moved 10'04".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Fireball: Feel the fiery wrath of Gobinhinu (146) [146] 146:10. Range: 10 yds. + 10 yds./level. Area of Effect: 20-ft. radius added to Wraith

[Wraith] marlins are up 3 2 bottom of the fourth

[Lorie] uh... yeah. I'm good but not that good

[Lorie] hold

[Lorie] I think Fritz screwed that up

[Wraith] missing a D in there

[Wraith] 14 D6

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d6) [5] 5, Roll #2: (d6) [3] 3, Roll #3: (d6) [4] 4, Roll #4: (d6) [4] 4, Roll #5: (d6) [5] 5, Roll #6: (d6) [3] 3, Roll #7: (d6) [6] 6, Roll #8: (d6) [4] 4, Roll #9: (d6) [3] 3, Roll #10: (d6) [6] 6, Roll #11: (d6) [4] 4, Roll #12: (d6) [5] 5, Roll #13: (d6) [5] 5, Roll #14: (d6) [4] 4

[Lorie] save for half.. let's move that to the right a scooch 'eh BOB :)

[Wraith] and it maxes out at 10d6

[Lorie] I can re-roll.. no worries

[Wraith] and it maxes out at 10d6

[Wraith] sorry

[Wraith] did not see I had pause on

[Lorie] Roll: (10d6) [(4+1+4+3+3+2+2+4+6+3)] 32

[Wraith] but you can see that it will not come out into your hallway though

[Lorie] there you go...less than before ...but :: shrugs ::

[Lorie] :: bobs head :: Yup

x[Wraith (to GM only)] Wraith's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -26 (-32) - Dead

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 57'02".

x[Lorie] Alastair moved 52'11".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 44'07".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 6'11".

[Lorie] Unless Mr. Wraith has treasure on him as we pass?

[Wraith] he has some misc things

[Wraith] checking now exactly what

[Lorie] ok

[Wraith] well well

[Wraith] I thought they were all scrolls

[Wraith] but it turns out there are three other magic items there

[Wraith] will let you roll, die 100, then d1000

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d100) [22] 22

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d10) [6] 6

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d10) [5] 5

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d10) [2] 2

Client has joined the game on Fri Apr 14 21:00:57 EDT 2006

[Lorie] that's a 652

[Lorie] Hey Bibo

[Wraith] another scroll that is burned up

[Wraith] try again

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d10) [5] 5

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d10) [2] 2

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d10) [8] 8

[Lorie] 528

[Wraith] and a d100 to see what chart

[Wraith] and hello Marco

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d100) [57] 57

[BiBo!!!!] what? no save for the scrolls?

[BiBo!!!!] I demand a save vs fire!

[Wraith] wow, a mirror

[Wraith] are you looking in it?

[Lorie] Ummm... well I kind of do accidentally as I find it right?

[BiBo!!!!] bob's cheating again!

[BiBo!!!!] we'll wait till we get it home

[BiBo!!!!] and id it

[Wraith] you see that the mirror is of fine black laquer

[Wraith] and it looks like it comes from Kara Tur

[Wraith] but nothing happens when you look into it

[Lorie] Great !

[Wraith] ok, last item

[BiBo!!!!] yay, oriental mirror

[Lorie] I put it away and think no more of it (and hope it doesn't think of me)

BiBo!!!! is receiving the map Thed Scan 1...

BiBo!!!! has received the map Thed Scan 1.

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d100) [30] 30

[DM] roll again

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d100) [31] 31

[DM] ok d1000

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d10) [3] 3

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d10) [7] 7

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d10) [9] 9

[DM] wow

[DM] is a ornately carved golden ring

[DM] with several holy symbols etched in the sides

[DM] with space for two or three more to be etched in

[BiBo!!!!] recognizable holy symbols?

[DM] yes,

[DM] some good, some evil

[DM] some greek

[DM] some celtic

[DM] some non-human

[BiBo!!!!] it's the ring of the gods!

[Lorie] It's a holy slayer ring :)

[BiBo!!!!] oooh, put it on :)

[Lorie] Umm... you go Paladin boy

[Lorie] alll holy and stuff

[Lorie] I'm not as Holy as you...NG and all

[Lorie] :D

[BiBo!!!!] you're holier than me, your god actually gives you spells

[Lorie] ha ha ha

[BiBo!!!!] I gotta make my own :-P

[DM] give it to juniper, she'll take it , she'll take anything

[Lorie] Okay so we put the pretty ring and mirror away and move on to the doorway

[BiBo!!!!] so, where are we anyway?

[Lorie] Umm... as much as other people annoy me... I can't do that in the middle of the Thedd dungeon

[Lorie] remember where the pits were?

[BiBo!!!!] pits?

[Lorie] I walked over one and here we are

[Lorie] there is a locked door back up the cooridor

[BiBo!!!!] well, we could break it down I guess, have juniper check it for traps

[Lorie] I went west of where we stopped last week

[Lorie] well this is just a door way here right BOB? We haven't checked it for anything

[BiBo!!!!] I think she has detect traps

[DM] correct

[DM] you have a door there

[Lorie] the one I was talking about was back up the long corridor

[Paul] bob...will detect for traps

[DM] have not checked yet

[DM] ok

[DM] Lorie will show you how to cast

[DM] and then Yes you find a trap on this door

[DM] and it is locked

x[Paul] Juniper: Find Traps: a

[DM] so there we go

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 2'05".

[BiBo!!!!] it lasts a half hour btw

[DM] you know there is a trap

x[Paul] Juniper moved 10'01".

[Lorie] so shall we open and move on or come back?

[Paul] lets open

[BiBo!!!!] well, we're not getting a thief any time soon, I could lance it

[Paul] but defer to you guys

[Lorie] okies...lance away

[DM] you will have to find a way out of the dungeon to get back to roadhaven adn recruit

[DM] or take your chances down here with any NPC you find

[BiBo!!!!] it's that door north of juniper then?

[Lorie] yes

[DM] nods

[BiBo!!!!] okies, back up

x[Paul] Juniper moved 11'01".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 25'01".

x[Lorie] Juniper moved 15'02".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 4'05".

x[BiBo!!!!] Alastair moved 9'11".

[DM] does juniper or alastair have observation?

[BiBo!!!!] I'd get out of that room

[BiBo!!!!] nope

[BiBo!!!!] alertness

[Paul] no..

[DM] did not think so just checking

[BiBo!!!!] though I do have a free nwp :)

[BiBo!!!!] I don't like that circular room you guys are in, I'd back out of it

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 29'03".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 32'08".

x[DM] No Name moved 13'09".

[Lorie] That is KID's icon

[BiBo!!!!] okies, here goes nuttin

x[Lorie] KID moved 14'10".

[BiBo!!!!] kid?

[BiBo!!!!] who's kid?

[Lorie] :: nods :: She's going to tag along

[Lorie] Kristen ;O)

[DM] Junipers pet dog

[Lorie] Kristen Irene Davis = KID

[BiBo!!!!] oh ::chuckles::

[Lorie] :D

[DM] or Kylia's

[Lorie] Good luck marco

x[BiBo!!!!] Alastair: Lance of disruption: (5d4+(12*2)) [(4+1+2+2+4)+(12*2)] 37 points of blastiness to you

[DM] save versus poison please

[BiBo!!!!] made it

[DM] lol

x[BiBo!!!!] Alastair: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [4] 4. PROBABLY FAILS against (8) [8] 8

[BiBo!!!!] ::punts klooge::

[DM] so alastair falls over

[BiBo!!!!] ::falls over for punting klooge::

x[DM] Alastair's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -1 (-57) - Dying

x[Lorie (to GM only)] Character sheet for KID modified: Personal Information - Name:: CHANGED: Boo Boo Lilo (null).

[Lorie] I rush to bind wounds immediately

[Lorie] so he won't die this round

[DM] no wounds poison cloud in the air

[DM] you demolished it

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] ::dies::

[DM] so it all released at once

[DM] you see it in the air still

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 43'10".

x[Lorie (to GM only)] Character sheet for KID modified: Personal Information - Player:: CHANGED: Kristen Irene Davis (null). Alignment:: CHANGED: LG (null).

[DM] stop before you enter

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] that mean it still active?

[DM] yes

[DM] cloud is settling down

[DM] the door is in splinters

[DM] stone wall behind it

[DM] with a small carved out niched

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Zone of Sweet Air: "Range: (10*13-1) [10*13-1] 129 yds. Duration: (13-1) [13-1] 12 turns. Area of Effect: (10*13-1) [10*13-1] 129foot cube. Zone of sweet air creates an invisible barrier around the area of effect that repels all noxious elements from poisonous vapors, including those created magically (such as a stinking cloud). The spell offers no protection against poisonous vapors created by a dragon's breath weapon (such as the chlorine gas of a green dragon). Noxious gases already within the area of effect when the spell is cast are not affected. Fresh air passes into the area normally. If a poisonous vapor is expelled within the area of effect (for example, a stinking cloud is cast), the spell takes effect normally but dissipates in half the time normally required." [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[DM] to store a small chest

[DM] ok, that kills the poison

[DM] (4-2 marlins 6th)

[Paul] not bad for an 18 mill payroll

[DM] it does not render it inert, but it "forces" it all to clear

x[Lorie (to GM only)] Character sheet for KID modified: Armor - Natural AC:: CHANGED: 10 (null). Personal Information - Age/Sex:: CHANGED: 7 / Female (null). Hair/Eyes:: CHANGED: Brown and Black // Blue (null). Combat - ADDED: 16. ADDED: 16. ADDED: 8. ADDED: 8. ADDED: 3. ADDED:

[Lorie] BOB, go ahead and accept that change

[DM] what change?

[Lorie] Okay...and now I have a hand instead of normal

[DM] on KID?

[Lorie] ywa

x[Paul] Juniper moved 12'05".

[DM] there you go

[DM] now a PC

[DM] now you should be able to save it

[DM] Marco? you really typing

Lorie has left the game on Fri Apr 14 21:29:53 EDT 2006

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] so, am I dead dead?

[DM] yes to Marco

[DM] dead from poison

[Paul] hold on bob...she is having problems.

[DM] nods

[DM] saw that too Paul

Lorie has joined the game on Fri Apr 14 21:30:48 EDT 2006

x[DM] KID moved 7'02".

Lorie is receiving the map Thed Scan 1...

Lorie has received the map Thed Scan 1.

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] Sweet. Where can I get my hands on this increadibly large supply of instadeath poison? I could make a bundle in the trap building business

[DM] this is a big map, I will cut it down

[DM] over the week before next session

[DM] grins

[DM] if you had herbalism and healing and poison making

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] seems the only poisons your world has are paralysis or instadeath :-P

[DM] you could see that it it made of a mushroom from the underdark

[Paul] Lorie wants to know if he is dead dead or mostly dead

[DM] and actually there are others

[DM] but ou tend to cure them before they go into effect

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] dead dead

[DM] I told lorie about the one that infected Fudge a few weeks ago

[DM] remind me Marco I have a whole long article on poisons

[DM] from ones that do slow hit point drains

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] joy :-P

[Paul] Marco do you want to be raised?

[DM] to things that are similar to curses

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] it'd be nice if possible

[DM] the easy one are death or para

[Lorie] okay... here's the deal

[Lorie] we need to get back to Thedd post haste

[Lorie] if I can be restored then I can raise you

[Lorie] :D

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] we're in thedd?

[DM] you are in Thead she meant roadhaven

[Lorie] err Roadhaven

[DM] she is just becomeing one with teh duneon

[DM] she wants to move here permantly

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] Alastair: Resurrection Survival check: (d100) [48] 48. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (75) [75] 75!!!

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] yes, I wanna be raised )

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] :)

[DM] lol

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Neutralize Poison: "Well now, you've gone and done it haven't you? Let's get rid of that poison before you infect me!"

[DM] so when you showed up Marco she was on her way back

[DM] to the square room

[DM] adn I was presumming to go explore the last hallways that were open

[DM] out of that four way you started from

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] I don't particularly wanna come back to a dungeon that has killed me twice in about as many days though :-P

[DM] now that you have mostly mapped this area

[Lorie] :P

[DM] only twice

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] so, you said there was a spot where there's supposed to be a chest then?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] no chest?

[DM] there is a smal chest in there

[DM] juniper says no traps

[Lorie] is it locked?

[DM] it is up in the niche you woudl have to take it out

[Lorie] could I drag it out with my sword?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] well, there's no trap

[Lorie] i.e. I don't wanna touch it!

[Lorie] ;o)

[DM] yes, it loks small and light

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] according to juniper

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] so you should be okay

[Lorie] I take my sword and pull it out then

[Lorie] :O)

[DM] it clatters to the ground

[DM] lots of clinking inside

[DM] Roll #1: (d20) [19] 19

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] yay

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] it made it's save

[DM] makes it save

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] you didn't break the bottles!

[Paul] Marco ...would you like Juniper back since Alastair has problems...I can just watch

[DM] you guys can share

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] no, that's fine, I can kibitz from the dead :)

[DM] and KID can drag your corpse back along

[Lorie] we put this away with the other stuff and I pick up Alastair and we make our way out

[Lorie] I can pick him up

x[Paul] Juniper moved 32'07".

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 148'09".

x[Paul] KID moved 29'11".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 39'08".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 23'02".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 40'02".

x[Paul] KID moved 50'01".

[DM] I put him in your character

x[Paul] Juniper moved 40'03".

x[Lorie] KID moved 42'10".

[DM] there you go new map

[DM] or old map

[DM] etc

Lorie is receiving the map New Thedd Section A...

Lorie has received the map New Thedd Section A.

Paul is receiving the map New Thedd Section A...

Paul has received the map New Thedd Section A.

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] ::makes dead sounds::

BiBo!!!! is receiving the map New Thedd Section A...

BiBo!!!! has received the map New Thedd Section A.

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 24'06".

x[Lorie] KID moved 17'02".

x[Lorie] Juniper moved 20'02".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 26'11".

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 14'00".

x[Lorie] KID moved 10'11".

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] lol

x[Lorie] KID follows Kylia Wolfslayer.

x[Paul] Juniper moved 14'04".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 4'05".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer and KID moved 24'07".

[DM] that is where she meant to go

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] mike just called me said "I keen!" then hung up

[DM] the other way leads back to the door

[Lorie] .

[DM] that is darn funny

[Lorie] he's an ass

[Lorie] he should log in like a real man

[DM] did you tell him you died

[Lorie] not hide behind prank calls

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] he doesn't have internet at the moment

[DM] he has a cell phone,

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer and KID moved 45'10".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 44'10".

[DM] and likely java enabled

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] he had me log into his e-mail earlier to look up the times for his flights

x[Paul] Juniper moved 3'07".

[DM] Lorie,

[Lorie] ????

[DM] that is the wrong way

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] cuz apparently he didn't think to print that up before he left

[DM] you just came out of that way from the talking door

[Lorie] then just move me :)

[DM] I did I put you in the right hallway

[DM] that you did not explore

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer and KID moved 38'06".

x[DM] Juniper moved 23'11".

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer and KID moved 38'11".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 41'11".

[DM] you have that one to the NW

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer and KID moved 35'11".

[DM] or back to the collumn room

x[Paul] Juniper moved 37'08".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer and KID moved 26'06".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer and KID moved 27'10".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer and KID moved 48'06".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer and KID moved 31'11".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 41'02".

[DM] so back full circle

x[Paul] Juniper moved 40'02".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 28'06".

[DM] there is the stone curtain

x[Paul] Juniper moved 15'05".

[DM] and the way back along were the fiends were

x[Paul] Juniper moved 4'06".

[Lorie] so we just start going east and pray we find the exit?

[DM] actually West,

[Lorie] by the way Marco... that river wouldn't let me use my gem

[DM] if you watn to look at the other map

[DM] you can click on ANtarias

[DM] to see that other section

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] bob said we can't teleport down here

BiBo!!!! is receiving the map New Thedd Section B...

BiBo!!!! has received the map New Thedd Section B.

[Lorie] Hey BOB... I found Paul's character sheet

[DM] cool

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] didn't we come from there?

[Lorie] If you put a blank one up... I'll update... but he's listed as 6th level... not high enough is it?

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer and KID moved 46'06".

x[DM] No Name moved 4'02".

x[Paul] Juniper moved 55'02".

BiBo!!!! is receiving the map New Thedd Section A...

BiBo!!!! has received the map New Thedd Section A.

[Lorie] Marco... I am trying to get out of here... not sure which way to go at this point


[DM] points up there

[DM] the only place you ahve not explore yet

[DM] was that NW corridoor

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] yeah, I think that's where the exit is

[Lorie] Marco --> Paul wants to enter his character sheet info.. go ahead and play Juniper

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] k ::moves juniper to the path::

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] Juniper moved 206'08".

[DM] there you go

[DM] sunligh

[Lorie] BOB we are going to need to rename KID's dog to Boo Boo Lilo

[DM] the pit

[DM] sure

[DM] and how are you getting out?

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] ::points:: here we are

[DM] you feather falled, down

[DM] or flew

[Lorie] I'm air walking out

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] ::piggy backs kylia::

[Lorie] I can probably carry Juniper and the dog too

[DM] there you go

[DM] up

[DM] out

[DM] adn POOF to roadhaven

[DM] dropping off Fudges body

[DM] and alastair

[DM] etc

[DM] you are all on the base now

[DM] in Roadhaven

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] all your base are belong to us

[DM] I will go get wine

x[Lorie (to GM only)] Character sheet for KID modified: Combat - Current Hit Points:: CHANGED: 18 (16). Max Hit Points:: CHANGED: 18 (16). Melee THAC0: (THAC0) : CHANGED: 19 (8). Missile THAC0: (MTHAC0) : CHANGED: 19 (8). Attacks Per Round:: CHANGED: 11 (3).

Lorie is receiving the map Base...

Lorie has received the map Base.

BiBo!!!! is receiving the map Base...

BiBo!!!! has received the map Base.

[DM] and snacks as you make your plans for fixing things

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lorie] Okay... one restore for me and then one raise dead

[Lorie] Marco does that work for you?

[Lorie] then we have a large grand funeral for Fudge

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] sure

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] you actually have restore now? at your lower level?

[DM] or is this an uplift thing?

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] yeah, she restored before at 12th

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] uplift

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] gets her up to 14

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] which is high enough

[DM] soooo close then

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] what so close

[DM] because I did hit her a second time

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] 14 is 7th level

[DM] but she knocked me down first

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] oh, you mean so close for you

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] methinks paranoia is more your game :-P

[Lorie] And then we raise Alastair

[Lorie] ;)

[DM] lol

[DM] you have to admit that to make you guys atually blink takes some doing

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] blink?

[DM] Lorie actually ran away

[DM] has been a long time that it happened

[Lorie] LOL I was alone HELLO

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] well, 1 person alone isn't all that hard to scare :-P

[DM] was only one wraith

[DM] # appearing is 2-12

[Paul] Roll: ((1d10+2)) [(7+2)] 9

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] yeah well, 1's enough :-P

[Lorie] I should have been more aggressive

[Lorie] I waited for my Protection from Evil to work

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] yeah, blasty

[Lorie] If I had come out just all fireball he wouldn't have lasted

[Lorie] :D

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!!)] heck, magic missile mighta been enough

[DM] at least the water had dried up

[Lorie] So Alastair is all alive again

[Lorie] We heal me of 1 hp

[DM] that was the same place you released that ghost

[Lorie] and Finglass and Antarias

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] ::identifies the stuff::

[DM] and there was the pack of wraiths in teh water

[Lorie] :: Pulls out ring and mirror and chest ::

[DM] that drained John down in a flash

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] chest has potiinos in it then?

[DM] yes two potinos

[Lorie] BOB can you rename the icon for KID to "Boo Boo Lilo"?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] okie, I id the potinos, ring and mirror

[DM] we will roll for them

[Lorie] Since Paul's actual character is named KID

[DM] you shoudl be able to do the renames

[DM] they are PCs

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] done :)

[Lorie] Thank you

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 23'03".

x[DM] Boo Boo Lilo moved 17'03".

x[DM] Alastair moved 28'05".

x[DM] Alastair's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 56 (57) - Unharmed

x[DM] Juniper moved 42'02".

x[DM] Finglass moved 35'10".

x[DM] Antarias moved 44'10".

x[DM] Antarias moved 12'03".

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] so... I id the potinos, ring and mirror. what do I see?

x[DM] Antarias's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 89 (24) - Unharmed

x[DM] Finglass's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 73 (15) - Unharmed

[DM] ok, so healing done

[Lorie] umm. :: points at Kylia ::

[DM] ring is a Ring of Holiness

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -1 (-75) - Dying

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] holiness

[Lorie] Now that wasn't even funny silly BOB

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 75 (76) - Unharmed

[Lorie] :O)

[DM] so if you wear it when you pray you get extra spells

[DM] but you have to "tune" it to you

[DM] as tehre is no gobineu carved in yet

[Lorie] :: nods :: Nice ring. Should I keep it or maybe someone else could benefit

[DM] is only Priests

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] I'm thinking that's all you

[Lorie] Kristen says GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE

[Lorie] Juniper is a priest

[Lorie] Antarias is a priest

[DM] great

[DM] good night KID

[DM] glad she is excited abotu her dog

[Lorie] She wants to come back next week

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] ::glances at the book:: says it gives a +1 to turning rolls too

[Lorie] :: raises brow :: I really like that ring... hmmm...

[Lorie] But if someone would benefit more...

[DM] the mirror is a Mirror of Curring

[DM] needs a command word

[Lorie] That's what I guessed...

[Lorie] :: sigh ::

[DM] adn acts as a heal spell

[DM] it is too bulky to carry around outside of the scroll of shelter

[Lorie] Okay... I say we leave it here in Roadhaven for now

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] how often does it work?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] or is it a charge thing?

[DM] it is a charge thing

[DM] weak now, which means 1-8 charges left

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] can it be recharged?

[Lorie] until we figure out how to get the Command Word

[DM] sure if you can figure out how to

[DM] it is an oriental magic item

[DM] another identify will likely get you the command word

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] okie, I do thusly seing as how I have 12 id's in my casting

[DM] so you have the word

[DM] you know you would have to travel to do the research on this

[DM] must have been some strange oriental person who left this here,

[DM] whistles tunelessly

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] and the potinos?

[Lorie] :: wonders if that was Jeff's old character, Kal-lel or someone else

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] ka lel was jon

[Lorie] :: nods :: Yup...sorry that's what I meant

[DM] need two d1000 rolls for the potions

[Lorie] I know Jeff's old character and Kal-el were both from there

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] (1d100) [95] 95

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] (1d100) [13] 13

[DM] ok

[DM] those were 100,

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] oh, d1000

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] (1d1000) [104] 104

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] (1d1000) [52] 52

[DM] cool

[DM] never heard of one of these

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] sure I have

[DM] ok

[DM] one is an oil

[DM] oil of bottom

[DM] when put on teh doorknob of a person's house

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] oil of bottom?

[DM] they save

[DM] adn if they fail they have to tay home or take 3d6 points of damage

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] meaning they can't take an alternate exit either? say a window or teleport or whatever?

[DM] is one of those bizare of the bizare things from the early 80's

[DM] when they try to leave home

[DM] adn I wma going to not allow you to make gallons of this

[DM] am not going to

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] oh, I don't think there's much danger of that :-P

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] and does it affect the person who owns the place or just anyone who happens to be inside?

[DM] looks like owner

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] yeah, definately not interested in making gallons of the stuff

[Lorie] Umm... no

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] and the other?

[DM] is the elixer of Zorbo fingers

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] zorbo fingers

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] geesh

[DM] they are a creature

[DM] do you know of them?

[DM] and their power?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] nope

[DM] you will find this ammmusing

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] or is that the triangle goofs you were talking about

[DM] one single dose of this

[DM] nope those are boggarts

[DM] zorbo look like evil koalas

[DM] if they successfull touch you

[DM] that assume your AC

[DM] so this gives you the abilty to do that

[DM] and keep it for 20 rounds

[DM] but only good once

x[Lorie (to GM only)] Character sheet for Kylia Wolfslayer modified: Combat -

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] heh

[DM] so touch a kobold, AC 10

[DM] touch an ancient red dragon, -10

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] or touch me -2

[DM] nods

[DM] excpet it does not take into acount magical bonuses

[DM] from spells, etc.

[DM] only the "natural ac"

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] oh. then that's lame

[DM] so would be low but not that low

[DM] not really,

[DM] stone is AC 0

[DM] so grab a rock and poof

[Lorie] they could have been fun

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] ::rather have a potino of invunlerability::

x[DM] E. L. Fudge moved 38'01".

[DM] made the base map a bit better on scale so you can see things easier

[DM] I think that we can start here next week,

[DM] with the idea that you are either returning to thedd or exploring elsewhere

[Paul] bob...she is getting a java error

[DM] she is a bit flaky tonight

[DM] more than normal

Lorie has left the game on Fri Apr 14 22:32:14 EDT 2006

[DM] it is her connectio

[DM] for some reason

[DM] it spirals out of control

[Paul] can you confirm that bservation is two slots? based on intelligence

[DM] ?

[DM] which?

[Paul] could that be because we both are on at once..

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] um... should be one

[DM] bservation?

[Paul] is it based on intelligence?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] think so

Lorie has joined the game on Fri Apr 14 22:33:33 EDT 2006

[Paul] sorry...observation

[DM] ohhh

[DM] sorry

[DM] and you both being on shoud lnot affect anythign Paul

[DM] we have four or more on from here all the time

[DM] is just Lorie wanting attention

[Paul] but we are on the same bandwith arent we?

Lorie is receiving the map Base...

Lorie has received the map Base.

[Paul] lorie mentioned something about biting her

[DM] will leave that to Boo Boo

[Lorie] okay then

[Lorie] let's see

[Lorie] where to from here

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] how are those chain links coming?

[Lorie] we have nearly 1000 I thought at last count

[DM] has only been 2 days

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] what are you talking about?

[DM] from the time you went into Thedd

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] it's been way more than 2 days since we started those

[DM] then came back

[DM] did the raises this is the next day

[DM] oh, sorry the docs are missing

[DM] it is listed there for you will add that just a sec

[DM] there you go

[DM] is the up to date calendar of events

[DM] except that it it now +2 days, grin

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] calendar where now?

[DM] Ob servation is One slot and based on Reason

[DM] in the Docs section of the campaign tree

[Lorie] ??? not there

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] I sees none

[DM] sending now

[DM] resending that is

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] makes no mention of our chain

[DM] 388 links to create

[DM] one per day

[DM] when I get the calendar fixed adn start using it right will have an effect/event that ticks them off for you automatically

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] so how many working links do we have?

[DM] Marco do you know of anything that Sean wanted?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] nope

[DM] I know he was keeping the stats from Fudge

[DM] I approved that

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] well, do we have anything pending at the moment?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] is the suitor still following us?

[DM] yes he will be there

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] didn't he say he was gonna be fighiting with us?

[DM] he went out with the fireball brigade

[Lorie] he left me for dead

x[Paul (to GM only)] Character sheet for Kid modified: Weapon Proficiencies - ADDED: Dagger. ADDED: Axe. ADDED: medium shield. ADDED: Knife. Weapons - ADDED: dagger, , , --, , , , , , , , , , , . Ability Scores - STR: (S) : CHANGED: 14 (null). Weight Allowance:: CHANGED: 55 (null). Max Press:: CHANGED: 170 (null). Open Doors:: CHANGED: 8 (null). Bend Bars/Lift Gate:: CHANGED: 7% (null). DEX: (D) : CHANGED: 15 (null). Missile Attack Adjust: (MATK) : CHANGED: 0 (null). Reaction Adjust: (RA) : CHANGED: 0 (null). Defensive Adjust: (DEF) : CHANGED: -1 (null). CON: (C) : CHANGED: 16 (null). System Shock:: CHANGED: 95 (null). Poison Save: (PS) : CHANGED: NIL (null). Hit Point Adjust: (HPADJ) : CHANGED: +2 (null). Resurrection Survival:: CHANGED: 96 (null). INT: (I) : CHANGED: 11 (null). % Chance Learn Spell:: CHANGED: 45 (null). WIS: (W) : CHANGED: 14 (null). CHR: (CH) : CHANGED: 10 (null). Max # of Henchmen:: CHANGED: 4 (null). Weapon Proficiencies - Initial Slots:: CHANGED: 3 (null). Add'l Slots/Level:: CHANGED: +0.25 (null). Non-Weapon Proficiencies - ADDED: Bowyer/Fletcher, 1, $d, -1. ADDED: Tracking, 2, $w, 0. ADDED: Swimming, 1, $s, 0. ADDED: Weather Sense, 1, $w, -1. ADDED: Hunting, 1, $w, -1. ADDED: Observation, 1, $w, 0. ADDED: Survival, 2, $i, 0. Languages - ADDED: Western Common. ADDED: Hill Giant. Saving Throws - Paralysis, Poison or Death:: CHANGED: 8 (null). Rod, Staff or Wand:: CHANGED: 10 (null). Petrification or Polymorph:: CHANGED: 9 (null). Breath Weapon:: CHANGED: 10 (null). Armor - ADDED: 10. ADDED: -4. ADDED: -2. ADDED: -1. ADDED: 0. ADDED: 3. ADDED: 0. Personal Information - ADDED: KID. ADDED: Paul. ADDED: Ranger. ADDED: Human. ADDED: M. ADDED: Lawful Good. ADDED: 24/Male. ADDED: 6'1"/185. ADDED: Bald/Green. ADDED: Average. ADDED: d10. ADDED: 11608. ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: 96000. ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: Combat - ADDED: 72. ADDED: 72. ADDED: 14. ADDED: 14. ADDED: 3/2. ADDED: Class Levels - ADDED: 7. ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: 6. ADDED: ADDED:

Paul has left the game on Fri Apr 14 22:44:50 EDT 2006

[DM] but not the first day into Thedd, only because I did not think to move his icon over with you

[Lorie] Paul said goodnight

[DM] nods

[DM] waves

[DM] will be fun to have him and KID invovled

[Lorie] :: nods :: Well we'll see how much playing KID actually ends up doing ;)

[DM] yeah, when she hears the sounds and comes running

[Lorie] Okay... so Marco ethically what can I do here?

[Lorie] Hire an assassin?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] you mean regarding the suitor?

[Lorie] :: Nods :: Yup

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] well, I could tell him that you've already accepted the proposal of (male pc x) and if he has something to say about that, he can challenge (pc x) to a duel

[Lorie] ha ha ha

[Lorie] that's funny

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] he's so keen about proving himself, I don't think he'd be able to beat any of our pc's in one on one combat without a lot of luck

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] so, I think that'd settle things nicely ;)

[Lorie] BOB...plausible ???

[DM] you are saying that you have a suitor then

[DM] which male in this group to you want to give that opening to

[Lorie] Umm... well, I don't have him :)

[Lorie] I don't know ::shrugs :: roll a die or something I guess

[DM] lol

[Lorie] is that a d4

[DM] Alastair

[DM] Finglass

[Lorie] Fine.

[DM] Antarias

[Lorie] whomever

[DM] Paul

[Lorie] Roll #1: (d4) [2] 2

[DM] lol

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] finglass it is

[Lorie] who ever you named second

[DM] ok, so you and Finglass are an item

[Lorie] I'm not real picky ... since once he shoos away

[Lorie] So does all this suitor talk

[Lorie] ;O)

[DM] you will turn on Fin

[DM] or are you keeping him around as your boy toy for now

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] fin was hitting on kylia earlier anyway

[Lorie] let's call it a relationship of convenience

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] might as well go with him ;)

[DM] a political marriage

[Lorie] he needs to win back his scorned woman and jealousy works everytime

[Lorie] I just want to make Prince Snooty disappear

[Lorie] and there you go

[Lorie] there doesn't have to be real romance or a real marriage

[DM] soft smile

[DM] all sorts of fun to start the night next week, or in email during the week

[Lorie] There can be marriage TALK ... there doesn't have to be an actual marriage

[Lorie] Umm... yah

[Lorie] Great

[Lorie] Poor Mike

[Lorie] I rolled a 2

[Lorie] :: shrugs ::

[Lorie] Marco no game Sunday right?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] right, forgot about easter

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] no sunday game

[DM] pity

[Lorie] Okies... not that I have anything planned

[DM] seems appropriate to play undead on easter sunday

[Lorie] We're done in the morning

[Lorie] LOL ;o)

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] ::chuckles::

[Lorie] Kids will have eggs and baskets by 10 and grandma's will be done by 1

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] dad reminded me about easter, we're going to some restaurant in coconut grove come lunchtime

[Lorie] maybe I'll get that nap I keep wanting to take

[DM] I am hoping dad comes over today

[Lorie] Oooh... nice

[DM] well Sat

[DM] adn helps cut the last of the big sheets

[Lorie] :: nods ::

[DM] so I can do the rest my self

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] have fun with the shelves

[Lorie] Okay ... night gents

[Lorie] Happy Easter ;O)

[Lorie] Talk to you later

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!!)] ::wavies::

[DM] at least we are making progress

[DM] have a great night all

[Lorie] I'll send something out to poor Mike advising him of his bad fortune

[Lorie] :: waves ::

[DM] in email would be great

BiBo!!!! has left the game on Fri Apr 14 22:56:54 EDT 2006

[Lorie] jot down some XP for us BOB

Lorie has left the game on Fri Apr 14 22:57:04 EDT 2006