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Apr 22 11 - Elementary

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Apr 22 18:31:48 EDT 2011 ====

[Master] Time of Day: 02:00 PM. Day 5 Be ___ de, Sin {Late Summer} 5th, 339 SKR.

Guy has joined the game on Fri Apr 22 18:36:11 EDT 2011

Guy is receiving the map Sactuary_Quarter...

Guy has received the map Sactuary_Quarter.

[Master] welcome

[Guy] howdy

[Master] I think i am ready for you tonight,

[Master] at least until 7:05

Kaz has joined the game on Fri Apr 22 18:38:17 EDT 2011

Kaz is receiving the map Sactuary_Quarter...

[Master] and hello to you too Kaz

Kaz has received the map Sactuary_Quarter.

[Kaz] hey there

[Master] how has the week been?

[Kaz] pretty good, I think

[Master] glad for that

[Master] AC gets fixed tomorrow

[Guy] bleah

[Master] is 81 outside but 83 upstairs right now

[Kaz] I thought your AC was getting fixed last week.

[Master] we thought that too

[Master] turns out we needed a full new unit

[Guy] the bleah was for the week and those temps would feel real good right about now

[Kaz] ewwww

[Master] smile come on down

[Master] we are into summer now

[Master] first potential tropical disturbance is out there already

[Guy] whats summer? we cant get rid of the stupid winter up here

[Master] oh and good luck on your hunt Kaz

[Kaz] thanks

[Kaz] Stupid Cairo.... meh.

[Master] chuckles

[Master] I did talk with Marco this morning, he did not say anything about not being here

[Master] Lisa is not online so that means she is on the way home

[Master] Mike is online but not responding

[Kaz] ok

[Kaz] I'm not talking to Mike

[Master] oh?

[Master] for what reason this time?

[Kaz] Mister "Blow-Up-the-Gate-that's-keeping-out-the-Undead"

[Master] did he offer to use you to plug the hole in the dike?

[Kaz] No, but he did encourage me to become a succubus.

[Kaz] He's a big stupidhead.

[Kaz] AND he's got cooties!!!!


[Master] and Guy is all for this I take it

[Kaz] Not so much

[Guy] guy didnt play tuesday so i didnt know about this

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Apr 22 18:49:07 EDT 2011

Lisa is receiving the map Sactuary_Quarter...

[Master] smile

[Master] and hello Lisa

Lisa has received the map Sactuary_Quarter.

[Kaz] Hey there Lisa

[Lisa] Hello :)

[Guy] hi lisa

[Master] and so that we have the three of you here

[Master] did you have a preference for which way to start?

[Master] I was guessing Sanctuary Quarter rather than the Mages Guild but we can jump to that if you wish

[Kaz] ummmmmmm

[Lisa] did you see my post? I am not stealing anything from Mage's Guild

[Lisa] If that is what's happening, Indigo and I will go shopping :)

[Kaz] I hadn't planned on stealing anything

[Guy] thats fine foriso has no intention on stealing from live mages either lol

[Lisa] that was what was on website - buy or steal busts

[Kaz] Yeah, he's a thief, not an idiot!! :D

[Lisa] so I wanted to clarify

[Lisa] good news

[Master] Yeah I want that clarified also

[Master] Foriso is not an idiot?

[Master] grins

[Guy] not completely lol

[Master] glad to know you have goals

[Guy] foriso plans on staying alive long enough to kill his father after that who knows lol

[Master] will put that on the adgenda then

[Kaz] oh geez

[Master] OK so you are over in the Sanctuary Quarter

[Master] Time of Day: 03:00 PM. Day 5 Be ___ de, Sin {Late Summer} 5th, 339 SKR.

[Master] it is gettign itno the afternoon

[Kaz] what's in the Sanctuary Quarter? I can't remember

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] So we need to find a Mr Sandeford of Lower Grove Road

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] I am not sure where Lower Grove Road is

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] but it must be somewhere around here

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] A clerk that doesnt know his own city?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Well, we can always ask someone.

Branwyn (Lisa) sighs

BiBo!!! has joined the game on Fri Apr 22 18:57:32 EDT 2011

BiBo!!! is receiving the map Sactuary_Quarter...

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Hey there Marco!))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((hiya marco))

BiBo!!! has received the map Sactuary_Quarter.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You don't have a map by any chance?

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] oh no

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] lets ask

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] Pardon me Miss,

[Woman (Master)] hello there

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That surprises me. You look like a guy who would carry a map or two.

Woman (Master) walking up to Lestrade

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (or 20 as played by Bob)

[Woman (Master)] and you are a handsome man

[Woman (Master)] and how can I do you?

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) chuckles

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((lol Lisa))

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] coughs, this afternoon all I need is directions please

Kristelle (Kaz) fights a smile.

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] I am looking for Lower Grove Road

mikE has joined the game on Fri Apr 22 19:00:07 EDT 2011

mikE is receiving the map Sactuary_Quarter...

[Woman (Master)] Lower Grove?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((hey mike))

[BiBo!!!] ((hey guys.... started early?))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Hi Mike))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Just barely, Marco))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (just 2 seconds ago)

[Woman (Master)] down to the water and the cut through the first street on the left

mikE has received the map Sactuary_Quarter.

[Woman (Master)] and my bed is the one on the right

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Hi Mike!)

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] coughs, maybe him, pointing at Foriso, but I am quite comfortable in my own bed thank you

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] (and hello Marco and Mike)

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) laughs


[mikE] so did we find the guy yet?

Woman (Master) shrugs

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] Ok Ok, so this way please

[Master] Clerk Lestrade moved 275'11".

[Master] Clerk Lestrade moved 15'03".

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) leans over to the woman as he passes and whispers "Dont mind our friend hes rather shy"

[Master] testing

[Kristelle (Kaz)] . . .

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (are we having issues?)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Guy said he froze but I seem to be fine))

Lisa is receiving the map small church...

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((He said the last thing he said didn't go through))

[BiBo!!!] what are we testing?

[Master] I put you on the new map

Kaz is receiving the map small church...

[Master] did not think it was a problem

[mikE] the carrying capacity of a swallow

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

Lisa has received the map small church.

[Master] it shows me that some people got it

[Master] but others not

Guy is receiving the map small church...

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

Kaz has received the map small church.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((havent had to say this for a little while but I hate klooge))

[Master] I am testing a high quality map

Guy has received the map small church.

BiBo!!! is receiving the map small church...

[Master] thought it would be good for a small single building

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((I got about a quarter of the map, Bob))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (snakes?)

[Master] grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and brussel sprouts - ick)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Yummeh!!))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (or are they supposed to be cabbages?)

BiBo!!! has received the map small church.

[mikE] why'd it have to be snakes?

[BiBo!!!] I see lots of icons and a part of a map

[BiBo!!!] but mostly gray

[Master] they are supposed to be cabbages

[Master] and yes the map is mostly grey, is a small church only about 50 feet big

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that's better than brussel sprouts)

[Master] it look from my end that everyone is stable again

[Master] can you move your icons and such?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 1'04".

[BiBo!!!] Scarlet moved 2'09".

[Master] ok

[BiBo!!!] yup

[Master] front door there near the bottom

[Master] right next to the dead body in the cart

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (bring out your dead!)

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] well this looks to be the place she told us

[Master] Clerk Lestrade moved 8'00".

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Kristelle moved 17'11".

[Master] Clerk Lestrade moved 9'00".

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Kristelle moved 35'10".

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Kristelle moved 3'07".

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Foriso Fairhand moved 7'09".

[Master] so what do you want to do?

[BiBo!!!] go in and get the bust

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Buy it))

[BiBo!!!] is that it on the map?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((go right ahead ill sit and watchg))

[Master] you could go try the doors

[BiBo!!!] what doors?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((he doesn't seem to have much, so hopefully we won't have to pay much. And Bob, I can't see the doors. Most of the map is grey for me.))

[Master] Kristelle moved 22'01".

[Master] Kristelle moved 25'02".

[Master] you see that?

[Master] Kristelle right in front of the doors?

[BiBo!!!] no, its all gray

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (saw you move her but no doors - can we pretend we just walked inside?)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Very grey

[BiBo!!!] at the top of the map I can see something looks like a stone brick, thought that was the building sicne you said it was all supposed to be gray

[Master] ok let me test something

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we can work with just the icons if we assume we are all in one room)

[BiBo!!!] yeah

[Master] Ok, you see that line now?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((yes))

[BiBo!!!] purple?

[Master] Ok, so that is the front of the church above that below is the back

[BiBo!!!] ish pink

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so we walk in and see snoring man and produce

[Branwyn (Lisa)] busts on shelf

[Branwyn (Lisa)] correct?

[BiBo!!!] and snakes

[Master] as you open the doors you see two stone pews to the left of the church, with a line inbetween them, on the left side are bins of food stuffs on the right side are boxes of food stuffs with a pile inbetween them

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (snakes would be in back?

[Master] at the front of the church is an altar that has four statues on it

[Master] in the rear of the church is a pit that you can hear slithering from

[Master] there are the sounds of snoring coming from the front pew

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we walk in the front or the back? I am confused but that is easy to do)

[Master] and as Kristelle opens the door a different man stands up from where he was sitting on the pew and says

[Sandeford (Master)] Welcome,

[Sandeford (Master)] Santcuary is 5 copper pieces please

[Master] Sandeford moved 3'06".

[BiBo!!!] I am back at the keyboard.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "What do we need sanctuary from?"

[Sandeford (Master)] (you are at the back of the church)

[Sandeford (Master)] Oh if you do not want Sanctuary then you cannot come in

[Sandeford (Master)] thank you come again

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Why not?"

Kristelle (Kaz) rolls her eyes and shakes her head at Scarlet.

[Sandeford (Master)] I only work with people who have Sanctuary

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Yes sir, we'd like Sanctuary.

[Sandeford (Master)] ahh, thank you very much

[Sandeford (Master)] holds out a bowl

[Sandeford (Master)] and how many of you are there?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Seven.

[Sandeford (Master)] very well

Kristelle (Kaz) glances at Lestrade, motioning as if to ask him if he's joining them.

[Sandeford (Master)] Lestrade shakes his head, he will stay outside

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Yes, seven.

[Sandeford (Master)] so 35 copper please

[mikE] SANCTUARY!!!!!

[Master] Kristelle moved 5'00".

[Master] Sandeford moved 3'09".

[Master] Kristelle moved 11'05".

Kristelle (Kaz) places 4 silver pieces into the bowl.

[Master] Foriso Fairhand moved 19'09".

[Master] Branwyn moved 9'04".

[Master] Indigo moved 24'00".

[Master] Imari moved 19'10".

[Master] Miranda moved 20'05".

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "So what does the 5 copper cover exactly?"

[Sandeford (Master)] thank you very much

[Sandeford (Master)] stay behind the line please

Sandeford (Master) walks over and empties bowl of silver pieces into the snake pit

[Sandeford (Master)] bows his head

[Sandeford (Master)] thank you very much

[Sandeford (Master)] and you now can stay for a full hour

[Sandeford (Master)] so who is chasing you?

[Sandeford (Master)] you are a large group, it must be someone mean

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Surprisingly no one at the moment

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "we pay by the hour?"

[Sandeford (Master)] OH, so you are here for the taunting

[Kristelle (Kaz)] No one, actually. We are looking for Mr Sandeford.

[Sandeford (Master)] very well, not many come here for that

[Sandeford (Master)] clears his throat, looking Branwyn up and down

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Actually we are doing a bit of sightseeing and shopping.

[Sandeford (Master)] Your hair looks like a moles thicket

Kristelle (Kaz) covers her mouth with her hand, choking back a laugh.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ".... a... moles thicket?"

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "I cant even picture that metaphore."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And you look like a troll just stepped on your face

[Sandeford (Master)] looks at Scarlett, yes have you ever seen a mole that kept a clean house?

[Sandeford (Master)] Very nice one young lady, beaming at Branwyn

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) looks at Sandefors sniffs the air and says"and you smelllike the unwashed backside of a dead Ogre"

[Sandeford (Master)] you might get good at this once the slime drips out of your ears in a few years

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Speaking of slime, where'd you buy that personality, from a dunnyman?

[Sandeford (Master)] laughs, thank you thank you, always good to have visitors who get into the spirit of things

Kristelle (Kaz) grins

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] :: scratches her head and looks around the church :: "I must be lost..."

[Sandeford (Master)] just sight seeing you say

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) chuckles

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I love a church with a sense of humour.

[Sandeford (Master)] lots of sights to see here

[Sandeford (Master)] bet her third eye helps a lot, pointing at Imari

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] yes we saw a sight earlier when we asked for directions here didnt we Lestrade

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) winks at Lestradee

[Sandeford (Master)] (not in the church)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((he's outside))

[mikE] "May Partik rip the eyes from your socket."

[mikE] "And I hope your body is eaten by the village idiot."

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] :: goes over and examines the statues::

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He is the village idiot!

[Sandeford (Master)] bows to Imari, and may Sydrid keep you wrapped tight

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] Scarlet moved 19'07".

[Sandeford (Master)] HEY

[Sandeford (Master)] I say no goign past the line

[Sandeford (Master)] get back here instantly

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "You did? What line?"

[Sandeford (Master)] or your sanctuary is violated

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Scarlet, get back here.

[Sandeford (Master)] points to the line on the floor

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Oh. That line. Sorry. Hey so what is the deal with this sanctuary anyway? what happens when we pay the 5 copper?"

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] Scarlet moved 9'08".

[Sandeford (Master)] you have sactuary for your coin

[Sandeford (Master)] if you wish to insult the gods, you may

[Master] Sandeford moved 11'06".

[Sandeford (Master)] I have some lovely cabbages here you can throw

Kristelle (Kaz) chuckles

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "So we throw tomatoes at the statues or what?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Ah..."

[Sandeford (Master)] yes, very nice

[Sandeford (Master)] I can give you some thing good and squishy

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Who's the gentleman snoring away up there? I wouldn't want to hit him or anything.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "So we have to throw from this line then?"

[Sandeford (Master)] oh Bruno is just sleeping it off

[Sandeford (Master)] yes, you do have it

[Sandeford (Master)] a silver piece gets you a cabbage

[mikE] "This is an odd temple."

[Sandeford (Master)] 2 silver gets you a bowl of tomatoes

[Sandeford (Master)] I am happy to run my little games

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Everyone has their own Way, Imari.

[Jilly (Master)] a little girls pokes her head in the door

[Jilly (Master)] Have an Apple?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Think we could buy that there statue off of you?" ::points to the letzia::

[Master] Sandeford moved 13'01".

[Master] Sandeford moved 13'09".

[Jilly (Master)] hands her an apple,

[Master] Foriso is there can make an obersvation check

[Sandeford (Master)] Oh Letzia?

[Sandeford (Master)] you want a go at the old girl?

[Sandeford (Master)] she is doing quite well for me

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((foriso jhasnt gotten observation yet))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] How so?

[Sandeford (Master)] seems to still be in good form to plaster her with rotten gunk

[Sandeford (Master)] (then make a pick pockets roll)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Have there been a lot of people going after her lately? More than usual?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy) (to GM only)] Foriso Fairhand: Pick Pockets check:(d100) [1d100=36] 36 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 40!!

[Sandeford (Master) (to Guy only)] foriso notices that the little girl palmed Sandeford a couple of scraps of paper when he gave her the apple

[Sandeford (Master)] Oh, I would say that right now she is running third

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Which is not amazing out of 4 statues...."

[Sandeford (Master)] I just had to retire the Thor statue

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] hmm

[Sandeford (Master)] just too hard to clean

[Sandeford (Master)] and the Angel there on the right seems to keep most people happy

[Sandeford (Master)] or the deamon on the left

[Sandeford (Master)] those two seem to fit the bill for most

[Sandeford (Master)] but what can I say, people like the classics

[Kristelle (Kaz)] We've been looking for a nice bust like that of Letizia. Would you be willing to part with it if we gave you a woodcarving to replace it?

[Sandeford (Master)] hmmm not sure

[Sandeford (Master)] it woudl not be a proper church of insults with out her in it

[Kristelle (Kaz)] It's quite a lovely woodcarving of Letizia.

[Sandeford (Master)] but it is not the same

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) pulls out the woodcarving and unwraps it

[Sandeford (Master)] people like the idea of tossing a crown on her

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Well, I guess not, no.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Though I thought you said it was sanctuary from the gods? Letzia isnt a god is she?"

[Sandeford (Master)] it is more of the imagrey of

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] yes but you could throw knives and darts into the woodcarving

[Sandeford (Master)] I said you could insult the gods

[Sandeford (Master)] oh no no no

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Ooh, that's true, you could do that.

[Sandeford (Master)] no sharp objects around here

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ahh

[Sandeford (Master)] would need to hire someone to do the healing

[Sandeford (Master)] just eats into the profits too much

Kristelle (Kaz) nods in understanding.

[Sandeford (Master)] a man has to make a living

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] you could charge more for throwing sharp objects

[Sandeford (Master)] but the priests would get picky

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I would think you would prefer wood. Plaster shatters so easily.

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) smirks and says" yes but you always can claim sanctuary"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] A good hit and that bust is in a hundred pieces.

[mikE] so we're trying to get a bust from here, right?

[Sandeford (Master)] but if I have to pay some priest to do healing, it defeats

Kristelle (Kaz) nods at Branwyn's words.

[Sandeford (Master)] well

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Yes))

[Sandeford (Master)] if you want to throw a rock at it

[Sandeford (Master)] hmmmm

[Sandeford (Master)] I suppose I could do that

[Sandeford (Master)] but it would be a lot more expensive

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Oh, yes, you could let people throw rocks at a woodcarving.

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] and expensive is good

[Sandeford (Master)] oh I thought she pointing at Branwyn wanted to throw rocks at Letizia

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] and woodcarvings would be cheaper to replace that busts

[Sandeford (Master)] a lot of mages like her, so it is sort of surprising

[Sandeford (Master)] but I am not here to judge, that is for the priest

[Sandeford (Master)] priests

[Sandeford (Master)] so if you really want to throw at her I can help you

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] and we all know that priests do love to judge what everybod else does

[Branwyn (Lisa)] no, we wanted to trade her for the woodcarving.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] You could charge a lot more to let people throw rocks at the woodcarving.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Wood is more durable and Scarlet's mother collects plaster busts. She would love it once she washed the tomato bits off it

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Wouldn't have to worry about it breaking, as long as they weren't huge rocks.

[Sandeford (Master)] not sure I can let her go

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Yes, she is quite the fan of plaster. Runs a plaster museum you see. Helps to pay for healing for poor orphans."

[mikE] "You might die for it, you know."

[Sandeford (Master)] now that you mention it there was a priest who felt really good about smashing up a statue of Athena last month

[Sandeford (Master)] dies for what?

[Sandeford (Master)] maybe I can make a fair bit of coin letting people smash things too

Kristelle (Kaz) glances over at Imari.

[Sandeford (Master)] is a nice angle

[mikE] "THere has been death associated with the plaster busts lately. Have you not heard?"

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "She is kind of right about the dying thing though. Does sanctuary protect you from murderers?"

[Sandeford (Master)] here it does

[Sandeford (Master)] and that is very nice too

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "They cant kill you here? Really?"

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I doubt murderers really care about the rules.

[Sandeford (Master)] Death by Letizia, haunting beyond the grave

[Kristelle (Kaz)] If they did, they wouldn't be murderers!

[Sandeford (Master)] oh I am sure that many murderers care about the rules

[Sandeford (Master)] and count on others following them

[Sandeford (Master)] or thy would not hope to get away with it

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Exactly. But they, themselves, do not care about the rules. Why should they worry about Sanctuary?

[Sandeford (Master)] of course you have your lovers quarrel mayhem I am sure

Sandeford (Master) laughs

[Sandeford (Master)] not care about Sanctuary?

[Sandeford (Master)] this is Loosend you are in

[Sandeford (Master)] where are you from?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Not Loosend."

[Sandeford (Master)] any murderer woudl count on sanctuary to get away with it

[Kristelle (Kaz)] From outside of Loosend.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] My point was that why would Sanctuary prevent them from coming in here and killing someone?

[Sandeford (Master)] because it would break their sanctuary

[Sandeford (Master)] and depending on what church they are in

[Sandeford (Master)] I am sure that there would be a couple hundred to a couple thousand people after them

[Sandeford (Master)] and angry priests to boot

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Ahh.

[Sandeford (Master)] plus the council fo churches

[Kristelle (Kaz)] IF anyone knew who the murderer was.

[Sandeford (Master)] and the Administrative council woudl hate it of course

[Sandeford (Master)] blinks at KRistelle

[Sandeford (Master)] you do not know any priests do you

Kristelle (Kaz) smiles.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I know a few, yes.

[Sandeford (Master)] then why don't you use divination?

[Sandeford (Master)] heck you have a mage with you

[Sandeford (Master)] and isn't the wild one there a savage priestess?

Kristelle (Kaz) gives a surprised laugh.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Because divination doesn't work, where we come from.

[Sandeford (Master)] chuckles, then crime must be rampant there

[Sandeford (Master)] ahhhh

[Sandeford (Master)] looking at Foriso

[Sandeford (Master)] so that is how you do it

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Not more than anywhere else, actually.

[Sandeford (Master)] I think I like my system better

[mikE] "There's not much crime among my people. Just wars."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't mind the idea of sanctuary either. It is very straightforward

[Sandeford (Master)] it does help organize things

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) stands there looking innocent

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Now good Sandeford with the troll trodden face, we have many places left to see today. Can we make a trade?

[Sandeford (Master)] I will be glad to give you the bargain basement price of only 5 gold pieces to throw rocks at that bust of Letizia

[Sandeford (Master)] for that low low price I will let you have three throws

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "How about 5 gold to just take the statue?"

Kristelle (Kaz) raises an eyebrow.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But you would not trade her for our woodcarving?

[Sandeford (Master)] oh no no no

[Sandeford (Master)] with this idea of yours

[Sandeford (Master)] I can make a killing!

[Sandeford (Master)] 5 gold for a throw

[Sandeford (Master)] giving you a bonus for giving me the idea of course

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs in spite of herself

[Sandeford (Master)] I bet at least 10 to 20 people

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "yeah, but if we hit it, then its over."

Kristelle (Kaz) chuckles.

[Sandeford (Master)] before it is unusable

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Sandeford can I talk to you privately

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "That many?"

[Sandeford (Master)] oh that will be a very nice profit

[Sandeford (Master)] what mister Foriso?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] And if one of us breaks it right away?

[Sandeford (Master)] anythign you have to say you can say in front of friends

[Sandeford (Master)] Oh I doubt it would break that easy

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] youd be surprised

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Kristelle would you and the others mind stepping outside for a moment

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "But we are paid up for an hour!"

[Sandeford (Master)] chuckles, I thought they were your friends

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't mind. Come on Indigo.

[Sandeford (Master)] this is true, you do not have to leave for anohter,

[Sandeford (Master)] oh

[Sandeford (Master)] you have at least a half hour to go

[Master] Time of Day: 03:15 PM. Day 5 Be ___ de, Sin {Late Summer} 5th, 339 SKR.

[Master] Time of Day: 03:30 PM. Day 5 Be ___ de, Sin {Late Summer} 5th, 339 SKR.

Kristelle (Kaz) casually looks over at the snoring man and frowns in thought.

[Sandeford (Master)] pardon me mole hair

[Sandeford (Master)] just to let you know as you have been kind so far

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes troll face?

[Sandeford (Master)] if you do leave you will have to pay again to come back in to throw your rocks

[Sandeford (Master)] I thought you should know

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Thats what I thought."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Foriso do you really wish us to leave?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I assumed as much

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] If you dont mind talking in front of my family then Im fine with it I just thought to do trhis inprivate

[Sandeford (Master)] ahh her mushy looks deceive away from her sprial intelect

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Now mister Sandeford is it? You say that a murderer would not kill you because of sanctuary and everyone in loosend would obey that right?"

[Sandeford (Master)] of course,

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Well, we have reason to believe the murderer not only isnt from Looseend, but likely does not speak common so probably doesnt even know what sanctuary is."

[Sandeford (Master)] then he or she would not last long

[Sandeford (Master)] so I am not worried

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "That may be the case, but after you are dead, it is too late."

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Sandeford there have been several breakins lately all of them involving busts of Letizia and the last one ended in a killing

[Sandeford (Master)] oh I died several years ago

[Sandeford (Master)] I am not worried about me

[Sandeford (Master)] although I see your point for the sake of arguement

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Well think of the loss of profit from a raising then."

[Sandeford (Master)] one must keep a positive outlook

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Is a 5 gold piece plaster bust worth the cost to be raised?"

[Sandeford (Master)] I am sure I can find a way to turn a profit on it

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] we are wanting to trade for the bust so we can not only bring the person doing it to us but also maybe protecting innocents

[Sandeford (Master)] we can't afford to be innocent

Kristelle (Kaz) pokes her head out of the door and calls for Lestrade to come over.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Actually, in all honesty, we dont actually want to KEEP the bust, so how about we rent it for a bit. Would that be alright?"

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) grins at Sandeford "Well Im almost always innocent"

[Master] Clerk Lestrade moved 5'09".

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] yes?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "We just need it for a couple of days, then we can return it to you later."

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Would you please find me a few nice-sized rocks? Hefty ones, but no larger than fist-sized.

[Clerk Lestrade (Master)] very well

[Sandeford (Master)] no no just think of the money I could lose

[Sandeford (Master)] no sorry,

[Sandeford (Master)] I think I will have to keep to my offer fo 5 gold for your three throws young lovely mole girl

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If we hit the bust and smash it, can we have all the bits?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Thanks, Lestrade. Need them quickly.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Anything we hit we keep?

[Sandeford (Master)] no

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Then it is hardly worth 5 gp

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Why not?"

[Sandeford (Master)] although I could maybe sell you the scraps afterwards

Kristelle (Kaz) pops her head back in.

[Sandeford (Master)] worth the price?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] What are you going to do with scraps of plaster?

[Sandeford (Master)] it is almost priceless to be able to freely take out your frustrations on someone

[Sandeford (Master)] free inside of these walls to give in to your frustrations

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Oh we do it for free all the time."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But if you win, you should get a reward. There is nothing you can do with the shards.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "But thats one of the perks of our job."

[Sandeford (Master)] oen should like one's job I do agree

Branwyn (Lisa) whispers to Kristelle, "What if there is something inside the bust when it breaks?"

[Sandeford (Master)] once the bust is so demolished I can not use it I will sell you the shards, how is that for a deal?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "How much for the shards?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] 3 copper

[Branwyn (Lisa)] no more than that

[Sandeford (Master)] 3 copper? you want to rob me blind and leave me hungry for weeks?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "And do we have your guarantee that we get EVERY piece?"

[Sandeford (Master)] 2 silver at least

Kristelle (Kaz) mutters to Branwyn, "I guess then whomever truly owns anything that is in there would have to take it up with the priests."

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "You wont try and charge us piece by piece or anything crazy like that?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] you are probably the least hungry man in Loosend

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Every piece of bust-related detritus.

[Sandeford (Master)] you make a good point, I stand to make a lot of money selling the shards,

[Sandeford (Master)] hmmmm

[Kristelle (Kaz)] You are getting quite greedy.

[Sandeford (Master)] very well you may have everything that fits in the offering bowl for the 2 silver

[Sandeford (Master)] holds up the bowl

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "And we can choose the pieces?"

Kristelle (Kaz) looks at the offering bowl.

[Sandeford (Master)] that does seem fair

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Deal."

[Sandeford (Master)] as you did bring up the idea and I will be making a good profit

Kristelle (Kaz) pokes her head back out to see where Lestrade is.

[Sandeford (Master)] Lestrade hands Kristelle a handful of the gravel from the sides of the church

[Sandeford (Master)] (Mike, Marco I can send you an email of the church if you like)

Kristelle (Kaz) hefts them in her hands to test the weight.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "So who wants to make the throw?" ((nah, its not too important)

[Sandeford (Master)] they seem sling stone weight

[Sandeford (Master)] OH the good mole woman gets first crack

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((that's meaningless to me, Bob))

[Sandeford (Master)] three throws for her 5 gold

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "I unfortunately throw like a girl."

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((like a good sized marble?))

[Sandeford (Master)] (meaning it fits in a sling, does 1d2 dmg)

[Sandeford (Master)] sure that is a good anaolgy

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((I asked for hefty rocks, not frickin pebbles.))

[Master] Sandeford moved 6'08".

[Master] Scarlet moved 4'08".

[Master] Branwyn moved 7'06".

[Sandeford (Master)] so

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((its a city, you are lucky you got that))

[Sandeford (Master)] holds out the offering bowl to Branwyn for her gold

[Sandeford (Master)] do you feel lucky?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] /dm

[Sandeford (Master)] oh and mister Foriso, is it

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((aboutr the size of one of those giant jawbreakers, about half the size of a pool ball))

[Sandeford (Master)] what did you want to talk about ?

[Sandeford (Master)] does anyone care to place a bet?

[Sandeford (Master)] you young man, looking at Indogo

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] doesnt matter now Im afraid

[Sandeford (Master)] you seem to fancy the lass

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!) (to Master only)] how heavy is a bust?

[Sandeford (Master)] care to wager that she will hit the statue?

Kristelle (Kaz) shakes her head slowly, pops her head back out to say 'Thank You' to Lestrade, and closes her hands around the gravel.

[Sandeford (Master) (to BiBo!!! only)] 10 to 20 pounds at least,

[Sandeford (Master)] I will lay you 2 to 1 odds that she only hits one of the three

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sorry - back now. who has the best chance at this or we all equally bad at throwing?)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!) (to Master only)] jeebus, how big IS it?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!) (to Master only)] it IS plaster right?

[Sandeford (Master) (to BiBo!!! only)] lol, first time anyone has actually asked the size!!! they are about one and a half life size heads

[Sandeford (Master)] well my good man?

[Sandeford (Master)] think she will hit it more than once?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((I don't think he gets to say who throws first, or at all.))

[Sandeford (Master)] I will give you two silver to your one silver

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ::ponders::

Indigo (Lisa) looks at Branwyn and shakes his head

[Sandeford (Master)] so far he has only offered Branwyn a shot

[Indigo (Lisa)] I just hope she hits anything

[Sandeford (Master)] 5 gold for her three throws

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Hey Imari..."

[Kristelle (Kaz)] No, I don't think so.

[Sandeford (Master)] he is feeling generous because she came up with the idea

Branwyn (Lisa) takes five gold pieces out of her pouch and hands them over to Sandeford

[Sandeford (Master)] oh come now Indigo, you must have faith in her

[Kristelle (Kaz)] If we're going to spend our gold throwing pebbles at things, then we'll decide who pays and who throws.

[Sandeford (Master)] Thank you My Mole Lady

[Sandeford (Master)] tosses the 5 gold into the snake pit

[Sandeford (Master)] hands Branwyn three rocks

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Miranda, care to say a prayer for me?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((He had three rocks?))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ::whispers to imari:: Dont suppose you can cast magical stone by any chance?

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sandeford (Master)] tut tut

[Sandeford (Master)] no help

[Miranda (Kaz)] Always, Branwyn.

[Sandeford (Master)] you can do this your self

[Sandeford (Master)] hush now

[Sandeford (Master)] lets see that fine throwing arm you have

Branwyn (Lisa) turns rock over in her hand staring at Letizia's face

Kristelle (Kaz) holds on to her stones, absently playing with them as she watches the supposedly sleeping man.

[Sandeford (Master)] (there is an AC and HP for the statue, just make your normal to hit roll with the dagger or what ever)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I was afraid of that)

[Sandeford (Master)] grins

[Lisa] Branwyn targets Letizia . Distance: 10'04"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Damage v SM: Pointy: (1d4) [1d4=3] 3 added to: Letizia

[Sandeford (Master)] hussshhhhhh

[Sandeford (Master)] everyone be quiet

[Sandeford (Master)] LOL

[Sandeford (Master)] to hit first then damage

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol - long time since I tried to hit anything!)

[Sandeford (Master)] grins

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((should wait for spells to be cast to help you....))

[Sandeford (Master)] husssh let her concentrate people

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (also had eyes closed)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((wouldn't that be cheating?))

Kristelle (Kaz) mutters, "No one is talking but you, Sandeford."

[Sandeford (Master)] and GO

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I have three tries - anyone can cast - no one said anything)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Attack: Pointy: (18-(d20+0)) [1d20=3] 15. MISSES Letizia (AC FINAL: 4).

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((he didnt say we COULDNT do it, besides, he is already cheating us out of our money

[Sandeford (Master)] OH

[Sandeford (Master)] just a little bit low

[Sandeford (Master)] lets see you lift that arm up just a bit now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Kristelle are your rocks better?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Not sure, let me see his.

[Sandeford (Master)] he hands one over

Kristelle (Kaz) compares it to hers.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((magic stone, bless, prayer, chant, any of these spells wold be awesome now priesty types...))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] (all together even better))

[Sandeford (Master)] (and when Branwyn is done someone else can buy a throw)

[Sandeford (Master)] step right up

[Sandeford (Master)] lets put some pepper on there

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So which one is best Kristelle?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((so, I'm comparing the stones... and?))

[Sandeford (Master)] (they are all the same, just normal stones, nothign light or fake abou tthem)

Branwyn (Lisa) takes another stone and aims carefully wishing Indigo was at the line

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Probably got them from the same place Lestrade found these.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Miranda casts a spell against : Bless/Curse: For 6 rounds, attack rolls and saves vs fear receive a +1 bonus.

[Sandeford (Master)] HEY

[Sandeford (Master)] HEY

[Sandeford (Master)] none of that

Kristelle (Kaz) raises an eyebrow at Sandeford.

[Sandeford (Master)] no casting

[Sandeford (Master)] you have to pay extra for that

[Kristelle (Kaz)] That wasn't one of the rules, Sandeford.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Too late.

[Sandeford (Master)] please me mole lady throw away

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Attack: Pointy: (18-(d20+0)) [1d20=8] 10. MISSES Letizia (AC FINAL: 4).

[Sandeford (Master)] the rules said she throws

[Sandeford (Master)] three times

[Kristelle (Kaz)] And that's all the rules said.

[Sandeford (Master)] exactly

[Sandeford (Master)] no casting

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Didn't say no casting.

[Sandeford (Master)] no one else throws

Branwyn (Lisa) picks up the last rock and sighs sadly

[Sandeford (Master)] we never said she could cast

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Attack: Pointy: (18-(d20+0)) [1d20=14] 4. HITS Letizia (AC FINAL: 4)!!!

[Sandeford (Master)] she could have paid to smash

[Kristelle (Kaz)] She didn't cast.

[Sandeford (Master)] THERE YOU GO

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yay!!!

[Sandeford (Master)] (1d2) [1d2=1] 1 points of damage to the bust

Kristelle (Kaz) turns back to watch the snoring man.

Branwyn (Lisa) jumps up and down excitedly

[Master (to GM only)] Letizia 's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 15 (-1) - Lightly Wounded

[Sandeford (Master)] SEE

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Nice throw, Bran.

[Sandeford (Master)] beams at Indigo

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] no bonus from strength I suppose?

[Sandeford (Master)] good choice

[Sandeford (Master)] ok

[Sandeford (Master)] he walks up the the bust

[Sandeford (Master)] looks at it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (why didn't I roll damage?)

[Sandeford (Master)] it si a little cracked

[Sandeford (Master)] (stones do 1d2 points of damage)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] plus str?

[Sandeford (Master)] yes

[Kristelle (Kaz)] So, you said she could have paid to smash?

[Sandeford (Master)] no, I said you can pay to throw, and I agreed that whenit is eventually smashed beyond use I would sell you the pieces

[Master] Time of Day: 03:45 PM. Day 5 Be ___ de, Sin {Late Summer} 5th, 339 SKR.

[Sandeford (Master)] I must say you strangers drive a hard bargain

[Kristelle (Kaz)] You said, and I quote... "we never said she could cast. she could have paid to smash."

[Sandeford (Master)] so now who wants another go

[Sandeford (Master)] yes yes, I was saying she could have paid to smash at it with a spell

[Sandeford (Master)] but she did not

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "So how much to smash with a spell then?"

[Kristelle (Kaz)] You didn't say anything about smashing WITH A SPELL. You merely said she could have paid to smash.

[Sandeford (Master)] now, who wants a chance to smash old dirty letizia with a rock

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You only said that after I paid you to throw rocks!

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I'd like to smash it with my sword. I have a hefty frustration to work out.

[Sandeford (Master)] I was cut off in the excitement of her success

[Kristelle (Kaz)] So, how much for a spell or a sword?

[Sandeford (Master)] and no no swords, no pointy sharp objects

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Mace then."

[Sandeford (Master)] I cna not deal with priests

[Sandeford (Master)] if you want to throw your mace from the line here,

[Sandeford (Master)] hmmm

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (who has a mace?)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "We have to throw?"

[Sandeford (Master)] you cna not cross the line

[Sandeford (Master)] you know that

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Perhaps not, but you can cross the line and bring the bust over here.

[Sandeford (Master)] no no

[Sandeford (Master)] the object here is to take out your frustrations

[Sandeford (Master)] by throwing things at the gods

[Sandeford (Master)] and I am sorry but your hour is up

[Sandeford (Master)] if you wish to stay it will be another 35

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Not being able to smash it up close an personal is far more frustrating..."

[Sandeford (Master)] Oh no

mikE has joined the game on Fri Apr 22 20:40:33 EDT 2011

mikE is receiving the map small church...

[Sandeford (Master)] I will only charge you 30 copper

[Sandeford (Master)] you did pay extra before

mikE has left the game on Fri Apr 22 20:40:56 EDT 2011

[Sandeford (Master)] do you watn to stay here in my church?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] We'll talk about it. Pardon us.

mikE has received the map small church.

Kristelle (Kaz) motions the others to step outside for a moment.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Kristelle moved 13'04".

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Kristelle moved 14'04".

[Master] Branwyn moved 18'07".

[Master] Foriso Fairhand moved 11'00".

[Master] Scarlet moved 13'08".

Branwyn (Lisa) follows Kristelle

[Master] Indigo moved 15'00".

[Master] Imari moved 18'04".

[Master] Miranda moved 13'02".

[Master] Sandeford moved 11'03".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You know it does work. Hitting the gods with a rock really does make you feel better.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] A little expensive perhaps

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "I rather hit a certain priest with a rock..."

[Kristelle (Kaz)] We could waste a lot of time here.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((we are outside now? away from the priest?))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I'm thinking maybe we could have a couple of us stake the place out, you know, pay to hang around all day if need be, to see who comes to smash the thing.

[Master] yes

[Kristelle (Kaz)] We have to get over to the Mages Guild to see about them, too.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Yeah, either we steal it or guard it. There is no way we are going to bargain it out of this criminal."

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Word will get out quickly, I'm sure, about being able to pay to throw rocks at it.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] That will make the thief/murderer panic.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((there's your topic - discuss. I'll brb.))

[Kaz] I am away from the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So two or three stay here and rest head to the guild?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "If we all stay here, we will likely be penniless by the end of the day."

[mikE] ::shrugs::

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We will have to chase them if they come here. We cannot attack them in the church.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Thats another issue isnt it."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] One can be inside the church and one outside for when he comes out?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Who stays here then?"

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Im more curious as to what was on the papers he got from that girl

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Probably some thief communication."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Either you or I have to go to the Guild. A mage should be there. I don't mind staying here with Indigo if you want to go Scarlet

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I was thinking we need a fighter type here for capture - either Kristelle or Indigo)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "All the same, If two people want to wait here, I can cast 2 invisibility spells today. That should help you get the drop on the murderer if he shows up."

[Master] how about a fighter here to take a few throws?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Hey! We can try out the net!)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((with an invis spell i could backstap the thief lol))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((that too))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that's what I was thinking - but how many hits to break that thing. Indigo or Kristelle could probably hit it 2-3 times)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] (it probably has like 10 hp. so 1-2 hp a hit will cost a fortune))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((maybe 5 hp))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((a fighter type with some actual strength bonus would be best.)

[Master] halflings have a throwing bonus as well

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Wealth - CHANGED: Gold Pieces -- Carried: 5 (10),

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((but I dont like the idea of paying this guy any more money))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((just on principle))

[Master] well at least he likes you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he likes our money)

[Master] smiles

[Master] so Indigo waits here with Kristelle? and the rest visit the mage's guild?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((alright, so how about I cast invisibility on foriso and one other person? preferably someone who is fast and/or has some sort of restraining spells like hold person or something)

[Master] or who ever

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((anyone got the running proficiency by any chance?))

[Master] Time of Day: 04:15 PM. Day 5 Be ___ de, Sin {Late Summer} 5th, 339 SKR.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so Foriso waits outside and someone waits inside?)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((works for me))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((sounds good to me.))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((hopefully the priest doesnt have any way of detecting invisibility))

[Master] chuckles, what do you think the chances he did not think of that option is?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I don't think we can sneak anything by the priest)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how does invisible person open the door and walk back in?)

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((back, sorry))

[Master] so Kristelle agreed to be pelted with rotten tomatoes

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((just walk in I guess, not too worried about that))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and priest thinks it is the wind opening the door?)

[Master] brb drinks

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] (( one of us can open the door and ask some questions while the invisible person walks through))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (okay)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Bob, you're so full of it. hehe))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((again, not too big an issue, a little concerned about the implications of chasing this person through this church))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((not chasing - FOLLOWING.))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and someone staying keeps the net)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((dont want to get into trouble with the church or law or whatever over sanctuary))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (once he steps outside he no longer has sanctuary)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so just yell as he runs out and foriso jumps him)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] or casts a huge web that envelops the city

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] (Thats right he can web cant he.))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((thats perfect))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((he can also backstab and its easier when hes invisible))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] (( yeah, but web is a good backup))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((especially if he doesnt die from the backstab))

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (would create less of a mess)

[mikE] so what do you want imari to do?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((could be difficult to backstab while he is running away too))

[Master] ok, so foriso and Indigo are staying?

[Master] anyone else?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (could toss magic net on him)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((okay, so foriso is perfect for this. sneaky, backstabbity and capable of casting web. couldnt as for more))

[Master] and how much money do they have?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((plenty))

[Master] chuckles, define that please

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Indigo has his personal 10gp 10 sp)

[Master] if Indigo gets into betting on throws

[Master] and gets 500 gp in the hole

[Master] wink

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Scarlet wants him invisible)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] she wont be because throwing would ruin the invisibility

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol - I could finally use his gaming proficiency)

[Master] brilliant

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((Alright so foriso and indigo then?))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Indigo has net or Foriso?)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((will try and sneak indigo in, but if that doesnt work, just guard the entrance,. indigo would be better. foriso already has web and indigo probably has a better chance to hit))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Indigo has throwing bonus?)

[Master] halflings get a +1 bonus for thrown objects

[Master] rocks, daggers, etc

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((does that include nets?))

[Master] sure

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((even better))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so Indigo has net sounds good)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((hopefully we can get you in the church past the priest, but if not just both of you guard the door. this is the only way in and out right bob?))

[Master] yes

Indigo (Lisa) looks at Foriso and remembers the last time the two of them were invisible

[Master] unless there is a secret way in or out no doors or windows except the front ones

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) grins at Indigo

[mikE] Imari will stand outside

[mikE] she really wants nothing to do with robbing a church

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((and the thief likely doesnt know any secret doors))

[mikE] even a crazy ass one like this

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((whos robbing the church?))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Nobody is robbing the church))

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we aren't robbing it - we are staking out the thief)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((the thiuef hasnt looked for any

[Master] Time of Day: 04:30 PM. Day 5 Be ___ de, Sin {Late Summer} 5th, 339 SKR.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (the rest of group are heading over to the Mage guild. Another body over here could only help though)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] (( just planning on leaving foriso and indigo to stake out this place while we go and try and negotiate with the mage guild for their bust.))

[Indigo (Lisa)] (what do you want to do Mike? you can stand around and look casual or visit a bunch of mages?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Scarlet can only make two of us invisible)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((since the whole point of this church is sanctuary, there is probably no point negotiating help to catch the theif from the priest, which is why we have to be a bit sneaky about things))

[Master] the whole point of a lot of churches in Loosend is Sanctuary

[Master] is why there are so many

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((yeah, but we arent going to other churches, so not really a concern))

[Master] grins

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((marco you should know better than that))

[Indigo (Lisa)] (a criminal's paradise)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((I have faith in your web foriso :) ))

[Indigo (Lisa)] (City Administrator will have a cow if he webs the city streets. Hope it does not come down to that)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Marco, you should know better than that!))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((should be okay. the webs dissolve and dont hurt anyone unless there are some special casting rules in this town I am unaware of))

[Indigo (Lisa)] (no just traffic jams most likely)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((and if we get in trouble, we can always go claim sanctuary ;) ))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((dont forget I have no control over the size of the web))

[Master] lol

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((thats fine, you just dont catch yourself in it and its not a problem))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((i can move through webs so thats no big deal

[Master] You are here #3 moved 18'03".

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((then completely no issue at all))

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so let's get invisible)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((alright so I guess we leave you two to take care of things here.))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] Scarlet casts a spell against : Invisibility: Target is invisible for 24 hours or until he attacks, whichever comes first.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] Scarlet casts a spell against : Invisibility: Target is invisible for 24 hours or until he attacks, whichever comes first.

[Master] zOK

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] So Indigo we dont open any chests this time all right

[Master] so moving the rest to the other map for the mages guild

[Master] is Imari staying here or going to Mages Guild

[Indigo (Lisa)] Nope. Or jump in any dark room either

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((or under any dragons))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] My suggestion for dealing with the Mages Guild is that we just be upfront with them.

[Master] OK

[Master] left Imari back at the church

[Master] Mike let me know differently please

[Master] you are standing in front of the mages guild

[Kristelle (Kaz)] The busts are being targeted, and we'd like to buy theirs so we can set a trap for the theif/murderer.

[Master] it is a large stone building

[Master] one of the few you have seen in the city

[Master] most are a mixture of stone and wood

[mikE] yeah, i'm watching people who go in and out of the church until indigo comes out

[Master] this one stands alone away from other buildings, most of the other "blocks" you see on the map are made up of several buildings, the Mages Guild has its own spot there on the edge of the South End and across from the Arena

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] there are no windows on the lower two floors, only on the third and fourth floors

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] thats good

[Master] no doors visible except one large one centered on the wall where you are

[Master] there is a small cluster of people hanging around

[Master] a food cart seller trying to sell some sort of meat on a stick

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] yay meat on a stick

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Is his name Dibbler?))

[Master] and you can hear the muffled roar of a crowd from the Arena

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] no, he sells meat on a bun

[Master] lol

[Master] and what do you do?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] head into the guild

[Master] there is the door

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ::knock knock::

[Master] you walk up to it

[Master] and when you knock a voice speaks to you

[Door (Master)] Todays password is?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((he sells on a stick))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "pu nepo"

[Door (Master)] and silence

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((nm, he sells meat pies))

[Master] Time of Day: 05:00 PM. Day 5 Be ___ de, Sin {Late Summer} 5th, 339 SKR.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] :: knock :: "Hey can we speak to someone inside?"

[Kristelle (Kaz)] We're not part of the guild, we're visitors.

[Door (Master)] what is today's password

[Door (Master)] visitors please wait

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Stupid magic mout.h..."

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

Kristelle (Kaz) pats Scarlet's arm consolingly.

[Clerk (Master)] a new voice

[Clerk (Master)] Hello how can I help you

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Shouldn't Scarlet be happy we are at the Mage's Guild?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (she is at last with her peers?)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((depends on how bereaucratic they are))

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Greetings. We'd like to speak with someone about a recent art acquisition made by the Guild. Someone in authority?

[Clerk (Master)] who would that be?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I have no clue, I'm not a Guild member. Don't you know who would be a person of authority around here?

[Clerk (Master)] it depends on what you need mamm

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((dont we have a name?))

[Clerk (Master)] (yes you do, go find it, :P )

[Clerk (Master)] if you are looking for quests I can fetch the master for that

[Clerk (Master)] if yoau re looking for sacrafices I can fetch the master for that

[Kristelle (Kaz)] No, not a quest. There was someone... let me think a moment.

[Clerk (Master)] if youa re looking for curses I can fetch the master for that

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "We are looking to talk to MR Brown."

[Clerk (Master)] OH I am sorry he is dead

[Clerk (Master)] most unforanate

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Recently?"

[Clerk (Master)] he died last night

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Dont tell me. There was a bust smashed."

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Oh, no.

[Clerk (Master)] what bust?

[Clerk (Master)] no he died in his sleep

[Kristelle (Kaz)] How did he die?

[Clerk (Master)] he was 125

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Oh....

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Ahh.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Oh... well thats good. Well not GOOD but you know what I mean"

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Who else could we speak to about a purchase he made?

[Clerk (Master)] I will convey to his famly you think it is good he died

[Kristelle (Kaz)] We don't think it's good he died.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] We think that, if he had to die, it's good it was not murder.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Good that he died naturally and wasnt murdered. Thoguht thats what had happened."

[Clerk (Master)] yes that is true

[Clerk (Master)] why would you think he was murdered

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Long story and why we needed to speak with him."

[Clerk (Master)] (and around you there are people pointing and passing coins back and forth, gesturing at your group and looking around at others )

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Well, that's why we came to speak with him.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Who manages his office now?"

[Clerk (Master)] we have not appointed a new chamberlain yet

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Oh, dear.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Guild Master?

[Clerk (Master)] that will happen when the masters meet and decide on a new person to serve them

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Okay, well do you have an address of his next of kin?"

[Clerk (Master)] I do not beleive he had any,

[Clerk (Master)] but if you wish to convey condolences, you may leave them with me and I will do that for you

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Thought you said you were going to inform his relatives earlier."

[Clerk (Master)] who are you?

[Clerk (Master)] I said to his family,

[Clerk (Master)] once you join the guild we are family

[Clerk (Master)] he may have realatives outside of his family

Kristelle (Kaz) nods at the Clerk.

[Clerk (Master)] (note you do not see anyone, this is just a voice)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] Ha..... okay look here is the deal. We are doing an investigation into a bust he recently aquired."

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((you need to tell us these things))

[Clerk (Master)] ahhh the Letizia black plaster bust, aquired from a disreputable art dealer

[Clerk (Master)] (I did say this is a new voice, smile)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Seems someone is stealing them and that person has no qualms about murdering people to get at it."

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((we are talking to a door))

[Clerk (Master)] well that person apparently is dead

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((so, we're still outside?))

[Clerk (Master)] we had an attempted break in this morning,

[Clerk (Master)] the ashes were thrown in the river

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Did you?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes and people are pointing and staring at us)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Was it a gnome?"

[Clerk (Master)] perhaps, it was at least a mammal

[Clerk (Master)] Miranda make a observation check

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "So.... you are not sure it was in fact a thief."

[Master] there are several people who start walking around your group

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] looking you up and down

[Miranda (Kaz)] ((don't have obs))

[Master] ok

[Master] someone pinches Miranda's butt

[Master] can not tell who

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((frisky mage hands))

[man (Master)] hey little girl

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Can we step inside and speak with someone please?

[man (Master)] you need to do your services?

[man (Master)] I can help you with that

Kristelle (Kaz) pushes Miranda behind her.

[Master] three men standing around Miranda

[man (Master)] ohhh you like to double up

[man (Master)] nice

[man (Master)] I bet once you get out of your shell you are nice and soft

[Kristelle (Kaz)] You'd like to be nice and bloodied up, wouldn't you?

[Clerk (Master)] you can not enter unless you know the password

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((do these guys look like they are with the guild?))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Alright, so whats the password?"

[man (Master)] no, I don't like my women bloodied up

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Then send someone out here, Door.

[man (Master)] I am a gentleman I can wait

[Kristelle (Kaz)] No, we won't be bloodied up. And I know a gentleman when I see one.

[man (Master)] till you are done and then we can do what you want

Kristelle (Kaz) looks the man up and down.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] And you're not one.

[man (Master)] grins

[man (Master)] leers

[man (Master)] just wait till we get back to your temple

Kristelle (Kaz) starts to draw her swords.

[man (Master)] I will make you sing to the godds

[man (Master)] whoah whoah

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Imari, looks like we might be sending three idiots Partik's way.

[man (Master)] she is a fine little thing

[man (Master)] (imari at the church)

[Kristelle (Kaz)] ((Oh, rats.))

[man (Master)] she needs to do this

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I'll kill you where you stand.

[man (Master)] it is her calling

[man (Master)] grins

[man (Master)] and I am just the man to help her

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((so do these guys look like they are mages or drunk guys walkinjg from the arena or what?))

[man (Master)] (not mages maybe drunk guys)

Kristelle (Kaz) draws her sword all the way and leans the edge of the blade against his neck.

[man (Master)] hey hey

[man (Master)] runs

[man (Master)] SANCTUARY

[Clerk (Master)] are you ok out there?

Kristelle (Kaz) snorts and sheathes her sword.

[Clerk (Master)] there is no sanctuary here

[Kristelle (Kaz)] No, we're not okay out here.

[Kristelle (Kaz)] We're being accosted by drunken fools.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "We are being harassed by some men, nothing we cant handle."

[Clerk (Master)] if you can not handle drunken fools you do not want to try to handle the Masters

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Anyways, is there any chance we could aquire the bust? We arent looking to handle anyone really."

[Master] and several people in teh crowd exchange coins again

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Open Sesame

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "I think they are making bets...."

[Clerk (Master)] you want to buy the bust?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Yes, we want to buy the bust.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "If that is an option. Sure."

[Clerk (Master)] 500 gold pieces

Kristelle (Kaz) snorts

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Its not even worth a 10th of that."

[Clerk (Master)] it is worth someone's life

[Clerk (Master)] is your life worth more than 500 gold pieces?

[Clerk (Master)] or are you saying you are only worth 50?

[Kristelle (Kaz)] Monetary value cannot be placed on a life.

[Clerk (Master)] I am saying that the life of the dead thief makes this bust woth 500 gold pieces

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "You dont even know that it was a theif."

[Clerk (Master)] someone wanting it badly enough to try to break in here

[Clerk (Master)] anyone breaking in here is a thief or stupid

[Clerk (Master)] there must be a high value placed on that level of stupidity

[Kristelle (Kaz)] I am saying the dead would-be murderer's life isn't even worth 5 copper.

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "And even if it WAS a thief, you dont even know that was the goal. It could have been one of these drunken fools from the arena making a bet."

[Clerk (Master)] well then you are not sorry he is gone

[Clerk (Master)] again you are not sorry he is gone if that is the case

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "We dont even know who that person is, or even that it WAS a person."

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "All you could say is it was a mammal."

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Why would we care?"

[Clerk (Master)] you are here you must care

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Not about the welfare of a thief."

[Clerk (Master)] I am happy to sell it to you

[Clerk (Master)] or you can come back when you have the password and negociate with one of the Masters

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Alright, so what is the password?"

[Kaz] Okay, I have to go. I'm losing my patience and I can't deal with this crap any more.

[Kaz] Everyone have a good night.

Kaz has left the game on Fri Apr 22 21:56:02 EDT 2011

[Clerk (Master)] you need to be invited in by a member

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Actually I am here because I am a mage interested in joining your guild. How do I go about doing that?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Okay, so can you invite us in?"

[Clerk (Master)] (sorry Kaz, Guy tell her that please)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (like the magic castle in Hollywood - cool!)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "You are presumably a member."

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Two of us are interested in membership."

[Clerk (Master)] I am a member but I do not know who you are so I will not invite you in

[Clerk (Master)] but perhaps you can apply for membership with one of the other mages

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Oh. Well I am Scarlet. Nice to meet you."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The how do you get new members?

[Clerk (Master)] mostly from people who meet in taverns,

[Clerk (Master)] or at the arena

[Clerk (Master)] there are contests at the arena every third day

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "And when is the next thrid day?"

[Clerk (Master)] the winners of spell duels are traditionally invited to join

[Clerk (Master)] oh that would be tomorrow

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] "Spell duels sound fun. Whats involved in those?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (fun but won't help us get that bust)

[Clerk (Master)] you go to the arena and sign up

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] (no, but you will likely have to go here for training anyway, so might as well look into it))

[Clerk (Master)] (to be fair, he offered one price you offered a return price of less than .01% of that, hard to bargain from that perspective)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I know - will be good)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes but even half is crazy)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((yeah but he didnt pay 500 gp for it))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (especially when they might have already killed the thief last night)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((the origional price was like 5))

[Clerk (Master)] orignial price was 4 silver peices

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((okay, even lower))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((oh fun the sirens are going off))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((he is asking us like 1000 times the value))

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((even offering him 50 gp is rediculous))

[Clerk (Master)] well that is why you bargain

[Clerk (Master)] OK

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((I assumed he is gouging us because we arent members of the guild))

[Clerk (Master)] so want to jump back to the church for a moment?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (time to jump in basement Guy?)

[Clerk (Master)] Mike you there

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((sure, Ill grab some lunch while yall do that, afk))

[Master] Foriso Fairhand moved 13'06".

[Master] Indigo moved 1'07".

[Master] Imari moved 14'01".

[Master] Indigo moved 5'05".

[Sandeford (Master)] Indigo opens the door

[Sandeford (Master)] and Sandeford says, Nice try mister Indigo

[mikE] yeah

[Sandeford (Master)] it will be 5 copper for you to come in

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Indigo was not going to open the door himself)

[Sandeford (Master)] ok

[Sandeford (Master)] foriso or Imari can open it

[Sandeford (Master)] but he still talks to Indigo

[Indigo (Lisa)] (that is what I was saying was a problem from the beginning)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((foriso wasnt going in hes prowling around outside))

[Sandeford (Master)] so Imari can open the door for Indigo

[Sandeford (Master)] as Foriso is prowling around outside

[Indigo (Lisa)] (okay)

[Sandeford (Master)] and Sandeford looks at Indigo and says, Nice try mister Indigo it will be 5 copper for you to come in

Indigo (Lisa) looks down at his hands and sees nothing and looks up at Sandeford puzzled but saying nothing

Indigo (Lisa) thinking he can't see me. he can't see me

[Sandeford (Master)] other churches might not care, but I like to know exactly who is where in my church

[Sandeford (Master)] so please pay your sanctuary fee

[Indigo (Lisa)] But

[Sandeford (Master)] holds out his offering bowl

[Indigo (Lisa)] But I'm invisible

[Sandeford (Master)] yes you are

[Sandeford (Master)] I would not break that if I were you, it must cost a pretty penny to cast that

[Indigo (Lisa)] (does it break when I speak?)

[Sandeford (Master)] nope, only when you attack

[Indigo (Lisa)] But how can you see me? I was very quiet

[Sandeford (Master)] you did do a nice job with that I will admit

[Sandeford (Master)] not quite as quiet as you thought, the gravel in the door did crunch a little, you should ask your friend Foriso to teach you how to avoid that

[Sandeford (Master)] jiggles the bowl

[Master] Time of Day: 06:00 PM. Day 5 Be ___ de, Sin {Late Summer} 5th, 339 SKR.

[Indigo (Lisa)] okay okay. Can I just give you one silver and stay a while?

[Sandeford (Master)] sure, I would be glad for the company

[Sandeford (Master)] takes the silver piece and tosses it into the snake pit

Indigo (Lisa) stands over by the door and gets ready to wait

Lisa is receiving the map small church...

Lisa has received the map small church.

Guy is receiving the map small church...

Guy has received the map small church.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Indigo is not behind the door but on other side so he can run out quickly)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((im searching for any secret doors into the church))

[Sandeford (Master)] ok

[Indigo (Lisa)] So do you have magic that let's you see me? You might have heard my steps but I could have been anyone

[Sandeford (Master)] Foriso searches but does not find anything on teh three walls he can search

[Sandeford (Master)] there is the fourth wall that is part of the other building

[Sandeford (Master)] but would have to go into that other building to check

[Sandeford (Master)] and Sandeford looks at Indigo

[Sandeford (Master)] you are very inquisitive

[Sandeford (Master)] steps over next to him

[Sandeford (Master)] looking him in the eye

[Sandeford (Master)] can you keep a secret?

[Indigo (Lisa)] That's the only way you find things out

[Sandeford (Master)] promise not to tell a soul?

Indigo (Lisa) gulps, Yes. Promise

[Sandeford (Master)] you mean that Indigo? if you really want to know

[Sandeford (Master)] it is ok to not need to know

[Sandeford (Master)] just take it on faith that I can

[Indigo (Lisa)] I really want to know. I won't tell anyone

[Indigo (Lisa)] I swear

Sandeford (Master) whispers in Indigo;s ear

[Sandeford (Master) (to Lisa only)] I am a vampire, I do not need magic to see your heart beating, but I promise also not to harm you as long as you do not break sanctuary

[Sandeford (Master)] now

Indigo (Lisa) gasps and jumps back

[Sandeford (Master)] how about another round at Letiza for you?

[Sandeford (Master)] I am sure you are itching to help out your friend, you are quite attached to her

[Indigo (Lisa)] I ...I ... don't know

[Sandeford (Master)] grins

[Sandeford (Master)] I will give you the same bargain I gave her for her first throws

[Sandeford (Master)] 5 gold for three throws

[Sandeford (Master)] but only the one time

[Indigo (Lisa)] and I get to buy the pieces?

[Sandeford (Master)] sure

[Indigo (Lisa)] and I can leave?

[Sandeford (Master)] why would I stop you?

[Sandeford (Master)] you are a fine young man

Indigo (Lisa) heart pounding frantically in his chest

[Indigo (Lisa)] but why are you ... Maybe I should stop asking questions

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((one throw and the invis is blown))

[Sandeford (Master)] you can ask

[Sandeford (Master)] why am I what?

[Indigo (Lisa)] here? in a church? making coin off of people wandering in?

[Indigo (Lisa)] shouldn't you be ... somewhere else?

[Sandeford (Master)] I like it here in the city

[Sandeford (Master)] I can find out lots of information from many people who stop by here

[Sandeford (Master)] and I like this church

[Sandeford (Master)] it is a good place to live

[Sandeford (Master)] and afterall

[Indigo (Lisa)] good place to....

[Sandeford (Master)] if I was a priest I would have to have morals

[Sandeford (Master)] and that would be no fun at all

[Indigo (Lisa)] nevermind

[Sandeford (Master)] so how about it

Indigo (Lisa) looks at door wondering what to do

[Sandeford (Master)] 3 throws for you sir Indigo?

[Indigo (Lisa)] I will break it you know

[Indigo (Lisa)] you will be out a goddess for customers

[Sandeford (Master)] chuckles, you may try good sir

[Sandeford (Master)] and if it is you, then I consider it worth the price

[Indigo (Lisa)] Why me? I am nobody.

Indigo (Lisa) backs up another step

[Sandeford (Master)] you have several people who look highly upon you

[Sandeford (Master)] that is worth something

mikE has left the game on Fri Apr 22 22:26:01 EDT 2011

[Indigo (Lisa)] don't most people have that?

[Sandeford (Master)] and I am willing to bet that yoru three throws will not actually break the bust

[Indigo (Lisa)] If I win I get the pieces for free?

[Sandeford (Master)] Oh I am very valuable to the Church Council

[Sandeford (Master)] LAUGHS

[Sandeford (Master)] no no Mister Indigo

[Indigo (Lisa)] Then what do you want to bet?

[Sandeford (Master)] I will bet you 1 gold to yoru 1 gold that you do not hit it three times in a row

[Indigo (Lisa)] that's a bet

[Sandeford (Master)] will win you back a third of your cost if you do

[Sandeford (Master)] reaches out and shakes hands

[Sandeford (Master)] hands him three stones

Indigo (Lisa) takes stones and flips one in his hand to get the feel for it and walks to the line

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((does that gaming prof help?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 12'08".

[Lisa] Indigo targets Letizia . Distance: 10'00"

[Sandeford (Master)] not on throws, but could on making bets

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Attack: Goblin Sword: (((+16-(d20+1))-2-2)+1) [1d20=18] -6 [MODIFIED (+1, -2)]. HITS Letizia (AC FINAL: 4)!!!

[Indigo (Lisa)] (cracks a bit more?)

[Sandeford (Master)] politely claps

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol)

[Sandeford (Master)] (yes, but will do all damage together at end)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Attack: Short Sword: ((+16-(d20+1))-2-2) [1d20=18] -7 [MODIFIED (-2)]. HITS Letizia (AC FINAL: 4)!!!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Attack: Goblin Sword: ((+16-(d20+1))-2-2) [1d20=14] -3 [MODIFIED (-2)]. HITS Letizia (AC FINAL: 4)!!!

[Sandeford (Master)] Most impressive Sir Indigo, I did not know you were a marksmen

Indigo (Lisa) forgets his fear and looks triumphantly at Sandeford

[Sandeford (Master)] hands Indigo back one of his gold pieces he paid

[Sandeford (Master)] very nicely done

[Indigo (Lisa)] Thank you

[Sandeford (Master)] (1d2) [1d2=2] 2 + (1d2) [1d2=2] 2 + (1d2) [1d2=2] 2 + indigo's strength bonus

[Sandeford (Master)] so 5 + 5 +5 equals 15 more points to it

Guy has left the game on Fri Apr 22 22:33:32 EDT 2011

[Master (to GM only)] Letizia 's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 0 (-15) - Disabled

[Sandeford (Master)] and it is very damaged

[Sandeford (Master)] but still in one piece

[Indigo (Lisa)] (everyone is leaving - not good)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (seriously?)

[Sandeford (Master)] grins, is at zero HP

Guy has joined the game on Fri Apr 22 22:34:15 EDT 2011

Guy is receiving the map Arena_District...

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((didnt it take damage earlier?))

Guy has received the map Arena_District.

[Sandeford (Master)] yes

[Master] 1 point from Bran 15 from Indigo

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((axes man. axes))

[Master] is at zero now

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((and thats not broken?))

[Master] one more hit......

[Guy] ((i just hit the wrong button not leaving ))

[Master] grins

[Indigo (Lisa)] (would a tomato do it?)

[Master] maybe

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((get a bowl of tomatoes and throw the bowl :) ))

Guy goes over and scratches lioghtly at the door

[Indigo (Lisa)] That bust is nearly broken

[Master] you think so?

[Master] Sandeford moved 11'02".

Indigo (Lisa) looks back at the door

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) goes over and scratches lioghtly at the door

[Sandeford (Master)] you want another throw?

[Sandeford (Master)] for you

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((is what i meant to do ))

[Sandeford (Master)] hmmmm

[Sandeford (Master)] I will discount it to 3 gold for one throw for you

[Sandeford (Master)] if you really think you can break it in one throw

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] (you might as well pay for 3 at that price))

Indigo (Lisa) looks at the gold in his pouch and back at the door

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) scratches a little harder at the door

[Master] Sandeford moved 11'09".

Sandeford (Master) opens the door

[Sandeford (Master)] Oh, hello Foriso

[Sandeford (Master)] I was nto expecting you to come back

[Sandeford (Master)] do you want to pay your 5 copper to come in ?

Indigo (Lisa) looks at Foriso sheepishly, "It doesn't work in here."

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] then I guess ill pay my 5 copper

[Indigo (Lisa)] I can break it and we can leave.

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) hands sandeford 5 copper

[Indigo (Lisa)] Can we do that please?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] You all right Indigo?

Indigo (Lisa) coughs, "I'm fine. I just want to get back to the others."

[Indigo (Lisa)] We could be here all night waiting for nothing

Indigo (Lisa) looks at Sandeford and tries to smile

[Sandeford (Master)] chuckles

[Indigo (Lisa)] Not that you haven't been kind.

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) leans over and whispers in Sandefords ear "if youve hurt him I promise you will never have a peacefuls nights rest again

[Sandeford (Master)] you can stay as long as you wish to

[Indigo (Lisa)] I will pay 3 for one rock and bet you 1 that it breaks this time.

[Sandeford (Master)] leans over Foriso and whispers Sanctuary,

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((and the tornado sirens are going off now))

[Indigo (Lisa)] (scary!!)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] lol I read that has tomato sirens at first

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol)

[Sandeford (Master)] and if you do not break it one I get two for one?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (does it have to be dead like a person at -10 or some catch like that)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (are hustling Indigo?)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] (not breaking it at 0 seems like a hustle already ))

[Sandeford (Master)] to break at first no, but to crush it will be more than 1 point

[Sandeford (Master)] it is obviously damaged and dinged up

[Indigo (Lisa)] (this sucks)

Indigo (Lisa) puts out his hand, "It's a bet."

[Sandeford (Master)] shakes

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((roflmao kaz just told me they figured out Monty Pythons epic question))

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Attack: Goblin Sword: ((+16-(d20+1))-2-2) [1d20=19] -8 [MODIFIED (-2)]. HITS Letizia (AC FINAL: 4)!!!

[Indigo (Lisa)] (and?)

[Sandeford (Master)] (1d2) [1d2=1] 1+3

[Sandeford (Master)] so 4 more points of damge

[Master (to GM only)] Letizia 's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -4 (-4) - Dying

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I meant Guy too)

[Sandeford (Master)] great

[Sandeford (Master)] CRACK

[Sandeford (Master)] and the bust splits down the middle

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((the airspeed velocity of unladen swallow is approximately 24 mph))

[Sandeford (Master)] and a large black pearl glistens in the middle of the broken pieces

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol)

[Sandeford (Master)] african or european?

Indigo (Lisa) looks at Foriso excitedly

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((european since african swallows dont leave africa))

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] Nicely done my friend

[Sandeford (Master)] takes three from Indigo and hands him back one

[Sandeford (Master)] then chuckles and hands back another

[Indigo (Lisa)] And it was 2 silver for the pieces

[Sandeford (Master)] good shot my man

[Sandeford (Master)] very well

[Indigo (Lisa)] Thank you

[Sandeford (Master)] squints at Indigo

[Sandeford (Master)] you planned that

Indigo (Lisa) hands the silver over quickly

[Sandeford (Master)] sweeps the remains into the bowl

[Indigo (Lisa)] I plan to hit everything I take aim at

[Sandeford (Master)] the pearl drops on the floor

[Sandeford (Master)] he looks at Indigo

[Sandeford (Master)] then picks it up and places it on top

Indigo (Lisa) leans down to grab pearl

Indigo (Lisa) looks up to see Sandeford's face

[Sandeford (Master)] good show old man

[Sandeford (Master)] you got me

[Sandeford (Master)] I will be more careful next time

[Sandeford (Master)] smiles and shakes Indigo's hand

[Indigo (Lisa)] Well... I wasn't sure

[Indigo (Lisa)] Thank you

[Indigo (Lisa)] It could have just been a regular old bust

[Sandeford (Master)] so tell me why you thought this was special?

Indigo (Lisa) takes the contents of the bowl and hands it to Foriso

[Indigo (Lisa)] People have been breaking these things all over town

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) puts the pearl in his pouch and the rest in his pack and takes out the woodcarving

[Indigo (Lisa)] They must be important. Scarlet said there could be something inside so we went looking

[Sandeford (Master)] are there any others?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] 2 that we know of

[Indigo (Lisa)] I think there is one more but our friends have probably gotten that one by now

[Sandeford (Master)] if they do not

Guy is receiving the map small church...

[Sandeford (Master)] please let me know, I woudl like to have one here again

[Indigo (Lisa)] So you aren't mad or anything?

[Sandeford (Master)] mad? why?

[Sandeford (Master)] you beat me fair and square sir Indigo

Guy has received the map small church.

[Sandeford (Master)] could I interest you in a card game? let me make some of my money back?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] ((ive got the whole map now))

[Indigo (Lisa)] (wonderful)

[Sandeford (Master)] (excellent Guy)

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) hands Sandeford the woodcarving

[Indigo (Lisa)] But you have more of my money than I have of yours

[Sandeford (Master)] chuckles and nudges Indigo on the shoulder, but I do not have all of your money,

[Sandeford (Master)] winks

[Indigo (Lisa)] But I am very good at cards

[Sandeford (Master)] ahhh

Foriso Fairhand (Guy) whispers to Sandeford "you should be a little more careful about getting your mesasges"

[Indigo (Lisa)] You know, you are pretty nice for a .... a priest

[Sandeford (Master)] laughs,

[Sandeford (Master)] I told you I am not a priest

[Sandeford (Master)] if I was a priest AI would have to have morals

[Sandeford (Master)] and I like having the collection plate much more

[Sandeford (Master)] (brb)

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] oh I dont know Ive known a few priests that have fewer morals than even the worst rogue

[Sandeford (Master)] b

[Indigo (Lisa)] (wait til you see the chat log! you will understand why Indigo was freaking out)

[Sandeford (Master)] well perhaps the next time you visit

[Sandeford (Master)] we will get the chance to have a game or two mister Indigo

[Indigo (Lisa)] I think I might just do that

Indigo (Lisa) feeling very confused now over what to think

[Indigo (Lisa)] Maybe we should go find the others Foriso

[Indigo (Lisa)] If we don't get lost

[Master] grins, and we can call it a night there?

[Master] finding your way to the Mage's guild

[Indigo (Lisa)] sounds good

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] suppose so

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] lisa for rper

[Master] like how your twist worked out?

[Foriso Fairhand (Guy)] kaz agrees

[Indigo (Lisa)] thank you

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so mages killed thief - we get prize?)

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((I forget, were we hired to catch or stop the thief?))

[Master] Imari XP award: 200. Next level in 21594.

[Master] Indigo XP award: 200. Next level in 12585.

[Master] Foriso Fairhand XP award: 200. Next level in 26777.

[Master] Kristelle XP award: 200. Next level in 17110.

[Master] Miranda XP award: 100. Next level in 8102.

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 300. Next level in 25826.

[Master] Scarlet XP award: 200. Next level in 957.

[Master] grins,

[Master] that is your problem to figure out during the week how to tell Watson what you know etc

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((and how to get involved with the guild. is there a particular rule against being in more than one guild? like if we travel to some other town, would this guild get pissed off at us or something?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] and do we have to pay dues?

[Master] mages? as long as you are keepign to each one they will be happy, thieves on the other hand would not

[Master] all sorts of fun things

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((even if the guilds are in completely different areas?))

[Master] thieves get around, grins

[Guy] yup

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((mages get around faster))

[Guy] usually thieves respect other guilds as long as they dont take work from that citys thieves

[Master] so you all finally saw the map in here?

[Indigo (Lisa)] I did not

[Guy] i think i did because i had to log back in

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] ((nope, but I usually keep the main klooge screen minimized to avoid troubles with the chat window

[Master] ok

[Master] sorry for that

[Master] next week will pick up at the mages guild again

[Master] then the evening at the inn and wrap up

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] they really need to put the dock chat back to the way it was

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] this side by side thing is dumb

[Master] I have asked for that marco

[Indigo (Lisa)] can we buy a battering ram for Kristelle?

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] I have knock if you want to break in THAT desperately

[Indigo (Lisa)] she can take out that door

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] but will probably get you killed

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] not the last thief

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] note

[Master] Ok, family is here

[Master] so wrapping this up

[Scarlet (BiBo!!!)] laters

[Master] have a great night everyone!

[Indigo (Lisa)] goodnight!

Lisa has left the game on Fri Apr 22 23:12:06 EDT 2011

BiBo!!! has left the game on Fri Apr 22 23:12:13 EDT 2011

[Guy] night all

Guy has left the game on Fri Apr 22 23:12:25 EDT 2011

XP awarded Lisa RP of night