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Arawn - Celtic - Priests - Gods

As god of death and the underworld, Arawn rarely has reason to venture into the world of the living. His home is an island so far out at sea that no one, not even Manannan mac Lir, can find it while living, for only the dead can travel there. In fact, Arawn generally only sends an avatar to the world of the living after someone has been resurrected that Arawn would rather keep. Many other Celtic gods will endorse resurrections, but none can guarantee that Arawn will leave the matter at that. Arawn has absolute power over life and death among the Celts.

Role-playing Notes:

On resurrecting any individual, there is a 2% chance per level of that individual that Arawn will intervene. He will either send his avatar to reclaim the body or (25% chance) he will attempt to bargain. He will offer some other similar character from the legions of the dead provided he can keep the original character. Refusal of his offer will be met with force.

Gods Information

Alignment: NE
Worshiper's Alignment: any evil
Area of Control: life and death
Symbol: warrior's skull

Avatar Information

Arawn’s avatar appears as a normal man in black robes. His features are very dark and deep set.

Str 17 Dex 15 Con 18
Int 15 Wis 18 Cha 12
MV 12 SZ 6' MR 50%
AC 0 HD 18 HP 144
#AT 1 THAC0 10 Dmg 1d6 (club)+1

Special Att/Def:

Arawn’s avatar has 50% magical resistance normally, but this is increased to 100 % for any magical or clerical spells that would otherwise inflict damage on his avatar’s body. Anyone hitting Arawn’s avatar with a magical weapon must instantly save versus spells or die.

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Wis 9+ Alignment: any evil
Turning: Command
Armor: any
Weapons: club or scythe

Major: All, Astral, Creation, Divination, Guardian, Law, Necromantic, Summoning, Time
Minor: none

1 - Speak with Dead 10 - Animate Dead once per hour

Duties of the Priesthood

Priests of Arawn officiate at one and only one religious function — burial. Celtic burials involve simple graves for most, complex graves including chariot and trophies for warriors and chieftains. Priests of Arawn do not officiate at sacrifices to other gods, but are generally on hand for ceremonies of their own immediately following such events.

Known Worshipers

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Note: These roleplaying notes are taken from the Legends and Lore Book, the Monster Mythology Book and many other reference sources; it also incorporates many alterations to those works. The information is provided in this layout for existing players ease of use and access to campaign details.