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Aug 25 06 - Mindflayer Invasion

[DM] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Aug 25 18:29:02 EDT 2006 ====

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 8'04".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 7'11".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 26'03".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 36'01".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 2'01".

[DM] City Guard moved 95'10".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 9'01".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 14'04".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 51'11".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 56'11".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 50'10".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 43'05".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 46'02".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 45'00".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 50'00".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard moved 39'10".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard #14 moved 1'07".

[DM] City Guard #14, City Guard #14, City Guard #14, City Guard #14, City Guard #14, City Guard #14, City Guard #14, City Guard #14, City Guard #14 and City Guard #14 moved 23'07".

[DM (to GM only)] City Guard #14 #23 moved 14'05".

[DM] City Guard #14 moved 4'03".

[DM] City Guard #14 moved 12'10".

Lorie has joined the game on Fri Aug 25 18:59:03 EDT 2006

Lorie is receiving the map Jail...

Lorie has received the map Jail.

[DM] Hawk Patrol moved 5'06".

[DM] Hawk Patrol moved 3'10".

[DM] Hawk Patrol moved 16'02".

[DM] Hawk Patrol moved 9'11".

[DM] Hawk Patrol moved 6'07".

[DM] Hawk Patrol moved 6'05".

[DM] Hawk Patrol moved 6'01".

[DM] Hawk Patrol moved 10'03".

[DM] Hawk Patrol moved 30'05".

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] Hey Lorie

[Lorie] Hey

[DM] Sean will be late

[DM] he IMed me

[DM] no word from the others yet

[Lorie] Mike I think is going to see a movie tonight with his friend Drew if I'm not mistaken

[DM] heh

[DM] ok then

[DM] that will make things interesting

[DM] so let me send you another map really quickly

[DM] just so you can see the outside as well

[Lorie] pretty much it's going to make things sucky

[Lorie] I'm at less than 50% HP

[Lorie] I've been healing everyone else

[Lorie] I'm not up for a fight

[DM] you see that one of the surounding streets now?

[Lorie] yes... that green is bright

[DM] is supposed to be thatch

[DM] so I am ready when you are

[DM] did you want me to Paste anything into here for you to look over?

[Lorie] No

[Lorie] I'm fine

[DM] ok

[Lorie] I am going to sit here and wait. If no one shows...well then I'll watch the steelers ;)

[DM] No idea how long Sean with bee

[Lorie] :: nods :: I understand

[DM] we can play, might get you out of here

[DM] wihtout them to bumble it up

[DM] want to start?

[Lorie] Nah... well give them another 10 minutes

[DM] ok

[Lorie] It's been a really crappy crappy day

[DM] sorry for that

[DM] anything in particular?

[DM] I had a spectacually boring meeting/class all day long

[Lorie] one of my projects is a nightmare and the buyer won't consider revising his timeline

[Lorie] they impose new rules at work which the people that are supposed to be enforcing them have no clue what the rules are

[DM] ahh

[Lorie] And I spend more and more of my day educating people... which is just frustrating when they ask the same 10 questions about the same 3 things over and over again

[Lorie] So sitting here quietly is a nice change

[DM] smiles

[DM] I did put in the xp bonus

[Lorie] thanks

[DM] and not sure what happened to Beth adn Molly

[DM] they were online a little while ago then disapeared

[Lorie] Okay BOB... I'm going to log off for a while and clear my head

[DM] sorry

[DM] just a sec

[DM] talking to Sean

[Lorie] I'll check back in later

[DM] ok

[Lorie] Sorry BOB

[Lorie] have a great night

Lorie has left the game on Fri Aug 25 19:31:15 EDT 2006

Fritz has joined the game on Fri Aug 25 19:32:53 EDT 2006

[Fritz] Hi just stopped by to salute you

[DM] smiles

[DM] how are you

[DM] and why salute?

[Fritz] well salute as in salutations

[DM] ahh

[DM] you missed Lorie,

[DM] we are waiting on Sean he got hung up at work

[Fritz] oh sorry

[DM] will be here in about an hour

[DM] no word from Marco, Mike it off tonight

[Fritz] Ok well getting ready to go to the hospital just wanted to say hello

[DM] thanks

Fritz has left the game on Fri Aug 25 19:34:55 EDT 2006

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

Beth has joined the game on Fri Aug 25 21:54:30 EDT 2006

[DM] Sean will log in now too

[DM] the two of us have been chatting and working on things here for a while

[Beth] What did I miss tonight?

[DM] so far

[DM] not much

[Beth] lol

[DM] you are in the jail

[DM] we were waiting to see exactly how you would handle this

[Beth] yeah, that's where I was when I left last weeek

[DM] obviously needing to talk to the guards

[DM] and trying to explain

[DM] why you have this guy with you

[DM] remember his sister was upset because the city guard refused to go look for him

[DM] and now here you turn up with him

[Beth] right

[DM] so you have lots of things to balance out

[Beth] well, we went to find him...

[Beth] nods

Sean has joined the game on Fri Aug 25 21:58:31 EDT 2006

[DM] you can load the map with Kira

[DM] and Sweetums

Beth is receiving the map Jail...

Beth has received the map Jail.

Sean is receiving the map Jail...

Sean has received the map Jail.

[DM] the heavier dark line is the section of bars

[Sean] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] is Molly logging in from there as well Beth?

[DM] or is she playing over your shoulder?

[Beth] so, where are mike and marco?

[Beth] she's logging on

[Sweetums (Sean)] Missing in Action

[Beth] she is booting her system now

[Sean] Out the door?

[Beth] lol

[DM] I do think that Lorie fell asleep on us

[DM] or is watching the Steelers game

[Sean] Or fell asleep on the Steelers game

[DM] ok

[DM] so you two have any ideas? questions?

[DM] there is the city guard

[DM] and the Hawk patrol is the elite squad of city guard

[Beth] um

[Sean] And beyond the bars is just the City uard, right?

[Beth] wel

[DM] there are 5 , 3 normal 3 Hawk

[DM] They did not take your weapons from you

[DM] or remove any spell components

Molly has joined the game on Fri Aug 25 22:04:22 EDT 2006

[DM] hey there

[Sean] I am back at the keyboard.

[Beth] erate in answering questions

[Sweetums (Sean)] (and we're waiting for the Captain, rightr?)

Molly is receiving the map Jail...

Molly has received the map Jail.

[DM] I was waiting for you to be ready before he walks out

[Sweetums (Sean)] Okay.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] hello?

[DM] how are you Rose

[Sean] Greetings and Salutations

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ;-) not bad. how bout you??

[DM] life is ok

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Hi Sweetums!!

[Sweetums (Sean)] Hello.

[DM] so when the three of you have an idea

[DM] I will bring out the captain

[DM] letting you plan a bit quietly in the corner first

[Sweetums (Sean)] I say we just tell him our story. We were asked to rescue this gentleman because the city guard were relunctant to go into the sewer system, not that I blame them any.

[Beth] Sean, I will follow your lead on this

[Beth] I concur

[Rosethorn (Molly)] okay by me.

[Sweetums (Sean)] Okay.

[DM] Captain of the Guard moved 20'06".

[Sweetums (Sean)] That's our story, and we're sticking ito it.

[DM] Captain of the Guard moved 2'06".

[DM] so the captain of the guard walks out of the office area

[DM] all three of you get to make an Intuition check

[Rosethorn (Molly)] how's that?

[Sweetums (Sean)] Sweetums: WIS check: (d20) [8] 8. PROBABLY FAILS against (6) [6] 6

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn: INU check: (d20) [17] 17. PROBABLY FAILS against (8) [8] 8

[Beth] Kira: INU check: (d20) [10] 10. PROBABLY FAILS against (5) [5] 5

[Rosethorn (Molly)] well, that was helpful....

[DM] what a group of people you have

[DM] 5, 6, 8

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::eyes the Great One::

[DM] Captain of the Guard moved 11'03".

[Captain of the Guard] So I understand my guards came upon you in the streets

[Sweetums (Sean)] Yes, that is correct, Sir.

[Captain of the Guard] you were coming up out of the sewers?

[Sweetums (Sean)] Yes, Sir.

[Captain of the Guard] why were you down in teh sewers?

[Captain of the Guard] you are not from Stormport

[Beth] uh, no

[Beth] we aren't

[Beth] We were in the sewers because this man's ::points at Durgan:: sister asked us to find him and that was the direction he seemed to have gone

[Sweetums (Sean)] We were asked by Johana if we could locate her brother Durgan, who had been kidnapped.

[Sweetums (Sean)] We investigated the location he was last seen and found tracks leading down into the sewers.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::placidly watches the Captain...::

[Captain of the Guard] so you went down into the sewers without permission

[Captain of the Guard] and came right back out

[Captain of the Guard] with him?

[Sweetums (Sean)] For that I'm very sorry, but we were not informed we needed permission.

[Captain of the Guard] you did not see anything

[Sweetums (Sean)] A few nasty monsters like neo ohtugs.

[Sweetums (Sean)] And some swamp gas type creature.

[Captain of the Guard] very well

[Sweetums (Sean)] We found Durgan here nearly dead and delerieous

[Captain of the Guard] I think I understand

[Sweetums (Sean)] Once we located him, we left the sewers as quicky as possibe.

[Captain of the Guard] Rather than keep you locked up here

[Sweetums (Sean)] Again, I'm am sorry we neglected to obtain the proper permission.

[Beth] ::sits with poker face::

[Captain of the Guard] I will keep this person here for more questioning

[Sweetums (Sean)] Is he wanted for any crimes?

[Beth] ::not believing that the COG understands anything::

[Captain of the Guard] and I will let you all go

[Captain of the Guard] so that you can leave Stormport

[Captain of the Guard] and not return

[Sweetums (Sean)] Before we leave, may we inform Johana that her brother has been rescued?

[Captain of the Guard] I will take care of that for you

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::stands up slowly::

[Captain of the Guard] City Guard moved 24'03".

[Beth] ::whispers to Sweetums:: um we still have a mission here

[Captain of the Guard] City Guard moved 1'02".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Thank you, Captain. You've been most kind.

[Sweetums (Sean)] Is Durgan a witness to some crime or something?

[Captain of the Guard] I will settle things with him

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::nudges Sweetums::

[Captain of the Guard] I see the guards are there to let you go

[Captain of the Guard] City Guard moved 2'09".

[Captain of the Guard] Kira moved 4'02".

[Captain of the Guard] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 13'02".

[Captain of the Guard] Rosethorn moved 15'06".

[Captain of the Guard] Sweetums moved 16'10".

[Captain of the Guard] City Guard moved 4'08".

[Sweetums (Sean)] Okay. You have been most kind to us, Sir.

[Captain of the Guard] Durgan moved 14'10".

[Captain of the Guard] City Guard moved 11'03".

[Sweetums (Sean)] If you can point us to the quickest way out of town, we'll be on our way.

[Captain of the Guard] he nods,

[Captain of the Guard] if you follow the main road to the west

[Captain of the Guard] Sweetums moved 18'05".

[Captain of the Guard] Kira moved 18'05".

[Captain of the Guard] Rosethorn moved 21'04".

[Captain of the Guard] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 22'06".

[Sweetums (Sean)] Thank you.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Again, Sir, we thank you for your graciousness.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] You have a beautiful town.

[Captain of the Guard] Crowd of Elect moved 33'03".

[Captain of the Guard] Nial moved 18'02".

[Captain of the Guard] Handsome Jon moved 22'03".

[Captain of the Guard] Johana moved 3'01".

[DM] so you are all now back on teh Base Map

[DM] if you want to load it

Beth is receiving the map Base...

Beth has received the map Base.

[DM] so that you are out of ear shot of the guards

Molly is receiving the map Base...

Molly has received the map Base.

Sean is receiving the map Base...

Sean has received the map Base.

[DM] they let you walk down the street

[DM] and you can discuss what you think happened

[DM] etc

[DM] remember Kira and Kylia want to be here tonight for the next lecture

[Beth] right

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::adjusts hood of cloak::

[Beth] although we have effectively been told to be on our way out of town

[DM] what do you think you can do as a group befroe this evening (in game time) that you can work on for the next half hour or so

[DM] to be ready for next week

[Sweetums (Sean)] Shh, wait until we leave town before discussing anything.

[Beth] nods

[DM] you are effectly out of ear shot

[Beth] lets get out of here then

[Rosethorn (Molly)] any woods nearby?

[DM] you could consider your self on the edge of town

[Sweetums (Sean)] ((we head west out of town)

[DM] yes there are woods not to far away

[DM] it is mid winter

[Sweetums (Sean)] and go at least half a mile away.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] head for the woods.

[DM] so not full of leaves, but lots of evergreens in this are

[DM] area

[DM] very well

[DM] off a quarter mile to a half mile into the woods

[DM] far enough away you would know no one is around

[Beth] good

[DM] Ramone and Malagorn were Invis

[DM] so you do not know if they are here or not

[DM] they are not answering if you talk to them

[Sweetums (Sean)] I certanly hope they saw us leave and aren't off soewhere planning to break us out of jail.

[Sweetums (Sean)] And I'm afraid Kylia is in shock right now

[Rosethorn (Molly)] dunno for sure.

Sweetums (Sean) waves hand in front of Kylia

[Sweetums (Sean)] See?

[Beth] oh, gods, that is all we need.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] peachy.

[Sweetums (Sean)] And I suspect something more is going on in town.

[Sweetums (Sean)] Something more sinister than we know.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] anything we can do for her?

[DM] (when Lorie is actually here Kylia will be fine, )

[Rosethorn (Molly)] yeah, that's pretty much a given.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] okay

[Sweetums (Sean)] Unless you know of a way to bring back her dead fiance, Finglass, I'm afraid we'll have to let her be for now.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] very well, let's let her rest.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] if we had said anything further, the Captain would have held us too.

[Sweetums (Sean)] Most likely.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] sorry bout the nudge, Sweetums.

[Sweetums (Sean)] Good thing we didn't put up a fuss when first arrested.

[Sweetums (Sean)] No problem.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] yeah, it is.

[Sweetums (Sean)] It was best we got out of there.

[Beth] What are we going to do now, though?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] the question is, how badly do we want to get back in?

[Sweetums (Sean)] Well ... let me think for a second ...

[DM] Kira and Kylia want to stay

[DM] to see Enoch preach again

[Rosethorn (Molly)] do you two have the ability to disguise yourselves or something?

[Beth] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kira (Beth)] Oh, yes, I would like ot hear what he has to say.

[DM] and you still have not found out anything about Brad Johnson yet either

[DM] the reason you came here

[Sweetums (Sean)] I doubt that will be a good thing to do, given that we were told to leave dtown.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ((hang on a sec, guys))

[Kira (Beth)] That

[Sweetums (Sean)] ((How big is the town?))

[Kira (Beth)] is the crux of the problem

[DM] make a reason check

[Kira (Beth)] we still have a mission

[Kira (Beth)] no matter how screwed it is now

[Kira (Beth)] and Kylia and I NEED to go back to hear Enoch

[Sweetums (Sean)] Sweetums: INT check: (d20) [3] 3. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (10) [10] 10!!!

[DM] the town is about half the size you would expect for the land cleared, many of the houses seem to be abandoned,

[DM] and the sewers were much more expasive than required even for the twon if it were full

[DM] so there must have been some sort of exodus out of the town recently

[Sweetums (Sean)] How many people did we see i town?

[DM] and in the past the population shrunk again

[DM] you saw what you would think is a couple hundred

[DM] and the town should be able to hold 500-1000

[Sweetums (Sean)] And the town can easily suport more than that?

[Sweetums (Sean)] okay.

[DM] if there were farmers

[DM] adn that is the next clue

[DM] the farms here seem to be run down

[DM] as in not producing as much as they should have been

[Kira (Beth)] huh

[DM] overall you can make a good guess that something has happened to the populatoin

[DM] and now it is mid winter and most people can not get in or out

[DM] becuase the roads are too bad

[DM] and the weather is too risky

[DM] (Sean grabbed a couple of books to look somethign up)

[Kira (Beth)] seems a little odd

[Kira (Beth)] ok

[Sweetums (Sean)] Okay.

[Sweetums (Sean)] ((So, most of the houses sem to be abandoned, right?))

[DM] yes

[DM] at least half are

[Sweetums (Sean)] Okay, we're going to sneak back into town and hide in one of the abandoned homes.

[Sweetums (Sean)] we'll circle around and approach from the south

[DM] ok

[Rosethorn (Molly)] okay...and then??

[Sweetums (Sean)] We'll keep a close eye out for anyone.

[Sweetums (Sean)] We'll have shelter.

[Sweetums (Sean)] We'll be in town, able to sneak about

[DM] yoru Thief could do a hide in shadows, it is the afternoon but you could try that

[Kira (Beth)] And we'll need Ramone and Malagorn for reconosance

[Kira (Beth)] ok, I hide in shadows

[Sweetums (Sean)] So, we'll walk around, about half a mile out of town, to the south side.

[DM] very well

[Rosethorn (Molly)] we might want to take some wood and whatever we can find for food from the forest...

[DM] is Kira circling around? or sneaking in to find a bulding for you?

[Sweetums (Sean)] And then sneak in and hide in on eof hte houses.

[Sweetums (Sean)] Hmmm .... once we get south of town,

[Sweetums (Sean)] I'll hae her sneak in first to find a suitable house.

[Sweetums (Sean)] Then come back for the rest of us.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] okay

[Sweetums (Sean)] (and try to find a suitable route we can take)

[Sweetums (Sean)] Does that sond okay to you, Kira?

[Kira (Beth)] alright

[Kira (Beth)] yep

[DM] sounds good

[Kira (Beth)] I do so

[DM] so circling around town should be easy enough

[Sweetums (Sean)] We'll get about a quarter mile from town

[DM] only a 15% chance of being spotted

[DM] Roll #1: (d100) [42] 42

[Sweetums (Sean)] Okay.

[DM] so no problems there

[DM] then Kira make your hide in shadows check

[DM] to see how sneaky you are

[Kira (Beth)] Kira: Hide in Shadows check:(d100) [21] 21. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (40) [40] 40!!!

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::eyes the Great One;:

[DM] very nice

[Kira (Beth)] ::grins::

[DM] even with the penalty for daylight

[DM] you make it

[DM] so you get in adn find a two story home with a broken back window

[DM] make your climb walls check

[DM] to try and get in

[Kira (Beth)] Kira: Climb Walls check:(d100) [80] 80. PROBABLY FAILS against (60) [60] 60

[DM] (1d6) [6] 6 damage from falling

[Kira (Beth)] whoa!!!

[Kira (Beth)] damn!!

[DM] Kira's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 25 (-6) - Moderately Wounded

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::eyes the sneaky Great One again::

[DM] so you can try again

[DM] the door is locked

[DM] with a large bar across the front

[DM] so if you just remove that it will be very obvious you are inside

[Kira (Beth)] Kira: Climb Walls check:(d100) [39] 39. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (60) [60] 60!!!

[DM] so you slip up and over the window

[DM] inside you see lots of dust

[Kira (Beth)] and what do I find?

[Kira (Beth)] and?

[DM] the place was abandoned in a hurry

[DM] clothes strewn about

[DM] a painting still on the wall

[DM] there is a back sliding door

[Kira (Beth)] is there anything behind the painting?

[DM] in the root celar

[DM] cellar that you can sneak them in the back way rather than thr barred front door

[DM] and no,

[Kira (Beth)] ok

[DM] painting just hainging on teh wall

[Kira (Beth)] okie doke. You never know

[Kira (Beth)] alright, this looks like a good place. I check for possible witnesses to my exit after I check for traps/locks on the sliding door

[DM] make that traps roll

[Kira (Beth) (to GM only)] Kira: Find/Remove Traps check:(d100) [95] 95. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (95) [95] 95!!!

[DM] nothing that you see

[DM] there is a bag of flour near the door

[DM] maybe that was used for cooking

[DM] or for spreading out to watch for footsteps

[DM] but it is just a bag for now

[Kira (Beth)] do I see anything else? no footsteps?

[DM] none

[Kira (Beth)] There is dust, has the dust been disturbed anywhere other than where I have been?

[DM] nope not inside

[DM] outside of the building

[DM] there are footprints,

[DM] do you have tracking?

[Kira (Beth)] drat

[DM] ok

[Kira (Beth)] observation, but no tracking

[DM] so you see footprints

[DM] make an observatin check

[DM] see what you get

[Kira (Beth)] Kira: Observation check: (d20) [16] 16. PROBABLY FAILS against (10+0) [10+0] 10

[DM] nah

[DM] look snow

[Kira (Beth)] ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::eyes the increasingly SNEAKY Great One::

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::again!!::

[Kira (Beth)] lol

[Kira (Beth)] I'm just not rolling well tonight ::sigh::

[Kira (Beth)] ok, then I will do my best to not obscure the footprints in case someone else can track them.

[DM] ok

[Kira (Beth)] And I head back to get the others, being as sneaky as before

[DM] very well

[Rosethorn (Molly)] or someone's getting very good fortune...

[DM] there is a 10% chance someone spots you coming back in

[DM] Roll #1: (d100) [66] 66

[DM] and you three (4) make it inside

[DM] without being spotted

[Sweetums (Sean)] Cool.


[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::sigh of relief::

[DM] looks around,

[DM] now what?

[Sweetums (Sean)] Looking through the house, what do we find?

[DM] nothign of real value

[DM] some clothes

[DM] looked like a largish family lived here

[Rosethorn (Molly)] I'm guessing no firewood close at hand??

[DM] took some things

[DM] left some

[Sweetums (Sean)] Can't build a fire unless you want to attrack attention.

[Sweetums (Sean)] attract.

[Sweetums (Sean)] bring.

[Sweetums (Sean)] Can't build a fire unless you want to bring attention.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] you can if you do it properly.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] but okay

[Sweetums (Sean)] Any curtains in the windows?

[Kira (Beth)] no, Rose, no fire tonight

[Kira (Beth)] we can't take the chance

[Rosethorn (Molly)] also, any sign of a well on this property?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] or water nearby?

[DM] no

[DM] no water

[DM] there is a large barrel that is used as a cistern in the cooking area

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::eyes the Great One:: thank you

[DM] one large room for eating adn cooking

[DM] but the barrel is empty

[DM] some ice in teh bottom, but not much

[Kira (Beth)] alright, well there isnh't much that can be done now until Ramone and Malagorn show up

[DM] and there are no curtains

[DM] the windows are boarded up

[Kira (Beth)] and Kylia snaps out of it

[DM] no glass in them

[Sweetums (Sean)] Okay. Goo.

[Sweetums (Sean)] Good.

[Kira (Beth)] ::snaps fingers in front of Kylia's eyes::

[DM] the one that kira came through is a bit higher,

[Sweetums (Sean)] As long as we remain quiet, we should be okay.

[DM] grins

[Kira (Beth)] ((oh, gods, he's grinning. I hate that))

[DM] I think this might be a good spot to pause for the night?

[Kira (Beth)] yes

[Sweetums (Sean)] I think so.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] sure

[DM] Time of Day: 15:00. Day 24 Pen ___ se, Fey {Mid Winter} 24th, 1258.

[DM] Time of Day: 16:00. Day 24 Pen ___ se, Fey {Mid Winter} 24th, 1258.

[DM] so it is getting later in the afternoon at this point

[DM] you are all safely hidden away

[DM] we can pick up here next week

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ok

[DM] have a great night everyone

[Kira (Beth)] That works for me

[Sweetums (Sean)] Sounds good to me.

[Sweetums (Sean)] Good night.

[Kira (Beth)] Good night

[Rosethorn (Molly)] thank you for waiting for us.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] goodnight!!

Sean has left the game on Fri Aug 25 23:04:27 EDT 2006

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