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Aug 29 08 - The Trouble with Trillochs

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

mikE has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 18:15:54 EDT 2008

mikE is receiving the map Base Map...

mikE has received the map Base Map.

BOB's laptop has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 18:42:32 EDT 2008

BOB's laptop is receiving the map Base Map...

BOB's laptop has received the map Base Map.

BOB's laptop has left the game on Fri Aug 29 18:43:17 EDT 2008

John has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 18:49:53 EDT 2008

John is receiving the map Base Map...

John has received the map Base Map.

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[BOB] Hey John

[BOB] Mike is very excited because Finglas leveled

[John] to 10th?

[BOB] and who is your Morning report person? Brad right?

[John] if he can find me

[BOB] nods,

[BOB] once we get an idea of what people want to do

[BOB] will do the morning reports for the three places

[BOB] and then organize what happens in what order and how

[mikE] (d8) [1d8=3] 3

[BOB] did you see my comment about the Pool

[John] what are the choices on what we are doing?

[John] yes

BOB's laptop has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 18:54:25 EDT 2008

BOB's laptop is receiving the map Base Map...

BOB's laptop has received the map Base Map.

[mikE] hey john

[John] hello

[mikE] so fin apparently leveled 60k ago...

[John] oops

[mikE] how sad is it that we don't check our xp in that long?

[mikE (to GM only)] Character sheet for Finglas modified: Personal Information - Next Level:: CHANGED: 1125000 (900000). Combat - Current Hit Points:: CHANGED: 77 (73). Max Hit Points:: CHANGED: 53+($HPADJ*$L) (51+($HPADJ*$L)). Class Levels - Character Level: (L) : CHANGED: 12 (11). Cleric: (CL) : CHANGED: 12 (11).

[John] who you refering to WE

[mikE] what weapon should he pick up?

[John] does he have a melle weapond?

mikE has left the game on Fri Aug 29 19:00:57 EDT 2008

mikE has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 19:01:32 EDT 2008

mikE is receiving the map Base Map...

mikE has received the map Base Map.

[John] BOB before FIn goes to far can I ask you a question

[mikE] sword and spear

[John] we are suposed to get 12,000 each for a fire giant?

[John] xp

[BOB] yes

[BOB] everyone's XP is correct

[BOB] I already checked that

[John] then I leveled also, not by that much

[John] no aorry

[John] I hte this dual class shit

[BOB] sorry john

[John] i am a heck of a lot closer then I ever thought

[mikE] lol

[mikE] dual class sucks.

[John] well, BOB won't let me customize the classes enough ;)

[mikE (to GM only)] Character sheet for Finglas modified: Weapon Proficiencies - Non-Weapon Proficiencies - DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null. Personal Information - Combat - Class Levels -

[John] BOB the first xp number is my total xp correct?

[mikE (to GM only)] Character sheet for Finglas modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 1 -- Maximum: 8 (7), CHANGED: 1 -- Current: 8 (7). CHANGED: 2 -- Maximum: 6 (5), CHANGED: 2 -- Current: 6 (5). CHANGED: 3 -- Maximum: 5 (4), CHANGED: 3 -- Current: 5 (3). CHANGED: 4 -- Current: 3 (2). CHANGED: 6 -- Maximum: 2 (1), CHANGED: 6 -- Current: 2 (1).

[mikE] he lets me. he loves me more.

[BOB] lol

[BOB] and checking John

[BOB] and yes to John, you have the 1,270,498

[BOB] so far in this new class

[BOB] and need the 1,500,000 to reach the next level

[John] that does not add up

[mikE] by the way, bob's laptop will be played tonight by my friend robin

[John] I think the 2nd and 3rd numbers are manual

[mikE] or maybe to make it nerdy enough i should call her robyn

[BOB] now it is fixed

[John] sidekick?

[mikE] yup. she's my sidekick

[John] now it shows 2,520,49, I leveled up by 750K

[John] 75 K

[mikE] do you realize how much higher you'd be if you were straight wizard?

[John] but if you insist

Kaz has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 19:16:06 EDT 2008

Kaz is receiving the map Base Map...

Kaz has received the map Base Map.

[John] do you know how fewer hit points I would have

[BOB] nods, that is right john, the two other numbers are correct, I fixed the grand total number to match it

[BOB] and hello Kaz

[mikE] heya kaz

[mikE] finglas will be training to ride a big ass eagle and rain down death from above

[Kaz] hey there

[John] BOB 9th level fighter is 250K,Mage is 1,270K total 1520K, you gave me an extra 1,000K

[John] I thought the fist number was automatic

[BOB] I have tried to keep things updated for you john

[John] Hello Kaz

[mikE] so he will apparently be out of commission for 14 weeks

[mikE] 7 for each skill

[BOB] no

[BOB] that is the average number

[mikE] BUT can't we at some level train ourselves?

[BOB] that he can get at home

[mikE] or is that only for magic?

[BOB] you can train your self

[BOB] and or pay for training

[mikE] i mean, fin is a badass archer.

[BOB] it is based on the wisdom of the trainer

[mikE] he has got to be able to train himself for mounted archery

[Kaz] we need more death from above. The WORLD needs more death from above!

[BOB] grins

[BOB] so Kaz do you have any idea what is happening?

[mikE] =D

[Kaz] not usually, no, Bob.

[mikE] lol

[Kaz] In general, I just smile and pretend.

[John] and FYI mike, at theses levels, if I was a straight mage I would only be 1 level higher

[mikE] true...

[mikE] BUT, it could be a great big level

[mikE] i mean, if fin was one level higher his thac0 would be a -3

[John] 5%

[Kaz] If Moirra were one level higher, she might actually be able to hit something in battle.

Kaz ponders...

[Kaz] Nah, maybe not.

[John] Mike can you explain to BOB what I am saying

[BOB] so someone should help Kaz out with what happened during the Magic of Music

[BOB] and why we are in a new story arc now

[mikE] because

[Kaz] oh

[John] The young dragonslayersare about to die

[Kaz] I read that part, actually

[John] so we called for Paul

[John] now we need to see what happed to them over the laast month or so

[Kaz] and we are going back in time to see what the DS are up to, and if Paul is alive to come charging in to help.

[BOB] exactly

[BOB] very good

[BOB] of course there is lots happening "back at the ranch" as christy called it

[John] BOB do you have the history of what you changed on my character?

[mikE] i heard he tried to juggle elephants with a levitation spell and it didn't work out so well

[Kaz] ouchies :D

[BOB] and no John,

Beth has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 19:27:27 EDT 2008

Beth is receiving the map Base Map...

Beth has received the map Base Map.

[mikE] lizzie!!!!!!

[Kaz] BETHIE!!!!

[BOB] but because I only changed XP points

[BOB] grins

[mikE] yaaaay!

[BOB] welcome Beth


[mikE] guess what!

[John] then I am 16th level

[mikE] i got me a greenwarden fig!

[John] I will put it what I thought I saw

[mikE] well, technically bob got it from gencon for me...

[Beth] :) hello all

[Kaz] :)

Kaz hugs Beth!

[Beth] ::chuckles::

[John (to GM only)] Character sheet for Paul Elvenstire modified: Weapons - DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, --, null, $ATK, +0, +0, +0, +5, +$atk+5, $DMG, +0, +0, +0, +0, +5, d8, d8, null, null, null, null, null. Personal Information - Experience:: CHANGED: 1633499 (2520499). ExperienceC2:: CHANGED: 1383498 (1270498).

[mikE] told ya you were missed beth

[Beth] ::hugs Kaz back::

[Beth] lol, I've missed you all too. just had a lot on my plate :) inlcuding failing vid card :p

[BOB] grins

[Beth] finally got my system tweaked enough that the new one will work finally

[BOB] so we have John and Mike both workingotu what they want to do for training after their last adventure

[mikE (to Beth only)] you do remember who the greenwarden is, right? =P

[Beth] just in the knick of time too, cuz the old one did it's final swan dive into death this morning

[Beth (to mikE only)] in WoW?

[mikE (to Beth only)] yup!

[Kaz] bleah

[John] i am ready

[Beth (to mikE only)] yep, did that quest line yesterday I think on Malorne

[mikE (to Beth only)] the fig is so fun. a little inch and a half job. but how cool is that?

[Beth (to mikE only)] ??? maybe I don't remember... don't remember a fig

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

[John] I think Beth did not want to play wth the low level characters

[John] ;)

[Beth] ROFL @ John :D

[mikE (to Beth only)] well, it was a gencon promo

[Beth (to mikE only)] oh!

[mikE (to Beth only)] it looks like they're making a miniature game. like hero clix or something, and he got a promo there.

[John] if it was me, I'd say I was protesting, but you like BOB

[Beth (to mikE only)] we really wanted to go to that, but just couldn't afford it this year

[mikE (to Beth only)] which is funny because iw as just doing those quests a few hours ago

[Beth] ::chuckles:: I do like BOB, but that wouldn't stop me from protesting ::grins::

[Beth] and just for anyone who hasn't been getting updates, chemo is over, I'm in full remission and have a better than 80% chance of staying that way

[mikE] lorie protests even as she plays

[mikE] wewt!

[John] ::thumbs up::

[mikE] fuck the illness!

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[BOB] outstanding

[Beth] I only lost 2/3 of my hair, and recently got it cut so the damaged stuff is gone and I have a full head of curls lol

[BOB] very cool

[BOB] new pics soon?

[Beth] /sigh

[Beth] I hate pics lol

[Beth] but, I'll get something cobbled together soon, ok?

[BOB] sure

[BOB] grins

[BOB] so Mike for the Finglas training

[BOB] how much do you want to pay?

[Beth] I'll have to look at the kids pics, they might have something from the grandkids recent bday parties

[BOB] and what is Fin's wisdom

[mikE] wis is 17

[mikE] price is most likely not an option at this point

[BOB] ok, so he can do the bow training in only 2 weeks

[BOB] which is a very good thing

[mikE] sweet

[BOB] but you can not train your self

[mikE] awwww....

[BOB] for the Eagle

[mikE] oh. yeah.

[mikE] that would kinda suck.

[mikE] falling off a horse, not so bad.

[mikE] (unless you're christopher reeves)

[mikE] falling off an eagle....

[mikE] Ker-SPLAT

[John] tie your self on

[Kaz] Doh!

[BOB] and to get an equivilent trainer will cost about 500,000 or more

[John] i am sure there are lots of trainiers to shop arround

[BOB] nods, the average cost will be free at home

[John] I thnk there is one in Gon

[John] I will ask her for you

[mikE] i'll go for the free 7 weeks at home

[Beth] ok, how do I change this chat window back the way it used to be? I don't like this look lol

[John] welcome back

[John] welcome to our world

[Beth] :D

[Beth] bleah

[Beth] takes up too much space

[John (to GM only)] Character sheet for Kit modified: Weapons - Class Levels - Character Level: (L) : CHANGED: 9 (1).

[BOB] it is in the edit and preferences

[BOB] you can choose plain text

[BOB] and the next update fixes more chat problems that we found

[BOB] so we will put that in that order Mike? 7 weeks to learn flying

[Beth] found it

[BOB] then train in bow for 2 weeks

[mikE] by the way, i have a crap load of gems i want to send a messenger to have appraised by sebrina

[BOB] the Gnomes can appraise them also for you

[John (to GM only)] Character sheet for Paul Elvenstire modified: Notes -

[Kaz] while you are working out those details, I have to run out for a moment

[Kaz] back in a few

[Kaz] I am away from the keyboard.

[BOB] is that ok Mike?

[mikE] ok

[BOB] and John what did you want to have Paul doing to start?

[mikE] they're experts

[BOB] and we know that Moirra has no trianing needed

[John] reading

[John] sleeping

[John] visiting Wine women and more women

[Beth] considering how far behind I am, I have no clue if Kira needs any training

[BOB] Kira is fine

[BOB] no worries there

[Beth] kk

[John] i guess I should build a house in Gin where my pool is

[John] that should take a week

[John] do a little patroling

[BOB] both Kira and Moirra are doign their own versions of exploring and investigating

[BOB] Beth do you know what the Trade Wars story era is all abotu/


[Beth] no, was just looking to see if I could find where we're at currently

[BOB] in short the group is investigating who is impersonating the Dragonslayers

[Beth] I see

[BOB] and blaming attacks on the Silk Road on the group

[Beth] this is not a good thing

[mikE] it's a damn dirty gypsie

[mikE] only marginally better than ape

[BOB] they sent out the henchmen/hirelings which we are now calling Dragonetes

[Beth] HEY! I take exception to that statement ::glares::

[BOB] they went on the Orcs with Pointy Ears adventure

[BOB] and found a new villian in Mercedes

[BOB] and then followed her into the Magic of Music adventure

[BOB] and part way through that they were in serious trouble ina fight

[John] she works for your drow Fin

[BOB] and "called home"

[mikE] lol

[mikE] "my" drow

[BOB] so now we are picking up the story at that point

[BOB] this is "what is happening back on the ranch" while the others are gone

[John] see the Perfectly Practical 'Paul Pager" Plan

[mikE] if anything happens in those 7 months away, anterias is charged with dealing with it

[BOB] 7 weeks Mike

[BOB] but ok

[mikE] the PPPPP

[John] how many weeks do we have to kill?

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kaz] sorry, I'm back

[BOB] you do not know John

[John] I guess you already added my spell so I have to make that roll

[BOB] right those sorts of things

[John (to GM only)] Character sheet for Paul Elvenstire modified: Magical Abilities - Spells - CHANGED: Blink -- # Memorized: 0 (1), CHANGED: Conjure Earth Elemental -- # Memorized: 0 (1), CHANGED: Deep Freeze -- # Memorized: 1 (2), CHANGED: Feather Fall -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Fly -- # Memorized: 2 (1), CHANGED: Gaze reflection -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Imunity to Spider Venom -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Knock -- # Memorized: 2 (1), CHANGED: Lance of disruption -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Lightning Bolt -- # Memorized: 1 (2), CHANGED: Magic Missile -- # Memorized: 1 (3), CHANGED: Wall of Stone -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Wizard Lock -- # Memorized: 1 (2), CHANGED: Wall of Stone -- Expression: See my new wall (I make a permanent stone wall which is {$L/4} inches thick and {$L*20} square feet.), CHANGED: Wall of Stone -- # Memorized: 1 (0),

[John] Paul Elvenstire: Learn Spell check: (d100) [1d100=95] 95 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 95!!

[John] whee

[John] whew

[Beth] nice one!

[BOB] and how many days is that John?

[John] i was just going to pull up the website rulles

[BOB] ok

[John] certainly not 7 weeks

[John] i do not see a researching page

[BOB] should be in the spell section

[BOB] is a day per level plus some number

[BOB] not sure exactly off the top of my head

[mikE] i want a spell that takes 7 weeks to learn

[mikE] that would be a seriously awesome spell

[John] 1-2 per level to learn a spell but this is researching

[John] or is it close enough to an existing spell

[mikE] researching, sure. but immagine just to learn

[mikE] it would be like, armeggedon or something

[mikE] with cherries on top

[BOB] research would be right

[BOB] and what is the name of the spell officially?

[Kaz] and whipped cream, Mike?

[John] you put it in as Imbue with Minor Magic, that was you right?

[BOB] I guess

[BOB] that sounds like me

[BOB] so make that roll

[John] just made the roll

[John] and it will be 8 weeks

[John] sorry diffrent number to roll, let me check

[BOB] nods

[BOB] You feel more caught up Kaz and Beth?

[John] can I re roll

[BOB] and did you have specific things you wanted to investigate?

[BOB] yes John

[John] d100

[Beth] starting to be

[Kaz] yep

[John] (d100) [1d100=75] 75

[John] I do not think I would start this now, part of my Plan

[John] this takes way too long

[John] and I can not walk away from it

[BOB] ok

[BOB] your choice

[BOB] Kaz did Moirra have anything to investigate?

[BOB] ideas to explore?

[John (to GM only)] Character sheet for Paul Elvenstire modified: Spells - DELETED: Imbue with Minor Magic, 4, 4, "Here, now you can cast a spell", 0, 1, null, null, null, null. CHANGED: Wall of Stone -- Expression: See my new wall (I make a permanent stone wall which is {$L/4} inches thick and {$L*20} square feet.), CHANGED: Wall of Stone -- # Memorized: 1 (0),

[Kaz] honestly, I don't remember what I wanted her to be investigating.

[BOB] grins, so make up somehting new!

[Kaz] I'm kind of still shifting gears

[BOB] nods,

[Kaz] so give me a moment

[BOB] no worries

[Kaz] brb

[Kaz] I am away from the keyboard.

[Dilneas (BOB)] Sir Anterias

[Dilneas (BOB)] I have some news for Sir Finglas

[Dilneas (BOB)] and he is gone

[Antarias (mikE)] Yes? What is it?

[Dilneas (BOB)] he was worred about the Drow

[Antarias (mikE)] ::nods:: "Damn dirty drow."

[Dilneas (BOB)] and the chance they were involved in these attacks on caravans

[Dilneas (BOB)] well I did some investigating

[Dilneas (BOB)] to see what I could find out

[Dilneas (BOB)] and set some new spys

[John] and you found Drow

[Antarias (mikE)] "Our drow venturing that far out?"

[Dilneas (BOB)] actually Sir that is curious

[Dilneas (BOB)] they have not left their tree area at all

[Dilneas (BOB)] but they have been sending out emisarries

[Antarias (mikE)] "Good. They're following orders."

[Dilneas (BOB)] in the form of toads

[Antarias (mikE)] "Have they? Eh? Toads?"

[Dilneas (BOB)] the squirrels swear to it sir

[John] pig eating toads?

[Antarias (mikE)] ::scratches his beard:: "Hmmm..."

[Antarias (mikE)] "That is interesting."

[Dilneas (BOB)] looks quizically, pig eating toads?

[John] ooc

[Antarias (mikE)] "Perhaps when Fin gets back we can go over there and figure this out. I don't want to handle the drow without him."

[Dilneas (BOB)] so I thought I should mention it

[Antarias (mikE)] ::nods:: "Thanks. How is the temple running in his absence? Anything we need?"

[Dilneas (BOB)] more candles

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] ((are they normal size toads?)

[Antarias (mikE)] ::chuckles:: "Always more candles. Alright. I'll see what we can do."

[Dilneas (BOB)] I was told that there are good ones from Terraguard

[Antarias (mikE)] "I'll send word to Kylia to get the first pick of them as they come down the trade route."

[Dilneas (BOB)] thank you Sir

[Dilneas (BOB)] bows and retreats

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] ::building my house::

[Antarias (mikE)] "Val!"

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] thinking of a big bacement

[Valedianna (mikE)] "Yes?"

[Antarias (mikE)] "Would you keep an eye out for odd toads? And tell the pixies to tell the squirrels to stop any toadies for the drow."

[BOB] would take one week John, at all the levels you have to help build

[Valedianna (mikE)] "Sure. I'll go out to visit Ben and tell the pixies on the way."

[BOB] so what else John?

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] visit Wine, women and more women

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] patrol a litle

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] any caravans?

[BOB] not many

[BOB] only a few, it is the beginning of winter

[BOB] so they are not traveling much

[Beth] (btw, I'm here, just reading last week's chat log :) )

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] just need one to follow,

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] going north to see nothing happends

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kaz] back again

[BOB] nods to Beth, WB Kaz

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] I do not say who I am, just a werry old man who does not want to be alone

[BOB] and nothing happens on the road John

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] see if I run into any of my crew

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] after I make one trip end to end I see if I get an update from Kit

[Kaz] Bob, are there any of Diancecht's temples in the area?

[BOB] Kylia has an area to worship in

[BOB] but no temple only to him

[BOB] you do have time to travel home

[Kaz] so there are no other Celtic temples around the area?

[BOB] remember this is right after the Bigger they Are adventure with the Fire Giants

[BOB] so people are exhausted and wanting to relax and rest

[Kaz] No, I wanted to visit nearby temples to see if the Priests there had heard any rumours.

[BOB] is one reason you sent the younger ones out

[BOB] ahh

[BOB] yes

[BOB] there is the temple in Wolfspack

[Kaz] okay

[BOB] and there is a shrine to Diancecht there

[BOB] in the city

[BOB] when you visit the city

[BOB] you see that it is a large fully bustling city

[BOB] paved streets, full sewer system, multi story homes packed in together, etc.

[BOB] and in one corner of the city is a small oak grove

[BOB] walled in where there is a Celtic Temple

[BOB] with shrines to several gods and goddess

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

Moirra (Kaz) goes to visit and talk with the priests

ABUSED has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 20:36:51 EDT 2008

ABUSED is receiving the map Base Map...

ABUSED has received the map Base Map.

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] hello Fritz

[ABUSED] howdy do john

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((Hiya Fritz))

[ABUSED] Hiya Kaz

[BOB] what questions in particular do you want answered Moirra?

[Beth] ok, I'm sort of caught up

ABUSED is now controlling Rave Starfire

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] snickers

Kaz has left the game on Fri Aug 29 20:39:38 EDT 2008

Beth has left the game on Fri Aug 29 20:39:41 EDT 2008

John has left the game on Fri Aug 29 20:39:44 EDT 2008

ABUSED has left the game on Fri Aug 29 20:39:44 EDT 2008

Beth has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 20:40:15 EDT 2008

Beth is receiving the map Base Map...

Beth has received the map Base Map.

Kaz has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 20:40:26 EDT 2008

Kaz is receiving the map Base Map...

Kaz has received the map Base Map.

[Valedianna (mikE)] bad fritz

[Valedianna (mikE)] it's all fritz's fault

Noname` has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 20:41:37 EDT 2008

Noname` is receiving the map Base Map...

Noname` has received the map Base Map.

[Beth] lol, I see it wasn't just me

John has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 20:42:16 EDT 2008

[BOB] yeah

[John] was that Fritz that kicked me off?

[BOB] we are waiting on that next update

[Noname`] yep my fault sorry

[BOB] so how are you Fritz?

[BOB] and almost caught up Beth?

Noname` is now controlling Rave Starfire

John is receiving the map Base Map...

John has received the map Base Map.

[BOB] and which questions did you want me to answer Kaz

[Rave Starfire (Noname`)] better thanks

[Kaz] Okay Bob, basically she wants to ask the priests if they've heard things from travelers, like rumours of the caravan attacks, if there is any word of a particular person or group who might currently be "after" the Dragonslayers

[Kaz] Also if there have been any travelers from far-off parts of the world

[BOB] no word on who it could be, no one has come through the city gates and the truth grids that admitted to attacking caravans and blaming it on the Dragonslayers

[Kaz] but have there been travelers who have heard rumours about the attacks, who might have further information?

[Beth] sorry, was trying to find my system info to see why I'm getting the running out of memory message

[BOB] yes there are some who have heard, and one who claimed to be attacked

[Valedianna (mikE)] because it's klooge

[Valedianna (mikE)] and it uses java

[Valedianna (mikE)] and it sucks

[Valedianna (mikE)] like a hoover

[Valedianna (mikE)] or your mom

[Valedianna (mikE)] burn!

[BOB] and there is the chance to investigate that in the libraries, will take some gold and some time

[BOB] how many days do you want to spend?

[Kaz] hrm

[Valedianna (mikE)] i hate the wolfspack libraries

[Kaz] three or four days enough? Or do I need more?

[BOB] the more time the more you get

[BOB] basic searches take a day or three and a handful of gold

[BOB] you can start with that

[Kaz] okay

[BOB] ok so as of 13th dya of the 9th months

[BOB] you know that there have been 3 attacks attributed to the DS

[Beth] I'm as caught up as I'm gonna get, I guess. What am I doing? lol

[Kaz] I already knew that. Yay. :)

[BOB] and one of those three was on someone who came through Wolfspack

[BOB] that person was a spice merchant

[Beth] a trader of Spice O.o

[Beth] were his/her eyes REALLY blue? :D

[BOB] and complained that the DS stole his goods

[Kaz] is he willing to talk to Moirra about it?

[BOB] he is not in the city

[Kaz] okay

[BOB] this is all in the records in the library

[BOB] but you do have his name

[Kaz] ahh

[BOB] they interview everyoen who comes through the gates, get stories, etc. it fills up the libraries

[Kaz] right

[BOB] acres of magical storage of knowledge

[Beth] So, have I been helping Moirra in this research?

[Kaz] did he give any proof that Dragonslayers were involved?

[BOB] you can do more investigating on detailsa bout him

[Kaz] Sure, if you want to have been :)

[BOB] adn Kira can be doing more investigating too

[Kaz] wouldn't that have been part of the story, Bob?

[BOB] well you are actually paying clerks to fun back and forth to bring you this info

[Beth] since I've supposedly been doing research :D

[BOB] you need a special skill to do the research your self

Ptooie has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 20:55:41 EDT 2008

Ptooie is receiving the map Base Map...

Ptooie has received the map Base Map.

[BOB] and special permission to enter that part of the storage areas

Christy has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 20:56:14 EDT 2008

Christy is receiving the map Base Map...

Christy has received the map Base Map.

[BOB] is one way they pay for things, by charging people for the research

[BOB] brb

[Beth] ah, ok. Since I'm a burgeoning mage as well as a thief, a bit of research might not be a bad past time

[Kaz] well, then I guess I need some deeper research. And I think I deserve a discount for helping to get that stupid library book back!!

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

[Kaz] Hi Christy

[Valedianna (mikE)] i'm not froofy!

[Beth] :) hello, Christy :)

[Ptooie] Howdy, fokes!

[John] hello

[Christy] Beth!!

[Beth] heehee!

[Christy] So glad to see you!!

[Ptooie!] Beth is here? Hello, Beth!!!

[Beth] Hiya! :D

[Rave Starfire (Noname`)] Ptooie and Christy hello

[Kaz] Ptooie?

[Christy] Hans

[Kaz] LOL

[Kaz] Hiya Hans

[Ptooie!] Yeah, kinda like the sound you make when you are purposefully dismissive...

[Beth] LOL

[Ptooie!] Doesn't *everyone* do that?!

[Christy] so should I read the chat or can someone give it to me in a really tiny nutshell?

[Beth] research research research

[Christy] good times

[Beth] and house building and bow lessons

[Christy] ooo, training

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[Beth] tiny enough? :D

[BOB] and yes to Christy and Hans check your levels

[Christy] very good synopsis

[BOB] and if you want to start training etc

[Kaz] I know the sound, Hans, just didn't know who it was with that name

[Christy] gracias

[Christy] yes to training

[BOB] in what?

[Christy] thieving baby

[BOB] ok,

[Beth] heheh

[Beth] there's training in thievery?

[BOB] so for free one level (15 points total) is going to be 7 weeks

[Beth] ::looks at BOB::

[BOB] or you can speed that up some by paying soem gold

[BOB] and Kira has not earned a new level yet

[BOB] when she does she will get 15 more points per level to train and add to her skills

[Christy] i'm an elf, 7 weeks is nothing

[Beth] how many levels does she have to be before she has enough to train?

[Christy] are we spending that much time anyway?

[BOB] to have the XP for the next level is all

[Beth] She's never trained

[BOB] and yes to Christy

[BOB] you can start the training etc

[BOB] and then we see where everyone is when the call comes in to Paul

[Christy] do those 15 points have to be in one skill or can they be broken up and still get the free 7n week deal?

[BOB] have to be broken up

[BOB] no more than 10 into one thing

[Christy] good deal

[BOB] and is one training period for all 15 points

[Christy] perfect

[Beth] BOB, what level does Kira have to be before she can train for the first time?

[BOB] checking

[BOB] so she needs to hit 8th level in XP to train

[BOB] she is not quite to 7th level yet

Lorie :O) has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 21:05:55 EDT 2008

Lorie :O) is receiving the map Base Map...

Lorie :O) has received the map Base Map.

[Kaz] Hi Lorie

[Beth] I thought she was 7th lvl

[John] hello lori

[BOB] she is 7th level because that is where we started you, but you have to earn the XP up to 8th level

[BOB] starting from zero

[BOB] Moirra is in the same boat

[Christy] I think that is a stupid rule

[BOB] and so Arilyn is set for training

[BOB] we can revisit that if everyone wants Christy

[Christy] no offense of course oh wonderful and merciful DM

[BOB] lol

[Valedianna (mikE)] eh. it's how we all start out

[Valedianna (mikE)] better than starting at 1

[Beth] Kira started at 4th lvl, then split out for mage at 6th lvl or something like that

[Kaz] trying to change it now wouldn't be fair to the people playing who have worked their way up

[Kaz] and it's not that big of a deal

[Christy] if you have to earn all that XP, you spend FOREVER at one level

[Christy] which gets, you know, kinda boring

[BOB] so it is the morning on the 9th day of the 9th month, and it is mornign report time for Kylia when she is read

[Christy] and frustrating to play a character for like a whole year and never go up in level [BOB] ready

[BOB] and I want to be sure that Percy and Rave know what they are doing

[BOB] I have Mike and John solved

[BOB] Kaz and Beth underway

[BOB] Christy is set

[John] did I find Kit?

[BOB] yes to John

[Ptooie!] I got another 22K to get to 9th level, so I'm good...

[BOB] ok

[BOB] so Fritz

[Rave Starfire (Noname`)] yes sir

[Christy] so this is what the big boys (and girls!) have been doing back at the ranch?

[BOB] yes

[Rave Starfire (Noname`)] Yes

[BOB] what did you want Rave to be working on? and how will he be in contact with the rest fo the group

[Christy] okie dokie, I'm all caught up then

[BOB] nods, getting everyoen there

[Christy] Arilyn has been busy practicing her bladesinging and spells and such

[BOB] and it looks like Christy will be playing another new person this adventure

[Christy] what?

[BOB] as we do things

[BOB] grins

[Lorie :O)] And... HELLO EVERYONE

[Percival (Ptooie!)] Hmmm?

[Rave Starfire (Noname`)] Hi Lorie

[Beth] ::waves at Lor::

[BOB] Arilyn is off training in Rivertown

[Lorie :O)] Nice to see a good Dune reference but it seems to have slipped past

[BOB] we caught it

[Lorie :O)] and ... I'm ready

[Beth] you saw that did you? lol

[Lorie :O)] :D

[Christy] Rivertown for which training?

[BOB] thief training

[BOB] is nearby, free

[BOB] sebrina's guild

[Christy] no no no, that wasn't what I meant

[Christy] I thought that we were talking about Ariella

[Christy] cause she recently went up a level, remember?

[BOB] no Ariella is frozen in time

[BOB] in the other adventure

[Christy] okay, not Arilyn

[Christy] she just needs to research a spell


[BOB] then will go change that

[Christy] I could not possibly add thieving to a bladesinger

[BOB] ok

[BOB] sorry for that

[Christy] or could I? hmm...

[BOB] so you wanted to learn a spell? or research?

[Christy] no, neverminbd

[Christy] just learn a spell

[Christy] 5th level

[BOB] it would be in someone's spell book then

[Christy] yes, I had assumed that already

[Christy] we have a good selection of spell books


[BOB] you can choose out of those

[BOB] for the most part

[BOB] so back to Fritz,

[BOB] anything?

[Rave Starfire (Noname`)] Sir?

[BOB] how is Rave in contact with the group while he is doing his investigations, etc

[BOB] are you going to go back to roadhaven after stopping in rivertown?

[Rave Starfire (Noname`)] Yes sir

[BOB] ok

[BOB] Rave Starfire moved 50'00".

[BOB] let me know what spell you pick Christy and we will roll for that

[BOB] ok so

[BOB] Time of Day: 04:00 PM. Day 14 Be ___ tre, Ohm {Early Winter} 14th, 1259.

[BOB] and the morning report back at Roadhaven

[BOB] everyone is here

[BOB] Kira, Moirra with their news

[BOB] Rave etc


[Christy] looking at the spells now, will let you know

[Wilson (BOB)] Good Morning Lady Kylia

[Kaz] Bob, what aout the information we learned from investigating the merchant?

[Beth] (brb getting a drink)

[Wilson (BOB)] (will put it in here for you Moirra)

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] Good morning Wilson...

[Kaz] okies

[Wilson (BOB)] it has been a good few days here

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

Moirra (Kaz) slides a plate of pastries onto the table and winks at Kira

[Wilson (BOB)] we have good news brought back by Moirra and Kira

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] No one died today?

[Wilson (BOB)] no no one died yet

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] Oh that is the best news this hour

Percival (Ptooie!) ::prayerful, quiet, somber::

[Wilson (BOB)] they found good hard evidence on someone who claims to have been robbed by the Dragonslayers

[Wilson (BOB)] it was a merchant who has passed through Roadhaven several times

[Wilson (BOB)] and in the spring we will be able to stop him and interrogate him

[Noname`] I am away from the keyboard.

[Wilson (BOB)] he will tell us all he knows

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: raises brow :: wait... you think he's coming back

[Percival (Hansie)] "Great, a lead in the case! Hmm, I wonder how our henchmen are doing?"

[Wilson (BOB)] he travels between hallstatt and Wolfspack

[Moirra (Kaz)] He seems to travel this route pretty regularly

[Wilson (BOB)] he takes two or three loads through the passes

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] why wait... let's hunt him down

[Beth] back

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] `

[Noname`] I am back at the keyboard.

[Wilson (BOB)] wel

[Wilson (BOB)] it is getting to be deeper into winter

[Wilson (BOB)] it would be good to stay home for now

[Beth] heheh, that's the spirit, Lady Kylia lol

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] Wilson, Gretchen is out there... lest we forget

[Wilson (BOB)] nods, I am sure she will be fine, she is very resourceful

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] We sit in our ivory tower and allow them to besmirch the name of our group...and all that we've worked for

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] and ... you want me to sit here and count snowflakes?

[Beth] I am back at the keyboard.

[Wilson (BOB)] no, I only caution about rushing out

[Wilson (BOB)] and there are other issues to consider

Kira (Beth) didn't think that idea would fly well

[Wilson (BOB)] (john who is here in roadhaven?)

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: sighs :: you didn't find another suitor did you?

[Wilson (BOB)] coughs

[Wilson (BOB)] no, not another

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] Because I think I know where to tell him to go

[Moirra (Kaz)] If there are to be heavy snows, there's no telling where he will hole up, either.

[Wilson (BOB)] it does seem that someone has returned

[John] (no one I know)

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: sighs :: who was dead now?

[Wilson (BOB)] well no one is dead

[Valedianna (mikE)] i'm dead inside

[Wilson (BOB)] but we did not expect

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] then why would they come back?

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] HELLO my dear sweet Kylia

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] I have traveled far and wide

Kira (Beth) looks on with interest

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: looks at Wilson with utter horror ::

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] and I have finally returned to your sweet embrace

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] Sweet?

[Wilson (BOB)] **whispers, I tried to break it gently**

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] Embrace?

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] well

Kira (Beth) chokes back a snicker/cough

Moirra (Kaz) blinks and looks at Kira.

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] I have been imagining your sweet embrance

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] it has been a long and lonly journy

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] Well that sounds like a full time job... you should go get on that ... in... Wolfspack, lovely this time of year

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] and now that I am back in your prescense I am overwheled

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] whelmed

Percival (Hansie) confused

[Valedianna (mikE)] who invited this jackass back?

Percival (Hansie) raises eyebrows

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: faints ::

[Valedianna (mikE)] i thought we gave him the run off years ago. he couldn't compete with fin

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] rushes forward to catch Kylia

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] and let her gently down to the floor

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: misses and falls to the ground ::

Kira (Beth) rushes to Kylia

[Kira (Beth)] What the hell???

[Antarias (mikE)] ::nudges Kylia with the toe of his boot::

Moirra (Kaz) rushes to Kylia, pusing the strange man out of the way

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] she is always nervious around me

[Christy] oh dear, who is this guy?

Kira (Beth) looks at the stranger with danger in her eyes

[Antarias (mikE)] ::nudges her again::

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] it is one of her more endearing traits I think

[Antarias (mikE)] "I've seen her eat fireballs before. Never saw her faint."

[Christy] the fainting?

Kira (Beth) fingers her knives

Moirra (Kaz) checks the Lady for injury from the fall, then tries to gently rouse her

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] she tries to hide it well

[Christy] that's a new one for me

[Lord Joquin (BOB)] but she really does have a soft heart

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: doesn't move ::

[Arilyn (Christy)] softy heart?

[Antarias (mikE)] ::coughs::

[Arilyn (Christy)] Kylia???

[Antarias (mikE)] "Tell that to the last demon she ran through"

Kira (Beth) stands guard over Kylia's prone body

[Antarias (mikE)] ::scratches his beard::

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)]

[Arilyn (Christy)] :laughs hysterically with tears running down my face: Kylia??

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] for those where need a refresher

[Kira (Beth)] What is going on and who in Zadrell's 7 hells are you???

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] she is truely a wonderful person

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and she has won my heart

Moirra (Kaz) lifts Kylia's head and upper body to gently cradle them against her, and whispers very slightly in her ear

[Antarias (mikE)] He's her suitor.

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I have been on an extensive journey to bring her back riches from beyond the seas

[Antarias (mikE)] "Didn't we give you the sendoff last time?"

[Kira (Beth)] He's her dead suitor you mean ::menacingly::

[Arilyn (Christy)] well that I won't argue. She is a great gal

[Antarias (mikE)] "Nah, nah. If he can get her to go into a faint reflex, it could be fun to keep him around."

[Moirra (Kaz)] (in the merest whisper) shall I get you out of here? Flutter your eyelids slightly.

[Antarias (mikE)] "Just pull him out of the party pack every once in a while and watch her wilt."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: flutter flutter ::

[Arilyn (Christy)] if he's dead, we should probably kill him again

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] she is brave in battle, kind of heart

[Kira (Beth)] ((snert sputter))

[Antarias (mikE)] "By the way, you ever find that thing you were supposed to find?"

[Moirra (Kaz)] Good Sir Percival, I require your assistance, please

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I have done much to try and earn a place

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] oh

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] no

[Antarias (mikE)] ::pokes Jocquin in the chest::

Percival (Hansie) helping, of course

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] moves to take Kylia's legs

[Antarias (mikE)] "Then why you showing back up here?"

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] here I must insist on helping

[Moirra (Kaz)] Sire, do not touch her, please

[Percival (Hansie)] "Stand back, man."

[Kira (Beth)] me blocks stranger;s move

[Moirra (Kaz)] *Sir

[Antarias (mikE)] "You couldn't get her what she wanted. Pretty poor suitor."

Percival (Hansie) moving to intercede

[Kira (Beth)] you touch her you die

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] puzzled looking at you

[Moirra (Kaz)] Percival, please help me to move the Lady to my chamber

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] why are you so afraid for her?

Percival (Hansie) doing thusly

[Kira (Beth)] pulls knife

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] no she has her own chambers here

[Antarias (mikE)] "Because they don't know what a fop you are and think you're a real threat."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] why take her to some

[Kira (Beth)] not afraid, stranger, just careful

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] nods, it is a dangerous world

[Percival (Hansie)] "I do not like the effect this man has on Lady Kylia. There must be some foul magic afoot!"

[Kira (Beth)] and protective

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] my good knight

[Moirra (Kaz)] I am Her Healer, and I require her to be where I can access my herbs.

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] please you only need look with your true sight upon me to know I wish her no harm

[Moirra (Kaz)] Oh, and I do not answer to you. Percival, if you please, thank you.

Kira (Beth) continues to block the stranger from approaching lady kylia

[Antarias (mikE)] "If ou want to do her a favor take her to Fin's chambers. That might be far enough away." ::laughs::

[Kira (Beth)] ::choke::

Kira (Beth) almost smiles

Moirra (Kaz) moves off briskly behind Percival, trying not to laugh at Ant's words.

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I do not see this Finglas here

[Percival (Hansie)] "Lady Kylia is a fighter. Or a priestess with the heart of a tiger. However you want to phrase it. She hasn't fainted, even when surrounded by fire giants and lava. Something is wrong here and I intend to find out."

Percival (Hansie) helping Moirra

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] he has abandoned Lady Kylia again and again

[Antarias (mikE)] "That's because he's got better things to do than bother people who don't want them around."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I do need to speak with my Lady when she awakes

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I have brought her a gift from the far off seas

[Moirra (Kaz)] I will send word when she can speak with you.

[Noname`] I am away from the keyboard.

Moirra (Kaz) nudges Percival toward the door and walks off.

[Percival (Hansie)] ::Looking for mages that may be casting some sinister spells::

[Percival (Hansie)] ::gently carrying the priestess under Moirra's supervision::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: waits to see if they are far enough away ::

[Kira (Beth)] keeps between them and the stranger

Moirra (Kaz) goes up some stairs and down a hall.

Kira (Beth) guards the door they exit thru so the stranger can't follow

[Antarias (mikE)] "What'd ya get her?"

[Antarias (mikE)] "A pretty bauble?"

[Antarias (mikE)] "Maybe a dress?"

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] she had asked me to track down and find a certain person

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: peeks open eye and whispers :: are we alone?

[Antarias (mikE)] "You should make her wear a dress. I'd pay to see that."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and I did that

[Percival (Hansie)] ::thankful for Antarias distracting the suitor::

[Moirra (Kaz)] My Lady, I doubt they will let him leave that room. Percival, you may set her to her feet.

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and brought her back

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] something from him

[Percival (Hansie)] ::shocked as Kylia takes her feet::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: nods at Percival and MOirra :: Many thanks...

[Percival (Hansie)] "What a miraculous recovery, Lady Kylia!"

Moirra (Kaz) grins at Percival.

[Percival (Hansie)] "You had me worried for a moment!"

[Moirra (Kaz)] Indeed!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: taps Percival's shoulder :: be mindful that the only trechery afoot is a bit of mine

[Antarias (mikE)] "Oh. It took you this long to complete that?"

[Percival (Hansie)] "Oh."

[Antarias (mikE)] "We found our quest that afternoon."

[Percival (Hansie)] "I didn't see that coming."

[Antarias (mikE)] "What'd ya do? Walk the whole way?"

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] He... is the most vile creature I've ever encountered

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] and I need to make him go away...

[Moirra (Kaz)] Who is he?

[Percival (Hansie)] "He seemed nice enough to me, honestly."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: grits her teeth :: My...suitor...self-appointed suitor

[Moirra (Kaz)] He seemed like he might try to sell us some snake oil at any moment.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] Nice... too nice... and for all I know he's a masquerading Green dragon

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] And... at the root of the matter, I am not ready to marry

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] or interested

[Moirra (Kaz)] Then you shall not, my Lady.

[Percival (Hansie)] "Oh. Right. An unsolicited affection. I know how that goes. Happens to me all the time."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: frowns :: For all I know...he's the "merchant" who has deceived everyone into thinking the Dragonslayers are evil

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: nods :: I can imagine Percival

Moirra (Kaz) blinks

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] I've said no...I've wished him a way.. I upset Finglas and made him think I might wed someone else...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] I'm out of tacts to try

[Percival (Hansie)] "We can get Antarias to aggressively question him."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] So... let me steal away back to my quarters..

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] and Wilson can continue to deal with him

[Moirra (Kaz)] Go, and perhaps we can put a guard at my chamber door, just in case he goes searching.

[Percival (Hansie)] "Yes, Lady Kylia. I think this particular situation calls for metered chicanery."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: makes a mental note to petion MacTyr for another assistant::

[Moirra (Kaz)] Then he will hopefully not think to look in your chamber.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: nods :: And thank you... I do apologize for worrying everyone, but it's easier like this

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] looking at Kira and Antarias

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :O))] :: bows and disappears in the keep ::

[Antarias (mikE)] ::whispers:: "Hey Kira, help me torment this guy."

[Percival (Hansie)] ::returns to hall::

Kira (Beth) stares menacingly back at stranger while playing with knife

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] what do you think we can do to help Lady Kylia overcome this affliction

[Antarias (mikE)] "Hey Jocqin, can you balance an apple on your head?"

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] she swoons when she sees me

[Percival (Hansie)] "Lady Kylia is not feeling up to this encounter. You will excuse her absence."

Kira (Beth) whispers back "whatcha got in mind?"

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and that will be very embarassing to her

[Antarias (mikE)] "Kira can throw a knife at it. Gypsie trick."

Moirra (Kaz) considers telling the interloper that Lady Kylia is with child, just to get rid of him.

Kira (Beth) grins

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I have traveled far

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and have many a tale to tell

[Kira (Beth)] "I'm quite good with these" I almost NEVER miss

[Antarias (mikE)] "You're a bit late for Kylia's wedding, though."

[Antarias (mikE)] "She's already married."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] oh?

Lord Jocquin (BOB) stunned

[Percival (Hansie)] "Well, as luck would have it, we are interested in hearing some tales, Lord Jocquin."

[Arilyn (Christy)] has anyone tried the if-you-love-her-set-her-free appraoch?

[Antarias (mikE)] "Yup. To some prat from the island kingdoms."

[Percival (Hansie) (to BOB only)] what is he "Lord" of, precisely?

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] is this true Sir Knight?

[Antarias (mikE)] "He was really wealthy. Owned several islands."

[Antarias (mikE)] "How many sunny beaches do you own?"

[Moirra (Kaz)] Percival, I must speak with you a moment, please...

Moirra (Kaz) mutters urgently to Percival so that he needn't answer, knowing that he wouldn't lie.

[Antarias (mikE)] "That's why she fainted. The thought of you taking her away from her husband is just frightening."

[Percival (Hansie)] "Oh it is. We are in the middle of an investigation actually, and we've been busy researching night and day. Any news is welcome."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB) (to Hansie only)] he has never been clear on that, but he has always been friendly and earnest in his pursuit of Kylia

[Percival (Hansie)] "With all your travels, you may have heard something that pertains to our investigation."

[Antarias (mikE)] "They're in the process of making an heir."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and Lady Kylia has married in my absense?

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I must meet this man

[Percival (Hansie) (to BOB only)] K. I even told Kylia that I thought he seemed nice enough.

[Arilyn (Christy)] oh dear, here we go...

[Kira (Beth)] We're hoping for twins

[Antarias (mikE)] "Yup. Okay. I'll give ya directions."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I can not beleive that turn of events

[Antarias (mikE)] "Go west across the mountains, south along the trade route, then take a boat to the Island Kingdoms."

[Antarias (mikE)] "Ask for Lord Nasher."

[Arilyn (Christy)] did anyone try to find him another honey to take his mind off Kylia?

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I have travled from there, I was pushign to reach Roadhaven before the snows came

[Arilyn (Christy)] and no, I am not volunteering

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] if I am to be snowed in I want it to be here with my love

[Antarias (mikE)] "Too bad you don't have a magic boat like he does. He makes the trip in no time at all."

[Antarias (mikE)] "She doesn't get snowed in. She jumps in her dimansional pool and goes to visit her hubby."

[Kira (Beth)] oh, Moirra! It just occured to me! Could Kylia have fainted because... well, because... um... you know ::makes a rounding motion at her belly::

Moirra (Kaz) begins to stare quite blatantly at Lord Jocquin.

[Antarias (mikE)] "Eh?"

[Antarias (mikE)] "Nahser already knocked her up?"

[Moirra (Kaz)] Hmm Kira? Oh, well, you know how these things go.

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I am not sure why you want to keep us apart

[Antarias (mikE)] "The man works fast. Faster than some other suitors."

[Antarias (mikE)] ::laughs::

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] you are making stories to hurt me

Moirra (Kaz) returns to staring at Lord Jocquin, her expression starting to get quite warm.

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] why would you do so?

[Antarias (mikE)] "Because you're an un suitable suitor, Jocquin."

[Kira (Beth)] I mean, Lady Kylia isn't really the fainting type, but I've heard that can happen when women are in that condition

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] Lady Kylia was very clear

[Moirra (Kaz)] You're quite a handsome man, I just realised.

[Antarias (mikE)] "She's told you as much, told you to go away, and you just don't take the hint."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] about what she wanted me to do

[Percival (Hansie)] "Um, this conversation is entirely inappropriate."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and now I return

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I should be with her

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] to regale her with my tales

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and help speed her recovery

[Antarias (mikE)] "Your tales would bore her."

[Kira (Beth)] um, mister, she doesn't need you, she doesn't want you

Moirra (Kaz) sashays over to the visitor and rests her hand on his arm.

[Moirra (Kaz)] You could regale me with your tales

[Antarias (mikE)] "We just got back from fighting a temple full of fire giants and elementals and priests."

Moirra (Kaz) flutters her eyelashes.

[Kira (Beth)] she has someone. got it?

[Arilyn (Christy)] :whispers: is there something wrong with Moirra?

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] who is this man?

[Kira (Beth)] ::wonders that herself::

[Antarias (mikE)] "What'd you do? Go visit some inbred lordling in his little wooden fort?"

[Percival (Hansie)] "We need to find out if this man knows anything about the Dragonslayers being set up by some evil force."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I tracked down the Pirate Blue Gill and retrieved an amulet from him that my love had asked for

[Moirra (Kaz)] My Lord, why don't I arrange for a nice meal, a nice... intimate... little meal.

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] walks back and forth

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] pacing

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] getting upset

[Antarias (mikE)] "Jocquin, please. We are experienced adventurerers, and she is even more so. She has by accounting of the records, saved the world from at least two different gods. What do you have to offer her?"

[Kira (Beth)] ::stares at Moirra like she's lost her mind

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] how can I not be there for her

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] why would you do this to her?

[Arilyn (Christy)] :moves to poke Moirra: you, uh...feeling okay Moirra?

[Percival (Hansie)] "Lord Jocquin, have you heard anything suspicious about Dragonslayer activity? There have been some people masquerading as Dragonslayers and causing havoc. We need to find out who those people are."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I have been traveling far and wide

Moirra (Kaz) turns to Kira and gives her a look, then makes a face before turning back to the visitor with a sweet smile.

[Antarias (mikE)] "Because you are nothing to her man! Get over it! She doesn't care about your fatuation."

Kira (Beth) thinks that this guy is a dense as lead

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and the name of the Dragonslayers is indeed known in many far off lands

[Antarias (mikE)] "Even an elf would see these signs and stop wooing a girl."

[Arilyn (Christy)] hey wookie, watch the elf comments

[Kira (Beth)] ::snert::

[Antarias (mikE)] "Hey girlie, I'm practically an elf, I can say whatever I want." ::snorts fire::

[Percival (Hansie)] "Antarias, please direct your aggression to finding out what this man may have heard about our plight."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] (and real flames shoot out)

[Arilyn (Christy)] practically an elf? hahahahahahahahahha

Moirra (Kaz) decides to wait for Percival to question Jocquin

[Antarias (mikE)] "I was raised by Fin's family."

[Percival (Hansie)] "Oh, I didn't know you could do that, Antarias. Hmmm..."

[Arilyn (Christy)] I can see that with the firs coming out of your nose

[Arilyn (Christy)] fire out your nose

[Antarias (mikE)] "I'm really only dwarven in stature."

[Kira (Beth)] "Nice, Antarias!" ::is envious::

[Antarias (mikE)] "Well, that's the dragon in my blood."

[Arilyn (Christy)] that is a cool trick, though

[Percival (Hansie)] "Lord Jocquin, you don't want me to turn you over to this dwarf to find out what you know." ::pointing at the dwarf-dragon::

[Antarias (mikE)] (for those of you who don't realize, he's a half dragon. tallons, golden coloring, ect.)

[Antarias (mikE)] "This fop knows something?"

[Arilyn (Christy)] so I will forgive the elf comment this time

[Antarias (mikE)] ::peers at Jocquin::

[Percival (Hansie)] "This fire-breathing dwarf/dragon." ::pointing with raised eyebrows::

[Antarias (mikE)] "Let's hear what you know."

[Percival (Hansie)] "And he's even worse with his NightBlade, although I sincerely hope for your sake it *never* comes to that, Jocquin."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I have not been frightened of Antarias in the past, he has been a strong ally of Klyia

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and he would not do somethign to hurt her

[Antarias (mikE)] "Nope. But I suppose I could hurt you."

[Percival (Hansie)] "No, I don't think he would do anything to hurt *her*."

[Antarias (mikE)] ::grins::

[Percival (Hansie)] ::ROFL::

[Kira (Beth)] ::grins::

[Noname`] I am back at the keyboard.

Moirra (Kaz) squeals girlishly - scarily.

Kira (Beth) likes Antarias

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] she will be hurt if he were to harm her sweetheart

[Moirra (Kaz)] No! You can't hurt this handsome man!

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to BOB only)] is lady kylia around?

[Kira (Beth)] you're NOT her sweetheart

Percival (Hansie) loves Antarias, but kind of in a jealous player-way...

[Kira (Beth)] looks at Moirra...

[Antarias (mikE)] "Oh by the gods, man. Give it up. If you don't know anything useful to us, go away."

Moirra (Kaz) runs over to stand next to him and stare at him with an obviously smitten look.

[Lord Jocquin (BOB) (to Noname` only)] she pretended to faint and went back to her rooms earlier

[Antarias (mikE)] ::pokes at Moirra with the tip of his sword::

Kira (Beth) whispers to Antarias "Is she bespelled?"

[Antarias (mikE)] "You hit your head?"

[Moirra (Kaz)] You can't marry Kylia, my Lord, But that's okay. I'll marry you!!

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to BOB only)] great ok she walks in again...LOL actually it is me

[Percival (Hansie)] Percival: Etiquette check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Percival (Hansie)] Percival: Etiquette check: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Moirra (Kaz)] And I'll stay by your side forever and ever!

Moirra (Kaz) tugs at Jocquin's arm

[Percival (Hansie)] ::Just trying to make sure I can use whatever etiquette I can to get this guy to talk about anything he may have heard.

Kira (Beth) whispers to Arilyn "Can you check if she's bespelled?"

[Antarias (mikE)] Antarias: Statecraft check: (d20) [1d20=2] 2 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 7!!

[Percival (Hansie)] ::also, seeking polite way to dismiss him if he can't help us::

[Moirra (Kaz)] But before we marry, of course you must speak with Percival.

[Moirra (Kaz)] /nudges Jocquin.

[Moirra (Kaz)] Or, you know, we could get married first, whatever you like.

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] looks at Moirra, suddenly dawning on him

[Antarias (mikE)] ::says something high and mighty and stately to get the guy to either say what we need to know or to piss off::

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I am betrothed to Lady Kylia

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] Lord Jocquin?

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I can not and do not have eyes for another

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] looks up

[Percival (Hansie)] "Moirra is very important to me, Lord Jocquin. Do not toy with her affections."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] yes ?

[Arilyn (Christy)] umm...I do not think that she is under a spell

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] I am sorry for how I acted earlier

[Moirra (Kaz)] Silly! Once she knows how much I want to marry you, of course she'll perform the ceremony herself.

Kira (Beth) moves as Lady Kylia comes in from behind me

[Percival (Hansie)] ::chuckles at Kaz::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] I was so taken and shocked at your appearance I lost my breath

[Moirra (Kaz)] ((weren't you pink, Lorie?))

[Antarias (mikE)] why are you not pink?

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] bows, I am sorry I have that effect on you

[Antarias (mikE)] like, wtf mate?

Kira (Beth) looks at Kylia with puzzlement

[Percival (Hansie)] ::puzzled::

[Antarias (mikE)] "He's pretty ugly."

[Antarias (mikE)] "I'd be shocked, too if I was a girl."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] So how are you this fine day?

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I have been longing for this day to meet you

Kira (Beth) looks at Kylia then at Moirra, back to Kylia

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] I understand I am sorry to keep you waiting

Kira (Beth) shakes head and leans back against the wall until she's needed

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I ahve been searching and searching

Percival (Hansie) seems that Kylia is in full control of her faculties now.

Moirra (Kaz) silently examines Kylia, questioning with her eyes.

Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0) winks at Moirra

Percival (Hansie) stands back to give her room to talk to the man

[Antarias (mikE)] ::now pokes at Kylia with the tip of his sword::

[Kira (Beth)] watches closely

[Antarias (mikE)] "Is it a full moon? All the women are acting funny."

[Percival (Hansie)] ::ROFL::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] Back dwarf

Moirra (Kaz) stands quietly, but continues to hang on to Jocquin's arm

[Kira (Beth)] HEY!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] you are in my kingdom remember that

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] pushes Moira away easily

Kira (Beth) pokes Antarias

[Percival (Hansie)] "I think she's okay, Ant."

[Antarias (mikE)] ::pokes Kira back::

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] reaches to his belt pouch

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and takes out a large pearl

Moirra (Kaz) pouts

Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0) Bows

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I have spoken with Blue Gill for you

[Antarias (mikE)] "She's being way to polite to be okay. Last time I saw her this nice she was plotting how to fireball the person without getting caught."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] What have you there sir?

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and although I was not able to retrieve the medalion I had hoped for

[Kira (Beth)] ::aside to Antarias in a whisper:: I may not dress like it, but I AM female you fire snorting excuse for a dwarf

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] Yes?

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I did win this in a card game with him

[Antarias (mikE)] "Nah. You're a gypsie. You don't count. Ramone said so."

[Kira (Beth)] ::snert::

Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0) reaches out her hand slowly

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] holds it out to Percival first

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I know you will want it to be double checked

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] "CARD GAME"?

Kira (Beth) chuckles "actually I'm rather relieved at that"

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I did my best to see if there was any nefarious scheme involved

[Percival (Hansie)] sorry

[Antarias (mikE)] "I would have expected a harrowing tale of heroics and we get a card game?"

[Percival (Hansie)] "Yes, I will check this item."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] looks at Antarias

Percival (Hansie) after handling, seems harmless

Percival (Hansie) hands it back to the man

[Antarias (mikE)] "Let me check it. Magics don't work as well on me."

Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0) flicks her wrist toward Percival disdainly "Look at it for me please Percival"

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] can you find the Pirate Blue Gill? the man who is nothing but a whisp of fog to the guards in Seagate?

[Antarias (mikE)] ::motions for the pearl::

[Percival (Hansie)] ::hands it to him::

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] known throughout the Island Kingdoms as noe of the fiercest raiders ever

[Antarias (mikE)] "Sure. One good scry spell and a trip through the pool."

Kira (Beth) looks over Antarias' shoulder

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] who never leaves a soul alive on a ship he has plundered

[Antarias (mikE)] ::taps the pearl, rubs it, bites it checking for authenticity::

[Moirra (Kaz)] I am sure none were as crafty in searching as you, dear Jocquin!

[Kira (Beth)] ah, I think I know someone who met him

Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0) Percival please take this token to Wilson for me and ask him to place it in my special place as a token of my appreciation to Lord Jocuin

Percival (Hansie) chuckles at Antarias' actions

Moirra (Kaz) moves close without touching him, and turns to smile at him.

[Antarias (mikE)] "Saw Sebrina do that do some gems. Must be a good way to test if they're just sugar or something."

[Kira (Beth)] wear a black mask does he?

[Arilyn (Christy)] (sounds like the dread pirate Roberts)

[Percival (Hansie)] "I didn't think of doing that, Ant."

[Kira (Beth)] (grins)

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] looking at Kira

[Percival (Hansie)] "I'm not a jeweler. I guess that's what *they* do."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] he was not wearing a mask when I met him

[Antarias (mikE)] "That's why I'm head of security in Greenborough." ::winks at Percival::

Kira (Beth) looking back at Stranger

[Moirra (Kaz)] You are so BRAVE!

[Percival (Hansie)] ::nods to Ant::

[Antarias (mikE)] "He Percy, bet this pearl would make a great temple donation."

Moirra (Kaz) stares with a smitten look.

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] nothign is too dangerous for me to brave for my love

[Kira (Beth)] he wasn't when my friend was thru with him either

[Percival (Hansie)] "Yes. We will do what Lady Kylia recommended."

[Moirra (Kaz)] To have such a brave man for a husband...

[Antarias (mikE)] "Although, holding this, something dawns on me, Jocquin."

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] Lord Jocquin I am planning on having a special breakfast tomorrow morning. I would hope you would be willing to attend that I may show my gratefication at your gift and your devotion?

[Antarias (mikE)] ::tosses the pearl up and down a few times::

[Percival (Hansie)] ::????::

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] that would be wonderful

[Antarias (mikE)] "You failed."

[Kira (Beth)] does a double take at Kylia

[Antarias (mikE)] ::flicks the pearl back to Jocquin::

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] looks at Ant, with a puzzled look

[Antarias (mikE)] "You didn't get what she asked you to."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] catches the sphere inmid air

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] sputters

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] yes

[Antarias (mikE)] ::smirks::

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I admitted to that

[Antarias (mikE)] "So why do you think you're suitable?"

Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0) raises her eyebrow

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] but I have not given up hope in my loves kind and forgiving heart

[Antarias (mikE)] "You bragged you could get what she wanted as proof of your love."

[Antarias (mikE)] "Seems like your love ain't worth what you said it was."

[Arilyn (Christy)] wow, that's a tough one.

Lorie :O) has left the game on Fri Aug 29 22:15:03 EDT 2008

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] This is NOT the pendant I wanted?

[Kira (Beth)] ::smirks::

[Antarias (mikE)] "Fin managed to complete his quest."

[Arilyn (Christy)] uh-oh. da boot?

[Percival (Hansie)] "What did she require of the man to prove his affection?"

[Kira (Beth)] He already said he didn't get what you asked for

Lorie :O) has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 22:15:39 EDT 2008

Lorie :O) is receiving the map Base Map...

Lorie :O) has received the map Base Map.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] ((Missed that))

[Kira (Beth)] but, he got that for you instead hoping it would 'suffice'

[Antarias (mikE)] "You are wanting."

[Antarias (mikE)] ::grins triumphantly::

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] looking at Kylia

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] is this truely your wish?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] This will never do...Until you retrieve my pendant I find you...Wanting!!

[Percival (Hansie)] "Oh, doesn't look good, my man. Antarias is right, albeit somewhat gruff."

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] that I go return and being back....

[Antarias (mikE)] ::spins his sword on its point waiting for Jocquin to talk his way out of this one::

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] sighs

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0)] Turns and walks away

[Moirra (Kaz)] How wondeerful! You are free to marry me now, Lord Jocquin!

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] head hung low

[Antarias (mikE)] "Hey, Jocquin.."

[Antarias (mikE)] "One thing you might do to earn points though..."

Kira (Beth) flips knives in a gleeful juggling pattern

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] slowly patts Moirra on the arm, you are a very pretty young girl, but my heart is taken

[Arilyn (Christy)] aww...that's kinda sad don't you think?

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and he walks out of the hall and towards the tavern

[Kira (Beth)] nope, he gives me the creeps

[Moirra (Kaz)] Yes, but my heart is taken with you!

Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie :0) disappearing into the building...."oh and do NOT...I repeat...Do NOT dare tresspass across my doorstep without it again. I hope we understand each other!!"

[Antarias (mikE)] "You got any information in your travels about the DragonSlayers?"

Moirra (Kaz) watches him walk away, then collapses into a chair

[BOB] another heart broken by Kylia

[Arilyn (Christy)] creepy as he may be, it's still sad.

[Antarias (mikE)] "Maybe I'll send Val to pump him for information. That's more her style."

[Kira (Beth)] I guess I'm just not a romantic type lol

[Antarias (mikE)] ::waves an elf toward the door to do just that::

Rave Starfire (Noname`) walks in looking like an elf...Hiya... what's going on?

Moirra (Kaz) shudders

Rave Starfire (Noname`) sheepish grin on his face

Moirra (Kaz) would you all pardon me for a moment? There is something I need to take care of.

[Kira (Beth)] "You ok, Moirra?"

[Kira (Beth)] "You know you've had me a bit worried."

Moirra (Kaz) nods distractedly, then rushes from the room

[Rave Starfire (Noname`)] What happened to Lord Joke?

[Kira (Beth)] (do I hear puking in the other room that Moirra exited to?)

Moirra (Kaz) finds a quiet place to be sick.

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to Beth only)] Holy shit is this my BETH?!?!?!?!

[Moirra (Kaz) (to Beth only)] LMAO! Great minds...

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname` only)] yes... who's this???

[Lorie :O)] ((LOL))

[BOB] John you still with us?

[Kira (Beth) (to Kaz only)] :D

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to Beth only)] it is me FRITZ

[John] yes

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname` only)] FRITZY!!!!! HUGS!!!

[John] for a little whie longer

[BOB] so Brad is to report to Kit?

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to Beth only)] HUG HUG HUG HUG

[BOB] to cover that portion now before the end of the night

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to Beth only)] KISS KISS KISS

[John] whom ever he finds first

[BOB] ok

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname` only)] chemo all done, full remission, only lost 2/3 of my hair and getting stronger every day :D

[Rave Starfire (Noname`)] So where is Lord Joke...I could have sworn I heard his voice.. I guess I must have been mistaken....

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname` only)] ::kisses:: ::hugs:: I've missed you! :D

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to Beth only)] YEa....I have missed you sooooooooo much

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to Lorie :O) only)] I think your Lord jocquin problem is solved

[BOB] ok, so meanwhile back in the Protectoie

[BOB] Protectoriate

[Percival (Hansie)] "Fooled around and fell in love, poor guy."

[BOB] Brad Johnson comes to report

[Kira (Beth)] protectorate?

[Kira (Beth)] ::smirk::

[Kit (John)] when did Paul last check in

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] (would be at least a day or two)

[Kit (John)] but Kit is back in Gon?

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] yes

[Kit (John)] How you doin Brad

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] good Kit

[Kit (John)] done your year of sex yet?

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] trade has been..... um?

[Kit (John)] in the lake?

[Kira (Beth)] /BOB I'd like to roll up Kira's sister soon :)

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] blinks, no

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] no

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] no

[Kit (John)] what are those creatures again?

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] I am trying veryhard

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] and

[Kira (Beth)] lol

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to BOB only)] I think I will head out to the bar where lord Jocquin went to

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] swallows

[Kit (John)] no that is a bird

[Moirra (Kaz)] you hve to do /dm

[Kit (John)] please go on

[BOB] we have news of a disturbance just outside of our western boundries. We have had some bandit attacks. At first I thought that it might be connected to the attacks that you sent Khan off to investigate. But they were not from human bandits. One of merchants that I talked too gave a very good description of the attackers. They were short pale creatures, who seemed driven and warped. The attacks are twisted and evil, designed to hurt it seems as much as anything else. Another thing that the merchant I talked with was certain of is that the boulders on the hills attacked them. I believe these attacks have to do with the necromancer by the name of Sormun Knellsong that lives in the hills near this area. He has always kept his researches in the past to the graveyards; but after all he is a necromancer he may have moved into different areas of experimentation. He was previously known to us to live in the area, but reports from some of our scouts indicate there has been some sort of problem near his lair. I did not want to visit Sarmun on my own without consulting you first. These merchants that were attacked, they were not on the main route, the were traveling along a western track, seeming to want to avoid paying the taxes here in the Protectorate. Because of the problems I had last time with that cult, I thought that I would immediately come to you and let you determine how to handle this.

[Kira (Beth)] yeah, yeah... ::grins:: it's been awhile

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] I did manage to do soem little bit of resarch on him

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] prior to this,

[BOB] The necromancer Sormun Knellsong was banished from his homeland for animating the dead. Rather than plunder remote cemeteries for the corpses he required and incur the wrath of local authorities, he found a battlefield located on the edge of the Bronda Hills. The necromancer's lair is embedded in a hill·side near the eastern edge of the hills.

[Kit (John)] (I was just fighting zombies to the West or East?)

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] (which zombies?)

[Percival (Hansie)] "Not a nice guy. We can expect the worst from this sort of wretched creature. He may have little in common with humans after so much interaction with his death magic."

[BOB] actually Hans thsi is over in John's lands, not in Roadhaven

[BOB] someoen will have to come back to Roadhaven to get people

[BOB] and or how ever John wants to deal with this issue

[Kit (John)] (last report Brad said there were attacks by zombies, not our necrmancer, that is why Kit was sent here)

[Percival (Hansie)] (have no idea what's going on. Is this important to us?)

[Rave Starfire (Noname`)]

[BOB] those attacks were different

[Kit (John)] (oppsite side of the protectoriate?)

[BOB] Hans, this was the "morning reports" for Paul, Finglas and Kylia

[BOB] same side

[BOB] all were on the Western side

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to Beth only)] I am so glad you are back...I can't tell you... You realize it has been a year since we have been together?

[Kit (John)] (but diffrent enough o think they are not related)

[Hansie] I am away from the keyboard.

[BOB] nods

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname` only)] I was just counting out the time... O.o

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname` only)] I didn't stop playing Bob's game until December, I think, but we had that long break before that in Marco's game

[Kit (John)] Brad, can you grab a horse and chase after Paul. Tell him of this and tell him I went to Roadhaven to seek help

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname` only)] I almost didn't make it thru chemo :p

[BOB] where is Sir Paul?

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to BOB only)] when I go to the bar where Lord Jocquin is at I want to polymorph myself into a woman that looks sort of like lady kylia, hair a little lighter, just a little shorter, just a little thinner.

[BOB (to Noname` only)] ok

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to Beth only)] woa...what happened?

[Kit (John)] the bartender says he headed North with the last caravan

[Kira (Beth)] platelets got down to under 20k and they were gonna pull me off or hospitalize me and I had no money for a hospital

[Kira (Beth)] oops

[Kira (Beth)] lol, was catching Fritz up lol

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to Beth only)] damn...this from the interferon?

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname` only)] yep Interferon and Ribivarin

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] ok

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] Brad rides north

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to Beth only)] But you made it and no more Hep C !!!!!

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] and south

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] then stops in the library to search

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] finding Paul and Klyia talking there

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] Sir Paul!, Lady Kylia!

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname` only)] they told me that I prolly wouldn't be a candidate for radical chemo in the event of cancer :(

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] excuse me

[Lorie :O)] ... and it was awful Paul... he's so vile...and creep... Errr...Brad

[Lorie :O)] How are you?

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] I am good my lady

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to Beth only)] well hell why worry you won't get cancer !!!!!!!

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] Sir

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] Please

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname` only)] Yes! I am in full remission and have more than 80% chance of staying in remission permanently

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] there has been an incident in the hills to the west

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] I informed Kit

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] and she said she was goign to Roadhaven

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] to inform Lady Kylia

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] and the other Dragonslayers

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] but

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] um

[Rave Starfire (Noname`)] "The Hills are Dead with the Sound of Zombies OOOOOOOOO"

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname` only)] no I won't :D

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] what?

[Paul Elvenstire (John)] you can tell me

[Arilyn (Christy)] ooo, I Love that song!

[Lorie :O)] :: studies Brad ::

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname` only)] but I have to be tested for liver cancer every 6 mo from now on cuz my liver was already in stage 4 cirrhosis

[Moirra (Kaz) (to Noname` only)] ROFL

[Rave Starfire (Noname`) (to Kaz only)] Hehehehe

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] what should I do?

[Kira (Beth)] ::looks on interestedly::

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] do you want me to try and find Kit again?

Christy has left the game on Fri Aug 29 22:39:47 EDT 2008

Kaz has left the game on Fri Aug 29 22:39:47 EDT 2008

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] or?

Noname` has left the game on Fri Aug 29 22:39:54 EDT 2008

Hansie has left the game on Fri Aug 29 22:39:58 EDT 2008

[Lorie :O)] Yes... I think you should.

Kaz has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 22:40:04 EDT 2008

Kaz is receiving the map Base Map...

Kaz has received the map Base Map.

John has left the game on Fri Aug 29 22:40:08 EDT 2008

Christy has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 22:40:32 EDT 2008

Christy is receiving the map Base Map...

Christy has received the map Base Map.

Noname has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 22:40:36 EDT 2008

Noname is receiving the map Base Map...

Noname has received the map Base Map.

[Antarias (mikE)] cfvhj

[Lorie :O)] hi

[Lorie :O)] Ummm... that was weird

[Brad Johnson (BOB)] nods

[BOB] ok, so is Kylia heading back?

[BOB] everyone gathering in Roadhaven first?

[BOB] or in Gon first?

John2 has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 22:42:16 EDT 2008

[Lorie :O)] :: Kylia will hang out in Gon for a short time... trying to figure out how to resolve Prince McCreepy ::

[BOB] the current date is 14-9-1259

[Noname (to Beth only)] oh wow I was worried what stage you were in

[BOB] you could go investigate in the morning

John2 is receiving the map Base Map...

John2 has received the map Base Map.

John2 is receiving the map Base Map...

John2 has received the map Base Map.

[BOB] Finglas is gone and not due back for a few weeks yet, Mike will play Antarias

[BOB] but the rest of the group is all available

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname only)] yeah doc figures I'd had it for over 20 yrs

[Kira (Beth) (to Noname only)] or nearly that long

[BOB] John?

[Noname] I or rather a woman rather vaguely resembling the beautiful Kylia Wolfslayer but with lighter hair, shorter in stature, etc enters the bar where Lord Jocqin is currently

[Paul Elvenstire (John2)] You are welcome in Gon, Lady Kylia

[Paul Elvenstire (John2)] but I must go to Roadhaven and talk to the Dragonslayers


Noname is now controlling Rave Starfire

[Lorie :O)] :: nods :: Thank you Sir Paul... I will peruse the library in hopes that the answers to our problems can be found in here.

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] Lord Jocquin drinks before getting ready to head out of Roadhaven

[Kira (Beth)] ((is Rave a shapeshifter?))

[Paul Elvenstire (John2)] (among other things)

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Hello there....You must be the Lord Jocquin I have heard so much about...may I buy you a drink sire?

[Christy] well, it's late and I need to get my kids to bed so I'm gonna say goodnight.

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] waves to Chrsity

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] see you next week I do hope

[Christy] see you guys next week!

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] pending where Hanna is

[Lorie :O)] ((Night...))

[Paul Elvenstire (John2)] ttfn

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Night

[Christy] oh yeah, good luck with hurricane stuff!

Christy has left the game on Fri Aug 29 22:47:57 EDT 2008

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] looks at the woman, thank you but no

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I must be leaving, I need to start a new quest

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and was just girding myself for my travels it will be a long cold road tonight

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Ahhhh but you wouldn't deprive me just because it is still early

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I am sorry, I must be going

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Let me have a drink with you maybe we can chat and perhaps you might learn something

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] So my cousin has you on the ropes I gather?

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] no, I know what I need, and where I need to go

Hansie has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 22:49:20 EDT 2008

Hansie is receiving the map Base Map...

Hansie has received the map Base Map.

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] She does that

[Kaz] I am back at the keyboard.

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] I could give you a hand you know...make it a bit easier for you

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] the path I follow is not meant to be easy,

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Give you the inside scoop so to speak

[Moirra (Kaz) (to Hansie only)] Please tell Christy good night from me - my chat was bouncing around and I missed that she was leaving until she was gone. :(

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] or just any one could accomplish it

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] but of course you would need to give me some information

[Hansie (to Kaz only)] will do-

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] If you think just acquiring a bauble or 2 will please my cousin you are need the right info on how to woo

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] (and John & Lorie where is everyone gathering?)

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] he finishes his drink

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] looking at the woman,

[Paul Elvenstire (John2)] Roadhaven

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] good night miss

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Just because she is Lord doesn't mean she isn't a woman at heart

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] gives a nod

[Lorie :O)] ((Roadhaven))

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Your loss

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I will try to remember that

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Wilson asked me to help you

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] but I know my loves heart is strong and true

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] I just need to be worthy of it

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] He said he was on your side

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] And that he had heard her words in confidence and just wanted to pass on a little info for info

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] But if you don't wish any help then so be it

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] he shakes his head, I must be going, it will be a long ride this evening

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] he bows

[Lord Jocquin (BOB)] and walks otu tot he stables

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] One last question

[BOB] he rides down to Wolfspack

[BOB] he is quiet but ignoring questions

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] damn he is fast...if he is this fast in bed then no wonder he sucks

[BOB] obviously wrapped up in his new thoughts

[Hansie] ::this guy just doesn't give up, rejected, dejected though he may be::

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Well I tried to get some more info from him about the attacks but failed

[Kira (Beth)] ::is soooo not touching that comment::

[Hansie] ::go, Jocquin!::

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] I am kinda rooting for the poor guy...I think Kylia should give him a pitty )(*()*E

[Hansie] (thanks for trying, Noname. I'm sure if Bob had meant to give us info through this guy, all the other questions of him would have resulted in *something* at least)

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] KISS I meant KISS

[Antarias (mikE)] no no, if you want to do boobies, you need to do (.)(.)

[Kira (Beth)] ROFL

[Antarias (mikE)] o.O

[Antarias (mikE)] >.>

[BOB] he is obsessed with Kylia, he does not respond to any other woman's attentions

[Antarias (mikE)] <.<

[Lorie :O)] ((Sorry gang.. not in Kylia's cards ))

[Antarias (mikE)] <.<

[Hansie] You guys are messed up sometimes.

[Antarias (mikE)] ^^

[Kira (Beth)] ::doesn't blame Kylia at all::

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] BIG TIME

[BOB] so everyone is back in Roadhaven

[Antarias (mikE)] and if you do 5318008 on a calculator and flip it upside down it spells boobies!

[BOB] ready to go investigate the necromancer

[Hansie] Yet, as it is, I am sitting here chuckling against my better judgment

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Excuse me Lady Kylia...

[Antarias (mikE)] hehehe

[Antarias (mikE)] because i'm a funny funny guy

Rave Starfire (Noname) looks like an elf

[Hansie] You got it, Mike-

[Lorie :O)] :: sighs :: Yes Rave

[Antarias (mikE)] we should go kill someone now.

[Antarias (mikE)] like the necromancer

[Antarias (mikE)] let's go kill him.

[Hansie] I'm with Mike, by the way. Man, I can't believe how much I've agreed with him lately...

[Antarias (mikE)] not THE necromancer, mind you. just the necromancer

[Hansie] Ditto.

[Antarias (mikE)] because not only am i funny, i'm smrt, too

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] I must apoligize but I know that Lord Jocquin has been a bother to you. He was a bit of a nuiscance here as well, moping about and I was tempted to kill him just to clear the air. But instead I convinced him that he was not to return to your lands unless he was able to acquire that magical necklace you wanted. If he did it would mean his death.

[Antarias (mikE)] THE necromancer makes brownies

[Antarias (mikE)] but they're not special ones

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] I have no idea what that necklace was but apparently no one can get it so I fugured he won't be returning any time soon

[Lorie :O)] :: sighs :: Rave...pray you never have a suitor

[Lorie :O)] Trinkets and gems are nice...but there is only one way to my heart

[Hansie] "It would not have been good of you to kill him, Rave. I'm glad you decided not to."

[Antarias (mikE)] cut it out?

[Lorie :O)] and in any case...I apologize to the group for any disception on my part.

[Antarias (mikE)] pull a "temple of doom?"

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Oh is he importnat?

[Lorie :O)] So then... we're off to do away with some evil doer

[Hansie] "I think he's been given an impossible quest. I don't know if we'll see him again."

[Antarias (mikE)] increase it's mass so much it just drops out next time you stand up?

[Lorie :O)] ... :: sighs :: I said that last time Percival

[Hansie] Yes, what Lorie said-

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Yea...that was an impossible quest he was sent on...who could have come up with that one I wonder...and with such strict demands?

[Hansie] (about the evil doer and being off to away with him)

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

[Antarias (mikE)] cut it out with a spoon

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] There we have succeeded already

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] he is away from the keyboard

[Hansie] that way it'll hurt more?

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] LOL

[Moirra (Kaz)] a spoon, coudsin?

[Antarias (mikE)] exactly

[Hansie] from Robin Hood, with Alan Rickman as da sheriff.

[Hansie] Da Sheriff.

[Moirra (Kaz)] *sigh* He's so dreamy

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Ackk he is back...the evil is back

[BOB] smiles

[Kira (Beth)] ::chuckles::

[Hansie] ::chuckles::

[BOB] so what sort of plan do you have?

[Moirra (Kaz)] The usual...

[Hansie] Right. A *plan*. Hmmmm. Didn't make it that far.

[Moirra (Kaz)] rush in and die

[Hansie] Mike is on such a roll, I'll just do whatever he says.

[Moirra (Kaz)] lol

[Antarias (mikE)] okay

[Antarias (mikE)] sweet

[Moirra (Kaz)] I was going to mention the need for a plan, but Hans mentioned Alan Rickman and sidetracked me.

[Hansie] Don't abuse it, bud.

[Antarias (mikE)] let me get my world domination plans

[Moirra (Kaz)] *cough*

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] ((Hey I just thought of something...if the magic telportation pool had been a magical cauldron instead we could have called it a "Porta Potty"))

[Kira (Beth)] ::snert::

[Moirra (Kaz)] LOL

[Antarias (mikE)] you sir, are no sean

[Kira (Beth)] :(

Kira (Beth) misses the big furry one

Hansie likewise

[Moirra (Kaz)] did he play Sweetums?

[Hansie] Yup.

[Kira (Beth)] yup

[Antarias (mikE)] let's go bag us a necromonger

[Percival (Hansie)] Hey, that's from that Vin Diesel movie, wasn't it?

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] ((WE keep what we kill))

[BOB] smiles

[Antarias (mikE)] yup

[Percival (Hansie)] That was cool.

[BOB] everyone planning on being here next week?

[Antarias (mikE)] man, hans is on a roll tonight

[Paul Elvenstire (John2)] the he realy say the bolders were attacking?

[Antarias (mikE)] major points

[Kira (Beth)] planning, yes

[BOB] and yes to John

[Percival (Hansie)] Yeah. We got karate for the boys and we'll be here at about 8:30-

[BOB] the report said the boulders attacked

[Moirra (Kaz)] yes

[Paul Elvenstire (John2)] as in walking bolders or rolling boulders?

[BOB] not clear

[Paul Elvenstire (John2)] any clue where the merchant is now

[BOB] no

[Paul Elvenstire (John2)] who they are

[Percival (Hansie)] You thinking earth elemental, John?

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] I am

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] there is a class of them that are boulders come to life

[Antarias (mikE)] either that or the gorons from zelda

[Paul Elvenstire (John2)] thinking bolder and necromancers do not add up

[BOB] Percy is on teh new map so you get a taste of it

[Percival (Hansie)] It's so nice when we get info from the DM. Bob, can you make that a habit?

Noname is receiving the map Necromancer's Lair...

Noname has received the map Necromancer's Lair.

[Percival (Hansie)] Useful info, that is.

[BOB] The door to Sormun's lair is made of black oak banded with iron. Sculpted into the door is a fearsome, hrned skull with hollow eyes. The iron handle is shaped like a skeletal hand.

[Lorie :O)] Giants

Kaz is receiving the map Necromancer's Lair...

Kaz has received the map Necromancer's Lair.

[Lorie :O)] Giants and Boulders do

Hansie is receiving the map Necromancer's Lair...

Hansie has received the map Necromancer's Lair.

[Paul Elvenstire (John2)] So he is not in my lands

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] I am invisible and back in pixie form now

[BOB] no Sormun is to the west of your lands

John2 is receiving the map Necromancer's Lair...

John2 has received the map Necromancer's Lair.

[Percival (Hansie)] Bob? "Sormun"

[Percival (Hansie)] That is more than a passing resemblance to "Saruman"


[Paul Elvenstire (John2)] not much to go on to make a plan, just head their firstthing in the am

[Percival (Hansie)] I think it's cool, but I'm just sayin'... I'll check out yer link-

[Antarias (mikE)] so we going to do this next week?

[BOB] right

[Antarias (mikE)] alright. night all

mikE has left the game on Fri Aug 29 23:14:49 EDT 2008

[Moirra (Kaz)] Night Mike

[Percival (Hansie)] Good night, guys!

[Rave Starfire (Noname) (to Beth only)] I am glad to see you again.

[Paul Elvenstire (John2)] good night all

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Night all

[Moirra (Kaz)] Night Hans

[Percival (Hansie)] I vote for myself as Role Player of the Night. I need the XP...

John2 has left the game on Fri Aug 29 23:15:17 EDT 2008

[Percival (Hansie)] Good night, Kaz. I'll tell Christy-

[Lorie :O)] Night all

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Hey I turned into 2 woman and got rid of Lorie's lover

[Lorie :O)] Glad you joined the group again Beth .. and hugs to Earl

[Moirra (Kaz)] Night John and Fritz

[Percival (Hansie)] 22K, precisely...

[Lorie :O)] I fainted!

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Night Kaz

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] LOL

[Percival (Hansie)] I'm glad you're here, too, Beth.

[Percival (Hansie)] That was good but I need the XP more, Lorie-

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Yea Lorie fainted

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] That was pretty good acting I think

[Lorie :O)] :: laughs :: All yours Hans

[Kira (Beth)] lol

[Lorie :O)] Takes gobs of XP for me to see another level

[Moirra (Kaz)] I think you should give a group RP bonus, Bob.

[Kira (Beth)] I plan to be back next week :D

[Lorie :O)] :: waves :: Happy Labor Day all

Lorie :O) has left the game on Fri Aug 29 23:16:37 EDT 2008

[Kira (Beth)] nini all

[Percival (Hansie)] See ya!!!

[Moirra (Kaz)] I thoughtNight hon

[Percival (Hansie)] Good night. Good job, DM.

[BOB] thank you sir

Hansie has left the game on Fri Aug 29 23:17:20 EDT 2008

[Moirra (Kaz)] Meh - can't wait for the chat fix. I'm getting seasick.

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Don't encourage him!!!!

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Please fix the chat

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Love ya Booby...Have a good weekend

[BOB] he has the fix

[BOB] just waiting for the next update

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Give Nyrma a kiss for me

[BOB] will do

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Beth good to see you it has been WAy to long...Kaz can't wait to hear that sound with you !!!

[Moirra (Kaz)] Hey Bob, I was serious - there was a lot of good RP tonight.

[BOB] will be wonderful

[Moirra (Kaz)] what sound?

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] Bob give her the sound

[BOB] Combat has begun!


[BOB] Combat has finished.

Kaz has left the game on Fri Aug 29 23:19:53 EDT 2008

Beth has left the game on Fri Aug 29 23:19:54 EDT 2008

[Rave Starfire (Noname)] I LOVE THAT SOUND

Noname has left the game on Fri Aug 29 23:20:19 EDT 2008

newbie has left the game on Fri Aug 29 23:20:28 EDT 2008

Beth has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 23:20:36 EDT 2008

Beth is receiving the map Base Map...

Beth has received the map Base Map.

Kaz has joined the game on Fri Aug 29 23:22:59 EDT 2008

Kaz is receiving the map Base Map...

Kaz has received the map Base Map.

[BOB] did you find her name Beth?

[BOB] how did you like the adventure hook this time Kaz?

[BOB] and you two had no clue about who Lord Jocquin was did you?

[Kaz] no, he's wayyyyy before my time :D

[Kaz] I really enjoyed tonight.

[BOB] thanks

[Beth] me too :)

[Beth] and yeah, before my time too lol

[Beth] thank you for the link to Tsura

[BOB] he was fun

[Beth] dunno why I couldn't find her

[BOB] adn I was glad I could surprise Lorie with him again

[Beth] heh... stalkers give me the creeps

[Beth] ROFL that you did

[Kaz] lol

[BOB] he is not a stalker per se

[Beth] Ok, Bob... it's been so long since I rolled Kira I really have no clue what I'm doing anymore

[BOB] he showed up before wanint to marry her

[BOB] you just rolle 4 d6

[Beth] eh... he's a stalker

[BOB] 6 times

[BOB] brb

[BOB] I am away from the keyboard.

[Kaz] he's just in loooooooove - or at least pretending, none of us are sure.

[BOB] I am back at the keyboard.

[BOB] ok

[BOB] he really is in love

[Beth] (4d6) [4d6=4,2,3,1] 10

[Beth] (4d6) [4d6=2,4,3,6] 15

[Beth] (4d6) [4d6=5,4,1,3] 13

[Beth] (4d6) [4d6=6,2,2,4] 14

[Beth] (4d6) [4d6=1,3,6,4] 14

[Beth] (4d6) [4d6=4,3,3,2] 12

[BOB] ok,

[Beth] ok

[BOB] so that is a 9 13 12 12 13 10

[BOB] becasue you drop the lowest

[BOB] so your stats will be those

[Beth] drop the lowest?

[Kaz] you only use three of the four dice

[Beth] oh, ok

[BOB] Tsura moved 31'11".

[BOB] and there you go

[Beth] thank you. I never did understand that

[BOB] a character sheet to work with

[Beth] lol

[Beth] ok, she's a Ranger so...

[BOB] well

[BOB] lets see what those scores work as

[Beth] or, I can make her something different if those stats aren't good enough for a ranger

[BOB] need a Str of 13

[BOB] a dex of 13

[BOB] a con of 14

[BOB] and a wis of 14

[BOB] so not quite a ranger

[BOB] always wanted to be one

[BOB] but not quite wise enough perhaps

[Beth] ok, well... maybe I'll make her something else and make a ranger next

[Beth] drat... what do you suggest with these stats?

[BOB] well a priest

[Beth] they kinda suck

[BOB] or a mage

[BOB] what do you think Kaz?

[Beth] does the group need another priest or mage?

[Kaz] we have several mages

[BOB] it is a very average person

[Kaz] what kind of priest would a gypsy be?

[BOB] hmmmmm

[Beth] yeah :(

[BOB] that is interesting actually

[BOB] a witch?

[BOB] or

[Beth] she's half gypsy, raised by her gajin mother and stepfather

[BOB] let me see the Celtic book just a sec

[Beth] Kira has only met her once and she technically doesn't belong to either cuz gypsies only take a male child if it's half breed

[BOB] we could adjust her stats slightly

[Beth] and other people still consder her gypsy trash cuz she's half gypsy

[BOB] and make her a berserker

[Beth] which is why she was a loner

[BOB] from the Norse lands

[Beth] Berserker?

[Beth] interesting

[Beth] Brunhilda ::chortles::

[Kaz] that's an interesting thought

[BOB] would be interesting

[Beth] I like it :D

[BOB] ok

[BOB] let me put the stats on teh sheet for you in the best order then

[Beth] kk

[Beth (to GM only)] Character sheet for Tsura modified: Personal Information - ADDED: Tsura. ADDED: ADDED: Ranger. ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED: ADDED:

[Beth] I'll have to give her a different name tho, since I already have Tsura as a ranger

[Beth] maybe another time I'll roll good enough stats for Tsura

[BOB] ok

[BOB] sure say that now

[BOB] after I just copied her history over

[Beth] ROFL

[BOB] grins

[BOB] but you shoudl do it the way you want

[BOB] you will have to still split the stats

[BOB] and work on some of that

[Beth] Her story is all about becoming a ranger type tho

[BOB] but you can come up with the story part and etc later

[Beth] lol

[BOB] you know you come from a Viking culture

[Beth] I'll rename this one

[BOB] no long ships

[BOB] you raid on horse back

[Beth] um...

[BOB] fierce enemies to the giants

[Beth] vikings without longships?

[BOB] in real life Vikings raided on horses and camels more often than by ship

[BOB] there are some ships, but for rivers no oceans near by

[Beth] I need to study more... didn't know vikings had ever even SEEN a camel until the 1100's or so

[BOB] grins,

[BOB] you are thinking too Anglo Saxon

[BOB] they raided teh Rus for decades

[Beth] true

[BOB] is one of the reasons they formed Russia, to help beat back the attacks

[Beth] and made it to the Americas before they WERE the americas

[BOB] nods

[BOB] they were wide spread

[Beth] very

[BOB] I was surprised when I found the camel refernce

[Beth] source of the 'big injuns'

[BOB] ok, it is getting late here


[BOB] very glad to have you both here again

[Beth] most native americans weren't big people being originally asian stock

[BOB] will be loads of fun

[Beth] :D good night, Bob

[Beth] night Kaz :D

[Beth] Hugs to you both

Beth has left the game on Fri Aug 29 23:53:51 EDT 2008

[Kaz] Night kids

[Kaz] /hugs

Kaz has left the game on Fri Aug 29 23:54:15 EDT 2008