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Dragon Fen - Population Building

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Dragon Fen has farm houses for 630 farmers. This allows for 72 non-farmers.

People of Importance in Dragon Fen

The population of Dragon Fen has grown quickly over the years. There are many people that are well known to various people. Just as the local butcher might be better known to those in Regets Field than someone of higher stature who lives at the Manor House others from outside of Dragon Fen would see a different group of people being important.

Most Important

  • Branwyn
  • Ilero
  • Kenna
  • Indigo

These four people are the most well known people to everyone both in and out of Dragon Fen. Branwyn obviously as the Countess of the Estate, Ilero for his role as the Royal Scout, Kenna for her role as leader of one of the churches Branwyn has founded plus the only hospital for hundreds of miles around, and Indigo both as friend to Branwyn and the Dragonslayers as well as being the Admiral of the Drillian Navy.

Inside of Dragon Fen

These five are known to every inhabitant of the Estate and Jilly knows everyone in the Estate as well.

Outside of Dragon Fen

These four are known for very different reasons. Foto as being a long standing member of the DragonSlayers and the gnome with the best relationship with Branwyn and the Estate. Shur and the Trading Post manager in Foriso Town as they are the primary people that outsiders encounter when bringing in goods to buy or sell. Tiberius is on both lists because he is Branwyn's husband. To those inside the Estate they know him as an approachable Noble who has stories to tell of his adventuring days. Those outside of the Estate think of him as the man that Branwyn chose. Depending on if you like the choice or not your opinion of him will vary.

Only people with a more detailed focus and interest in the detailed workings of the Estate would know more of the DragonSlayers such as Shi and Kel, or the manager of the Hospital and the Miller in Foriso Town. Branwyn's apprentices, the people of Travelers Way,

Breakdown of non-farmer population

Current slots being used, no need to fill every one of them to allow for future growth

  1. - Nevin Ognorn the Chancellor for the Manor who's main job is to make sure Jilly (The Steward) stays home
  2. - Cook for the Manor
  3. - Nanny Gothhawk for the Manor
  4. - Maid for Manor
  5. - Boarding House manager
  6. - Boarding House cook
  7. - Blacksmith
  8. - Blacksmith apprentice
  9. - Travelers Way - Hime Forshort - Bard by class, Administrator / Diplomat by trade to oversee Norse interests
  10. - Travelers Way - Osnar Felton - Gnome manager of Traveler's Way Inn
  11. - Travelers Way - Taee Beafon - Half Elf Adopted Son of Osnar helping run the Inn at Traveler's way
  12. - Otterville Church manager Church of Otterville
  13. - Otterville Hospital manager
  14. - Otterville Inn manager
  15. - Otterville Inn worker
  16. - Otterville Inn worker/stable boy
  17. - Otterville Sheriff
  18. - Otterville deputy
  19. - Otterville Acolyte at Church
  20. - Otterville Acolyte at Church
  21. - Foriso Town - Miller
  22. - Foriso Town - Miller apprentice
  23. - Foriso Town - Trading Post Manager
  24. - Mist Garden - Uncle Foto's sister
  25. - Mist Garden - Beekeeper
  26. - Mist Garden - Foto at church
  27. - Open
  28. - Open
  29. - Open
  30. - Open
  31. - Open
  32. - Open
  33. - Open
  34. - Skull Church - Pete, architect
  35. - Skull Church - Uncle Ulgin, head priest

Tieran Guild (12 followers, 1 Admin)

  1. - steward
  2. - Jon the Sailor
  3. - Lanek
  4. - x
  5. - Kazimir Huisto
  6. - Dara Amastacia (Elf)
  7. - Paelias Nailo (Elf)
  8. - Machin
  9. - Lina
  10. - x
  11. - x
  12. - Onaldkelrad Trueblood (Dwarf)
  13. - Acorn (Kercpa)

Dragonslayers Living in Dragon Fen

Dragon Fen ManorBranwyn | Tiberius Branadarus | Dahlia | Demetrius | Jilly | Johan
Boarding House (near Manor) 
OttervilleKenna Westfoot | Mara The Blessed | Rhibosi
Foriso Town???
Tieran Guild (in Foriso Town)Ilero | Shurkural
Qui Fen???
Travelers Way???
Cypress Borough???
Mist GardenFoto
Regets Field???
Soggy Hollow???
Valoris Fenorian SolonorKeldorldrin Tekenlyl | Thistle | Wolves

Dragonslayers Living Near Dragon Fen

Orchard HouseIndigo |
Jistille (Mage Tower)Howard Plum

Dragonslayers Living in the Protectorate

HourglassSnottie Patron Snezana
Skull ChurchSkarphedin | Brer | Sundown | Talwin | Emerald