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Birthday Game 2018 - Summary

Birthday Game Summary! Written while gaming. Yes, I'm definitely missing parts and will need to edit later.

  • The afternoon starts with some quick (in-game) napping and Napping at the castle, asking Knave for wine and arrows (good combo), and the group heading back to the gypsy camp for the midnight ceremony.
    1. Mercy, who was briefly left with the gypsies, has start to learn how to throw knives.
    2. They gather around the fire, it turns a pretty color, and Wisewoman Sunflower passes a bag of ashes around for each to stay who they love and why: Miranda loves Hoffman who makes her feel safe, Kenna loves Abisynn because she's amazing, Neith loves Hugh who doesn't treat her like other men have treated her, Tiberius loves his mother who looks out for him and Branwyn who is brave, Kel loves Shi because she makes him remember what is important, Shur loves her family and Ilero because he's brave cute and has a great accent(??), Ilero loves the Dragonslayers who are better than family and Shur who still thinks he's worth her time, Shi loves her clan, family, Kel, and Keerla for making her who she is, Foto loves Flandal Steelskin for his strength and wisdom, and Indigo loves the group for making life fun and exciting, Brawyn for taking him in when she didn't have to, Jilly for cooking even when she hits him with spoons, Bewick and Seewick because they're beautiful and visit him, and Penelope because she thinks of him as a man and not a child and wants him and makes him smile.
    3. With the power of love, Seewick's spirit is summoned! From her, we find out her sisters are far away and the Count took her cloak. Dun dun dun! Rulers do make bad lovers. What to do? Too bad her spirit disappears before we can find out where the cloak is located and how long she has been there.
    4. Debates on what to do. If the Count has the cloak, can we steal it back without it becoming a civil war influence issue? If not, what other options are there? Is the cloak actually with him? What to do, what to do, still.
  • After all that, the plan is to go back to the caverns and look for clues, including maybe the snailman. Can snailweres change by will with a token like a swanmay? Who knows, but one way to find out, right?
    1. While they leave Seewick with the gypsies, Mercy and the wolves return to the castle. Indigo briefly tells Penelope what's going on, convinces her to join them, and most the group returns to the caverns.
  • Scorpion poison kills Penelope and Kel. Carissa doesn't have the energy to do the rest of this summary today.