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Birthday Game 2019 - Summary

Session: 20190928c

  • We start off the game debating if Mario is a real person and not a robot. Results are inconclusive, and knowing BOB's love of all things technologically advanced... who can say?
  • Ants. Ants in the pants, er, silo, I mean. Giant ones. Harvester, if you're curious. They don't attach like solider ants do.
    1. Brawyn and Tiberius, who originally explored the silo, got hurt bad, but all survived. Shi had some damn good shooting in that battle. The silo is now on fire, it's not even first watch, so what now?
    2. Exploration of the next building reveals weirdness, illusions, and eventually a Haunt. It's not dead, but in abeyance for a week or so. Indigo takes the clothes of the undead halfling.
  • Unfortunately, life happens and today is cut short. Positive thoughts to Bob and his family.

Quotes of the Day:

[Master] giant ants
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] Bob how big is "giant"? Is it hafling "giant" or is in normal "giant"...Or is it Gi-ant?

[Master] Branwyn's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 14 (-24) - Heavily Wounded
Ilero (TMO)] (run!)
[Lisa] (you think?)
[mario-yoga] (stop drop and roll. crush them!)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Branwyn? Dispel magic?
Indigo (Lisa) laughs loudly
Indigo (Lisa) still laughing
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] Who did the knock spell that had me necked on the ground next to my horse?
[Indigo (Lisa)] That was Branwyn but that was an unlock spell
[Indigo (Lisa)] As she says
Indigo (Lisa) pretends to sound haughty and girly "I make magic I don't make magic go away"

Indigo (Lisa)] (can Indigo still take the clothes?)
[Master] yes
[Talwin (Michael)] oh wow. Stealing the haunts clothes
[Talwin (Michael)] that's make it better
Shurkural (TMO)] (Indigo is now haunted and has an invisible friend to talk to)
[Talwin (Michael)] besides the voices n his head?
Shurkural (TMO)] (to go with those swanmays that no one else sees)

[Master] awesome and thanks to everyone again
[Master] and now you can plan how to survive the night here next to the Old Forest
[Fritz] See I told you he doesn't accept bribes


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