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Book Marked - Out of Character Conversations

Michael (Oct 1) 2015 Hey guys I've put together a list of people that are relevant in this current era.? Also I've been researching tasks we need to do (per Lisa and Bob's instructions) I'll upload tomorrow since we have no game. Also, I'm hoping Bob can create a seperate "Immediate People" page that are relevant or might become relevant to all recent or upcoming events. It can be changed by anyone who chooses to share what they know about particular characters and their goals/motivations. Please let's try to keep it clean though. Example:

Name and Title:

  • Occupation:
  • Brief Bio:
  • Disposition to Particular Party members:
  • Disposition to Other NPC Characters:
  • Notes:

All over on the City Proper page.

(Michael Harmon)

All right. We (I) have to create a list of things I needed to do during the four hours before dinner per October 10. So I am assuming that we got to the tanners for the armor. While at the Tanners. I would like to have six patches awled with the dragon slayer symbol to be sewn (as appropriate) to our armor. I'll pop it on Branwyn when she least expects it. It should be a hilarious conversation. Bran: "Are you insane" Me: "yes and it would be good to be able to identify your people so if someone is curious they can approach us as they will know who we are. Furthermore, it would look cool." Actually if Lisa is up to it, we can do that in character when she's bored at work or something.

So... At the tanners. Leather studded armor. Or if I can only get the leather there as the base, I would like to then go to the appropriate merchant to have the studs added. Then I promised the very nice clothing man that he could do some fittings with my armor on. Probably need to add a small layer to overlay the studs so that they don't hurt the fabric of the formal wear. Once again I would like to point out that while I am so very grateful for his gesture and kindness, that I don't want him to come to trouble with the cities nobility just because I asked for this at the last minute. If he still insists on doing it, then at least I tried to help him.

The fittings will probably take the remaining time for up to dinner. For in the real world it took 30 freaking minutes to tailor my tuxedo. My goodness, fancy clothes over armor probably will take at least 2, 2 1/2 hours.

That will probably take us to directly to sprinting back to the house to make it in time for dinner with Ambassador Lorilop.

Newly gathered information:

  • Demons = the Abyss
  • Devils = the nine Hells, Hades
  • Magical scrolls do not change to red ribbons