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Bob Rant #1

BOB tells a good story and for the most part the game is continuous and realistic at the same time. Sometimes the story takes p residence. Last week when I was out, it was an off week, between adventures. When my character Paul was leaving the necromancer cave I made it clear that he was wizard locking the door and putting a wall of stone in front of it. Not impossible to get through but you pretty much need to be at least a medium level mage and an some what experienced character. But without me to remind him or anyone else who was paying attention when I did it, BOB allowed two less experienced players with medium level characters walk right in and get into just a little trouble. Sure no one died and fun was had, especially by Mike and Guy. It just broke the reality of the game for the fun of the game. If no one minds then no big deal. (This is just an observation, keep saying that)

This week (yesterday) when we get back to the cliff hanger that has been waiting weeks to resolve BOB pulling another cool story twist that broke the Reality of the game, wither he did it on purpose or not. After all the planing, see PPPPPP, BOB decides that Paul gets paged while he is sleeping. Very cool plot twist, Paul (john) has to decide to go unprepared and undressed or not go. Trying to act like you don't know what is going to happen is hard. I did not like the position I was in but it was an entertaining twist to the story. BOB even put thought into it and was all explained by an actual and even scientific effect, Time Zones. There is just one problem. The Dragonites enter the basement at 4:00 PM. It is in the log I checked. So was it a mistake? Does it mater. The one thing I think me and Bob agree on is there is no good, there is no evil, there is only life (and death). When it comes to D&D, that is all there has to be, as long as we have fun with both.

I apologize for that one John. When I came up with the twist about the Paul Pager and timing I did not know what the actual times would be. When I was resetting the adventure I did a quick scan for times of that last battle when I was re-organizing the Initiative rolls. I did not see a time, or I would have used it.



BOB should be punished for making a mistake...Let's all come up with interesting tortures to inflict upon him:

1). No baseball game watching during AD&D Sessions


grins world series is this week, but we know the Rays will crush the Phillies so no real need to watch.


Bob, look on the positive side, at least Fritz said no baseball. It could be worse, it could be like I thought of for a severe punishment...

NO watching football (in Bob's case, Dolphins games) for a whole week.

I know, I know... That's a cruel and unusual punishment for Bob. Quite frankly, I've even been told I'm evil and cruel as well. Have fun. -Vicki-