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Barb White


Barb came to us not knowing roleplaying at all. She was always the quiet one at the table, but at just the right moment would make the comment that showed she was paying attention to the chaos swirling around. She started our tradition of birthday cupcakes, and we shared many a bottle of wine. She also made sure that we would always have a balanced group, and from her appearance on the first night of the campaign we would always have at least one woman play with us from that point on.

Barb is also the only player at the table to play one character for an extended period of time. She took Sebrina from 1st level to a Master Thief with her own guild.

Player Comments

I am now living in Georgia and check in time to time via Klooge. E-mail:


Sebrina (halfling thief)

Stonnorax (dwarven henchman) Died 27-11-538 WPR
Tristano (human henchman) Died 15-1-1240 TGR

Emtsurt? - (female halfling thief)