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Barber for Hire

Diplomatic Entanglements Era

From 23-10-1266 TGR to 7-11-1266 TGR

Followed up by the After Shave trip

Branwyn received a request from the Mage's Guild to help acquire some unicorn hair.


PartyPack - silver bracelet with brooms, possible payment to the unicorn for the hair; money for wagon hiring and supplies.

Discusion Threads

Character Quotes

[Spring] oh so that was ant damage
[TMO] everything was ant damage.
[Spring] whoa
[TMO] bugbears didn't do anything but show up and tie us up.
[TMO] without a fight

Feed Back & Recollections

Continuing our experiment I put all of the conversations dealing with this story arc in Gold in the various chat logs.

Chat Logs

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