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Beer Run

25-12-1232 TGR - 4-2-1233 TGR

The campaign started out in a typical fashion for young adults first exploring the world. Someone has to do something for their parents, and alcohol somehow always seems to be involved.

One of the character's father owned a brewery and sent his son to deliver a batch to the druids in Wolfspack.

Freki Imsigul set off south along the Great Trade Route to make this delivery of beer. Along the way he met up with a hired soldier who was to help with security. They picked up a young halfling woman who was looking for a ride south in the Earldom of Wingstone?. At a festival there the group did well in competitions, but better in betting on who would win.

(John started a journal during this time that started a tradition of character stories)

They were joined by another warrior and the group continued on south out of Terraguard and along the Bronda Hills down towards Wolfspack. The battle of Gon {1-2-1233 TGR} was one of the high points, as well as the mauling of Mhoram Dahl. Many of these incidents would be retold and revisited several times.

They were joined along the way by new characters (and players) and after an encounter with a wyvern nest the group was dubbed the Dragonslayers. By the end of this adventure reputations were forged, some characters died, and everyone knew that something fun had started.

Feed Back & Recollections

I remember this fondly as several fun nights of working on integrating a couple of new players with some experienced players who I had played with years previously. For years afterward we talked about the 'battle of Gon' with the amazing feat of dexterity by Rob's bard (Marion Cecil Francisco?). Balancing on the top of a chimmey juggling his daggers giving all around him a bonus in the battle. Then he fails the basic check to get back down to the roof, and falls to the ground, knocking him out for the rest of the battle.