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Birthday Game 2011

Stretching Their Legs Era - BOB's Birthday Game

This story was the second in an annual series of 'bonus games'. This year we decided to host the game on a Saturday to continue the story directly from the previous night.

Discusion Threads

Character Quotes

Renden Ironbreaker (Guy): gets very pale "Lad you know that opera is cursed"
Sarengar (Guy): "I know thats why i want to perform it just to prove that there no silly curse
Indigo (Lisa): "There are curses. We've seen them"
Hoffman (John): "we were one once"

Feed Back & Recollections

It was hard to have this adventure ready to keep it in line with the rest of the story lines. I decided in mid-August that the group would likely be arriving at Rivers Bend on or before Sep 02 11 so I set up a story line around the Regatta di Burano that could also tie in with the Pirate Queens story arc.