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Birthday Game 2015

Diplomatic Entanglements Era - BOB's Birthday Game

This year for BOB's Birthday Game we continued with the Diplomatic Entanglements Era. Hard to believe we started this Dragonslayer Era one year ago with the group setting up on house on 15-8-1266 TGR and in the last twelve months of lots of roleplaying we just happen to be on 15-10-1266 TGR for this year's game.

I created the traditional story arc discussion threads for this day because I wanted a place to collect theories and comments through out the day. Also with KloOge being very wonky I wanted a place for people to be able to continue or check on what was happening.

The day started right away at Noon on Sep 19 15 and....

Discussion Threads

Character Quotes

Feed Back & Recollections

It was a great day. At one point Lisa commented, I cannot believe it has been 7 hours already!