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Blackwater is one of the countries that makes up the Small Kingdoms. It it situated along the southwestern flanks of the Central Mountains and the terrain is one of craggy mountains and deep mysterious forests. Small towns like Boyar are hidden away in valleys that are almost inaccessible while deeper in the mountains lie hamlets like Karakorm & Lisjask. The primary religion found throughout Blackwater is the Suomi faith.

The monarchy of Blackwater is an almost constantly shifting balance between several Tzars who in community elect a Great Tzar. The Tzars are each the head of a noble family who each maintain their own armies as well as hiring mercenary units to supplement those forces.

There are fifteen different Tzars and Tzarinas that make up the generally accepted group of ruling noble families. This number does vary through the years as family fortunes rise and fall. It is not unheard of for a noble family to rise in power and have a Tzar that can vote in conclave. Some of the noble families include the Zgurzynski and the Sauscha clans.

Note on Language: The accent for people who come from Blackwater was developed by Eric {TMO} Thompson and has a couple of basic rules. There are few to no articles, a few tense errors ('gots'), and th => t' a handful of homonym substitutions such as hye for I etc. It is very similar to Yooper {off site link}

Players Map of Blackwater.