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Blood Trail - Story Arcs

From 1-3-342 SKR to 25-10-342 SKR

After the Stretching Their Legs Era the group was refreshed and enjoying their new lives when duty when called.

There were four Acts to this Era that was focused on Drillian and its society.

Act I - With Friends Like These - discover a calamity and what must be done

Act II - Desperate Old Men - the only thing more alluring than power is the chance to have more

Act III - Were did she go? - You know who, you know what, you know when now to figure out where and why

Act IV - Everyone Knows - Everyone knows who Lord Drake really is; Everyone knows what will happen to the Queen Presumptive; Everyone knows how this is supposed to end.

Timing - The story starts in Act I on 1-3-342 SKR and by the time the group finished Act I they knew they needed to be at the Royal Estates by 15-4-342 SKR for the Announcement Ceremony.

At the end of the Era the group did get the Queen Presumptive to the Royal Estates in time for the Coronation of Queen Willimina Mosskin.

To help keep track of the NPC's being encountered:

Corporal Antero HortswaffSergent Snowfoot HecklineLibellula Saturata
Kholnor SlickskinValoris Onod AncienMan in Red Cloak
Arahael MosskinPractumnarishkillMaumee Auglaize
Skycaptain Jack HarknessCaptain Lukincha 
BewickCornell Floyfisk 
SeewickMissus Mosskin 
Father IlgenWitch Kulgarth 
Professor WatsonToybin of Castlin 
Wisewoman ThymeSandeford 
PilistPrince Tapio 
Anastasia Eustice  



  • Swamp monsters v. Human populations (Drillian and Carnak)
  • Vampire Lords/Undead v. Human populations (Drillian in particular)
  • unknown enemy who brought in Libellula Saturata to attack Dragonslayers
  • man in red cloak who was selling slaves to the goblins & created Scarecrow & was in Skull Church
  • weres who captured gnome and sold as slave to goblins
  • Training - ongoing


  • how did the gypsies know about the coronation coming up and that it is not simply an announcement?
  • how did the man in red cloak know that Willimina Mosskin was kidnapped?
  • how did the scrags know to attack the Riverside Inn when Princess Anatasia Eustace was inside?
  • is it coincidence that the gypsies traveling to the Drake Estates?
  • has anything happened to the other two candidates?
  • why does the man in red cloak think that the Queen Presumptive is in the Ghostwood Domain?
  • why does Toybin of Castlin think the Queen Presumptive is in the Vilmar Estates?

Feed Back & Recollections

I wanted to have a unified Era that moved to a clean ending through a handful of Acts like a play.

I had a quote from outside the game that I thought was so appropriate. "You are our passenger, we will transport you. Stop rescuing yourself."