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Brandorn Building Contract

Brandorn Building Contract Story Arcs

7-3-333 WPR to 5-4-335 WPR

This time of the campaign was one of meeting new people and helping out relatives. The Dragonslayers traveled south to the Duchy of Brandorn to help construct a temple for Electra's sister.

During construction adventures including a civil war & a rebellion where party members died, and the Shades of Darkness adventure (near Nab) (16-9-333 WPR - 18-9-333 WPR)

15-4-334 WPR Concecration of the Greek Temple in Brandorn

18-4-334 WPR meet with Walt and Trull in Bozawa and get a crate from the Gnomes

  • Melody 20-4-334 WPR

Ettins and first seeker on the night of 20-4-334 WPR

spend two days with the Arial Elves in the Leper Mountains

several more encounters with Gnome Seekers and one group of Dwarf Seekers

12-12-334 WPR 1242 TGR arrive back in Thedd and explore the basement again

12-3-1242 TGR arrive in Gallimurfee to raise Electra

After this the group decided to return to Thedd and begin building a substantial settlement there.