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Branwyn's Library


Played by Lisa Simpson

Marquessa Branwyn the Mysterious

Countess Branwyn the Magnificent, Branwyn the Fair, Benefactress and Philanthropist in the highest; Patron saint of churches, Branwyn the Mysterious

Branwyn's Story

Branwyn was the youngest daughter of a merchant in the small town of Roppenmere in the northeast area of Drillian. It was far enough north that the Mist did not affect them much. Branwyn enjoyed the sunlight and did not think much of the dreary swamps that lay to the south.

Branwyn had wanted to become a mage since she was a young girl. In the small town of Roppenmere where she lived, the wizard, Bellamin Tannyth, would come regularly to visit the wealthy merchants. He gathered spell components and discussed the local matters with them and was beloved by all in the town. Bellamin appeared to be a kindly wizard and would perform simple tricks for the children in the square to amuse them and see their faces light up in wonder at his powers. Branwyn had taken to following him on his visits but never daring to speak or be seen by him. She would hide behind trees or in bushes watching and waiting to see where he would go and what he would do next.

One day, Bellamin emerged from the local inn and stood quietly in the path. All of a sudden, the thick brush that Branwyn thought she had so cleverly hid behind caught fire and all she could see before her were bright flames beginning to engulf the foliage. With a scream, Branwyn leapt away from her cover and started to run down the path, her heart pounding in her chest. A booming voice called out for her to stop; and in that moment, she froze both out of fear and anticipation.

After putting out the fire with a simple wave of his hand, Bellamin asked her to walk with him. Mesmerized, all poor Branwyn could do at first was to nod and follow. But after some time, Branwyn regained her voice and the two walked for hours discussing many things. As the sun began to set over the horizon, Branwyn was surprised to find the two standing outside her front door. Bellamin instructed her to wait outside whilst he talked to her parents.

The sky was dark when Bellamin emerged from the house and he only nodded at her before disappearing up the path. Branwyn burst through her front door and was greeted by her parentsí news that she had been allowed to study under the great wizard, Bellamin Tannyth. Being the youngest of four sisters had worked to her advantage in this case, as marriage plans had not yet been made for her and the family had plenty of other daughters. In short, she was expendable. Branwyn made the long trek to Bellaminís tower by herself and viewed it as a great adventure; a test of her fortitude for the trials that were to come.

Study under her master was difficult but rewarding. She learned some simple spells and cantrips after much practice and concentration. Branwyn was so absorbed in her study and so isolated from the outside world, that she had no idea what was happening all the while in her home town of Roppenmere.

One afternoon, after spending hours searching the woods for her masterís spell components, she returned to find Bellaminís tower empty of all his magical items and personal things. The only trace left of her master was the letter lying on the now empty potions table for her. In it, he explained that an old rival had been plaguing the town of Roppenmere for months, trying to bait Bellamin into a fight. Since Bellamin was the only wizard the people of Roppenmere had ever known, the curses and misfortunes that had befallen the town were being blamed on him Ė just as this evil wizard had intended.

Bellamin had grown very fond of Roppenmere and did not wish any further harm to come to its people. However, whenever he returned to the town to reverse the spells done by his enemy, the people turned him away and the children threw rocks at him. Bellaminís patience was wearing thin even though he understood that their behavior was simply due to their ignorance of these types of matters. He had decided to take the fight to his rival in order to end the curses placed upon Roppenmere. Bellamin regretted not bidding farewell to Branwyn in person, he wrote, but he did not wish to forcibly prevent her from trying to follow him, and most especially, did not want to listen to any pleas or arguments from her. He urged her to continue her studies and find herself a worthy master in order to continue her lessons. Branwyn could not help but to shed a few tears at the loss of her master as she packed up her things and began the journey home.

Branwynís return to Roppenmere was not received any better than Bellaminís latest visits. The entire town knew that she was a pupil of the great wizard, and they held her just as responsible for their troubles as her master. Even her own father would not take her in. The moment her familyís door was shut in her face, Branwyn ceased the use of her last name. It was no longer a part of her any more.

As she turned her back on her home and made her way out of the town she knew and loved, she vowed that she would search for her master and continue her training with him. She wandered from village to village in her search, but found no trace of Bellawin. Times were difficult for her; as her powers were weak and she had little resources to make such a quest.

It was most fortunate for her to have stumbled across the Dragonslayer Company when what little gold she carried had run out. She was grateful for the chance at earning some gold pieces for her service and the opportunity to travel and perhaps one day finding her master again. But of course, as with most of her life so far, things did not go according to plan. Her newly formed unit was separated from the rest of the Company early in its formation, and now she is venturing forward with this brave group with no idea where she will go or what she will do next.