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A River Runs Through It - In Character Discussions

Branwyn and Tiberius Wedding

Night of 15-6-1267 TGR

After Branwyn had her talk with Queen Annia Cinna she retired for the night. Her head still spinning with possibilities and entanglements. Maybe if she was truly an ambassador she would know how to find a way through this mess. Finding a quill and parchment in a writing desk she does the best thing she can think of and starts to write.

Branwyn's note to Jennevive

Ilero paced the hall, not sure he was ready to deal with more Royalty. There was a reason he had left those machinations behind at home. He looked at the three doors of the rooms that had almost magically appeared for the group to use. He hoped that it would not be too long before they could be on the road again. He was happy for Branwyn to have found someone so unexpectedly but longed for the chance to return to the Small Kingdoms and return to dangers he felt comfortable handling.

He whirled around to look at the top of the stairs as a young man came quickly up. The young man rocked to a halt seeing Ilero standing with clenched fist floating three feet in front of him.

"I am here to wake you Sir, I was told that the accommodations here were not suitable and that you were to be brought across the river immediately. On orders of Prince Tiberius"

Ilero closed his eyes for a moment "hye, wait 'ere". Ilero went to wake his companions and explain the situation.

Within two hours the group had been moved out of their quarters and into the east wing of the castle across the river.

Kel grumbled, "he is not here and he still manages to disturb my sleep"

The group settled into their rooms with a handful of hours of dark still till dawn.

Morning of 16-6-1267 TGR

In the morning Branwyn wakes with a start. Looking around the strange room, she suddenly focused on the soft sound coming from her right. Whirling in bed and pointing a finger she stopps herself before casting upon the servant girl standing with a steaming bowl of water. The girl gives a little bob without spilling, "For your morning Your Highness". She brings the bowl and a towel to the side table of the bed. "The dress maker will be here soon I have brought you breakfast"

There is a plate of bread and berries on the writing table along with a thick packet that is sealed in red wax with Branwyn's seal. "I have friends who should be here for the wedding, do you know where they are staying?" Branwyn asks the girl. The girl shakes her head, "No Your Highness but I can find out for you. They are the people traveling with you? Prince Tiberius was most insistent that they be treated as royalty so they must be in the east wing. I can take that for you if you like?"

Branwyn hesitated then set the letter down on the table. She made a show of waving her hand over the seal then cantripped a quick glow that faded away. "Please take this to Aunt Jennevive, she is a priestess," pause "a friend, traveling with me. Please make sure that she has this right away this morning." The girl curtsies, "Yes Your Highness." She moved to the door quickly, "The dressmaker will be here very soon, do you want someone else to help undress you?"

Branwyn waved the girl away, "I am quite capable, go deliver that and return to tell me when you are finished."

Branwyn sat at the writing desk again, picking up a berry and smiling. She picks up the quill and starts to write again, "To my love"

Branwyn's letter to Tiberius

Marisu was pleased with the servants. They showed the proper level of attention without being obsequious. The Palace here was well appointed and one could feel the long lived in seat of power. It was too bad that Branwyn would likely intend to kill the queen at some point. She smiled knowing that Branwyn would be thinking of all the ways of trying to handle the situation, trying to find a way to be honorable and happy at the same time. Marisu understood how rarely those two were aligned in royal families. She wondered what new complications would happen when she returned home. Branwyn would want to protect her, Queen Wilemina might well want to kill her. Would Branwyn value friendship over obedience to her Queen? What did Branwyn actually owe Marisu? Then she shrugged, tonight was a wedding and what one would hope is a wonderful party. There would be time enough to worry in the future tonight would be a chance to enjoy.

Jennevie watched the young priest with amusement. "You know how much fun we could have? Haven't you ever wondered just why someone like me is so talked about? Just a little taste? What could it hurt?". The young man gave a slight shiver and shook his head. "You are not going to tempt me witch, I am loyal to the one true church." She laughed, "Loyalty is good, but temptation is so much better." The young priest shook his head resolutely. "You are to remain here in your chambers until the wedding ceremony tonight." Jennevive laughed, "I am happy to be here with a large bed and plenty of time to experiment with. " The young man started towards the door, "I will leave you to your own private celebrations then." Jennevive laughed again with joy, "That is an excellent plan of action. But before you leave please do take this note to the Queen." The young man took the open piece of paper from Jennevive, looking at it cautiously. "The 15th, mid-fall's eve", he looked up at Jennevive puzzled. "Is this in code?" Jennevive smiled at the young priest, "If you come back to my bed afterwards I will tell you exactly how to decode it." The young priest shuddered again and left the room quickly. There was a loud CLICK of a lock and Jennevive smiled to her self as she laid back on the bed, anticipating all the possibilities to come. She opened the letter Branwyn had sent her earlier that morning and re-read it to guess at where Brawnyn's mind was at.

The afternoon and evening flew by. The number of servants that could be marshaled for a wedding on such short notice was impressive. Seamstresses and tailors, cooks and cleaners, hairdressers and barbers all busy working on to primping and prepping the group before midnight.

As the sky deepened into a dark diamond filled night Branwyn was self conscious. The dress was stunning. A dark blue with grey wisps throughout and a grey shawl around her shoulders. A white veil sitting on a cushion with a young girl combing her hair after another bath.

The door opened and Queen Cinna entered the room. Branwyn stood and bowed. The Queen dismissed the servants and the door closed quietly behind her.

"My son loves you. That is important." "I love him too" Branwyn replied carefully.

The Queen handed Branwyn a small box and a scroll. "My presents to you. This is a Gate Scroll. It will take you from anywhere you are to where ever you wish to be. I understand that you will be doing some traveling through the Planes in the future. This will help you." Then she opened the small box where a gold ring lay inside. "Your ring for Tiberius. I will guess that you did not bring one with you to give to him."

"Of all my children through the years Tiberius has been a true joy. Simply happy to be able to do what he wants and not worry about the future through all his years. You have smart friends and an interesting choice in them too. I am glad to know that you will know what is right for my son and when the questions come you will be able to answer him." Branwyn nodded and thought for a moment.

The Queen continued, "I do not have time for you to decide who to give you away so I have chosen Prince Ilero to do the honors for you. The ceremony starts in two hours, your carriage will arrive within the hour. After the wedding is over you will return to Tiberius's quarters then you will leave in the morning on your honeymoon. I have been persuaded that a more opportune time for my own wedding lies more than two days hence, so you might have a more leisurely journey, perhaps."

"I will see you one more time, Branwyn the Mysterious, Marquessa of Drillan and Princess Branadarus of Cornelia. The world contains more strange things then we can imagine."

The Queen touched the door and smiled at Branwyn, then turned and left her alone.

Branwyn sat looking at the ring and the scroll for a moment.

Then the swirl of servants resumed their ministrations and before she was ready Branwyn was standing at the end of the aisle in an open glade. Her friends standing on either side, Ilero at her elbow. At the other end of the aisle stood Queen Cinna and her soon to be husband Prince Tiberius Branadarus. She smiled at Ilero, nodding and started forward into her new life.

Here we pick up the time at the reception after the wedding before the group leaves in the morning

Shortly after midnight the morning of 17--6-1267 TGR