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Bronda Hills

The Bronda Hills are part of the southern Terraguardian Outskirts and help form a barrier between Terraguard and Wolfspack. The hills form a large hook arcing from just northwest of Wolfspack sweeping up and over to merge with Kryptgarden Forest to the west.

The Bronda Hills have always been one of the wild areas of this part of the world. The wildlife can support a handful of dragons as well as many humanoid tribes. These often raid north into Terraguard or the smaller communities in the Protectorate of ElvenStier. There are dwarven communities in addition to other demi-human settlements.

Because of the centuries of conflict throughout this area the Bronda Hills are full of undead, and have attracted several Necromancers to live in and near the area. The hills are riddled with extensive cavern systems and dungeons that are made from and in the limestone formations. There are also three seperate entrances to the Underdark here in this area.