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Build A Token

Hi All, as a gift to each of you for the 25th Anniversary Game, I would like to create an overhead token for each of the Player Characters. As referenced in the original post on the Player Communication page that i have since moved below, I found a great tutorial and free-to-use tokens as reference materials for this. To get an idea of an overhead token, click the link in the original post below to see a sample of a Kel token I created.

TO create a token for your character, I would need some guidance as to how YOU see your character. I have my own ideas, of course, but since the character your creation, it is 100% up to you how he/she should appear. To make this easier for both of us, I have complied the free-to-use tokens created by Devin Night of Devin's Token Shop. These tokens are distributed as free-to-use, but I have made a donation to him via his site. If you get a chance, and these kinds of things interest you, I urge you to take a peek. He really does some beautiful work.

I have uploaded a document to my Google Drive with the images of the tokens, each one numbered. I ask that you download the document, review the images, and select items/poses/weapons/colors that best "describe" your character. Following a great tutorial I came across, I can sample parts of each image and compile them into a finished token of your character. I can customize some items, to the best of my meager drawing ability, to match your ideas.

The first page of the document is a kind of form, which includes each part of the image. Simply enter the number of the image that represents that part. Email me the first page (or images if you have marked them up) to my email: mariov14 @

The link for the document on Google Drive is here: Form for traits

Please do not feel like you must have a token. If you prefer the token currently used for your character, please feel free to continue using it! Thank You!


The first two tokens are complete! I have created an album to display the Dragon Slayer's tokens on Imgur. Visit the album to see these tokens.

Shur was created with TMO's description sent via email:

*We could do sword or bow with her, but her sword is more important to her. Let's take the sword from 74.
**Female, in leather armor, in a sword-fighting pose. I think 39 or 41 fit best. 63 might work as well. 72 might work, but would need more extensive repainting. (- delete all of that -) #68, with a bit of recoloring and a new head, would be the best one I think. Remove the decorations from the shoulder pauldron, I think, and color the armor a little bit darker, but not so much as to camouflage her hair. Desaturate the green in her cloak to a bit more brown/worn/used. She's not wealthy, nor is her family. Her clothes won't look fresh or new.
***Let's take the head and hair from 85, but recolor the hair to brown. If the weapons weren't so wrong, all of 85 might not be bad.

Completed Tokens so far:

  • Kel
  • Shur
  • Ilero - added 3/31

Original Post:

3-25 Mario

I've been bitten by the Photoshop bug, and I hope to channel this to our advantage. I found a tutorial on how to make top down tokens for our characters on Klooge. I have linked one for Kel I made last night as an example here.

If you are interested, I can create one for each of our characters. I use an existing pose, and trace a new form from it. I add whichever clothing and armor your character is wearing, and customize the weaponry. The cool part is since each color is on its own layer in PS, it can be changed in literally minutes.

I can create one for your character, even if you choose to use your existing token. The choice is totally up to you. Please respond here if you would be interested in having a top down token for your character. I can email you a form with the details necessary to make your token as close to what you imagine your character to look like. Just let me know. Thanks all!

If possible, please respond in this message just here below.

Respond here please
TMO - I'm game to give it a try.

  • Ilero has short black hair, wears muted brown and black clothing. Weapons are knife, gauntlet (for the Hand), or flail (rarely used).
  • Shurkural has (currently) short brown hair, wears lighter brown and red. Weapons are sword or bow.
  • Marisu has (currently) short blonde hair, wears brown and/or pink clothes. Weapons are rapier, crossbow, or magic.

Carissa - Question: specifically humanoid? I see Devin has an armored bear...otherwise at least to have whether or not to use, sure!

  • Shi looks like her token. Sorry, not original. So long blonde hair, teal eyes (since I can't decide), and bow. Ooh, fun braid in the hair? Er, will fill out the form once I finally decide.