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Chandler Cowles River - Upstream from Lake Peipus

The Chandler Cowles river runs for approximately 330 miles along this stretch. Most of this portion of the river has a wide and slow path the current is approximately 1 mph.

After the river passes Loosend there are several small islands near the banks. These islands are almost all uninhabited because of the periodic flooding that occurs and the problems of the many dangerous river inhabitants. This stretch of river separates Drillian to the south and Gold Hills to the north. The Chandler Cowles regularly floods areas of Drillian and the southern shire of Gold Hills where is it simply called the Big Water.

In Drillian the town of Midturn plays the part of a small extremely shallow port from mid-spring until the floods subside in early summer. For those five to seven weeks a year the town is on the banks of the Chandler Cowles but the rest of the year the the river's normal channel is as much as a mile north.

On the northern shore of the river farther downstream is the town of Budgeford on the Water that is the small port town of the South Shire in Gold Hills. Referred to as the Big Water by the halflings Gold Hills they treat this section of the river almost the same as one of the inland seas.