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Claiming Skull Church - Summaries

  • It is decided that the moat will be divided into 10 portions, each portion will be dealt with
    • Fill in each section
    • fire to kill any black puddings in each section
  • Talwin succeeded in his check on how to fill in the moat. He determined to start near the entrance, and has a plan to fill in and repair the first 100 feet of space across the front of the moat.

  • Snee will start with having Pete submit a budget to determine how much he wants
    • Pete mentions two windows at 150,000GP each that will be enchanted to come to life to defend the church
  • Talwin failed his check to build the wooden walkway. It will depend on Pete or someone to build it properly.
  • It was determined to rebuild the farmhouse and stable for Talwin's residence as administrator with two wooden buildings

Goblin Negotiations

  • Deciding to try to influence the goblins under Skull Church through intimidation
  • Spend one week of rebuilding the farmhouse and filling in the moat in front of the church hoping the display of construction will impress the goblins below
  • Snee explores converting the Goblins to another religion, Baron Ulgin is dismissive of the idea
    • Baron Ulgin, "They are sadly constrained by their own inbred beliefs that thieving and taking is the best way to accomplish a more fruitful life. I have chosen to believe that they are not salvageable and that we can dismiss them"
  • The Mining Operations group discovers a group of goblins when they locate a potential mine, unknown if this is a second tribe
  • The group starting negotiations learns some information and finds a trap

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (We’re only letting them hold it until we push them in the pits)
[Lisa] lol
[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Then we'll take it back)
[Lisa] that's not very honorable good knight
[Lara] ROFLMAO!!!!!!!
[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Yeah. I was a mercenary long before I was a Knight. LOL)

[Talwin (mharm-05997)] Does anyone else have a torch? Or magic item?
[Master] Torches last 15 to 30 minutes
[Thistle (Carissa)] (Who else had light stones? Wasn't there more than one?)
[Talwin (mharm-05997)] Did we buy shitty torches or something?
[Kaeln Echem (valma-73412)] (I'm just reconsidering being a non-magical character)


  • Snee wants to release the souls that are haunting the town
  • It was determined to build a stone building for the new Shrine and a wooden building for Snee as the Governor's residence as the first steps
  • The Inn of the Lost Eagle is one of two stone buildings left in the town of Hourglass
  • The new shrine will be built on the Northwest corner of the town

Mining Operations

  • Tiffress finds a small opening along a ravine about 1 mile to the northeast of Skull Church
  • Goblins inhabit the potential mine, one killed the rest flee into the cave opening


[Talwin (mharm-05997)] It does make it difficult when character specialized for something aren't in. But, that’s why we have to Role Play :)\\