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Claiming Skull Church - Summaries

  • It is decided that the moat will be divided into 10 portions, each portion will be dealt with
    • Fill in each section
    • fire to kill any black puddings in each section
  • Talwin succeeded in his check on how to fill in the moat. He determined to start near the entrance, and has a plan to fill in and repair the first 100 feet of space across the front of the moat.

  • Snee will start with having Pete submit a budget to determine how much he wants
    • Pete mentions two windows at 150,000GP each that will be enchanted to come to life to defend the church
  • Talwin failed his check to build the wooden walkway. It will depend on Pete or someone to build it properly.
  • It was determined to rebuild the farmhouse and stable for Talwin's residence as administrator with two wooden buildings

Goblin Negotiations

  • Deciding to try to influence the goblins under Skull Church through intimidation
  • Spend one week of rebuilding the farmhouse and filling in the moat in front of the church hoping the display of construction will impress the goblins below
  • Snee explores converting the Goblins to another religion, Baron Ulgin is dismissive of the idea
    • Baron Ulgin, "They are sadly constrained by their own inbred beliefs that thieving and taking is the best way to accomplish a more fruitful life. I have chosen to believe that they are not salvageable and that we can dismiss them"
  • The Mining Operations group discovers a group of goblins when they locate a potential mine, unknown if this is a second tribe
  • The group starting negotiations learns some information and finds a trap
  • The group leaves the caves after finding the trap. They return with two boars, but get caught in the traps. They fight and escape.
  • The group takes a captive home and decided to give him the goblin horn artifact
  • Drarm sounds the horn and tells the other goblins he is now the leader of the Krigjon tribe
  • A ritual combat ensues with Thistle Drarm's champion who kills the chief of the tribe
  • Drarm announces that he has a deal that the tall ones will give a tribute of 2 hams per week and the Krigjon tribe will expand the caves and keep anything they find

[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (We’re only letting them hold it until we push them in the pits)
[Lisa] lol
[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Then we'll take it back)
[Lisa] that's not very honorable good knight
[Lara] ROFLMAO!!!!!!!
[Talwin (Michael-14198)] (Yeah. I was a mercenary long before I was a Knight. LOL)

[Talwin (mharm-05997)] Does anyone else have a torch? Or magic item?
[Master] Torches last 15 to 30 minutes
[Thistle (Carissa)] (Who else had light stones? Wasn't there more than one?)
[Talwin (mharm-05997)] Did we buy shitty torches or something?
[Kaeln Echem (valma-73412)] (I'm just reconsidering being a non-magical character)


  • Snee wants to release the souls that are haunting the town
  • It was determined to build a stone building for the new Shrine and a wooden building for Snee as the Governor's residence as the first steps
  • The Inn of the Lost Eagle is one of two stone buildings left in the town of Hourglass
  • The new shrine will be built on the Northwest corner of the town

Mining Operations

  • Tiffress finds a small opening along a ravine about 1 mile to the northeast of Skull Church
  • Goblins inhabit the potential mine, one killed the rest flee into the cave opening
  • Skarp, Tiff and Kenna go into the cave and kill many goblins
  • Skarp explores and discovers that this is a silver mine worth 2,000 SP per week per miner
  • Skarp and Kenna decide to name the mine "Siffress Wildwander's Lucky Dwarf Mine"
  • The group travels to the gnome mining village and recruits 10 gnome miners, 2 of whom are also smelters to work the mine for 15% of the proceeds
  • The group builds a medium smelter to process the ore from the mine
  • Tiff takes 6 gnomes (4 miners and 2 smelters) to start exploiting the Lucky Dwarf Mine
  • The group takes the other 4 gnomes to go exploring for more mines, finding 4 more probable mines in the area


[Talwin (mharm-05997)] It does make it difficult when character specialized for something aren't in. But, that’s why we have to Role Play :)

[Lisa] do we have a wagon?
[Master] of course! I would LOVE to let you have a wagon

Summary April 2nd 2021 04 02c

Started the night with Brer and Indigo discussing the combat with the Umber Hulk and the confusion that ensued. They also discussed gods and devoting yourself to one versus trying to collect as many as possible.

Tiffress entered in a panic (again) and called us to kill the many-headed (?) ankhegs that were chasing her through the mines. So Brer, Indigo, Sundown, and Howard headed off to take care of the problem. Although the first ankheg went down easy, the second swallowed Indigo and the third knocked Howard unconscious and nearly dead. Luckily, Indigo freed himself, Brer dispatched the last ankheg, and Sundown quickly bound Howard’s wounds to make him easily healable when they reached Skull Church and Baron Ulgin.

With that, the last of mining and road disasters were managed and the Protectorate is once again running smoothly. Back to the task list. Sundown suggests we tackle the farthest haunted weirdness first and work our way back home. Sounds like a plan, so the group (whether you were there or not) heads off to Old Man Millers at Redfern Lake to see what’s up with Otsutan.

Miller tells us that people sometimes camp there and then are never seen again. No one knows how or why. Miller, Brer and Indigo begin guessing what makes people disappear. Bandits? Goblins or other creatures? When Indigo guesses that a portal opens up, Miller asks if they could do that.

Who’s they? You know, those people that Branwyn sent a couple years ago who partially destroyed the inn. Those people. Who left. Who didn’t stay and tell Snee to stop building the road. But Miller sent Mr. Silver to threaten us! But Miller hasn’t seen Mr. Silver for about 2 years! Something fishy is going on around here … But Miller also said the town had the reputation of disappearing people for decades. Very mysterious indeed.

Why does Mr. Silver care about the road? And if he isn’t living at Redfern Lake, Dragon Fen, or the Protectorate, where is Mr. Silver hiding?

After getting some food and drink and promising Miller we’d let him know what happens, the group leaves and arrives at the abandoned town to investigate and make a plan to uncover the mystery of the town of Otsutan. Sleuthing time for next Friday!