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Cahus - Kayugan - Priests - Gods

As the oldest son of Belinos and Megrim and so the first grandson of Uthe great things were expected of Cahus. As a boy he was able to pick up any weapon and quickly master it. Though only an adequate horseman he found that he was able to predict his adversaries actions very quickly and accurately.

As he grew Cahus became his father's chief general and led the fight against Ares of the Greek Gods and against his uncle Brennios in their many skirmishes.

Role-playing Notes:

Cahus wants his followers to be leaders and his priests to be examples among those leaders. With the extreme concentration on a military background the belief that showing your skill is the best way to demonstrate your holiness permeates his followers. Cahus protects warriors who are penitent and do not show an overly bravado demeanor; do your part and good things will happen to you. Priests are expected to assist on the battlefield and to honor those that fall in battle. Cahus is said to pay attention to every battle where his followers are involved.

Gods Information

Alignment: Lawful Good
Worshiper's Alignment: any, evil extremely rare
Area of Control: War
Symbol: hand clenching a rod

Avatar Information

Notes and descriptions of how the God's Avatar appears.

Str Dex Con
Int Wis Cha

Special Att/Def: description of the special attacks, defenses, and abilities of the Avatar

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Wis 9+, Str or Con 12+
Alignment: any
Turning: nil
Armor: any
Weapons: any melee

Hit Die: D8

Paladin Order

The Arm of Cahus is a military order dedicated to Cahus. Their training naturally guides them to positions of leadership in elite military units.

Major: All, Combat, Guardian, Healing, Protection, War
Minor: Chaos, Charm, Necromantic, Travelers

1^st^ Lvl - Tactics Proficency
4^th^ Lvl - alert vigil once per day/level
8^th^ Lvl - Siege Wall once per 12 months

Duties of the Priesthood

Description of what the Priesthood's overall goals and activities are centered around.

Saying in the priesthood - " it is always good to see new people and places" or the more vulgar way of acknowledging Cahus' reach "meet new people and kill them"

  • some of our flock believe that showing your skill is the best way to demonstrate your holiness
  • there would be no clear path if Cahus did not clear the way for you
  • Cahus reminds us that there is danger all around
  • a credit to the order that they drove the hill giants away so quickly
  • both male and females warriors we pride ourselves on the fact that everyone is willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of Cahus and the Citadel
  • I must keep our rites and honor the dead
  • this is where you come to pay respect for your health and surviving a recent battle or to pray for guidance during battle
  • Cahus protects warriors who are penitent and are not overly bravado; do your part and good things will happen
  • Most of these good men and women, yes there are women who serve him well they served here in the Kingdom and are buried here in honor We sadly live in a time that there are more called home to Cahus every year
  • Sir Cleagon and Sir Wilon two warriors buried in the crypts under the Vilmar Estates who fought to defend the Queen
  • the Church of Cahus is here to minister to all warriors
  • only the mighty Cahus is a true warrior

Known Worshipers

The Church to Cahus in the Citizens District of the Vilmar Estates in Drillian is where two members of the Arm of Cahus are buried giving them a reason to brag as they are the only ones generally known outside of Dryads Lair. This is the largest church to Cahus in Drillian.

Tristan Elaire - Priest of Cahus

Father Quimby Mortin - Head of the Church of Cahus in Dryads Lair

Foster Aethelmar - Priest of Cahus in Baron Elaire's estate in the Kingdom of Orts