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Players & Characters

Carissa Braun
Writer of Summaries and Pun Connoisseur

Carissa came to our group and hit the ground running when she started in the middle of the Diplomatic Entanglements era and participated in several of the story arcs starting with the War by Art adventure.

Player Comments

(or collection of notable wordplay and puns)

Current Favorites:

Bovine Valley: a town made of cow puns.
This does not mean Shorndal Smaragus has any such alliance with any such creature that we are aware of, but anyone worth their salt would likely have such a service. Get it? Worth their salt? Because Saltus clan? Oh, donít be so salty! These are good puns here by a seasoned punster, and now these puns shall forever be preserved on this page! These are the pinnacle of puns! Okay, okay, I get it. I wonít assault you with more puns. Letís get this saltie saline along nowÖ (from Gal-SUM).

Honorable Mentions:

Knarr's No Place Like Home, Just Mist, The Call of the Mist, For the Love of Fog (from Title Suggestions).
[TMO] (you people and your hedge issues)
[TMO] (I don't understand what the problem is)
Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shrubs "Got me."
[Kel (MarioCS)] (pun master 3 for 3)
[Master] and LOL at Carissa, will give you that unintentional pun
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Woo! And that actually was intentional :) )
[Master] HAH
[Kel (MarioCS)] ( i bet totally intentional)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ha! Always!)
[TMO] (nice - I actually had read right past it. Nice!)....(from Oct0617)

Quotes of Relevance:

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] might consider a dogpile to protect her no pun intended
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Pun should always be intended!) (from Jul1417)
[Master] That is how you summon Carissa, she comes where she hears puns (from Jul2117)





  • Sir Francis Bacon: Main character for guest DM story arc Missing Muse who spoke like Shakespeare, wrote like Virgil, sang like a drunken cat.
  • Penny Borden: Cheesemaker born in Bovine Valley, of the esteemed Borden family line, but ended up working as a barkeep in Loosend. Wanting her own ranch and safe travels, left her job to continue on towards Dragon Fen with the Dragonslayers with hopes of getting her own farmlands and cow herds. Currently working at Old Man Miller's in exchange for a cow or two and a barn.


  • Write the summaries as:
    1. Screenplay
    2. Epic poetry
    3. A limerick
    4. Scientific paper
    5. Haiku
    6. First letter of every sentence/bullet point spells Dragonslayers.


  • Goodreads: lots of reading and sometimes post punny reviews.
  • Pretty easy to reach on Discord. You'll find me on the server.
  • Email available upon request.
  • I try to avoid Facebook.