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Carolina - Kayugan - Priests - Gods

Carolina is a Lesser Goddess who is the patron of the skilled trades of cloth, leather and wood workers. She was a simple woodman's daughter who stayed in her father's cabin and helped make things for market. Her skill at carving brought her minor renown and she was convinced to go to a nearby town to set up shop. There she learned the skills of leather tanning and working the leather into fine belts and saddle bags. On a journey to a fair she was kidnapped by bandits and to pay her ransom she taught her self to use a loom that was in their hideout. With her release she returned to her humble beginnings to retire. When the avatar of Cogse visited disguised as a poor itinerant metal worker, Carolina helped her with her goods and took an interest in learning that trade as well. Impressed by Carolina's desire for knowledge and constant search for new skills Cogse raised her to Demi-Goddess status. When Carolina took her new powers and traveled the planes in search of learning new skills she grew over time to her current status as a Lesser Goddess.

Role-playing Notes:

Carolina does not send an avatar to visit her worshipers very frequently. Rather she watches over particularly skilled craftsman and if their work pleases her and they have been properly grateful to their mentors she will send someone to purchase their crafts. Occasionally she will take on the role of buyer herself.

Gods Information

Alignment: Lawful Good
Worshiper's Alignment: any
Area of Control: crafts
Symbol: a loom

Avatar Information

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Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Wis 9+ and two Craft Non-weapon proficiences
Alignment: any lawful
Turning: nil
Armor: any non-metal
Weapons: dagger, knife, hand held hammer
Level Limit: none
Hit Die: D8

Major: spheres the priest has full access to (1st - 7th level)
Minor: spheres the priest has limited access to (1st - 3rd level only)

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Known Worshipers

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