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Appendix C

Category Discussion

Before any categorization is done, we need to figure out what pattern we want to use. Categorization works best when everything is consistent all across the board.

Categories can also have subcategories, categories that themselves are part of a larger category. Pages flagged in a subcat are not listed on the main cat automatically though. e.g.- If you have an Elf category, with a subcat of Wood Elf, putting !WoodElf on a character page, the character will be listed in Wood Elf, but not Elf. It might be possible to get clever about that and make it so it works, but I'm not sure.

What do we want to categorize? Put your suggestions below:

  • Characters
* PCs, NPCs, Races, nationalities
  • Nations/nationalities/locations
  • Items
magic, artifacts
  • Story arcs
  • Chat Log

I think that putting in the full name of the story arc on each location visited during the story arc might be a good first test of using these. Also putting a simple !ChatLog tag on each of them will help with searching because then you can exclude them in searches. {Drillian -!ChatLog} should find all the pages that have Drillian but not ChatLog allowing you to find the places Drillian is mentioneded faster.

I wonder if you can put these Category tags on the page but suppress them showing them? (an idle BOB thought when he does not have enough time to research it)

You mean like using "hiddencat"? Might be an avenue of research, at least. And only thought on what to categorize (for the moment) is to keep it simple. You get too detailed/complex and you run into too much grey area. - Carissa