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Celtic Pantheon - Gods - Priests

General Description - The Celtic pantheon is worshiped over a very large area. The strong nature component to all these deities leads many adventurers and others who live in the wild areas to find a kindred spirit. Many of the priests who practice this religion are called druids. This is not to be confused with the Druids (capital D) who rule in Hallstatt. Those nature priests are a separate religion, and there is often friction in areas where the two overlap.

This is one of the effects of the fall of the Celtic Empire that became the Celtic World. These Celtic gods have been split into two versions. There are druids (with a small d) that are priests of the various gods worshiped by the many believers in the Celtic World and the many believers on both sides of the Great Mountains. Then there are the Druids (capital D) that hold to old values, such as human sacrifice; and get their powers from the pantheon overall rather than an individual goddess or god.

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Celtic priests have a naming system of Circles within Groves. The Groves are often names of forests or political names ("Moldorn Krad, worshiper of the 3rd Circle of the sacred Grove of Wintermeet"). This terminology comes from one of the most powerful spells available to any priest in the religion. Standing Stones is a spell that creates a formation of monoliths that intensifies Celtic priest's magic. Each set of Standing Stones is dedicated to one sphere of spells upon creation.

Known Standing Stone locations

LocationDedicated to
Duchy of BrandornSummoning
ArawnCelticIntermediate God
BelenusCelticIntermediate God
BrigantiaCelticIntermediate Goddess
DaghdhaCelticGreater God
DiancechtCelticIntermediate God
Dunatis?CelticLesser God
GoibhniuCelticIntermediate God
LughCelticIntermediate God
Manannan mac LirCelticIntermediate God
Math MathonwyCelticIntermediate God
MorriganCelticIntermediate Goddess
Nuada?CelticLesser Goddess
OghmaCelticIntermediate God
Rosmerta?CelticLesser Goddess