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Central Mountains

The Central Mountains is a very old mountain range that runs from near the center of the Small Kingdoms northward all the way to the northern wastes. This is one of the sections of the western world where dwarves can be found in any large numbers and the only area near the Small Kingdoms where dwarves can be found. Near the southern tip of the Central Mountains is the Hoarbrite pass. The pass lies at the foot of a three way intersection of passes leading from the East, West and to the North. Mount Gordrin, Mount Jant and Mount Krendrugpin form a small bowl called the Hoarbrite pass for the castle built on the slope of Mount Krendrugpin.

The extensive hills surrounding the Central Mountains southern end is claimed by Blackwater and is treated as wilderness by Gold Hills. There are many mountain streams that flow out of the mountains and down through the area towards the Chandler Cowles River which helps to feed Great Swamp. The dark forests carpeting the slopes of these mountains harbor many of the monsters from legend.